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Mon, 25 Sep 2023
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Education Secretary Cardona dismissive of parents 'acting like they know what's right for their kids'

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona
© Joshua Roberts/Getty Images
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona
U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona appeared to dismiss some parents who protest at school boards during an Associated Press interview released Friday.

"We can disagree, we can have healthy conversation around what's best for kids. I respect differences of opinion, I don't have too much respect for people that are misbehaving in public and then acting as if they know what's right for kids," Cardona said during the interview.

Attorney General Merrick Garland called on the FBI to "use its authority" against parents who "threaten" school officials in board meetings in October 2021. The National School Board Association asked the Biden administration in 2021 to use anti-terrorism laws to restrict parents who voice concerns at school board meetings.

Comment: What else would one expect from an ideological foot soldier?


New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez and wife indicted on federal bribery charges

damian williams bob mendez bribery charges
© ALEXI ROSENFELD / Getty Images
Damian Williams, U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, speaks during a press conference after announcing that Sen. Robert Menendez has been indicted on corruption charges charges on Sept. 22, 2023, in New York City.
Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey and his wife have been indicted by a federal grand jury, according to court filings unsealed Friday, with prosecutors alleging the couple accepted lavish bribes in exchange for official acts.

The bribery offenses against Menendez stem from a yearslong public-corruption investigation by the Justice Department. The indictment unsealed Friday charges Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, with three counts in connection to their relationship with three New Jersey businessmen.

Menendez, 69, and his wife face one count of conspiracy to commit bribery, conspiracy to commit honest services fraud and conspiracy to commit extortion under color of official right. The three New Jersey associates, identified as Wael Hana, Jose Uribe and Fred Daibes, are also named as co-defendants and face two counts. Menendez and his co-defendants are expected to appear in federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday morning.

Comment: Menendez is as slimy as they come, but par for the course in the DC swamp.

Tim Pool finds the involvement of SDNY as suspect:

The White House take (hide):

Some of these reports date back eight years:

Oil Well

Biden handed major legal defeat in attempt to restrict oil, gas drilling in Gulf of Mexico

© Getty Images
Rejected: Biden admin aimed to remove 6M acres of oil leases
Federal judge blasts Biden officials for appearing to weaponize wildlife protection laws to block drilling...

A federal court struck down the Biden administration's last-minute restrictions on an upcoming offshore oil and gas lease sale in a ruling late Thursday evening.

Judge James Cain of the Western District of Louisiana granted a preliminary injunction request from plaintiffs — the State of Louisiana, industry association American Petroleum Institute (API) and oil companies Chevron and Shell — to block the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's (BOEM) restrictions on Lease Sale 261. The lease sale spanning millions of acres across the Gulf of Mexico is slated for next week.

Cain ruled the federal government must proceed with the lease sale by Sept. 30 under its original conditions. As a result of a July settlement with environmental groups, BOEM removed about six million acres from the sale and imposed various restrictions on oil and gas vessels associated with the leases auctioned to protect the Rice's whale species found in parts of the Gulf of Mexico.

Green Light

Crime, drugs and terrorism: What Biden's open-border agenda means for the US

border guys
© David Swanson/AFP
US Border Patrol Agents process migrants at the Mexican Border
San Diego, California • September 22, 2023
The defenders of open US borders like to sell the happy, optimistic narrative that asylum seekers are primarily innocent people looking to build a better life in the United States. The raw data, however, points to a much more complicated story.

It's the rarest occurrence of all when politicians admit that they were wrong, but that's what is (almost) happening in Democrat-ruled cities, including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, which are being forced to absorb a continuous influx of migrants, together with a large slab of humble pie.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams told a hushed audience in Manhattan as he called for federal assistance just days before the anniversary of 9/11:
"Let me tell you something New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don't see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City. We are past our breaking point. New Yorkers' compassion may be limitless, but our resources are not."
Back on the campaign trail in 2021, Adams' campaign posted on what was then Twitter:
"We should protect our immigrants. Period. Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration."
Much of the Democratic Party's headache stems from the creation of so-called 'sanctuary cities,' defined as a municipality that limits or rejects cooperation with the federal government in enforcing immigration law. In other words, the sort of neighborhood Antifa would fully endorse.

Better Earth

UN feedback shows that while the West is hostile to Russia, the world isn't

UN Plenary
© Michael Kappeler/picture alliance/Getty Images
German Chancelor Olaf Scholz speaking • UN General Assembly • 10 Sept 2023
The US and its allies are beating a drum that isn't finding receptive ears. Most states have other priorities...

The UN's High-Level Week - an annual gathering of senior representatives of member states who address the General Assembly - is taking place in New York. It is a period of speeches of varying length and intensive contacts between ministers or even heads of state, depending on the status of the heads of delegation. The more tense the international situation, as it is now, the more valuable the opportunities presented.

The issue that has resonated is reform of the Security Council. It is not the first year, or even the first decade, that people have been talking about the subject, but the current revival of interest is understandable. In conditions of confrontation, the work of the body is extremely complicated - the opposing sides among the permanent members block each other.

This irritates other states that don't have a special status, as the big five have given themselves veto power. They are now more concerned about how they compare to each other, and the problems of the rest of the world matter less.

Comment: Consensus is the hurdle. Application is the challenge. For 'law-of-the-jungle countries' equality has no advantage.


Joe Biden to send Gavin Newsom to Republican debate as surrogate

© Getty Images
Governor of California Gavin Newsom • US President Joe Biden
"So here's what you're gonna do..."
President Joe Biden's reelection campaign scheduled Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) to attend Wednesday's Republican primary debate as a surrogate.

Biden's decision to send Newsom is noteworthy because some political experts believe Newsom will replace Joe Biden atop the Democrat ticket. Many Democrats fear that Joe Biden, 80, is too old to serve four more years.

Newsom will attend the debate in Simi Valley, California, to spin the Republican candidates' "extreme" rhetoric and "out of touch views." Along with Newsom, Joe Biden also will send Biden-Harris campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez and Democrat National Committee Chair Jamie Harrison.

Biden campaign advisers said.:
"The campaign response builds off the strong and effective plan from the first debate with a clear north star: pushback on Republicans' lies and highlight their extremism at every turn. Our response will ensure we hold every Republican and their extreme positions accountable.

"You can expect the Biden campaign and our allies to point out the stark contrast between Bidenomics and the extreme MAGAnomics policies we'll hear on the debate stage."

Comment: Good luck with that. The Left can't even hold themselves accountable.

Fox Business Network will host the debate and reportedly focus on economic issues, including Republican solutions to repair the challenges inflicted by Joe Biden's policies.

Comment: Newsom is as shallow as Biden ever was and equally capable of running the country into the ground. Case in point: California.

Cow Skull

Sliding downhill and gathering speed: Biden tells the same story, almost word for word, just minutes after telling it the first time

Je Biden dementia memory issues
© Reuters
Joe Biden in New York on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, when he repeated the same story twice
President Joe Biden told a story at a Manhattan campaign event, appearing completely oblivious to the fact that — just moments earlier — he had told the exact same story, almost word for word.

The story was one Biden has told numerous times in the past — about the 2017 riot in Charlottesville and how it had ultimately proved to be the inspiration behind Biden's 2020 presidential run.

The White House press pool report addressed the issue, stating, "After briefly touting his economic record, POTUS reflected on his decision to seek the presidency. He told the story about the events of Charlottesville in 2017 as the reason for his campaign. A few minutes later, he told the story again, nearly word for word."

Bad Guys

Zelensky and Trudeau greet former Nazi SS fighter with standing ovation

Zelensky and Trudeau
© AFP / Sean Kilpatrick
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (C) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (R), acknowdledges a Canadian-Ukrainian war veteran at the House of Commons.
The 1st Galician Division, formed by the Nazis from Ukrainian volunteers during WWII, is blamed for atrocities against Poles

Ukraine's president and Canada's prime minister greeted a former member of the infamous SS 1st Galician Division, which fought for the Nazis in World War II, as they attended a parliament session in Ottawa, according to images shared by the Associated Press.

One of the photos, taken in the House of Commons on Friday, showed a smiling Vladimir Zelensky clenching his fist and Justin Trudeau applauding to somebody outside the image.

AP's caption explained that the two leaders "recognize Yaroslav Hunka, who was in attendance and fought with the First Ukrainian Division in World War II before later immigrating to Canada."

What the US news agency described as "the First Ukrainian Division" was in fact the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division.
Similar images have been shared by AFP, which described Hunka, aged 98, as a "Canadian-Ukrainian war veteran."

Videos from parliament also showed MPs giving a standing ovation to the former Nazi unit fighter.

Comment: Nazism is widespread in Ukraine and is openly applauded by the West, which considers that Ukraine is defending European values. That of course poses the question, which values we are talking about, which the leadership in the West appears so enamored with?

See also: Canada, where many Ukrainians fighting for the nazis found refuge after WW2 is very open about their support and this current display is no anomaly but rather fits a pattern. Ezra Levant has more regarding this issue in his Twitter thread (click on post to unpack it):

For those who don't have Xi (Twitter) here is the rest of the thread Some videos are only displayed in the thread):
2. The Nazis were in Hitler's 14th Waffen SS Division Galicia. According to military historian/journalist David Pugliese, they were able to sneak into Canada by changing their name and hiding their past.
3. Here's what Pugliese wrote in the military journal, Esprite de Corps: In an attempt to hide the SS connection, the unit had changed its name in the last few days of the war to the First Division Ukrainian National Army. Link
4. That was nearly 80 years ago, so most of those Nazis have since died. But one of them is apparently still alive -- Yaroslav Hunka. And if I'm reading the news correctly, Trudeau invited him as an honoured guest today, to Zelenskyy's visit to Canada's Parliament.
5. The Canadian Press wire service circulated this photo and caption. (This version is taken from The Toronto Star, but it was in many places). Look at the caption on the bottom.
6. It says, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognize Yaroslav Hunka, who was in attendance and fought with the First Ukrainian Division in the Second World War before later immigrating to Canada, in the House of Commons on Friday.
7. Can that really be true? Did Justin Trudeau really invite a Nazi SS soldier from the Second World War to Parliament as an honoured guest? Please tell me I've got a fact wrong here.
8. Hunka was introduced to Parliament as a 98-year-old soldier "who fought... against the Russians... a hero."
9. Three months ago, Trudeau went to Ukraine and met with Andriy Melnyk, a Holocaust denier who was fired by Zelenskyy after he said Israel and Poland were lying about Jewish deaths:Link
10. And last year, Chrystia Freeland held up a scarf promoting a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis commemorating Stefan Bandera, the Nazi criminal. Freeland deleted her social media posts, but not before the photo was saved:Link
11. Before the Russian invasion in 2022, David Pugliese wrote about Trudeau and Freeland working with Nazi groups in Ukraine. Here are two of his stories from November, 2021: Link
12. Those articles were published in the prestigious Ottawa Citizen. Here's an article in the Globe and Mail about Freeland's grandfather, a Nazi propagandist. She tried to keep that a secret for years, and then claimed it was Russian propaganda: Link
13. Trudeau and Freeland routinely call peaceful, domestic political critics "Nazis" and "far right" and "racist". They're not of course -- they just disagree. It's Trudeau and Freeland who really do have a Nazi problem -- and it's coming from inside their house.

Eye 1

'People talk and the truth will out!' - Neil Oliver on the Online Safety Bill

Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver
'More than anything else, these years just past have been about keeping us apart... driving division. Everywhere people meet was closed. People were frightened into their homes. Now the online world they chased us into turns out to be something else they feel they need to shut down. They didn't see that one coming, those stupid, clever people.'

- Neil Oliver


Confused Biden walks into flag, then appears to anger Brazilian prez with handshake snub at UN

biden lula

President Joe Biden is seen walking off the stage after he apparently forgot to shake Lula's hand, leaving the Brazilian leader visibly irritated.
President Biden looked confused again Wednesday as he walked into a giant flag at the United Nations — then appeared to anger Brazil's president by walking off stage without shaking his hand.

The gaffe-prone oldest US president in history walked into the 7-foot-tall Brazilian flag as he took the stage, taking a moment to get his bearings as the flag wobbled.

He then struggled with the headset of his translation device, soon noted by Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who was with him for a joint speech agreeing to partner on workers' rights.