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Sat, 23 Jan 2021
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US President Donald Trump impeached for a second time

Comment: Under the circumstances, it's an honor for Trump. The deep state expect this move to forever tarnish the president's reputation and future political involvement, but in fact it will only strengthen public support for him.

Donald Trump
© Getty Images
Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time.
US President Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time after the US House of Representatives voted on a charge of "incitement of insurrection".

The historic decision makes him the first President in US history to be impeached twice, with the majority of the House voting 232-197.

The House previously voted to impeach Trump in 2019 on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress stemming from his request that Ukraine investigate Democratic rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter ahead of the election.

At the time Democrats accused him of soliciting foreign interference to smear a domestic political rival.

Comment: Again we are able to clearly see the "hidden players" of the Deep State in a coordinated action to defeat a man who tried to return the US to the people.

In his presidency, we saw clearly how deep and powerful the "hidden hand" of the Psychopathic elite are "behind the curtain".

Trump was a major obstacle in their aggressive agenda to enslave humanity, so they used all their power to bring him down.
Opening the debate, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Massachusetts) said members of Congress were standing at "an actual crime scene" to debate the "historic measure."

House Speaker Pelosi (D-California) described Trump as a clear and present danger, accusing him of inciting armed rebellion against the nation.

Republicans arguing against impeachment argued the act would only further divide a fractured nation.

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Oklahoma) said.
"I can think of no action the House can take that is more likely to further divide the American people."
The House previously passed a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to begin the process of removing Trump from his position under the powers of the 25th Amendment, but this was quickly shot down by Pence.

It remains unclear how impeachment would move forward in the Senate, as members are not set to be in session until January 19, only a day before Joe Biden's inauguration.

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The number-three House Republican, Liz Cheney, said she will vote to impeach President Donald Trump over the Capitol riot, becoming the latest GOP member to back the move while stoking both joy and outrage from observers online.

"Good for Liz Cheney. She is putting the country over her party," one user wrote, while another reluctantly celebrated the hawkish lawmaker: "Liz Cheney as the person doing the right thing? That's dark. That's real freakin' dark."

Critics from all over the political spectrum also met the news with jeers, with right-wing commentator Michelle Malkin castigating Cheney as "despicable" and "the enemy within," while progressive journalist Jeremy Scahill quipped:
"Let me know when Liz Cheney supports prosecuting her dad. Until then, she can quit with that opportunistic press release"
referring to her father, former vice president Dick Cheney, who helped launch the disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Other detractors saw the move as opportunistic, suggesting Cheney might have a future presidential bid in mind, or is concerned that high-dollar donors are "jumping ship" in the fallout of the Capitol Hill riot, which left at least five dead in its wake.

Cheney became the second House Republican to join the renewed impeachment effort, after New York Congressman John Katko voiced support earlier on Tuesday, insisting he "cannot sit by without taking action" and "will vote to impeach this president."

Soon after Cheney's statement, Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger also jumped on board, reasoning that Trump "encouraged an angry mob to storm the United States Capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes." Michigan legislator Fred Upton became another GOP member to turn his back on Trump as of Tuesday night.

The GOP defections have prompted predictions that others in the party would soon follow suit, with some commenters outright encouraging them to do so, while others suggested Cheney's stance could provide "cover" for fellow Republicans.

Some in the conservative commentariat pushed back, with Human Events editor-in-chief Will Chamberlain arguing that Cheney - who has repeatedly attacked Trump on a variety of issues - could not provide political camouflage for impeachment-supporting Republicans.

Democratic lawmakers moved swiftly to threaten impeachment following the unrest in DC, vowing to move ahead on the effort if Vice President Mike Pence fails to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. With the VP refusing to do so, Democrats say they will force a vote on Wednesday on one article of impeachment, accusing the president of "inciting" the riot on Capitol Hill.

The US Congress has voted to advance a resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to initiate a process under the 25th Amendment to oust President Donald Trump from office, despite the VP's objections to the move.

Trump himself has predicted that the attempt to remove him from office would cause "tremendous anger" among his supporters, saying he is the victim of an ongoing "witch hunt," though he insisted that he wants "no violence" to result from the move regardless.

With the House set to vote on impeachment today around 3 pm ET, the big question becomes WWMD — what will McConnell do?

Yesterday afternoon, the New York Times reported that the soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader had begun sending passive signals that he would not oppose removal of Donald Trump if and when the issue came to the Senate. Later in the evening, Axios' Mike Allen quantified Mitch McConnell's leaning as "better than 50-50" to vote for removal:
There's a better than 50-50 chance that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would vote to convict President Trump in an impeachment trial, sources tell Axios.
What they're saying:
"The Senate institutional loyalists are fomenting a counterrevolution" to Trump, said a top Republican close to McConnell.
Why it matters: This would represent one of the most shocking and damning votes in the history of American politics, by the most powerful Republican in Congress.
Another indication that McConnell might have a plan in place comes from Steny Hoyer, of all people. Up until now, Democrats have talked about holding onto the article of impeachment once passed, perhaps for months, as a way to push off any Senate action. Today, however, Hoyer declared full speed ahead:

However, Hoyer's move could mean that McConnell has signaled that the Senate will come back into session to receive the impeachment. If McConnell agrees to Chuck Schumer's emergency session, then we'll know that he has the votes to remove.

Watch for an announcement tonight after the House vote to see just what McConnell might have in mind. If he doesn't have 17, or preferably 20, GOP votes for removal solidly in hand, there won't be an emergency session and this will die on the vine on Inauguration Day.

Keep this in mind, too. The momentum might not be as strong as it appeared:

House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), onTuesday on CNN said:
"Situation Room" that given reports that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has indicated that he believes impeaching President Donald Trump will make it easier to get rid of the president influence on the GOP, in addition to the announcement by Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) will vote for impeachment, means the effort is "gathering momentum."


Eye 1

UK's banks will shutdown accounts of customers who refuse to wear a mask in branch

uk banks
© Bloomberg via Getty Images
Face coverings are required by law to be worn inside bank branches
HSBC has issued a warning to customers as retailers step up coronavirus safety measures amid a further 1,243 deaths.

Comment: 1,243 deaths from what? Because it's unlikely they were caused by coronavirus: NHS director admits coronavirus data inaccurate as patients are in hospital for OTHER issues

The lender - which also owns First Direct and Marks & Spencer bank - said customers who break the law could forfeit their bank account.

Speaking to The Mirror, a spokesman said face masks are mandatory in all branches as per government guidelines.

Those who refuse to comply will be refused service and could have their bank accounts withdrawn.

Jackie Uhi, head of branch network, HSBC UK said: "Our branch colleagues are key workers, continuing to go to work in our branches every day so that customers who need them can access essential financial services.

Comment: The UK government in league with big business and using the force of their security apparatus are intent on making any attempts to live life outside of their diktats near to impossible:


As thousands of soldiers pour into US Capitol for Biden's inauguration, Congress orders military to vet them for 'Trump terrorist sympathies'

Comment: Well, that escalated quickly. Anyone who supports Trump is now a 'terrorist'. Not only that, congressmen are so paranoid that a 'seditious conspiracy' is afoot, they're leaning on the generals to assume the Capitol protest on January 6th was part of a plot to 'overthrow the US government'...

troops national guard capitol congress

Calm before the storm? Trump Trojan Horse?
Following last week's storming of the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, a military veteran in Congress asked the secretary of the Army for a review of US troops participating in President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration to be sure they are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists.

Rep. Jason Crow, a Colorado Democrat and former Army Ranger, asked on a call with Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy Sunday for the military's criminal investigation units to look into "troops deployed for the inauguration to ensure that deployed members are not sympathetic to domestic terrorists."

McCarthy agreed to take additional measures, Crow said in a statement on the call.

As for whether or not the review will take place, a Pentagon spokesperson told Insider that because inaugural support is coming from the National Guard, "the responsibility for such a review would lie with the individual states contributing service members for the support mission."

Crow said that McCarthy told him that "at least 25 domestic terrorism cases have been opened as a result of the assault on the Capitol." It is unclear whether that number includes current or former military members.

Crow revealed that he requested "expedited investigation and court martial" against active-duty and reserve military members that participated in the storming of the Capitol last Wednesday.

Comment: One WaPo report says 20,000 troops have been deployed to the Capitol.


In lockstep: Ontario to enter 28 days of lockdown as it declares second 'state of emergency'

Doug Ford
The Ontario government has declared a state of emergency — the second since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic — and is issuing a stay-at-home order.

Premier Doug Ford said the state of emergency will be in effect for at least 28 days.

"The system is on the brink of collapse," Ford said.

"It's on the brink of being overwhelmed. We're at levels we've never seen before."

The stay-at-home order will take effect on Thursday at 12:01 a.m.

"Under this order, everyone must stay home and only go out for essential trips to pick up groceries, or go to medical appointments," Ford said, adding that walking pets or exercising is still permitted.

Comment: Here we go again, with more 'models', 'cases' and 'variants' to keep the charade going. See also:


US sanctions Ukrainians who revealed evidence of Biden family corruption

Joe Biden and his son Hunter

Joe Biden and his son Hunter are implicated in multiple ‘pay to play’ corruption scandals and graft.
This week, the Biden Family crime syndicate have begun the process of trying to bury one of its biggest international scandals.

On January 11th, the United States Treasury sanctioned several Ukrainian individuals and media for revealing corruption in the Ukrainian government and against US President-elect Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

These were accused of being "Russia-linked actors" and they were simply doing Moscow's bidding, by revealing the truth.
"Russian disinformation campaigns targeting American citizens are a threat to our democracy," Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.
The U.S. Treasury Department accused the seven individuals and four entities of involvement in a Russia-linked foreign influence network associated with Ukrainian parliamentarian Andriy Derkach. The pro-Russian lawmaker was hit with sanctions by the U.S. government in September over accusations he tried to interfere in the 2020 U.S. election won by Biden.


Biden's DOJ civil rights pick exposed as 'black supremacist'? Woke media silent after Tucker Carlson segment on Kristen Clarke

Kristen Clarke
© Global Look Press / Biden Transition Tv Via Cnp/Keystone Press Agency
Biden pick for civil rights post, Kristen Clarke, finds out the internet is forever.
Champions of "anti-racism" in the media, academia and Hollywood have gone silent on Joe Biden's pick for the chief US civil-rights lawyer, after Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed her allegedly racist and anti-Semitic views.

There's been no denouncing of Kristen Clarke by the likes of MSNBC, woke actor Robert DeNiro or leading anti-racism professor Ibram Kendi. Nor have Democrat politicians or leftists rushed to the defense of Clarke, whom President-elect Biden has announced will head the civil rights division of the Department of Justice. Journalist Jack Posobiec said Wikipedia has locked entries to its Kristen Clarke page and doesn't include her racial superiority comments.

Control Panel

Upbeat Xi says "Time and situation on China's side" amid turmoil in US

China's President Xi Jinping
While the political gridlock and alarmist headlines out of Capitol Hill as well as a dramatic Democratic move to impeach look to define Trump's final week in office, Bloomberg notes that China's President Xi Jinping is sounding "unusually upbeat".

According to the publication he issued an unusually upbeat assessment about China's future, noting that "time and the situation" were on the country's side in a new year marked by domestic turmoil in the U.S.

The purpose of the speech before a top-level meeting of government officials in Beijing on Monday was to lay out the Communist Party vision over the next three decades, which included the presence of the Politburo Standing Committee, Beijing's highest decision-making body.

"The world is in a turbulent time that is unprecedented in the past century," Xi said, striking a tone which many pundits observed stood in contrast to recent more dire sounding warnings. "But time and momentum are on our side. This is where we show our conviction and resilience, as well as our determination and confidence."


Pompeo warns Iran is new 'home base' for al Qaeda

© Israel National News
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday charged Iran with aiding and abetting al Qaeda, warning that the partnership poses a "grave threat" to international security and safety of Americans at home.

The secretary made his remarks in a speech at the National Press Club less than a week after a mob attacked the U.S. Capitol as lawmakers were certifying the Electoral College count for the presidential election. Pompeo has condemned the violence by the mob, though he has avoided criticism of President Trump, who has widely been accused of inciting it.

The secretary focused his remarks on laying out the connection between Iran, which the U.S. lists as a state sponsor of terrorism, and al Qaeda, the group responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The secretary's speech served as a warning to the incoming Biden administration against rapprochement and engagement with Iran. Referring to the current leader of al Qaeda, he said:
"Since 2015, Iran has also given al Qaeda leaders greater freedom of movement inside of Iran under their supervision. As a result of this assistance, al Qaeda has centralized its leadership inside of Iran. Ayman al-Zawahiri's deputies are there today, and frankly, they're living a normal al Qaeda life.

"The time is now for America and all free nations to crush the Iran-al Qaeda axis. The Trump administration's actually made progress. Let's not tolerate Iran giving al Qaeda a second wind."

Comment: Many agree with Mr. Zarif on his assessment of Mike Pompeo's rabid dog handling of US foreign policy that is especially vicious to Iran:

Facebook's hostile move towards Press TV has coincided with new allegations raised against Tehran by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. However, Iranian news outlet PressTV has had its Facebook page restored after appealing the platform's decision to remove it.
Bullies, to remain viable and on course, must create bigger ones. "Look there, not here" - a trademark of Pompeo policy.

Arrow Down

In response to Capitol rioting, Musk weighs in on Big Tech censorship

© Mike Blake/Reuters
Elon Musk
Tesla CEO Elon Musk weighed in Monday on Big Tech's recent move to censor President Trump in response to the Capitol riot by pro-Trump supporters last week.

"A lot of people are going to be super unhappy with West Coast high tech as the de facto arbiter of free speech," Musk replied to a tweet of a satirical article entitled "Evil Fascist Dictator Censored and Voted Out Of Office."

Comment: Earlier in the year Musk prefaced his messaging with the following:
Musk has evinced some conservative views for some time. In May 2020, he gave an indication of how fed-up he is with the leftist governance of what was then his home state of California, apparently urging followers on Twitter to join the conservatives of America as he tweeted succinctly:
Neither did he spare a jab at Karl Marx!
At least in the past, when nefarious plans were mentioned on social media, there was a 'heads up' warning announced to the public-at-large. Now arbitrary big tech blackouts leave the public blind and clueless. How does this serve - except to bottleneck control and further mask intentions via disguised and disingenuous altruism? Just like the rich are growing richer, the powerful are increasing their power. Exponentially.

See also:

Snakes in Suits

William Burns, Biden's nominee for CIA Director is a career diplomat

William Burns
© US State Department
William Burns, as US Deputy Secretary of State in 2014
President-elect Joe Biden has finally named a new CIA director, one of the final senior-level appointees for his new administration. Much to the surprise of many of us who follow these things, he named senior diplomat Williams Burns to the position. Burns is one of the most highly-respected senior U.S. diplomats of the past three decades. He has ably served presidents of both parties and is known as both a reformer and as a supporter of human rights.

Burns is currently the president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, an important Washington-based international affairs think tank. He served as deputy secretary of state under President Barack Obama and was ambassador to Russia under President George W. Bush and ambassador to Jordan under President Bill Clinton. He was instrumental in the negotiations that led to the Iran Nuclear Deal and spent much of his career focused on the Middle East Peace Process. Burns joined the Foreign Service in 1982.

When he made the announcement of Burns' appointment, Biden said,
"Bill Burns is an exemplary diplomat with decades of experience on the word stage keeping our people and our country safe and secure. He shares my profound belief that intelligence must be apolitical and that the dedicated intelligence professionals serving our nation deserve our gratitude and respect. The American people will sleep soundly with him as our next CIA Director."
The message from Biden is clear: The CIA will not be led by a political hack like Mike Pompeo, a CIA insider like John Brennan, or someone associated with the CIA's crimes of torture, secret prisons, or international renditions like Gina Haspel.