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Moscow: NATO descending into 'wartime ecstasy'

nato war exercise poland dragon 24
© afp / Wojtek RadwanskiSoldiers cross a river as they take part in the NATO DRAGON-24 military exercise in Korzeniewo, Poland on March 4, 2024.
The US-led bloc has been long-involved in hostilities with Russia despite claiming otherwise, Dmitry Peskov says

The US-led NATO bloc has not only been directly involved in a confrontation with Russia but is now falling into "wartime ecstasy," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said. He was speaking in response to the military bloc's Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg advocating the removal of restrictions on use of Western weaponry by Ukraine.

Stoltenberg's remarks can be only considered as the official stance of the entire US-led military bloc and Russia will respond accordingly, Peskov told the Izvestia newspaper on Monday.

"This cannot be his personal opinion. He is an official, he is the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and that is how we perceive it. NATO is increasing the degree of escalation, NATO is flirting with warlike rhetoric, falling into 'wartime ecstasy.' This is the reality we have to continue to deal with," Peskov stated.

Comment: The western psychopaths are dragging us closer and closer to a world war, and they are giddy over the idea. So much money to be made . . .

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Best of the Web: Mask off: Former Mossad spy chief 'threatened' ICC prosecutor over Israeli war crimes inquiry

mossad israel threaten ICC judge cohen bensouda
© Guardian DesignCohen (right) was described as acting as Netanyahu’s ‘unofficial messenger’ in the operation against Bensouda (centre).
The former head of the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence agency, allegedly threatened a chief prosecutor of the international criminal court in a series of secret meetings in which he tried to pressure her into abandoning a war crimes investigation, the Guardian can reveal.

Yossi Cohen's covert contacts with the ICC's then prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, took place in the years leading up to her decision to open a formal investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in occupied Palestinian territories.

That investigation, launched in 2021, culminated last week when Bensouda's successor, Karim Khan, announced that he was seeking an arrest warrant for the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, over the country's conduct in its war in Gaza.


'Friends and foes' want Georgia to send troops to Ukraine - official

FILE PHOTO. Georgian servicemen attend the celebrations of Georgia's Independence Day in Tbilisi.
© AFP / Vano ShlamovFILE PHOTO. Georgian servicemen attend the celebrations of Georgia's Independence Day in Tbilisi.
Tbilisi has been consistently pushed into war with Russia, the speaker of the country's parliament has claimed

Georgia has been repeatedly pushed into a conflict with Russia, the President of the Georgian Parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, has claimed.

According to the senior MP, "certain friends and foes" have repeatedly bombarded Tbilisi with demands to impose sanctions on Moscow and deploy troops to Ukraine.

1) For more context check out, this clip from NewsReal with Joe & Niall, part of SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Georgia Dream - Empire of Lies to Open Second Front Against Russia?

2) On the topic of Georgia, there was also:

3) In Ukraine there is a unit with and estimated 500 Georgians and another 500 from other countries:
The Georgian National Legion or Georgian Legion (Ukrainian: Грузинський національний легіон, romanized: Hruzynskyi natsionalnyi lehion; Georgian: ქართული ლეგიონი, romanized: kartuli legioni) is a military unit formed by mostly ethnic Georgian volunteers fighting on the side of Ukraine in the war in Donbas and the Russo-Ukrainian War.[4] The unit was organized in 2014,[5] and in 2016 it was made part of the Ukrainian Army, under the 25th Mechanized Infantry Battalion "Kyiv Rus".[6]
Accusation of coup plot[edit]
On 18 September 2023, the State Security Service of Georgia (SSG) accused the Georgian Legion and Mamulashvili of plotting with Ukrainian intelligence to stage a coup d'état against the ruling Georgian Dream to restore arrested President Mikheil Saakashvili. Mamulashvili retorted that the claims of a coup were baseless and accused the Georgian Dream party of "receiving tasks from the Kremlin".[34]
The Legion conducts sabotage, ambush and reconnaissance activities behind enemy lines and participated in a number of major battles.[42] They also instruct and train Ukrainian civilians,[2] police officers,[43] soldiers[43] and foreign volunteers.
The activities the Georgian Legion specialize in are handy for a second front or another civil war.

4) See also other articles on SOTT related to Georgian and Georgia:
Georgian Georgia

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US to pull aid-pier due to 'damage' after delivering NO aid to Gazans

gaza pier
FILE: The US pier that was supposed to float on the coast of the Gaza Strip: Thursday, May 25 2024
The U.S.-built temporary pier taking humanitarian aid to starving Palestinians will be removed from the coast of Gaza to be repaired after getting damaged in rough seas and weather, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Over the next two days, the pier will be pulled out and sent to the southern Israeli city of Ashdod, where U.S. Central Command will repair it, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters. She said the fixes will take "at least over a week" and then the pier will need to be anchored back into the beach in Gaza.

The pier, used to carry in humanitarian aid arriving by sea, is one of the few ways that food, water and other supplies are getting to Palestinians who the U.N. says are on the brink of famine amid the nearly 8-month-old war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Comment: The aid pier served a number of functions, but delivering aid wasn't one of them; nor does it seem was that ever the intention. Although this was pretty obvious from the outset, one of the more heinous reasons for its creation was not that is was a performative of US assistance to Gazans, but that it Israel used it as justification to stop substantial aid coming via the land crossings (see x-post below): The Gaza 'aid pier': a US geopolitical ploy?

As for the 'damage' the pier sustained, going off of initial reports, it seems more likely to have been sabotage - even if US incompetence is an equally reasonable explanation.

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Ukraine "peace summit" just another US-invented scam - Moscow

Maria Zakharova
© SputnikRussian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova speaks during an interview with RIA Novosti in Moscow, Russia.
Kiev's foreign minister had earlier claimed that Russia is "scared" of the event's potential success

Kiev's claims that Moscow is trying to derail the Swiss-hosted Ukraine peace summit scheduled for next month are ridiculous, because the much-hyped event is a hoax in the first place, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

On Friday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba weighed in on a recent Reuters report which claimed, citing senior Russian sources, that President Vladimir Putin was ready to end the conflict by freezing the current frontline, but is prepared to fight on if the proposal is rejected. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has said that while Moscow remains open to talks, any settlement must meet the goals of its Ukraine campaign.

Comment: In agreeing to hosting this travesty, whatever tenuous claim Switzerland still had to 'historical neutrality' is now gone.


Kremlin: Zelensky no longer legitimate leader of Ukraine

Putin Zelensky
© Sputnik / Alexey Nikolskiy / Stringer
Kiev's foreign backers are trying to blame all "unpopular decisions" on the country's current government, the Russian president has said

The only legitimate authority in Ukraine is now the parliament, Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed after Vladimir Zelensky's official term as the country's head of state expired last week.

Speaking at a press conference following a two-day official visit to Uzbekistan, Putin suggested that a deep legal analysis of Zelensky's status should be carried out and stressed that there is no article in Ukraine's constitution that says anything about extending the powers of the president.

Comment: Putin's degree in law, and follow-up education on display.


The next Maidan? US-EU assets pushing color revolution in Georgia

pro eu protestors Tbilisi georgia color revolution ngos
Pro-EU protestors in Georgia
Over 25,000 NGOs are active in Georgia, and most rely on funding from Europe and the US. A new bill aiming to reign in Western meddling has sparked furious anti-government protests explicitly encouraged by Washington.

A dark political atmosphere is swirling over the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, and grows more ominous by the day. Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze has been told by an EU commissioner he will suffer the fate of Robert Fico, the Slovakian leader still fighting for his life after an assassination attempt by a Ukraine proxy war ultra. US lawmakers are moving to sanction members of the ruling Georgian Dream party, and in parliament on May 14, opposition MP Tako Charkviani threatened: "Believe me, there will be a color revolution in Georgia."

The cause of this tumult is a bill known as the "foreign influence transparency" law which would compel organizations to publicly disclose their foreign funding. For weeks, the streets of Tbilisi have been filled with tens of thousands of protesters who are demanding that authorities dump the law, which they believe will compromise Georgia's path to EU membership. Despite vehement condemnation from EU and US officials, the bill has now passed. The US has since threatened to impose visa restrictions on legislators who supported the legislation, and protesters show no sign of giving up.

Comment: To their credit, Georgian Dream has held fast and overridden the president's veto.

But the fight is only beginning:

NewsReal: Georgia Dream - Empire of Lies to Open Second Front Against Russia?

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Arrest these insane NATO warmongers!

Two Puppets
© Public Domain
Incredibly, the world is being pushed to the abyss of nuclear war by nonentity Western numbskulls who are not even elected.

Jens Stoltenberg, the civilian head of the NATO military bloc, is the latest blockhead to advocate for the United States to permit the targeting of Russia with long-range weapons.

The Norwegian figurehead, we are led to believe, made the conceptual breakthrough (how much was he paid and by whom or what was the blackmail used?) by telling the Economist magazine that the Ukrainian regime should henceforth be officially allowed to use NATO missiles to hit Russia.

However, with the logical skills of a hacked-up chopping block, Stoltenberg claimed that such a move would not lead to an escalation in war between Russia and NATO because the weapons were not being fired from NATO countries.

So Stoltenberg thinks it's somehow feasible to turn Ukraine into a silo for launching ballistic missiles at Moscow and yet for Russia not to perceive NATO nations as a legitimate target?

As if to further reassure, he added: "We don't have any intention to send NATO ground troops into Ukraine because our purpose... has been two-fold, to support Ukraine as we do, but also to ensure that we don't escalate this into a full-scale conflict."

The barefaced cheek of Stoltenberg and other Western figures is that, in their arrogant mindsets, what's going on is not escalation because they say it is not escalation. It's like hitting someone with a punch in the face and then having the brass neck to tell the person you didn't hit them because you said so.


Ukraine releases first convicts to fill military ranks

Justice M.
© John MacDougall/AFPUkrainian Justice Minister Denis Maliuska
Nearly 350 inmates have already been freed, while some 4,000 more applications are being considered by the courts, the country's justice minister has said.

Ukraine has already enlisted nearly 350 newly freed inmates in its military under a new program that provides parole in exchange for service, according to Ukrainian Justice Minister Denis Maliuska.

Speaking to the New York Times on Friday, the minister revealed that more than 4,300 prisoners have submitted applications to join the military and thus gain their freedom.

Most of the applications of those not yet released are currently being considered by courts, Maliuska stated, adding that the country expects to bolster the ranks of its military by up to 20,000 people through the scheme.

Comment: Ukrainian military shakeup in progress:
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced on Friday that it intends to "optimize" its operations and release up to 60% of its current personnel to forward commands and combat units.

The headquarters conducted an efficiency survey earlier this year and decided it should do more with fewer people, the Planning Directorate head, Evgeny Ostryansky, wrote on Telegram.
"The plan is to use the released personnel to replenish the command and control bodies at the operational and tactical levels, as well as combat units. This will also allow for the rotation of units carrying long-term combat missions on the front line."
Kiev's latest measure comes amid sweeping changes to mobilization rules aimed at raising enough combat troops to replenish losses in battle with Russia.

The age of conscription has been lowered to 25, most medical exemptions have been abolished, and the draft has been expanded to local and regional officials, previously exempt. Convicts have been promised parole if they enlist in the military. Ukrainians abroad have also been forced to register with the military if they want consular services, such as renewing passports and ID cards.

Russia's latest advance into Kharkov Region has forced Kiev to pull units from elsewhere to plug the gap. As a result, Russian forces have taken a series of towns previously held by Ukrainian troops, including all of the gains of Kiev's 2023 summer offensive, which were modest to begin with.


Israel continues Gaza attacks despite UN court order to 'immediately halt' Rafah offensive

© UnknownPalestinians flee Rafah earlier this month
Israel continued bombing in the Gaza Strip, including the city of Rafah, on May 25, one day after a top UN court ordered it to halt military operations against the southern city.

Israel gave no indication that the ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) had affected its planning.

Echoing wording found in the ICJ ruling, Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi said:
"Israel has not and will not carry out military operations in the Rafah area that 'create living conditions that could cause the destruction of the Palestinian civilian population, in whole or in part."
Separately, following a meeting between U.S. and Israeli officials in Paris on May 25, an Israeli official said Tel Aviv was seeking to restart talks in the coming days in an effort to reach a hostage-release deal in Gaza.

"There is an intention to renew the talks this week and there is an agreement," the official told the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity.