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Mon, 11 Dec 2023
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Iranian military shoots down US spy drone near nuclear site


Mechanical, without conscience and murderous: Made in the USA
Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has shot down a US spy drone which was flying over the central Iranian province of Qom, a lawmaker says.

A member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Majlis (Parliament), Ali Aqazadeh Dafsari, said on Tuesday that the unmanned spy plane was flying near the Fordo nuclear enrichment plant in Qom province when the IRGC's Air Defense units brought it down, Javanoline.ir reported.

The official stated that the US drone was on a mission to identify the location of the Fordo nuclear enrichment plant and gather information about the nuclear facility for the CIA, Dafsari stated.

Earlier in the day, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast had said that the country is installing a new generation of uranium enrichment centrifuges in the country's nuclear facilities to enhance the Islamic Republic's peaceful nuclear program.

Bad Guys

10 questions the UK MPs will not ask Murdoch

Blair and Rupert Murdoch
What was it about the relationship with Murdoch that made Tony Blair feel it was appropriate to take a phone call from a newspaper proprietor just hours prior to the most momentous decision a prime minister can make: ordering the country's armed forces to war?

* * *

When Rupert Murdoch appears before the parliamentary committee on 19 July 2011, here are ten questions the MPs certainly will not ask about the relationship he had with Tony Blair during the run up to the Iraq war, when Murdoch was, in the words of Blair's former press officer Lance Price, "the third most powerful figure in the Labour government", after Blair himself and Gordon Brown.


'Israeli spies among New Zealand earthquake casualties'

New Zealand press raises suspicions that Israeli travelers killed in Christchurch earthquake last February were secret service agents. Israeli ambassador dismisses claims as 'science fiction'.

© Ido Erez
Ofer Mizrahi's car after quake
New Zealand media outlets are reporting of claims that the Israeli travelers killed in the Christchurch earthquake last February were in fact Mossad agents. According to The Southland Times, Israeli ambassador Shemi Tzur dismissed the claims as "science fiction."

Tzur said he was "shocked and upset" that such suspicions would even arise.

Ofer Mizrahi was killed after a block of concrete collapsed on his car. Foreign reports suggest that a parcel of his effects contained several passports, possibly five or six. Ambassador Tzur confirmed that Mizrahi, 23, had more than one passport but was not aware of reports of as many as five or six.

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Colbert Report: Murdoch's Media Empire Might Go Down the Toilet

With News of the World gone and BSkyB out of reach, all Rupert Murdoch has to comfort him are a few media companies..


131 Children Vaccinated At Gunpoint in Malawi

B & M Gates + graphic
© n/a
The Gates Foundation has long been in an aggressive effort to vaccinate the world and often targets poor Africans. The Gates' web site showcases Melinda Gates applauding Malawi for enforcing vaccine programs with its helpful "health surveillance assistants." She calls Malawi one of the few countries "on track to reach the UN Millennium Development Goal." And who are those assistants meeting the goal? Hyper-vigilant medics with help from police.

Bill Gates calls the vaccine-autism link "an absolute lie" and in a February CNN interview said, "the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts - you know, they, they kill children." But as we can see from the recent actions from governments who partner with his foundation to forcefully implement vaccine programs, it could very well be the other way around.

Malawi Voice recently reported that about 131 children from Nsanje were vaccinated with anti-measles at gunpoint last week. They had fled from previous vaccine mandates into nearby towns, but after officials learned they had returned, medics along with police escorts tracked the children and forced them to vaccinate.

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Israel Tells Activists It Will Board Ship

© Agence France-Presse
The Dignitי - Al Karama (Dignity - Al Karama) ship sailing off the coast of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica on June 25, 2011 to join the new pro-Palestinian aid flotilla.
The Israeli military has notified a Gaza-bound ship that it will carry out a "calm boarding" of the vessel.

Israel Radio broadcast the military's warning to the ship, which is trying to breach Israel's blockade of the coastal strip.

This is a breaking news update. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.

The Israeli military said Tuesday it has made initial contact with a ship attempting to break Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip and warned the vessel it is approaching an off-limits naval zone.

It did not say what response, if any, the activists aboard the ship gave. Activists could not be contacted.

The Israeli military has said it will stop any attempt to break the sea blockade of Gaza.

Evil Rays

Australia: Sydney newspaper hacks WiFi networks!

A security study, not a scandal

Here's a surprise: according to a recent sample of WiFi networks around Sydney, only 2.6 percent were operating without a password.

The Sydney Morning Herald, having seen what happens when unsecured home WiFi networks become vectors for viruses and pornography, decided to test how well householders in its home city secure their WiFi networks.

The methodology the Fairfax newspaper reports is a little vague: it says it tested networks in 20 residential locations (we don't know whether it meant apartment blocks, streets, suburbs or something else) and found unsecured networks in ten of them.


UK: Hacked Sun site greatly exaggerates Murdoch's death

Hackers breached the security of Rupert Murdoch's Sun website and briefly redirected many visitors to a hoax article falsely claiming the tabloid media tycoon had been found dead in his garden.

The hack caused many people visiting thesun.co.uk to instead reach www.new-times.co.uk/sun/, which contained a story headlined "Media moguls body discovered." The breach came as several other Murdoch-owned sites, including The Times,The Sunday Times, newsinternational.co.uk, and rupertmurdoch.co.uk suffered outages that made them inaccessible. The domain name system servers used to revolve many of those sites weren't responding to queries at time of writing.


UK: Lawmakers Hold a Grudge Against the 'Nudge'

box of chocolates

When push comes to shove, it looks like it's going to take more than a "nudge" for people to change their bad habits. So says the United Kingdom's House of Lords Science and Technology Sub-Committee. Today it issued a report on behavioral change policy that finds "nudges" and similar behavior interventions are ineffective in influencing behavioral changes when used in isolation.

Everyone has been nudged before - usually without them even knowing it. Take the chocolates conveniently placed in the checkout line, for example. A nudge is any action that seeks to change people's behavior by altering the environment or context of their decisions. A more healthy nudge might be to make fruit the default side order - rather than French fries - or to make stairs more prominent and install fewer elevators.

Lawmakers have taken an interest in nudges because of their nonregulatory nature and supposed cost-effectiveness. The U.K. government is keen to address societal issues such as obesity and carbon emissions by finding ways to change behavior without using regulation. But the Science and Technology Sub-Committee's report finds that a mixture of interventions is required, including regulation and taxation.

"We hope we will persuade the U.K. government that these interventions are valuable as part of an armory to persuade people to change behavior," says committee chair Julia Neuberger.

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Alan Sabrosky, US Marine Corps Veteran, Implicates Israel in 9-11 Attack

Alan Sabrosky a writer and consultant, specializing in national and international security affairs discloses intriguing facts on the implication of Israel in 9/11 events that are by and large unheard of in mainstream media.