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US and Poland set up info wars center

Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 23 Szucha Avenue in Warsaw, Poland.
© WikipediaMinistry of Foreign Affairs at 23 Szucha Avenue in Warsaw, Poland.
The Warsaw-based facility will detect "deceptive narratives" on the Ukraine conflict, the US State Department has said

The US and Poland have launched an international group based in Warsaw to amplify Ukrainian voices in Western media and counter what they describe as Russian disinformation on the conflict with Russia, the State Department in Washington has announced.

The Ukraine Communications Group (UCG) is designed to detect alleged "deceptive narratives" from Russia that target Kiev and to "amplify Ukrainian voices," the State Department said in a statement on Monday.

The group will be based at a Polish Foreign Ministry site in Warsaw and will involve representatives from 12 countries including Canada, France, Germany, Finland, Italy and several other NATO member states, as well as Ukraine itself, according to the announcement.

Comment: The western "empire of lies" is intensifying its propaganda efforts as more people see through their lies and manipulations. They are panicking because Russia is gaining ground both on the battlefield and in spreading the truth globally.
More and more people can see the magician behind the curtain and that scares them.

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UN inquiry: 'Immense' scale of Gaza killings amount to crime against humanity

hostage rescue Gaza massacre IDF israel
© ReutersAftermath of Israeli strikes at the area where Israeli hostages were rescued on Saturday, June 8, 2024 in Nuseirat refugee camp
Both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes in the early stages of the Gaza war, a U.N. inquiry found on Wednesday, saying that Israel's actions also constituted crimes against humanity because of the immense civilian losses.

The findings were from two parallel reports, one focusing on the Oct. 7 Hamas attacks and another on Israel's military response, published by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry (COI), which has an unusually broad mandate to collect evidence and identify perpetrators of international crimes committed in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israel does not cooperate with the commission, which it says has an anti-Israel bias. The COI says Israel obstructs its work and prevented investigators from accessing both Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.


Behind the myth of 'billions in arms' flowing into Ukraine

Arms to Ukraine
© New Eastern Outlook
In a June 8, 2024, Bloomberg article titled, "Putin Is Running Out of Time to Achieve Breakthrough in Ukraine," an optimistic prognosis was made regarding the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in favor of Kiev.

The article claims that Russia has made "limited progress" along the line of contact, including along the newly-opened front in Kharkov and that as "billions in arms start flowing" into Ukraine, Ukrainian forces will be given the opportunity to "counter-attack."

The "billions in arms" Bloomberg cites refers to the renewed flow of US military assistance after months of delays in passing funding in the US Congress. However, recalling the flagging impact of US arms transfers to Ukraine even before the funding delays, and a closer look at the actual quantities associated with these packages versus Russian military production, tells an entirely different story.

Bloomberg claims that the renewed flow of US arms is eroding Russia's military advantage. However, this is simply not true.


Kiev's plan to store F-16s in NATO states raises the risk of World War III

© unknownJets over Ukraine
It can't be ruled out that Zelensky might task one of his pilots with carrying out a mission directly from NATO territory without first stopping at a Kiev-controlled airfield in order to provoke Russia into striking the base from which it departed in self-defense.

Ukrainian Air Force head of aviation Sergey Golubtsov told US state-run Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in an interview over the weekend that Kiev plans to store some of its F-16s in NATO states for reserve and training purposes. While this might sound like a pragmatic policy, particularly since it would deter Russia from destroying its entire fleet since President Putin recently mocked speculation about him plotting to attack NATO as "bullshit", it actually raises the risk of World War III.

Comment: For NATO to not only endorse this policy, but become various parties to it is proof of intent.


BRICS must prevent new 'Cold War' - China

© Wang Zhao/AFPChina's FM Wang Yi
The expanded group should create a "just" multilateral global governance system, Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.

The BRICS countries should work together to promote peace and prevent the onset of a new Cold War, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.

Speaking at the BRICS foreign ministers' meeting in the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod on Monday, Wang stated that some major powers still harbor a "Cold War mentality." According to the diplomat, this attitude directly contradicts UN Security Council resolutions and undermines the authority of multilateral mechanisms.

China is willing to work with Russia to maintain strategic cooperation, respond to external pressures, and promote the sustained progress of bilateral relations, he said.


Biden's problems are the real threats

© The White House/Flickr/Wikimedia CommonsUS President Joe Biden
Democratic analysts don't seem to understand why the all-out legal assault on President Donald Trump isn't working. It's because they keep talking among themselves and not with the American people.

The American people don't live and work in the New York-Washington political-media-government bubble. If reporters and analysts listened to Americans, as we do at America's New Majority Project, they would learn how decisive the choice between President Joe Biden or President Trump is. They would also see how difficult, if not impossible, it will be for President Biden to get easily re-elected.

The propaganda media is trying to focus the election on what it sees as President Trump's flaws. The Democrats, including the Biden campaign, are trying to focus the election on what they see as the threat President Trump represents.

But the 2024 election is ultimately going to come down to a simple question: Can the American people afford four more years of Biden's policies and principles?

President Trump's problems all involve his own alleged behavior and activities. Even the totally phony legal attacks remain locked into a Trump-centered issue. No American is hurt by the things President Trump has supposedly done. Indeed, few Americans pay any attention to the outlandish, manipulated legal attacks on President Trump.

Comment: It will take a lot more than a change of presidents to fix this mess. Gingrich did not even touch upon the responsibilities of Congress.


Ignoring daily massacres in Gaza while still babbling about October 7

© UnknownGaza's slaughter continues
Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

We're seeing new massacres every goddamn fucking day, but western politicians and media can't stop babbling about one single massacre happening hundreds of days ago.


It's a waste of breath trying to argue that it's unjust to massacre over two hundred Palestinians rescuing four Israeli hostages; Israel supporters would have been happy if the number was over two million. They simply do not regard Palestinians as human beings. You may as well say they had to kill two hundred chickens to free four hostages. They don't care.


Ever since the Gaza onslaught began we've been seeing US officials play dumb about all the massacres and atrocities Israel has been committing, constantly telling the press "Yeah sorry we don't have any further information about that incident, we're talking to Israel, you should ask the Israelis." But a recent New York Times report says US and UK intelligence operatives "have been in Israel throughout the war" collaborating with Israeli intelligence to facilitate its operations there, which means they're clearly lying about how much information they have about these incidents.

Comment: Caitlin spells it out for us - how 'thinking bias' relegates truth.

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House passes resolution to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt

© Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesUS AG Merrick Garland
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution Wednesday to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena to release an audio tape of President Biden's interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

The resolution passed along party lines 216-207, according to The Associated Press (AP).

Republican Ohio Rep. David Joyce was the lone GOP no vote, NBC News reported. Eight members of Congress abstained from voting, according to the National Review.

The House Judiciary Committee recommended that the House of Representatives hold Garland in contempt in May after he refused to comply with a Judiciary subpoena to produce the audio recordings of Biden's interview with Hur in his classified documents case.

Biden, upon recommendation from Garland, invoked executive privilege to block the release of the tapes in May.

Comment: Contempt charges against a sitting AG amounts to a hand slap...but nice try!


NATO says over 300,000 troops now on high readiness

Glavni tajnik NATO-a Jens Stoltenberg
NATO countries have "comfortably exceeded" a target of placing 300,000 troops on high-readiness as the alliance grapples with the threat from Russia, a senior alliance official said Thursday.

NATO leaders agreed in the wake of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine in 2022 to massively ramp up the number of forces that alliance commanders can deploy within 30 days.

Comment: Once NATO realised that the Kiev-junta attack dog had no chance of winning the proxy war.

"The offers on the table from allies comfortably exceed the 300,000 that we set," the official said on condition of anonymity.

"Those are forces which allies have said to us, 'They are available to you as of now at that level of readiness'."

Comment: In December 2023 announced its plans to increase its troop number up to 1.5 million.

Comment: What the alliance lacks in capability and weaponry they make up for in recklessness and wishful thinking.

Further, as the West's various proxy wars, such as Afghanistan, and Ukraine, demonstrate, 'comfortable readiness' is one thing, but actual combat capabilities is quite another.

That said, it seems that the establishment's global destabilisation agenda is serve multiple goals:

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Sen. Lindsey Graham coughs up the real reason why US is providing unlimited funding of Russia-Ukraine war

Lindsey Graham
U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has become the first member of the Washington establishment to say the quiet part out loud regarding the U.S. funding of the war between Ukraine and Russia, which is really a war between the U.S./NATO and Russia. Ukraine is just NATO's proxy.

Speaking in an interview with CBS News Face the Nation on Sunday, Senator Graham said Washington "cannot afford" to allow Russia to achieve victory in its war with Ukraine as this would mean losing direct access to vast mineral wealth.

Graham accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a "megalomaniac" who is attempting to "re-create the Russian Empire by force of arms," starting with Ukraine โ€” this is a favorite talking point of the Washington neocons which has no basis in fact. Graham then claimed that if Moscow wins the war, it will proceed to take over Ukraine's wealth and share it with China. Graham described that prospect as "ridiculous," suggesting it would be better if this "gold mine" were claimed by the U.S. and its allies.