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Sat, 23 Jan 2021
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Biden releases new Coronavirus strategy — Here are all the Executive Orders he will sign Thursday to achieve his goals

joe biden
© Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images
President Joe Biden released his new strategy for fighting the coronavirus pandemic Thursday morning and will sign a host of new executive orders to achieve that end later in the day.

The strategy itself features seven specific goals, according to senior White House officials:
  1. Restoring America's trust in the federal government
  2. Launch a more expansive vaccination plan
  3. Expand mask use, testing and the availability of public data
  4. Invoke the Defense Production Act to surge pandemic resources
  5. "Safely" reopen businesses and schools
  6. Prioritize at risk-communities and advance "equity across racial, ethnic and rural/urban lines"
  7. Restore the United States as a global leader on pandemic preparedness

Comment: More from RT:
In addition to the "100 Days Masking Challenge" for the federal government, Biden signed an order making it the official policy of the US government to "advance racial equity." This will reportedly abolish Trump's '1776 Commission' for patriotic education, which his new domestic policy adviser Susan Rice called "harmful," and have all government agencies review their programs and action to ensure federal funds are "equitably distributed in communities of color."

Trump withdrew the US from the climate pact on his first day in office in 2017. Biden's order would see the US rejoin within 30 days, with former secretary of state John Kerry now acting as "climate czar" in charge of its implementation.

According to mainstream media outlets that have been given talking points about the executive actions, they will also include an order to count non-citizens in the US Census again - something Trump tried to stop - as well as strengthening "workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity."

The Biden White House is also re-establishing the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense, that was part of the National Security Council under the Obama administration, and rejoining the World Health Organization.
And from Reuters:
President Joe Biden will seek to extend the New START arms control treaty with Russia for five years, The Washington Post reported on Thursday, citing unidentified senior U.S. officials.

Biden's secretary of state nominee, Antony Blinken, on Tuesday told Congress the administration would seek to extend the key nuclear treaty that expired Feb. 5. The Kremlin on Wednesday said it would welcome an extension.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene files impeachment articles on Biden

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga
© Troy Stolt/AP
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., said Thursday she had filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden.

Greene had vowed to do just that one day after Biden's inauguration, and followed up on her promise made on Newsmax TV. Her announcement came in response to the impeachment last week of President Donald Trump in his final days of office. The Senate is set to hear the case of the now former president in the coming weeks.

Democrats said Trump played a role in spurring rioters who invaded the Capitol as Congress was certifying the election win of Biden on Jan. 6. Ten Republicans joined every House Democrat in voting for impeachment.

Comment: As stated, it's unlikely to go anywhere, but kudos to Greene for making the attempt!

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House Oversight calls for Parler investigation

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney
© Bonnie Cash
House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney.
House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) is requesting that the FBI investigate Parler and the social media platform's role in the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection.

She also announced Thursday that her committee will look into Parler as part of a broader investigation of websites that may promote violence.

In a letter to the FBI she asked for the agency to examine Parler's connections to the protest-turned-riot "including as a potential facilitator of planning and incitement related to the violence" and "as a repository of key evidence posted by users on its site."

Comment: Notice that, even after the Washington Post threw Zuckerberg under the bus, saying the platform was used extensively to plan the January 6th protest, they're NOT calling for an investigation into Facebook. It serves the elites to have social media platforms entirely within their control, like Facebook and Twitter, not to have a 'free speech' platform throwing a spanner in the works.

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Biden's Secretary of Defense nominee says if confirmed he will "rid our ranks of racists and extremists"

Lloyd Austin
Joe Biden's Secretary of Defense nominee Lloyd Austin said if he is confirmed he will "rid our ranks of racists and extremists."

And by "racists and extremists" he is referring to white male Trump supporters.

"If confirmed, I will work hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racists and extremists and create a climate where everyone fit and willing has the opportunity to serve this country," Lloyd Austin said referring to transgenders at Tuesday's confirmation hearing.

Comment: And quite in lockstep with this persecution are these statements made by the DC Mayor just prior to the inauguration:
Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser set a chilling standard for what might make someone a terrorist threat, saying soldiers in the US capital must vow "allegiance to their mission" of guarding President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration.

Bowser spoke to reporters on Tuesday regarding the thousands of National Guardsmen being brought to the District of Columbia from all across the nation to help provide beefed-up inauguration security in the wake of the January 6 US Capitol riot.

"It's prudent to make sure that they're being vetted and that anybody who cannot pledge allegiance to..." Bowser said before pausing. Rather than saying "the Constitution" or "the United States," she continued by saying, "their mission, and may be pulled by other views, needs not only to be removed from this duty; they need to be removed from the Guard."


The Propaganda Multiplier: How global news agencies and Western media report on geopolitics


The Propaganda Multiplier: Governments, military and intelligence services using global news agencies to disseminate their messages to a worldwide audience.
It is one of the most important aspects of our media system, and yet hardly known to the public: most of the international news coverage in Western media is provided by only three global news agencies based in New York, London and Paris.

The key role played by these agencies means Western media often report on the same topics, even using the same wording. In addition, governments, military and intelligence services use these global news agencies as multipliers to spread their messages around the world.

A study of the Syria war coverage by nine leading European newspapers clearly illustrates these issues: 78% of all articles were based in whole or in part on agency reports, yet 0% on investigative research. Moreover, 82% of all opinion pieces and interviews were in favor of a US and NATO intervention, while propaganda was attributed exclusively to the opposite side.
"Therefore, you always have to ask yourself: Why do I get this specific information, in this specific form, at this specific moment?
Ultimately, these are always questions about power." (*) -Dr. Konrad Hummler, Swiss banking and media executive

Comment: An excellent overview to further our understanding of the media, its dependencies and bottlenecked workings that bring us the misnomer called 'news'.

Magic Wand

Trump pardons Steve Bannon and others before leaving the White House

© Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Former WH chief strategist Steve Bannon
President Donald Trump pardoned former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Tuesday night after he was arrested for allegedly defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors who donated to his crowdfunded border wall project.

Trump offered a list of pardons on his last night in office which included Bannon as well as famous rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, who both were prosecuted on federal weapons offenses, Reuters reported.

Bannon was arrested after he raised more than $25 million into a nonprofit group called "We Build The Wall" under the false pretense that all money raised would be spent on the construction of a border wall on the US-Mexico border, according to the Justice Department.

Bannon was facing a trial on fraud and money laundering charges in Manhattan federal court in May, according to The New York Post. In August, Bannon was arrested on a $28 million yacht named the "Lady May," which was owned by Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.

Comment: The pardon power, which comes from the U.S. Constitution, is one of the broadest available to a president. While pardons are typically given to people who have been prosecuted, pardons can cover conduct that has not yet resulted in legal proceedings. A pardon is not reviewable by other branches of government and the president does not have to give a reason for issuing one. But the pardon power is not absolute; it only applies to federal crimes.

Comment: Others chided President Trump for not 'draining the swamp' as he promised and bit back hard:
Many social media users, including some who were once supporters, tore into outgoing President Donald Trump during his final hours in office. Trump received backlash for failing to "Drain the Swamp" as promised, by revoking a lobbying ban and pardoning a list of US establishment figures.

"Forget about draining the swamp...President Trump just filled it up,"reacted journalist Yashar Ali - a sentiment echoed by many others, including conservative journalist Eduardo Neret, who called out Trump for performing "another total one-eighty."

"Trump went to Washington to 'drain the swamp.' Then he hired the swamp. Then his final act as President was to bow to the swamp,"tweeted conservative commenter and assistant director of The Plot Against the President, Daniel Bostic. Another user compared Trump's slogan to former President Barack Obama's own "Hope and Change" slogan, which disappointed liberals due to the lack of any meaningful change by the end of Obama's two terms in office.

New Zealand-based entrepreneur Kim Dotcom accused Trump of becoming "his own swamp paralyzed by fear and selfishness," while journalist Cassandra Fairbanks questioned, "What did we even get? No wall. DACA still exists. He hired tons of neocons and got people who would otherwise oppose them to cheerlead them. Julian is in prison. Was it even worth it?"
Those who think Trump didn't make strides on this endeavor can't see the forest for the trees. While the swamp was not drained, its network was most definitely exposed - a service to humanity on personal, national and global levels heretofore unthinkable. Given untold constraints on Trump, he did manage to poke the beast. Four years of intense and unrelenting head-on attack tells us so.

Wall Street

Covid Winner! Goldman Sachs' trading revenue hits 10-year high

GoldmanSachs arrow
© Reuters/KJN
The 'black box' of trading that drives profits at Goldman Sachs hit a 10-year high, boosting earnings in the final months of 2020 and pushing full-year revenue to its highest since 2009.

The Wall Street firm said Tuesday that its profits more than doubled from a year earlier thanks to a surge in both trading and advising revenue.

The New York-based investment bank said it earned a profit of $4.36 billion, up from a profit of $1.72 billion in the same period a year earlier. That works out to earnings of $12.08 per share, a 157 percent increase. Revenue of $11.74 billion was 18 percent above 2019's fourth-quarter level.

The earnings and re revenue easily topped forecasts and shares rose in early trading Tuesday. Analysts had forecast $7.45-per-share profit on revenue of $9.99 billion.

Full-year revenue rose to $44.56 billion, the best since 2009 and up nearly 22 percent from 2019's level. Annual trading revenue reached a 10-year high.

Goldman's results reflect that Wall Street had a strong year even while the pandemic churned chaotically across the U.S. economy and businesses big and small laid off millions of Americans. After plunging sharply in March and April, the stock market went basically straight up for seven months as investors tried to look beyond the near-term death and pain and focus on where the U.S. economy will be in a year or two years' time.

Comment: Not to be outdone, Morgan Stanley was also a happy pandemic profiteer:
Morgan Stanley managed to substantially capitalize in 2020. The US investment bank beat fourth-quarter earnings forecasts to round off the lender's best year on record.

Earnings jumped 51 percent in the final three months of the year. The Wall Street bank's net income applicable to common shareholders surged to $3.39 billion, or $1.81 per share, in the fourth quarter against $2.09 billion, or $1.30 per share, a year earlier. Analysts had forecasted a profit of $1.27 per share, according to Refinitiv IBES data.

Morgan Stanley confirmed plans to buy back $10 billion worth of its shares this year. The bank's shares rose 2.5 percent to $76.88 in premarket trading, the highest since late 2000. Chief financial officer Jon Pruzan said:
"We saw exceptional support from central banks and strong fiscal policy supports during the health crisis. We supported our clients and were extraordinarily active, and very disciplined around our risk, and that led to record results."
Revenue from the institutional securities business, its largest source of income, rose to $7 billion from $5.05 billion recorded a year ago.

Morgan Stanley's trading unit, which is housed within the institutional securities business, benefitted from the US elections and the release of coronavirus vaccines across the world, which boosted high trading volumes during the last quarter of 2020.

Net revenue grew to $13.64 billion versus $10.86 billion last year. Revenue from the company's investment banking division advanced to $2.30 billion from $1.58 billion in 2019, while revenue from sales and trading rose to $4.22 billion from $3.19 billion.
The bloat and gloat may downturn in record speed. Financial poverty. Physical poverty. Mental poverty. Social poverty. Health poverty. Freedom poverty. The only questions are: How fast? How far? How steep?


Greenwald & the 'Squad' actually agree: Neoliberal thought police setting their sights on 'domestic extremists' is putting dissent at risk

US capitol building fence barb wire
© Reuters / Jonathan Ernst
Land of the free, home of the brave
The neoliberal centrist establishment is eager to turn the deadly machinery of the War on Terror against American citizens, journalists and even some lawmakers have observed, warning civil liberties may not survive.

Former CIA director John Brennan hinted that the Biden administration was poised to declare war on American dissidents, praising the incoming team for "moving in a laser-like fashion" to rout out what he referred to as "an unholy alliance of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians" in an MSNBC appearance on Wednesday.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald urged Americans not to take such a threat lightly, explaining that the former spy chief was "defining the insurgency as anyone who has an ideology other than neoliberalism - the ruling class view that is about to congeal and merge with the power of the state" and unleashing the full force of the American military apparatus previously leveled against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) domestically.

Comment: Past excesses have come back to haunt us all. The Deep State has been moving the pieces into place for decades.

Bad Guys

Words of Division

Joe Biden’s inaugural speech
It's an odd way to seek national unity: call a significant portion of the American public white supremacists, racists, and nativists. Welcome to the Biden presidency.

Joe Biden's inaugural speech as 46th president is predictably being hailed for its "unifying" message. And just as predictably, his invocations of the divisive bromides of the identitarian Left are being swept under the rug.

According to Biden, we are a "great nation" and a "good people." But we also oppress minorities with an ever-rising fervor. "Growing inequity" is among the greatest challenges facing the country, according to Biden, along with the "sting of systemic racism" and encroaching "white supremacy." Only now are we confronting "a cry for racial justice, some four hundred years in the making."


Get ready for four years of vomit-inducing media fawning as our 'brave' journalists transform into PR agents for President Biden

© Reuters / Mike Segar
Joe Biden speaks to reporters at New Castle Airport in New Castle, Delaware, December 15, 2020
Joe Biden is a swamp creature to his core, but to mainstream pundits, his arrival in Washington is akin to the second coming of Christ. The sycophancy is pathetic, but it'll soon get dangerous when Joe actually starts to govern.

The return of a clapped-out career politician to the White House has the mainstream media squealing with delight. Their liberal bias hasn't exactly been a secret these last four years ("fiery but mostly peaceful" Black Lives Matter protests vs. the "extremist insurrection" on Capitol Hill being the latest example), but their outpouring of emotion over Biden's inauguration would make even a North Korean news anchor blush.

"Those lights that are just shooting out from the Lincoln Memorial, along the reflecting pool, it's almost like extensions of Joe Biden's arms embracing America," CNN political director David Chalian gushed on Tuesday, describing a pre-inauguration Covid-19 remembrance ceremony attended by the incoming president.

Comment: As Glenn Greenwald put it, "Not even North Korean TV would say this. Just listen. LOL. Damn."

MSNBC commentator Eddie Glaude went a step further, comparing Biden to God himself. Quoting Psalm 147:3, Glaude declared that Biden "heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds."

"Let the healing begin," CNN's Shimon Procupecz tweeted, as Biden departed Delaware for Washington, adding "we have needed this." New York Times editor Lauren Wolfe described feeling "chills" as old Joe touched down at Joint Base Andrews later that afternoon.

Comment: "If Biden really wanted unity, he'd lynch Mike Pence." So says NYT opinion writer Will Wilkinson...

Don't expect to see takes like this from the media anymore:

And expect to see more Silicon Valley 'massaging' of numbers for the Biden administration. They're already started, e.g., slashing down the dislikes on Psaki's first press briefing on YouTube. (From 10k down to 3.1k in one instance.)