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Mon, 05 Dec 2022
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FBI director, DHS secretary grilled on tech censorship collusion, targeting everyday Americans as terrorists

Alejandro Majorkas Christopher Wray
Republican Senators Joh Hawley and Rand Paul took the heads of the FBI and the Department Of Homeland Security to task Thursday, with Hawley at one point directly telling Christopher Wray that he should have been fired a long time ago.

Hawley also targeted Wray for previously leaving a committee hearing early so he could go on a vacation.

"You were at the Senate Judiciary Committee. You remember that I think so. We had to cut that hearing short. We're supposed to do two rounds of questions. You said you had to be somewhere, so we cut it short. Republicans were not able to ask second round as we had been informed we would," Hawley noted.

Comment: While it's great to see Wray Mayorkas getting grilled by the senate committee, is anything going to change as a result?

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Dutch Trade Minister says US can't dictate its China export policy - The Netherlands is a key semi-conductor manufacturer

Liesje Schreinemacher

FILE PHOTO: Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Liesje Schreinemacher
The US shouldn't expect the Netherlands to unquestionably adopt its approach to China export restrictions, a senior Dutch official warned, signaling a potential obstacle to the Biden administration's trade fight.

"The Netherlands will not copy the American measures one-to-one," Dutch Foreign Trade Minister Liesje Schreinemacher said in an interview with newspaper NRC published on Friday. "We make our own assessment -- and we do this in consultation with partner countries such as Japan and the US."

The comments marked the first time Dutch officials have publicly outlined their stance on the issue. The Biden administration is pushing for a multilateral agreement to impose restrictions on China, aiming to keep advanced chip technologies away from the country -- and its military.


Red Flag

A false flag over Poland?

missile hit
© mediapool/Ahram Online
Missile hit in Poland
Apparent conspiracy to drag NATO into the Ukraine conflict is a direct threat against every human being on the planet

As the saga surrounding the arrival of a Ukrainian S-300 surface-to-air missile on the soil of Poland, tragically taking the lives of two Polish civilians, unfolds, several narratives emerge. First is the hair-trigger Pavlovian response on the part of certain NATO nations (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and the Czech Republic) to jump to conclusions, announcing that this incident was a clear-cut case of Russian aggression against a NATO member requiring a NATO response inclusive of extending air defense coverage into Ukraine, as well as the establishment of a no-fly zone over parts of Ukraine. The second is the confusion that reigned at the highest levels in Ukraine regarding this incident, up to and including the refusal on the part of the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, to acknowledge that the missile in question was of Ukrainian origin.

It appears that those NATO nations calling for the invocation of Article 4 of the NATO charter in the aftermath of the missile incident were primed to do so ahead of the fact. It also appears as if the actual launch of the missile was done without the knowledge and authority of the Ukrainian high command, including Zelensky and his top military advisors.

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White House accuses GOP of initiating probes into 'long-debunked' Hunter Biden 'conspiracy theories'

© AP/Evan Vucci
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio
The White House blasted House Republicans on Thursday for vowing to investigate whether President Biden is "compromised" as a result of his son Hunter's foreign business dealings.

"Instead of working with President Biden to address issues important to the American people, like lower costs, congressional Republicans' top priority is to go after President Biden with politically motivated attacks chock full of long-debunked conspiracy theories," Ian Sams, a spokesman for the White House counsel's office, told The Post.

"President Biden is not going to let these political attacks distract him from focusing on Americans' priorities, and we hope congressional Republicans will join us in tackling them instead of wasting time and resources on political revenge," he added.

Comment: In other words, he's going to ignore them because they're inconveniently true.

Sams was responding to two top House Republicans, who said earlier Thursday that they would examine whether the 79-year-old president "is a security risk and whether he is compromised by foreign governments" in connection to his eldest son's "shady" overseas business deals.

Reps. James Comer (R-Ky.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who will respectively head the House Judiciary and Oversight committees next year, announced that probing the Biden family will be a priority in the next Congress.

Comment: More on Comer and Jordan's statements:
"We're not trying to prove Hunter Biden is a bad actor," Comer added. "He is."
"Joe Biden told the American people he had nothing to do with and never had conversations with his family about their business dealings. That was a lie," Comer said. "To be clear, Joe Biden is the 'big guy.'"
"Committee Republicans have identified over 50 countries the Biden family sought business in," Comer said. "On the international side of the Biden family business, the deals were often led by Hunter Biden."

Comer also said whistleblowers had described Joe Biden as "chairman of the board" of some Hunter-linked businesses and that the president had "personally participated in meetings and phone calls."

"As part of our investigation, we have evidence that the finances, credit cards, and bank accounts of Hunter and Joe Biden were commingled if not shared," the Kentucky Republican said.

"And on some accounts at least, red flags were raised by banks to the account owner or owners indicating suspicious or illegal activity."

The probes are set to focus on a slew of possible crimes, including conspiracy to defraud the US, wire fraud, tax evasion and money laundering.

Blue Planet

As US and China vie over Asia-Pacific, France warns against splitting world into two blocs

Kamala Harris
© Reuters
Vice-President Kamala Harris addresses the Apec CEO summit in Bangkok on Friday.
The United States and China promoted their ambitious plans for the Indo-Pacific at an Apec business forum, even as other leaders warned of the dangers of splitting the globe into two blocs.

US Vice-President Kamala Harris on Friday underscored Washington's "enduring" long-term plan for the region, amid growing uncertainty among governments and businesses over its lack of commitment to Asia.

"Our message is clear. The United States has an enduring economic commitment to the Indo-Pacific; one that is measured not in years but in decades and generations," she told business leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) CEO forum in Bangkok. "There is no better economic partner for this region than the United States."

Comment: Better than their much more easily accessible neighbours in South America? The US' main interest in the region is containing and provoking China, rather than any particularly constructive or mutually beneficial relationship. Thankfully, the multipolar world alternative is now a reality and an increasing number of countries are defying US pressure and making their alliances clear.

Comment: Some insightful commentary from a former French ambassador to the US:

Bad Guys

Alexander Rubinstein: Zelensky, media lackeys caught in most dangerous lie yet

missile strike poland ukraine
© AP/The Grayzone
With Kiev exposed for a lie that could have triggered a third world war, it is time to examine past deceptions that Western media promoted.

A missile that exploded on Polish soil on November 15 killed two civilians and destroyed farm equipment. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Western corporate media rushed to blame the explosion on Russia in apparent hopes of triggering NATO's Article 5, which requires NATO states to defend one another militarily when attacked by a hostile force.

Polish and NATO members including US President Joseph Biden have since confirmed the missile that struck Poland was, in fact, a Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile. Yet Zelensky is sticking to his line, blaming Russia for the strike, while NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg still insists that "Russia bears ultimate responsibility." Meanwhile, the media outlets that reflexively pointed the finger at Russia have been forced to take a step back from their initial reporting.

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The Bleatings Will Continue

© The Good Citizen
The time has come.

To bid adieu to the current meadow and search for greener pastures, preferably without the green of global technocracy or sustainable greed, and maybe if Hungary or Croatia or Serbia or Mexico stay true to their people there might still be a corner of this world to live somewhat free from the living hell they've just conjured up at the G20.

Did you see the unelected Technetronic pork head Klitz Schlub with all his western eunuchs in one room dressed like Balinese tea boys?

Vaccine passports for international travel, globally coordinated to arrive with the next pandemic?

The one Gates has been warning us about. The one Biden accidentally let slip when he went off his doggy direction cue cards and said "we have to prepare for the next one. Sit down. Wait your turn."

And when does the G180 get its say?

They're telling us another fake pandemic is coming and all their tyrannies are agreed-upon, prepacked, and just waiting to enslave the masses and yet still there hasn't been a single assassination attempt on any of these fuckers?

Not a day goes by when this question doesn't boggle my little sheep's mind.

It must be the vanishing jizzum counts and disappearing testosterone.

We are not far off from a time when men will exist in history books only.

Long live men.

Black Cat

Influencer: Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX cronies gave $300k to House Committee members investigating him

Sam Bankman-Fried Maxine Waters house committee donation democrats ftx
© Twitter
Sam Bankman-Fried and House Financial Services Committee Chair Maxine Waters (D., Calif.)
House Financial Services Committee chair Maxine Waters has dodged questions about crypto titan's donations

Sam Bankman-Fried and executives at his cryptocurrency firm contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to members of the House committee that will hold hearings next month on the company's collapse.

Bankman-Fried and his co-founders at FTX contributed $300,351 to nine members of the House Financial Services Committee, according to Federal Election Commission records. Some of the largest contributions were to Democrats on the committee's Digital Assets Working Group, which worked on regulation of the crypto industry. Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), who chairs the committee, announced a probe this week into FTX's collapse after the company declared bankruptcy, wiping out billions of dollars in customers' portfolios. The Justice Department and Securities Exchange Commission are reportedly investigating Bankman-Fried for potential misuse of customer funds.

Comment: The Democrat/FTx/Ukraine scandal is a cess-pool of the first order.

Eye 1

G20 backs global vaccine passport and 'digital health' identity scheme

A vaccine vial on a European passport in Paris
© Joel Saget/AFP via Getty Images
A vaccine vial on a European passport in Paris, on March 3, 2021.
Leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) have issued a joint declaration promoting a global standard on proof of vaccination for international travel and calling for the establishment of "global digital health networks" that build on existing digital COVID-19 vaccine passport schemes.

The joint statement followed the conclusion of the G20 summit held in Bali, Indonesia, where leaders discussed global challenges and coordinating policies in response, including to future pandemics.
"We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations," the G20 joint declaration reads.
The International Health Regulations (2005) is an instrument of international law developed under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO) that lays down a global framework for responding to the international spread of disease.

The WHO-backed standard, which entered into force in 2007, required countries to strengthen surveillance capacities at border crossings and introduced a series of health documents, including international certificates of vaccination.

Comment: So, the international organization that cares only about the health of the people on the whole planet ( WHO ), required from all countries to increase surveillance capacities and to introduce a series of "health documents" at border crossings?

Can we smell a rat here?
Is there any normal human being who believes that all these fascistic measures are "for our own good"?

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Eye 2

How Blackrock's Larry Fink created the global energy crisis

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink
Most people are bewildered by what is a global energy crisis, with prices for oil, gas and coal simultaneously soaring and even forcing closure of major industrial plants such as chemicals or aluminum or steel. The Biden Administration and EU have insisted that all is because of Putin and Russia's military actions in Ukraine. This is not the case. The energy crisis is a long-planned strategy of western corporate and political circles to dismantle industrial economies in the name of a dystopian Green Agenda. That has its roots in the period years well before February 2022, when Russia launched its military action in Ukraine.

Blackwater pushes ESG