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Mon, 24 Jan 2022
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Ex-US soldiers with alleged neo-Nazi links showing up at Ukrainian front line

us soldiers mercenaries ukraine
© Instagram / forwardobservations
The soldiers of fortune shared pics and footage of them sporting combat gear at Ukrainian army positions
At least half a dozen former US military servicemen have landed in Ukraine amid rapidly escalating tensions in the east of the country.

The group, known as Forward Observations, has posted a string of photos and videos on its official Instagram, with geotags showing that the men are in the war-torn Donbass region. The Americans are seen wearing combat gear, apparently inspecting the Ukrainian army's battle positions and trenches. Some of the men in the photos are also holding assault weapons, though it is not clear whether these are American or Ukrainian soldiers. All of those featured in the photos have their faces blurred.

Comment: Since the coup overthrowing Ukraine's legitimate government in 2014, it has been a magnet for all sorts of mercenary groups, often acting as cover for illicit support from other countries. This is the latest iteration.

Evil Rays

Bill Gates calls for "aggressive" carbon taxes to "accelerate" Fourth Industrial Revolution

gates interview
Billionaire globalist speaks about WEF's Great Reset

Speaking with the World Economic Forum Wednesday, Bill Gates called for an aggressive implementation of carbon taxes in order to force middle income countries to fundamentally alter their entire industry sectors.

Gates declared that "The rich countries have to play a central role, both funding RND and having policies, in some cases carbon taxes will be used to drive the demand for these clean products."

He continued, "Only by doing that in an aggressive way will the economic costs be brought down enough that we can turn to all the middle income countries and say 'OK, change your whole cement industry, change your whole steel industry.'"

"The number of companies working on these things is very exciting," Gates proclaimed.

He further lamented that "Some of them will fail, a lot of them will fail," but asserted "we only need a reasonable number, a few dozen of them to make it through and that's what we have to accelerate."

Comment: Considering how dangerously wrong Gates has proven to be on everything from agriculture to vaccines to the environment - its no small wonder (and surely a sign of desperation) that the elites keep trotting out this doofus to hold court on anything at all.

Eye 1

Catherine Austin Fitts: We're 'Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp'

Catherine Austin Fitts

Comment: There are precious few individuals in the world who have the experience and the macro knowledge to assess what we're seeing - and the courage to share it and warn those with ears to hear - as Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts.

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says the central bankers want nothing short of "a complete digital control system." CAF explains,
"We have what we have been building for the last 20 or 30 years, and it's getting much more obvious, but it's been covert most of the time. They basically want digital control systems through the financial system, through the health system and government systems to implement control. That control is delivered one person at a time. You have extraordinary surveillance systems that have been built steadily for decades that are basically tracking everyone. . . . That's why the 'vaccine passports' and 'central bank digital currencies' (CBDC) are so dangerous. It's important to understand what they are trying to do. They are trying to create complete transaction control. If they don't want you going five miles from your home, your electric car will not work more than five miles from your home. . . . If they don't want you to buy pizza, your credit card will not allow you to buy pizza. They are talking about putting in extraordinary digital control systems and literally turning your car and your home into a digital concentration camp."


US Navy detains ship from Iran carrying cargo for Yemen's Houthi's

navy ship stars
© CC BY 2.0 / Official U.S. Navy Page / USS Sterett (DDG 104)
The vessel was transporting 40 tonnes of fertiliser, which could potentially be used to create explosives. The American Navy has detained a ship in the Gulf of Oman with cargo for the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The Navy said in a statement that its guided-missile destroyer, the USS Cole, and patrol ships had stopped and searched the sailboat that was en route to war-hit Yemen last Tuesday.

About 40 tonnes of urea fertiliser, known to be a key ingredient in homemade improvised explosive devices, were hidden on board
, according to the statement. The Iranian authorities have not commented on the matter yet.

Comment: See also: Pepe Escobar: Iran-Russia hit maximum strategy


Biden says elections might not be legitimate if reform bills aren't passed

joe biden midterm elections comment
President Biden on Wednesday said the legitimacy of the upcoming midterm elections could depend on Democrats passing voting rights legislation.

"I'm not saying it's going to be legit. The increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed," Biden said during his second solo press conference at the White House, referring to the 2022 election.

He added that he hasn't given up on passing voting rights legislation to counteract new voting laws being implemented by Republicans at the state level.

Comment: 'If our voting reform bill doesn't pass then the election is illegitimate.' How do people fall for this?

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Mr. Potato

Ukrainian troops train for missile launches near Crimea

ukraine military
© Armed Forces of Ukraine
Kiev dispatched BM-21 'Grad' rocket systems for practice runs in its southern Kherson region
Kiev has conducted tests of units manning the BM-21 'Grad' system, a Soviet-designed, truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher, near its southern border with Crimea, according to an announcement by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On Friday, officials stated that personnel had moved the weapons to Kherson Oblast, just north of the disputed peninsula. Once the Grad systems had been delivered to the testing range, troops conducted exercises designed to practice using the rocket launchers to destroy enemy forces and equipment, without conducting launches.

According to the statement, the weapons completed the tests successfully.

Comment: See also: 'Russian troops dismember the armed forces of Ukraine': how a war between Moscow & Kiev could play out, and why it won't happen

And check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Kazakhstan on Fire: Why US vs Russia 'Great Game' Could Spark Global Economic Collapse


Dems plot to prosecute Trump over January 6 to prevent him running in 2024

© Mario Tama/Getty Images
Former US President Donald Trump
Senate Democrats are plotting to have Attorney General Merrick Garland prosecute Donald Trump over January 6 in a bid to block him from running for president in 2024.

Several Democrat lawmakers believe there is a "good chance" the Department of Justice will act to prosecute Trump, knocking him out of the race before his campaign can even begin. The move is being plotted despite there being no evidence that Trump (unlike certain federal agents) orchestrated or encouraged the January 6 raid on the Capitol.

"They have all of the evidence at their disposal," claimed Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), asserting that "federal statutes that are very much implicated" by Trump's apparent attempt to stop the certification of the election.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) claimed there was "a lot of evidence that he was complicit" in fueling the January 6 riot (without citing any).
"I think anybody who it's proven had a role in the planning of [the Jan. 6 attack] should be prosecuted, not just the people who broke in and smashed the window in my office and others."

Comment: The 2024 election debacle has begun.

Arrow Up

How did Fox News become the voice of reason?

© Getty Images/Janos Kummer
Tucker Carlson
Imagine traveling back in time 20 years and explaining the current US geopolitical predicament to someone in 2002. They'd easily believe the country's leadership is barreling headlong into a war it can't win for reasons it hasn't adequately explained.

But the American of 2002, if you could pry him away from 'CSI: Miami,' would find it shocking to flip on the news networks and find the sole anti-war message at prime time coming from Fox News, and the loudest pro-war shrieking coming from the liberal CNN and MSNBC.

As the Biden administration seriously entertains the prospect of war with Russia over Ukraine (the latest bright idea from the White House is to funnel arms to Ukrainian paramilitaries, Syria style), that's exactly what's happening.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson opined at length on Tuesday night against going to war over Ukraine, arguing that such a conflict would be "incredibly destructive." Carlson's guest, analyst Clint Ehrlich, expounded on this, stating that bringing Ukraine into NATO - the plan that triggered the current descent toward war - would not serve US strategic interests, nor those of NATO itself.

Light Saber

Serbia scraps planned Rio Tinto lithium mine after protests

Serbia Ana Brnabic prime minister
© AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic
Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic speaks during a press conference in Belgrade, Serbia, Thursday, Jan. 20, 2022.
Trying to defuse large protests by environmentalists, Serbia's populist government said Thursday that it was canceling all licenses for mining giant Rio Tinto to open a lithium mine in the Balkan country.

"We have fulfilled all the requests of the environmental protests and put an end to Rio Tinto in the Republic of Serbia," Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said in a televised address. "Everything is finished. It's over."

Used in batteries for electric cars, lithium is considered one of the most sought-after metals of the future as the world shifts to more renewable energy sources.

Comment: Indeed, Rio Tinto has an awful track record, both with labor and the environment.


Russia-US security talks close with both sides citing major differences

Russia US talks geneva blinken lavrov flags
© AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Flags are prepared before a meeting of Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Jan. 21, 2022, in Geneva, Switzerland.
As tensions flare between Moscow and Washington, their top diplomats have held the latest round of talks in an effort to secure a deal

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his American counterpart Antony Blinken have met for crunch talks in the Swiss city of Geneva to discuss rising tensions between the two nations and Moscow's proposals to limit NATO expansion.

Following the head-to-head talks, each diplomat gave his account to journalists about the outcome of their discussions, with tensions remaining strained between Washington and Moscow. The meeting finished early, lasting only around an hour and a half, with the two sides having briefed that the chances of a breakthrough were slim.

Comment: How much clearer can Moscow be? It is facing a Cuban Missile situation on its borders, but the 'exceptional nation' thinks that's just the way things should be. As Moscow once remarked, during the various negotiations over Syria:
the Americans were "недоговороспособны". What that word means is literally "not-agreement-capable" or unable to make and then abide by an agreement. While polite, this expression is also extremely strong as it implies not so much a deliberate deception as the lack of the very ability to make a deal and abide by it.