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Propaganda Alert! Iran shows off its long-range missile capabilities

A long-range Shahab-1 (also called the Meteor-1, funnily enough) ballistic missile is launched during the 'Great Prophet 7' missile drill in central Iran, on July 3, 2012.
A senior Iranian lawmaker says the Islamic Republic's mastery of the technology for the production of long-range missiles has helped elevate its capabilities' global standing.

"The building of long-range missiles by relying on Iranian scientific and technological prowess has promoted the capabilities of our country in the world," Hossein Naqavi-Hosseini, spokesman for the Majlis (parliament) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, said Sunday.

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi appeared before the Majlis committee on Sunday to deliver a report on the country's latest developments and accomplishments in the defense sector.

Comment: Reading Celestial Intentions Through the Wrong End of the Telescope: Missiles, UFOs and the Cold War


Mind-controlled? Colorado shooting suspect appears in court

© NBC News The Colorado movie theater shooting suspect made his first court appearance in court with reddish orange hair. James Holmes was wide-eyed and unshaven as he sat emotionless in the courtroom.
The Colorado movie theater shooting suspect is making his first court appearance with reddish orange hair.

James Holmes was wide-eyed and unshaven as he sat staring down.

He appeared Monday after being accused of the shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Authorities say the 24-year-old former graduate student is refusing to cooperate and it could take months to learn what prompted the horrific attack on moviegoers at a midnight screening of the latest Batman film.

Investigators say they found a Batman mask inside Holmes' booby-trapped apartment after the attack.

Holmes has been held in solitary confinement since Friday. Prosecutors say they may consider the death penalty but will make that decision after consulting with victim's families.

Comment: FBI and DHS Warned in May of Terrorists Planning to Attack Movie Theaters


Good Question: "Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals?"

business school criminals
© Jared Rodriguez / Truthout
Luigi Zingales, who teaches at the University of Chicago's business school, had an op-ed in Bloomberg provocatively titled "Do Business Schools Incubate Criminals?" He argues that business schools are "partly to blame" for the decline in ethical standards in the business world, and urges that ethics not be taught as a separate course by lightweight profs, but integrated into all courses.

This piece is so backwards I don't quite know where to begin. It's telling that it blames former McKinsey partner, now convicted insider traders Rajat Gupta's and Anil Kumar's crimes on the failure get ethical training in business school. I'm not making this up: "Where did Gupta, Kumar and others get the idea that this kind of behavior might be OK? Most business schools do offer ethics classes" but contends they are unserious. No other possible explanation is explored. Gee, they both went to the Indian Institute of Technology. Why isn't their education at a more formative stage under scrutiny as well?

Mind you, I'm not saying business schools deserve a free pass. Far from it. But business schools are a combination of finishing school and employment agency. They live in, and my sense is they are lagging indicators of broad cultural shifts in norms. In case Zingales has missed it, American elites are openly corrupt. You can see it with the revolving doors between regulators and top industry jobs, the way CEOs and top politicians tell astonishing lies whenever they are in trouble,the weird combination of precision on inconsequential details versus the carefully coached combinations of misleading but not untruthful answers and "I don't recall" when you sure as hell know they do remember, the way the press is so thick with propaganda that it takes an Enigma machine to pull out any real messages. So with those role models, why should we expect business school graduates to be paragons of virtue? The are aspiring Masters of the Universe. They are smart enough to see what the real game is, and the message conveyed by the business press and who rises to the top in large organizations today is far more powerful than any lecture, no matter how well or frequently delivered

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A War Israel is Just Begging for an Excuse to Start

© unknown
Just hours after the attack on Israeli tourists in Bulgaria, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and his Defence Minister Ehud Barak were quick to announce that Iran and the Hezbollah were behind the attack. In fact, it didn't take the Israeli PM more than two hours to blame another country for committing an act of war on Israeli citizens in a third country's territory. Of course, Netanyahu didn't provide any evidence to support his thesis. In fact, even today, three days after the attack, no clear leads suggesting any Iranian or Hezbollah's connection are available.

What was it then that made Netanyahu so determined? Is it because he himself was privy to the knowledge that Israeli agents have been murdering Iranian scientists for years? Did Netanyahu react the way he did because he thought to himself that considering Mossad's assassinations in Tehran, Israel may well have brought on itself an Iranian retaliation? Was Bibi projecting?


President Barack Obama Addresses Nation After Colorado Theater Shooting

© Agence France-Presse/Getty Images/Mandel NganPresident Barack Obama speaks on the shootings in Aurora, Colorado at what was scheduled originally as a campaign event on July 20, 2012 in Fort Myers, Florida.
U.S. President Barack Obama had intended to spend July 19 campaigning in Florida, but his plans changed the moment he learned alleged gunman James Holmes, 24, killed 12 people and injured 38 more during an early Friday screening of The Dark Knight in Aurora, Colorado.

Addressing the nation from the Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers, Florida, Obama, 50, did his best to make sense of Holmes' mass killing spree. "This morning we woke up to news of a tragedy that reminds us of all the ways that we are united as one American family," he said. "The federal government stands ready to do whatever's necessary to bring whoever is responsible for this heinous crime to justice."

"We will take every step possible to ensure the safety of all of our people. We're going to stand by our neighbors in Colorado during this extraordinarily difficult time."

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Omar Suleiman, Egypt's infamous former spy chief, mysterious in death as well as life

© Al-Masry Al-Youm
The death of Egypt's infamous former spy chief, who was believed to hold more secrets about Egypt and its politicians than any other, was just as controversial and mysterious as his life.

Among faithful admirers and angry critics, Omar Sulieman was laid to rest yesterday, having died at the age of 76 a hospital in Cleveland on Thursday.

State-run Al-Akhbar reports that Suleiman's funeral was both military and popular, led by Egypt's top general Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and his deputy Sami Anan and attended by thousands of Suleiman's admirers.

The paper states that the funeral of the man known for leading the crackdown against Islamists in Egypt turned into an anti-Muslim Brotherhood protest as the mourners chanted against the group and recently elected President Mohamed Morsy.

The funeral put Morsy in a dilemma between his loyalty to the Brotherhood, which considers Suleiman one of its fiercest opponents, and his responsibility to attend the funeral of a member of the state he currently heads. Akhbar reports that Morsy skipped the funeral but sent a representative.


Syria Warns of TV Hijacking

© AFP/ Louai BesharaSituation in Syria
Syrian state news agency SANA said on Sunday that unspecified Western intelligence agencies plan to hijack local satellite television channels to broadcast misinformation.

False reports are to include news of defections, rebels capturing cities across the country and even coups d'état, SANA said, citing a source at the Syrian Information Ministry.

The news are supposed to be broadcasted by Syrian journalists working outside the country who will be pressured into delivering false reports, the agency said.

"Arab parties" are expected be aiding Western spies in their information attacks, the agency added, without elaborating.

Pro-government media in Syria have come under pressure since the outbreak of civil strife in the country in March 2011. Websites for SANA and Al-Watan newspaper sustained hacker attacks, and the EU blacklisted Al-Watan and the television channel Ad-Dunya.

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Oh Puhleeze!! Israel 'fears Iran Olympics attack'

targetting iran
Israel has bolstered its security presence for the London Olympics amid fears that an Iranian terror squad in Europe may be planning an attack on its athletes, according to a press report Sunday.

Scotland Yard and Britain's domestic intelligence service MI5 are believed to have raised their assessment of the threat against the Israeli delegation following last week's suicide attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria, the Sunday Times reported.

The Israeli government has reportedly dispatched agents from its internal security service Shin Bet to protect its team of athletes.

Meanwhile Israel's foreign security service Mossad is said to have sent a team, codenamed Bayonet, to Europe in search of a group of terror suspects believed to be working with Iran's Quds force and Hezbollah.

Quds, the special operations unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has recruited several white European Islamic converts, including two from Germany, one from Sweden and two Britons, security experts were cited as saying.

Quds, the special operations unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, has recruited several white European Islamic converts, including two from Germany, one from Sweden and two Britons, security experts were cited as saying.
Oh really?? Well, we suppose that in case a 'terrorist' or two are caught during the Olympic games we should all immediately assume they were sent by Iran - even if they happen to look white European!

These 'security experts' surely think the public is stupid.

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The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet

© Viajar24h.com
Union Free-market capitalism was supposed to save us from the tyranny of faceless apparatchiks. But that's not what happened.

The great power struggle of the 20th century was the competition between Soviet-style communism and "free-market" corporatism for domination of the world's resources. In America, it's taken for granted that Soviet communism lost (though China's more capitalist variant seems to be doing well), and the superiority of neo-liberal economics -- as epitomized by the great multinational corporations -- was thus affirmed for all time and eternity.

There's a small problem with this, though. An old bit of wisdom says: choose your enemies carefully, because over time, you will tend to become the very thing you most strongly resist. One of the most striking things about our victorious corporations now is the degree to which they've taken on some of the most noxious and Kafkaesque attributes of the Soviet system -- too often leaving their employees, customers, and other stakeholders just as powerless over their own fates as the unhappy citizens of those old centrally planned economies of the USSR were back in the day.

It's not just that the corporations have taken control over our government (though that's awful enough). It's also that they've taken control over -- and put serious limits on -- our choices regarding what we buy, where we work, how we live, and what rights we have. Our futures are increasingly no longer our own: more and more decisions, large and small, that determine the quality of our lives are being made by Politburo apparatchiks at a Supreme Corporate Soviet somewhere far distant from us. Only now, those apparatchiks are PR and marketing executives, titans of corporate finance, lobbyists for multinationals, and bean-counting managers trying to increase profits at the expense of our freedom.

With tongue only somewhat in cheek, here are a few ways in which Americans are now becoming a new lumpenproletariat, subject to the whims and diktats of our new Soviet-style corporate overlords.

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US pledge to rebuild Haiti not being met

mother, daughter, haiti
© AP Photo/Dieu Nalio CheryAmid the horrors of Haiti's 2010 earthquake lay a promise of renewal.
Port-au-Prince - The deadly earthquake that leveled Haiti's capital more than two years ago brought a thread of hope: a promise of renewal. With the United States taking the lead, international donors pledged billions of dollars to help the country "build back better," breaking its cycle of dependency.

But after the rubble was cleared and the dead buried, what the quake laid bare was the depth of Haiti's dysfunction. Today, the fruits of an ambitious, $1.8 billion U.S. reconstruction promise are hard to find. Immediate, basic needs for bottled water, temporary shelter and medicine were the obvious priorities. But projects fundamental to Haiti's transformation out of poverty, such as permanent housing and electric plants in the heavily hit capital of Port-au-Prince have not taken off.

Critics say the U.S. effort to reconstruct Haiti was flawed from the start. While "build back better" was a comforting notion, there wasn't much of a foundation to build upon. Haiti's chronic political instability and lack of coordinated leadership between Haiti and the U.S. meant crucial decisions about construction projects were slow to be approved. Red tape stalled those that were.

The international community's $10 billion effort was also hindered by its pledge to get approval for projects from the Haitian government. For more than a year then-President Rene Preval was, as he later described it, "paralyzed," while his government was mostly obliterated, with 16,000 civil servants killed and most ministries in ruins. It wasn't until earlier this year that a fully operational government was in place to sign paperwork, adopt codes and write regulations. Other delays included challenges to contracts, underestimates of what needed to be done, and land disputes.