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Sun, 28 Nov 2021
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AIPAC Demands "Action" on Iran

The Jewish Lobby

Former CIA counterterrorism specialist Philip Giraldi, comparing the propaganda campaign against Iran to that which preceded the war on Iraq, has recently declared, "It is absolutely parallel. They're using the same dance steps-demonize the bad guys, the pretext of diplomacy, keep out of negotiations, use proxies. It is Iraq redux." He's only one of many in his field (including Vincent Cannistraro, Ray McGovern, and Larry C. Johnson) doing their best to expose the Bush-Cheney neocon disinformation campaign according to which Iran is planning to produce nukes in order to commit genocide, while abetting terrorists in Iraq who are killing American troops.


"Insurgent" bombers slaughter Baghdad students - Probably a MOSSAD False Flag Op

Insurgents launched yet another deadly blitz across Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 40 people in an attack on a business school and setting off a minibus bomb near the Iranian embassy.

A suicide bomber triggered his explosive vest outside the School of Economy and Administration in east Baghdad, where the students are mainly Shiites, the blast ripping through a crowd of young men and women.


China mines Tibet's rich resources

The railway link to Tibet now appears to have been part of a broader plan to exploit vast deposits of metals in the disputed region.


Chinese, Iranian FMs discuss Iran nuclear issue

Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing on Friday spoke by telephone with his Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki about the nuclear issue of Iran.

Li reiterated China's principled stance to peacefully resolve nuclear issue of Iran through diplomatic efforts.


MI5 Spies On 439,000 British Citizens' Phone Calls And Emails

Almost 450,000 requests were made to monitor people's telephone calls, e-mails and post by secret agencies and other authorised bodies in just over a year, the spying watchdog said yesterday.


Give Force a Chance - William Kristol, in Time Magazine

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier
"Many in the U.S. are now learning that democracy cannot be imposed by military force."

-- German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, speaking at an international security forum in Munich on Feb. 10
Is the U.S. too quick to project its power through military action? If only, writes neocon Bill Kristol

It's always good to be reminded by our German friends that democracy can't be imposed by military force. Perhaps the Japanese would like to weigh in too? Actually, they wouldn't. Living next door to nuclear-armed dictatorships, and not having succumbed as thoroughly to postmodern otherworldliness, the Japanese democracy is in fact building up its military and strengthening its U.S. alliance. Still, the German Foreign Minister was simply expressing, in a particularly un-self-reflective way, an increasingly common point of view on both sides of the Atlantic.

Comment: It is one thing for William Kristol to write editorials for the neocon house organ, The Weekly Standard, but that he is a regular talking head on the tube and an op-ed writer for Time, the nation's leading news weekly, is yet another of the countless examples of how thoroughly the Zionists dominate the US media and their cavalier willingness to shed the blood of others for their cause.

-- Jeffrey Blankfort


More "al-Qaeda" Nonsense From The Bush Gang

Over the three or four days that Signs of the Times was down due to anomalous technical difficulties, the Pentagon's Central Repository of Advanced Propaganda (C.R.A.P.) thought they would avail themselves of the opportunity to sneak out a little 'war on terror' programming, undoubtedly in the fervent hope that it would pass unnoticed. Well, guess what? It didn't, and it would certainly be remiss of us to let this one slide.


200 officers on prowl to enforce Liverpool smoking ban - What About The "Terrorists"?

DOZENS of council officers will patrol bars, restaurants and shops to police the smoking ban when it comes into force in July, it was revealed last night.

In Liverpool, there will be a core team of 20 to 25 staff, although around 200 staff will patrol the city's streets, bars and clubs in the first few days after the ban.

Comment: If nothing else, this story reveals to us the truth about the "War on Terror" - there isn't one. The war is really on the rights and freedoms of the ordinary citizens. If there were really terrorists as Bush and Blair and others claim, they would not be paying so much attention to innocent people smoking to reduce the stress of their fears of the alleged terrorists. So, not only are you supposed to be afraid, you are not allowed to have any relief other than Prozac and Xanax and other drugs shown to be related to increased rates of violence and suicide.


Former Mossad chief: Assassinate Ahmadinejad

No need for alarm. Just another Israeli establishment figure, doing what Israeli establishment figures do best - lie, steal, cheat, and kill.


Lebanon defiant in face of [Mossad] bombings

[...] Tuesday's explosions on commuter buses on a busy mountain highway northeast of Beirut stoked fears of turmoil as the country prepared to mark the 2005 assassination of Mr. Hariri, the nation's most prominent politician and the leader credited with rebuilding the country from the destruction of the 1975-90 civil war.

Lebanon has suffered a series of bombings during the past two years, mostly targeting anti-Syrian figures, but Tuesday's attacks were the first that seemed intended to cause maximum casualties among civilians of no political affiliation.