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Sun, 27 Nov 2022
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Serbia-Kosovo negotiations 'a failure' - media

Joseph Borrell

Joseph Borrell, the EU Foreign minister. The two sides have not reached an agreement on Pristina's plans to ban Belgrade's license plates.
EU-sponsored talks between Serbia and its breakaway region of Kosovo have flopped, the country's media outlets reported on Monday, citing diplomatic sources. The negotiations, in Brussels, came ahead of a new deadline for implementing Pristina's controversial plan to phase-out Serbian license plates, which is firmly opposed by Belgrade

"The solution that has been proposed nullified the Brussels Agreement, which Serbia cannot accept," an unnamed source told the newspaper Blic. "It seems that difficult and uncertain days await us, especially in the north of Kosovo and Metohija."

Comment: Like the negotiations between with Russia that the US-Ukraine intentionally scuppered, it's unlikely these talks are intended to be successful, because having a flashpoint there, particularly near 'defiant' Serbia is of too much benefit to the Western establishment:

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Liberals united of the collective West marching onward in their Gleichschaltung saga

Scholz & Xi
From the looks of things we seem to be living in an age of serious oversimplification of history by the Liberals United of the Collective West or perhaps it has always been so? We are surely living in very turbulent times because all around us there is a plethora of overwhelming political issues which call for longstanding debates on all sides

Take, for example, all those insinuations spread by the "Putin paranoia" peddling tabloids that Vladimir Putin lost "his" war in Ukraine surpass anything imaginable. If one only listens attentively and tries to count the number of times Western puppet-like leaders parroting the semantic abracadabra collocation "Putin's war, Putin's war, Putin's war" as if it were the Sound and the Fury's Benjamin Benjy Comson muttering his feeble-minded thoughts in each and every of them. Now the pulp fiction tabloids came up with yet another unintelligent idea aka psyop, for the gullible masses of the West, to shovel into the headlines that both GRU and CIA work together in Ukraine for the benefit of each other's bogus business and political dealings there, which is simply out of any thinking category.

All these tabloids of the lowest kind, which give the freedom of speech a whole new satirical meaning, regrettably, keep extolling the Russian retreat from Kherson a few days ago, even though none of us can be fully aware of the real reasons and the good reasons for the Russian retreat, given the current state of affairs there. Even a retired Polish military general did warn the Polish at least that the Russian retreat from Kherson is Surovikin's military trap (Kudos to General Sergey Surovikin, the Armageddon, from the bottom of my heart).

On a related note, if we consider Alexander Dugin's emotional reaction to that retreat, yes, Dugin did get rather upset because of the illustratively symbolic significance of the Kherson retreat for Russia per se. One of Dugin's recent articles might be one of the most superb of his articles ever that this grim state of affairs in the world is the direct headlong conflict in between the West and the East along the lines of the Biblical Good vs Evil or alternatively the Divine vs the Diabolic. One has to be a most profound connoisseur of Dugin's work in his most philosophically prolific lifetime to be able to fathom the depth of his thought. But even to a layperson, this article is a crash course into the contemporary state of geopolitical and historical affairs and its profoundly philosophical meaning of biblical proportions. This conflict in between the East and the West is surely beyond any reconciliation at least not in the foreseeable future.

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The G20 is dead. Long live the G20

Joe Biden (R) and Chinese president Xi Jinping

US president Joe Biden (R) and Chinese president Xi Jinping met at Bali, Nov 14, 2022. Biden said they discussed their responsibility to prevent competition and find ways to work together.
The seventeenth G20 Heads of State and Government Summit held in Bali, Indonesia, on 15-16 November stands out as a consequential event from many angles. The international politics is at an inflection point and the transition will not leave unaffected any of the institutions inherited from the past that is drifting away forever.

However, the G20 can be an exception in bridging time past with time present and time future. The tidings from Bali leave a sense of mixed feelings of hope and despair. The G20 was conceived against the backdrop of the financial crisis in 2007 — quintessentially, a western attempt to burnish the jaded G7 by bringing on board the emerging powers that stood outside it looking in, especially China, and thereby inject contemporaneity into global discourses.

The leitmotif was harmony. How far the Bali summit lived up to that expectation is the moot point today. Regrettably, the G7 selectively dragged extraneous issues into the deliberations and its alter ego, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), made its maiden appearance in the Asia-Pacific. Arguably, the latter must be counted as a fateful happening during the Bali summit.

Comment: Xi seems to have asserted himself quite a few times at the G20 - nowhere more entertainingly than when he slammed Trudeau in this exchange on the sidelines:
A very rare, or we should say unprecedented, moment was caught on a hot mic at the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia on Wednesday which involved Chinese President Xi Jinping openly berating Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In the encounter, President Xi is seen angrily confronting Trudeau for leaking the details of a conversation that happened between them at the summit, which the Chinese leader assumed was private. It was an absolutely humiliating scene for the Canadian PM, especially as it was caught on film - a clip of which is now going viral.

The episode also caught the attention of Bloomberg, The Guardian, and other international outlets. The two conversed via a translator standing close to them.

"That is not appropriate, and we didn't do it that way," Xi said in Mandarin, at first with a half-smile.

"If there is sincerity, we can communicate well with mutual respect, otherwise the outcome will not be easy to tell," he added, charging Trudeau with misleadingly conveying the contents of a prior dialogue to the media. "Everything we discussed was leaked to the paper(s), that's not appropriate."

The tense exchange continued, with Trudeau hesitantly trying to calm the Chinese leader, who is rarely if ever seen venting or losing his temper in public (Chinese state media seeks to carefully present his image to the public). Trudeau cut in: "In Canada we believe in free and open and frank dialogue and that is what we will continue to have, we will continue to look to work constructively together but there will be things we disagree on.

Xi and Trudeau
By then a visibly frustrated Xi cuts him off, firing back, "That's great, the conditions first" - and then quickly shakes Trudeau's hand and briskly walks off.

The day prior, on Tuesday, the two leaders held a 10-minute informal meeting, the contents of which did not result in a press readout issued from either government. Meanwhile, Reuters speculates on the likely source of Xi's exasperation:
His displeasure was likely a reference to media reports that Trudeau brought up "serious concerns" about alleged espionage and Chinese "interference" in Canadian elections when meeting with Xi on Tuesday, his first talks with the Chinese leader in more than three years.

One commentator underscored his impression that at the end of the exchange of pointed words Trudeau walked off "like a scolded puppy."


Priceless! Italy's new PM Meloni crushes Macron amid migrant crisis

If anyone wants to see just how far that Martha's Vineyard "stunt" initiated by Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis has gone, take a look at what's going on in France and Italy:

According to the U.K. Express:
A diplomatic row between France and Italy erupted last week when Rome forced Macron's hand to accept a humanitarian rescue ship, the Ocean Viking with 234 migrants aboard, after Italy had refused it a port for weeks.

The presidents of Italy and France sought to tamp down tensions over migration Monday by asserting the need for "full cooperation" on a host of issues and the importance of strong bilateral relations after days of diplomatic barbs over the fate of migrants crossing the Mediterranean. In response to Italy's demand France accepted migrants from the Ocean Viking rescue ship, President Emmanuel Macron retaliated by suspending its participation in an EU solidarity pact to accept 3,000 relocated migrants this year from Italy and sent officers to reinforce its southern border crossings and prevent migrants from entering.

Comment: Bravo Meloni - for speaking truth to destructive globalist policies - and actually acting on it! We wish her well.

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NewsReal: Trump, Musk and Free Speech: Who Decides?

trump musk twitter newsreal
© Sott.net
Elon Musk has reinstated Trump's Twitter account, and Trump has declared his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential election. With the US mid-term votes not yet fully 'counted', and the Brazilian government cracking down on mass demonstrations against their 'free and fair' presidential election, what way forward for 'free speech' and democrats (actual ones - not to be confused with Democrats)?

Elsewhere in this week's NewsReal run-down of events in Clown World, Joe and Niall take in more strange 'jungle' analogies from European leaders lecturing Asian and African audiences, violent riots in Iran where 'mystery snipers' are targeting both protesters and security forces, and the Turkish government blaming the US government for last week's terror attack in Istanbul. An outrageous claim, surely?...

Running Time: 01:47:58

Download: MP3 — 74.1 MB

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US Empire views Ukrainians and Russians as lab rats for weapons testing

lloyd austin zelensky
© DoD, Jack Sanders
U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin welcoming Ukraine President Volodymr Zelensky to a meeting at the Pentagon, Aug. 31, 2021.
In addition to advancing longstanding U.S. geo-strategic aims, it seems the proxy war in Ukraine is also being used to sharpen the imperial war machine's claws for a looming hot war with China and/or Russia.

A surprisingly frank article by The New York Times titled "Western Allies Look to Ukraine as a Testing Ground for Weapons" describes how the imperial war machine is capitalising on the US proxy war to test its weapons for future use.

"Ukraine has become a testing ground for state-of-the-art weapons and information systems, and new ways to use them, that Western political officials and military commanders predict could shape warfare for generations to come," write's NYT's Lara Jakes.

Comment: See also:


Judicial Watch: Defense Department records reveal US funding of anthrax laboratory activities in Ukraine

judicial watch ukraine labs
Judicial Watch announced today it received 345 pages of records from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a component of the U.S. Department of Defense, revealing that the United States funded anthrax laboratory activities in a Ukrainian biolab in 2018. Dozens of pages are completely redacted, and many others are heavily redacted. The records show over $11 million in funding for the Ukraine biolabs program in 2019.

The records were obtained in response to a February 28, 2022, Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for records regarding the funding of Black & Veatch involving work of any manner with biosafety laboratories in the country of Ukraine.

Three phases of work are discussed in the records, several of which are indicated to have occurred "on site" at the Ukrainian labs.

Comment: See also:


In this untold story of poll worker data, Chinese servers and scandal, only the FBI knows the truth

© Getty Images
FBI Director Christopher Wray
While we do not know who is speaking the truth in this messy story, the FBI does — and its silence is horrifying.

Developments over the last month in two cases, one criminal and one civil, involving the election-management software company Konnech and its CEO Eugene Yu, reveal the FBI remains mired in malfeasance.

Either the FBI has abandoned multiple confidential human sources and discarded an 18-month investigation into evidence that Yu maintained the personal information of tens of thousands of American election workers on a server in China, or the bureau has allowed Yu to be arrested for crimes he did not commit and permitted the innocent American to be branded a felon and traitor.

While at this point the public cannot tell which scenario is true, the Department of Justice and the FBI know, and their failure either to charge Yu (or provide the L.A. district attorney's office with confirmation of the alleged crimes) or to clear him represents another blot on the disgraced agency's name.

Here's what you need to know to understand the brewing scandal.

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Meat for me, bugs for thee - Climate summit boasts opulent beef, seafood menu despite spearheading anti-meat initiatives

VIP Menu
© COP Gourmet/Screenshot
World leaders and officials attending the United Nations COP27 climate conference can spend up to $100 per entree to eat red meat, seafood and other gourmet menu items. However, the UN has previously discouraged red meat consumption due to the carbon emissions that beef farming creates.

Delegates who arrive at Egypt's beachside resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss ways to mitigate the "climate crisis" are able to enjoy COPGourmet's $100 Angus beef medallion which is served with mushroom sauce and sauteed potatoes, according to screenshots obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. However, the UN aims to "minimize emissions per calorie" and to reduce meat consumption in order to prevent the planet from overheating, according to a COP27 food security document.

"The menu on offer is yet another example of the staggering disconnect between so-called leaders and the people they represent," Nathan McGovern, a spokesperson for the animal and climate activist group Animal Rebellion, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. "It is hypocritical for delegates at COP27 to be dining on the destruction of our natural world, whilst simultaneously claiming to be trying to protect it."

Although many Egyptian dishes, including its national dish Koshary, are vegan, not one main dish on the VIP menu is vegan, and the $20 pesto and cheese ravioli represent the sole vegetarian entree on offer. A plant-based diet is healthy and can help reduce individuals' environmental impact as meat farming produces significant amounts of carbon emissions, according to the UN.

"It was amusing to hear about how Angus beef and sea bass was being served to certain officials, while at the same time, side events at COP27 were championing the idea of going vegan and eliminating red meat," Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow President Craig Rucker told the DCNF.

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'We are not involved': KJP says Biden Admin won't 'politicize' DOJ after Trump special counsel announcement

karine jean pierre
© Screenshot/YouTube/CNBC
White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared Friday that the Biden Administration does not "politicize the Department of Justice" after Attorney General Merrick Garland's announcement of a special counsel for former President Donald Trump.

"I will say this and I've said this many times before, we do not politicize the Department of Justice. That is something that the president said during the campaign, that is something the president said in his early days of being in the White House and that continues to be true. We were not involved in this particular issue ... we are not involved in criminal investigations that are done independently by the Department of Justice," Jean-Pierre stated.