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Mon, 06 Feb 2023
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Germany has no evidence that Russia is behind explosions on "Nord Streams", - Prosecutor General Frank

nord stream sign
German investigators currently have no evidence that Russia is behind the explosions at the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.

This was stated by the Attorney General of Germany, Peter Frank, in an interview with the "Welt am Sonntag" newspaper, Censor.NET reports with reference to "Euro Integration".

"Currently, it cannot be proven, the investigation is ongoing," said Peter Frank.

Comment: Well, duh!

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Tucker Carlson: Hunter Biden versus laptop repairman doesn't seem like a fair fight

hunter biden
© Getty Images
Hunter Biden's lawyers are going on offense against his critics.
Tucker likens Hunter Biden to a princeling going after a peasant.

You know you're living in a non-democracy when it's dangerous to displease the ne'er do well children of the supreme leader. If you were, for example, at a red light in pre-invasion Baghdad and Uday Hussein came screaming up behind you, drunk in his Lamborghini, you got the hell out of the way, and you did not complain about it. And you didn't complain about it because Uday's dad ran the place and you did not want to make him mad. You might wind up like the members of his personal soccer team who dared to miss penalty kicks.

That's what third world countries are like. All citizens are not equal in countries like that. Power derives from proximity to power, and that means the second most powerful people in a country like that are the children of the president. And very often they don't have jobs and are addicted to something. That's the way it works in places like that. And for a long time, that system seemed very foreign to most Americans. They were used to living in a democracy. They could barely even imagine it.

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Why are they doing it?

"Going Direct Reset" explained by Catherine Austin Fitts.
© Soapboxie
I am often asked - "Why is DOD (US Government, all Western globalist governments) acting against the people, killing and injuring the population"? The answer is largely in the creation of money. This story is not about how much money someone has right now, it is about who can make more of it at any time. The US Government and its Department of Defense specifically cannot account for around $21+ trillion as of several years ago, (who knows what that number is today?), vast promises have been made by politicians buying voter support that can never be fulfilled (Social Security and other Entitlements), and more recently trillions in pork payouts went to the crony corporations - now fused with and indistinguishable from the government.

I am a fan of Catherine Austin Fitts - a former government insider, investment banker and currently a very successful publisher. I highly recommend her publication the Solari Report. The piece that is particularly relevant today is described in the "2020 Wrap Up" here with John Titus, and a recently published interview below.


Hunter Biden begs friends, dad Joe's employees to get him off the hook

hunter joe biden drugs laptop

Hunter Biden photo recovered from his laptop
(inset) President Joe Biden
Hunter Biden has friends in high places.

Two Delaware prosecutors whom the first son's lawyer called upon to probe Hunter's infamous laptop have deep ties to the Biden family — while a top DOJ official who received a similar demand is a veteran of the Obama administration and liberal think tanks, an analysis by The Post has shown.

In other developments in the laptop story:
  • Hunter Biden attorney Abbe Lowell tried to walk back his prior admission that the laptop did indeed belong to his client.
  • House Speaker Kevin McCarthy dismissed the first son's investigation demand as a "delaying tactic" and vowed lawmakers would "get to the bottom" of the computer's secrets.
  • An attorney for repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac slammed Hunter Biden as "desperate" and trying to "blame everyone else for his own actions."
Lowell fired off a series of letters late Wednesday calling for a criminal investigation into what happened to the laptop after it was abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019.

Comment: Tucker has a few things to say about Hunter and his 'princeling' ilk:

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Mt Rushmore
© Facebook
"The White House has taken the entire West in such a direction and speed of triumphalism, arrogance and 'egregious' imbecility that there is no going back or reversal possible without a total defeat of the official narrative and the consequent eternal shame." — Hugo Dionisio
The New York Times — indicted this week as a chronic purveyor of untruths by no less than their supposed ally, The Columbia Journalism Review — is lying to you again this morning.
Times Quote
© New York Times
This whopper is an artful diversion from the reality on-the-ground that Ukraine is just about finished in this tragic and idiotic conflict staged by the geniuses behind their play-thing President 'Joe Biden'. By the way, it's not a coincidence that Ukraine and 'JB' are going down at the same time. The two organisms are symbionts: a matched pair of mutual parasites feeding off each other, swapping each other's toxic exudations, and growing delirious on their glide path to a late winter crash.

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Indian refiners ditch dollar to pay for Russian oil in UAE dirhams

india russia oil
© REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo
A model of oil barrels is seen in front of Russian and Indian flags in this illustration taken, December 9, 2022.
Indian refiners have begun paying for most of their Russian oil purchased via Dubai-brd traders in United Arab Emirates dirhams instead of U.S. dollars, four sources with knowledge of the matter said.

While Western sanctions against Moscow are not recognised by India, and purchases of Russian oil may in any case not violate them, banks and financial institutions are cautious about clearing payments so as not to unwittingly fall foul of the many measures imposed against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

Indian refiners and traders are concerned they may not be able to continue to settle trades in dollars, especially if the price of Russian crude rises above a cap imposed by the Group of Seven nations and Australia in December.

Comment: The 'international community' are fast losing their death grip on the multi-polar world, as well as the hold they have over their own citizens: France rocked by protests as 2 MILLION march against government reforms in 2nd wave of mass strikes to hit this month

'The international community' russia sanction map

'The international community' highlighted in yellow.

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National Archives says it was 'ordered' to keep Biden's classified documents hidden from public

© epa/Esquire/KJN
US President Joe Biden • House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY)
As House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) gets to work investigating the Biden administration for its many crises and mishandling of various issues, he's also trying to get to the bottom of President Joe Biden's mishandling of classified documents — but he keeps running into the same non-transparent Biden administration that has frustrated Americans with its lack of candor and apparent attempts to paper over the scandal.

This week, Comer was set to hold a transcribed interview with the general counsel of the National Archives to get more information on Biden's mishandling of sensitive materials, the timeline for revelations of their existence, and other information to be able to understand what actually happened amid stonewalling attempts from the White House.

But just as the rest of the Biden administration has avoided being truthful with the American people — until revealing leaks to mainstream media outlets provide new details — Comer found that what seems like a cover-up by the Biden administration meant even he was unable to get the information he sought. In an interview on Fox News Channel's Hannity on Wednesday night, Comer explained what happened:
"Right before the National Archives came in, they handed us a letter from the Department of Justice informing them and us that the general counsel for the National Archives wasn't allowed to say anything about the Biden documents. But we had about a three-plus hour transcribed interview with the general counsel and what we learned was there is a double-standard here with how Donald Trump was treated versus Joe Biden."

Comment: The bigger the cover-up, the bolder the lies. The Biden crime family has perfected this over decades.

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Israel is helping Ukraine by targeting Iran, Netanyahu tells Macron

© Benoit Tessier/Reuters
French President Emmanuel Macron • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu and Macron spoke about Israel's reluctance to send weapons or an iron dome to Ukraine.

Israel's covert operations against Iranian targets ultimately help other countries including Ukraine, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told French President Emmanuel Macron as he sought to bolster his image as a supporter of Kyiv.

Netanyahu told Israeli reporters as he briefed them after the meeting:
"We operate independently against Iran at different levels, but this activity is also systematically aimed at degrading or harming Iran's capabilities against us. But of course, it also harms Iran's capabilities or reduces them in relation to other arenas."
He underscored his concern about Russia's growing military alliance with Iran, in which Moscow is arming Tehran and the Islamic Republic in turn is sending weapons of use against Ukraine. Some of the weapons it produces also pose a threat to Israel, so the Jewish state accomplishes two goals in working to eliminate them on the ground before they can be put into operation.

Netanyahu has highlighted the manner in which Israel's targeting of Iranian weapons has a positive impact on Ukraine as he has come under pressure to show the West, particularly the United States that he is standing strong with Kyiv.

Comment: Netanyahu: 'Look there not here'.

Comment: As the war in Ukraine dominates the news, Israel justifies self-fulfilling 'opportunities'.


What was seen by the Pfizer whistleblowers?

pfizer whistleblower
© Unknown
In the first part of this series, I discussed the profound challenges a whistleblower faces when they break the code of silence held by the pharmaceutical industry. Nonetheless, a few people have been willing to make that sacrifice, and there is so much to learn from each of them. If you have not yet read it, I would highly recommend reading it first.

Because that code of silence has been in place for decades, the public is relatively unaware of what goes on within the industry. When insiders provide a window into that dark world, it is both shocking and difficult to believe. I had been working on this series for a while and felt that this was the time to release it because it helps create the context for both what Jordan Walker confided to Project Veritas about Pfizer and his surreal breakdown once he realized what he had done.

In this series, I chose to focus on Peter Rost, a pharmaceutical executive who, through a very odd set of circumstances, became a Pfizer Vice President (Pfizer typically never lets outsiders assume that role). Once appointed, he found himself in the very odd position of having to dig up as much dirt on Pfizer as possible to avoid getting fired. Rost witnessed the Pfizer company cruelly abusing his Pharmacia coworkers and to a lesser extent Pfizer's own employees (detailed in part 1); therefore, he was not opposed to unearthing information that incriminated Pfizer. Best of all, because Rost had been stripped of his work responsibilities, he had plenty of time to investigate his employer.

Comment: A long, but informative insider view to the scale and depth of the pharmaceutical industry's fraud and coercion.

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Zelensky behind Macron's calls to Putin - Paris

© Ludovic Marin/AFP
President of France Emmanuel Macron
French President Emmanuel Macron's phone calls with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, mainly took place "at the request of President Zelensky" of Ukraine, a spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry stated on Saturday. Zelensky has publicly declared that he will never speak to Putin in person, and has made peace talks with the Russian leader illegal.

"Mr. Macron calls President Putin mainly at the request of President [Vladimir] Zelensky, and always in coordination with our allies to maintain a channel for dialogue," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anne-Claire Legendre said during an interview with RTVI.

Kiev has never admitted that Zelensky presses his Western backers into speaking to Putin, and the Ukrainian leader himself signed a decree in October forbidding negotiations with Moscow unless "another president of Russia" replaces the current Kremlin occupant. With negotiations officially off the table, Zelensky has repeatedly vowed to use force to seize Russian territory that is claimed by Ukraine, including Crimea.

Among Western leaders, Macron is one of a small minority who maintain contact with Putin. Both he and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have held regular phone calls with the Russian leader since Moscow's military operation in Ukraine began almost a year ago.

Legendre said that at some point "Ukrainians will decide that the time has come for negotiations. That is why we consider it useful to maintain this channel of dialogue."