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Fri, 01 Dec 2023
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'The Gospel': how Israel uses AI to select bombing targets in Gaza

© Atef Safadi/EPA
‘To claim there’s precision and narrowness of force being exerted is not borne out by the facts,’ said one researcher.
Israel's military has made no secret of the intensity of its bombardment of the Gaza Strip. In the early days of the offensive, the head of its air force spoke of relentless, "around the clock" airstrikes. His forces, he said, were only striking military targets, but he added: "We are not being surgical."

There has, however, been relatively little attention paid to the methods used by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to select targets in Gaza, and to the role artificial intelligence has played in their bombing campaign.

As Israel resumes its offensive after a seven-day ceasefire, there are mounting concernsabout the IDF's targeting approach in a war against Hamas that, according to the health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza, has so far killed more than 15,000 people in the territory.

The IDF has long burnished its reputation for technical prowess and has previously made bold but unverifiable claims about harnessing new technology. After the 11-day war in Gaza in May 2021, officials said Israel had fought its "first AI war" using machine learning and advanced computing.

The latest Israel-Hamas war has provided an unprecedented opportunity for the IDF to use such tools in a much wider theatre of operations and, in particular, to deploy an AI target-creation platform called "the Gospel", which has significantly accelerated a lethal production line of targets that officials have compared to a "factory".

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FOI request reveals Bellingcat collusion with Western intelligence

© Unknown
Elliot Higgins
An extraordinary email uncovered by a Dutch researcher under freedom of information laws confirms what many have long charged: Bellingcat, the "open source" collective widely cited by mainstream journalists and loved by the CIA, collaborates directly with Western intelligence agencies.

An email sent on November 12, 2020 by an officer within Amsterdam's National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) shows a Bellingcat investigation was intentionally shared with the agency prior to publication, so as to assist the Dutch spooks in shaping media strategies and messaging following its release. The revealing communication is irrefutable proof of the cozy relationship the self-styled "independent investigative collective of researchers, investigators and citizen journalists" enjoys with Western intelligence services.

In the message, marked "high importance," the undisclosed author explained that Bellingcat would soon publish research amounting to a deeply libelous attack on independent journalists and researchers, who challenged the mainstream narrative surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

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Pepe Escobar: US needs Gaza war to destabilize BRICS, Greater Eurasia

© Michael Euler/AP
US President Joe Biden • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
The Biden administration needs an Israeli victory in Gaza in order to undermine BRICS and other economic integration initiatives led by Russia and China, veteran geopolitical analyst Pepe Escobar told the New Rules podcast.
"This is an American diversionist tactic to once again go against BRICS multipolarity, especially given the fact that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates now have a very graphic, tangible opportunity to link themselves to the birth of the new Eurasia when they become members of BRICS."
Escobar noted that during the G20 summit in New Delhi in September, the United States and Israel unveiled the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) initiative. The project, Escobar explained, seeks to bypass China's Belt and Road Initiative and transform Israel into a key energy and logistical hub.


Deutsche Bank may have just destroyed Letitia James' civil fraud case against Trump

© AP/The Telegraph.com/Getty Images/KJN
New York Attorney Letitia James • Former US President Donald Trump
Deutsche Bank might have just blown up Letitia James's civil fraud case against President Trump.

Radical Marxist New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking $250 million in 'damages' when there is no victim in this fraud case and she is also seeking to ban Trump and his sons from operating any businesses in New York. She accused Trump of inflating his assets and defrauding lenders and insurance companies.

A Deutsche Bank executive who worked to approve at least one of Trump's loans testified on Tuesday:
"It is atypical, but not entirely unusual" to reduce a client's asset values and still approve a loan. This type of lending is typical in high net-worth, high-profile clients like Donald Trump.

"Anyone with basic knowledge of banking, lending, portfolio and credit risk management knows this."
Bloomberg reported:
"A Deutsche Bank AG executive gave testimony that could bolster Donald Trump's defense in his civil fraud trial, telling a New York judge that prospective clients can get loans even after reporting a net worth far higher than the lender's own calculations. David Williams, who worked on at least one of three loans Deutsche Bank made to Trump in the years before he was elected president, testified Tuesday that it's "atypical, but not entirely unusual" for the bank to cut a client's stated asset value by 50% and approve a loan anyway, as it did with Trump."
Williams testified:
"It's just a difference of opinion. A difference of opinion in asset values does not disqualify the potential borrower from a loan."

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NY Times confirms Israeli LIHOP: Knew of Hamas attack plan ONE YEAR in advance

hamas attack israel paragliders
© @MApodogan/X
Stills from Hamas video released October 7, 2023
Palestinian militants followed the blueprint "with shocking precision," the newspaper reported

Israeli officials were warned about detailed plans for a major attack by Hamas more than one year before the militant group's October 7 raid, which claimed around 1,200 lives, the New York Times reported on Thursday. Despite the warning, officials are said to have dismissed the threat as implausible.

The report by the US newspaper is based on analysis of an attack blueprint code-named 'Jericho Wall' by Israeli Intelligence officials, numbering around 40 pages, as well as emails and interviews.

Comment: Whether or not Bibi and the IDF brass knew exactly when the attack was coming, it certainly suited them to let it proceed. How else would they get such a big get-out-of-jail card to for the obliteration of Gaza?

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Report: Big Tech focuses censorship on Republican candidates, while Biden skates

Trump rfk jr joe biden 2024 election
© Getty Images
Former President Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and President Joe Biden
'Big Tech companies have already censored every presidential candidate,' Media Research Center says

President Biden's political opponents have been censored by Big Tech "a whopping 162 times combined," according to the Media Research Center.

Media Research Center's CensorTrack.org researchers Heather Moon and Gabriela Pariseau conducted the study that found 169 cases of censorship against 2024 presidential hopefuls with only seven of the instances being against Biden himself, across Google, YouTube, Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn.

"The year 2024 has not yet begun, but election-interfering censorship is well underway as Big Tech companies have already censored every presidential candidate," Moon and Pariseau wrote.

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Censorship: Ireland activated new EU social media alert as riots broke out in Dublin

dublin riots illegal migrants
The European Commission became directly involved in contacting social media giants to warn them of their obligations

Ireland was the first member state to trigger an alert under the EU's powerful new legislation on online hate speech in the immediate aftermath of last week's riots in Dublin, RTÉ News has learned.

As a result of the move, the European Commission became directly involved in contacting social media giants such as Meta, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Tik-Tok, Instagram and others within hours of the riots, to warn them of their obligations under the new legislation.

EU sources have also said that the shortage of Irish-speaking moderators among some of the biggest social media firms may have resulted in far-right activists deliberately using Irish in their posts in order to avoid them being removed.

Comment: So the article's main concern is that there weren't enough Gaelic-speaking censors on staff? Where is the outrage at the censoring citizens' free speech??


A 'Nuremberg Trial' for Israel's crimes against Palestinians?

Ruins of Gaza
© The Postil Magazine
Make no mistake. Israel has committed massive crimes in Gaza and in the West Bank against the Palestinians. When will the thousands killed get justice? Or are we all supposed to just go on with our lives and pretend that it's all the pursuit of "the right of self-defense?" Who are these IDF snipers who anonymously shoot children, and no one is even curious to know who these killers are? Is this the way of war now, according to the "international rules based order" that we should be so proud of in the West, which is supposedly the hallmark of our "civilization?"

A day of reckoning will come. There are good men and women who are working to make that a reality.

And what are we to make of our politcal class that utters not a peep about the slaughter that Netanyahu is doing, but who earlier could not get the ICC to issue an arrest warrant for President Putin fast enough, because Putin was assumed to have "kidnapped" Ukrainian orphans that they might have a decent life in Russia. But Netanyahu can kill as many children as he wants, since that is not a crime according to the "rule of law," so the "jurists" at the ICC stay busy identifying "Russian crimes" that might be spotted at the backs of their cereal boxes.

Kurt Tucholsky was paraphrasing a French joke when he observed that "the death of one person: that's a catastrophe. One hundred thousand dead: that's a statistic!"

What Israel has done for over a month in Gaza is now a matter of statistics, for they have killed over 15,000 so far, more than 4000 of them children. It is the Palestinian Holocaust, because there are many more thousands buried under all those pancaked buildings where people once lived. And now that the Israeli assault continues, many thousands more will die.

Given these grim statistics, it becomes more and more important to remember the one person, rather than mention in passing the vast number of the now faceless thousands dead.


The Middle East at an inflection point

Biden (R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

US President Joe Biden (R) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct 18, 2023
It has been a perennial hope and expectation that Israel would abandon the path of repression, colonisation and apartheid as state policies and instead accept a negotiated settlement of the Palestine problem under pressure from its patron, mentor, guide and guardian — the United States. But that proved delusional and the remains of the day is a chronicle of dashed hopes and hypocrisy. The big question today is whether a paradigm shift is possible. That is also the dilemma facing US President Joe Biden at 80.

History shows that while catastrophic events have myriad negative effects, positive effects are also possible, especially in the long term. The French-German reconciliation after two world wars is, perhaps, the finest example in modern history, and it planted the germane seeds of European integration project. Certainly, the collapse of the Soviet Union gave impetus to the Sino-Russian rapprochement, which morphed into a "no limit" partnership.

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Liar Blinken says 'no fatigue' among NATO in supporting Ukraine as Russia amasses missiles ahead of winter

Blinken and Meloni
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken came a away from a NATO meeting of foreign ministers on Wednesday with the conclusion that the alliance is holding strong on supporting Ukraine, despite the avalanche of negative reports on how Ukrainian forces are fairing on the battlefield.

He told a press briefing there is "no sense of fatigue" among NATO allies and they are remaining firm. "We must and we will continue to support Ukraine," he said following the NATO meeting in Brussels.

His words seemed by design a flat rejection of the avalanche of headlines which go to back to at least the summer which warned of increasing 'war fatigue' among Western publics and among political leadership.

But more specifically there have been echoes of fatigue voiced by NATO countries' top leadership: