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Mon, 18 Oct 2021
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Juan Williams Confronts Kristol: 'You Just Want War, War, War, and You Want Us In More War'

Bill Kristol and Juan Williams
© Fox News
Bill Kristol and Juan Williams debate on Fox News
This morning on Fox News Sunday, William Kristol argued that the Bush administration's "coddling" of Iran had "invited" the latest outbreak of violence, and that the United States should join in the current fighting. Juan Williams pushed back:
You just want war, war, war, and you want us in more war. You wanted us in Iraq. Now you want us in Iran. Now you want us to get into the Middle East. ... You're saying, why doesn't the United States take this hard, unforgiving line? Well, the hard and unforgiving line has been, we don't talk to anybody. We don't talk to Hamas. We don't talk to Hezbollah. We're not going to talk to Iran. Where has it gotten us, Bill?

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SOTT Podcast: Zinedine Zidane, Israeli Crimes Against Humanity, and Ten Films to Better Understand our Reality

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The Signs editors join with guest Jason Knight to discuss the head-butting incident in the last match of the World Cup and salute Zinedine Zidane for standing up and saying "No" to psychopathy in professional sport. We then draw parallels between the provocation of Zidane and the current situation in Palestine where Israel has unleashed its mad dogs against the Palestinians and Lebanon. We finish with a discussion on ten films that will help you to better understand the nature of our reality.

Running Time: 01:05:20

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Is The Israeli Military Using Depleted-Uranium Weapons Against The Palestinians?

International Action Center calls for an investigation

27 Nov 2000-- The International Action Center calls upon international organizations, NGOs, environmental and health organizations to investigate the Israeli military's use of prohibited weapons in the West Bank and Gaza, and to mobilize to stop it. These weapons include dumdum bullets and CS gas. The IAC believes it also includes depleted- uranium weapons.

The effect of dumdum bullets and CS gas is immediate, easily shown and obvious. Using radioactive and toxic depleted-uranium weapons is an additional crime that has an insidious long-term effect, not only on combatants and civilians in the vicinity, but over a broad area and to the general environment, as has been shown by the Pentagon's massive use of DU weapons in Yugoslavia and especially in Iraq.

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Olmert rejects EU criticism of Israel's Gaza raids

JERUSALEM - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Monday rejected European Union criticism of Israel's military offensive in the Gaza Strip, saying the EU should focus instead on Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel.

"When was the last time that the European Union condemned this shooting and suggested effective measures to stop it?" Olmert said in remarks to the foreign press.

"At some point, Israel had no point but to take some measures in order to stop this thing."The European Union accused Israel on Friday of a disproportionate use of force against Palestinians in Gaza and of making a humanitarian crisis there worse.

Comment: And that is the point, a massively disproportionate use of force AND the fact that Israel's continued flaunting of international law means that, in the final analysis, it is ISRAEL that is the SOURCE of the conflict.

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SOTT Podcast: One Degree At A Time - Part 2

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A look back at developments around the world in the last year by the editors of Signs of the Times. In Part 2, we look at the bellicose attitude of the US towards Iran, the successes of Hugo Chavez in inspiring Latin American to throw off the domination of its northern neighbour, and the deterioration of rights and liberties in the United States. How much more brazen can it get before people stand up and say "Enough!"? Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, the heat is being turned up one degree at a time. How close are we to being cooked?

Running Time: 00:41:12

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SOTT Podcast: One Degree At A Time - Part 1

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A look back at developments around the world in the last year by the editors of Signs of the Times. In Part 1, we look at changes in Britain since the Tube bombings one year ago, the open warfare against the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories waged by Israel, and the continuing resistance of the Iraqi people against the US invader in Iraq. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, the heat is being turned up one degree at a time. How close are we to being cooked?

Running Time: 00:44:46

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Eye 1

BBC had MI5 watch its staff

IT IS a tale of secret agents and surveillance that could have come straight out of the BBC's classic John le Carre spy drama, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

Confidential papers show that the BBC allowed Britain's domestic security agency, MI5, to investigate the backgrounds and political affiliations of thousands of its employees, including newsreaders, reporters and continuity announcers.

The files, which shed light on the BBC's hitherto secret links with MI5, show that at one stage it was responsible for vetting 6300 BBC posts - almost a third of the total workforce.

Comment: You see? There is no control of the press, there is no such thing as conspiracy.


EP president says "China is a lion awakening"

STRASBOURG, France, July 6 (Xinhua) -- European Parliament (EP) President Josep Borrell, who will leave for China on Friday for a seven-day visit, on Wednesday hailed the rapid economic growth of China.

Comparing China to an "awakening lion," Borrell said China has undergone "huge" changes over the past 13 years.

Bad Guys

Osama, Death Squads and the Biggest Lie Ever Told

You may have missed it, and I wouldn't blame you if you deliberately ignored it, but 'Osama' released a new audio message two days ago...


Journalists and 'leakers' feel heat

Headline by headline, a trickle of news leaks on Iraq and the anti-terror campaign has grown into a steady stream of revelations, and from Pennsylvania Avenue to Downing Street, Copenhagen to Canberra, governments are responding with pressure and prosecutions.

The latest target is The New York Times. But the unfolding story begins as far back as 2003, when British weapons expert David Kelly was "outed" as the source of a story casting doubt on his government's arguments for invading Iraq, and he committed suicide.

And it will roll on this fall, when Danish journalists face trial for reporting their government knew there was no evidence of banned weapons in Iraq.

"Systematic surveillance is becoming one of the most worrying features in relations between authorities and media worldwide," said the journalist federation's White.
This is about more than just a battle between state and media, security and the people's right to know. It is perhaps the greatest battle for what remains of "democracy" in many Western countries. If the pathocratic government officials win, freedom of speech will be officially gone. Governments will be able to operate with impunity. If a reporter - or anyone else - finds out that his government lied to get that nation involved in some crazy imperialist scheme, too bad! He'll either keep his mouth shut, or go to prison. Welcome to the New World...