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Thu, 02 Feb 2023
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Hunter Biden found to have paid assistant for erotic shows

hunter joe biden drugs laptop

Hunter Biden photo recovered from his laptop
(inset) President Joe Biden
Hunter Biden threatened to withhold cash-strapped assistant's pay if she didn't FaceTime him naked, texts show

Like his father, Hunter Biden continues to stay in the news spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Hunter Biden allegedly used the threat of withholding pay to coerce one of his female staffers, who was struggling financially, into having video sex sessions with him. The texts exchanged between the President's son (52 years old) and his then-29-year-old assistant revealed Hunter's requests for virtual sexual acts and financial support through Apple Pay after the assistant expressed her difficulty in paying rent.

The identity of the assistant, who worked at Hunter's law firm, Owasco, from 2018 to 2019, has been kept anonymous by DailyMail.com. She is known to be one of four employees with whom Hunter Biden had a sexual relationship.

Comment: The Biden sh*tshow just never seems to hit bottom.


Putin sets mission for Russian military to protect border areas

putin reconstruction donetsk luhansk
© Sputnik/Mikhail Klimentyev
Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting on the restoration of residential infrastructure in the border regions, February 1, 2023.
The president said he wanted to "eliminate the possibility" of Ukraine bombing the country's border regions

Ukraine should not have the ability to target Russian border regions, President Vladimir Putin said on Monday, adding that this was a mission for the defense ministry in Moscow. His comments came a day after Ukrainian shelling struck near a pipeline in Bryansk Region, and amid rumors the US is preparing to give Kiev longer-range projectiles.

"Of course, the priority mission is to eliminate the very possibility of attacks, but that's a task for the military," Putin said during a videoconference about infrastructure work in the border regions of Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk, as well as Crimea.

Comment: Russia actually looks after the people under its care:


She's baaaack: Nikki Haley will reportedly launch a presidential bid in February

Nikki Haley
© Scott Olson/Getty Images
Nikki Haley, who served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations during a portion of former President Donald Trump's White House tenure, will reportedly launch a 2024 presidential bid in February, according to the Post and Courier.

The outlet reported that an individual in "Haley's inner circle" confirmed that Haley will jump into the 2024 presidential race — the outlet also reported that according to an invitation slated to be sent to Haley supporters, a "special announcement" will take place on February 15.

Sources confirmed to Fox News Digital that Haley will formally announce her presidential bid on February 15.

Comment: See also:


Exxon posts record $56bn profit for 2022 in historic high for western oil industry

© Andrew Kelly/Reuters
Company took home about $6.3m an hour last year as oil majors expected to break their own annual records
Exxon Mobil posted a $56bn profit for 2022, the company said on Tuesday, taking home about $6.3m an hour last year, and setting not only a company record but a historic high for the western oil industry.

Oil majors are expected to break their own annual records on high prices and soaring demand, pushing their combined take to near $200bn. The scale has renewed criticism of the oil industry and sparked calls for more countries to levy windfall profit taxes on the companies.

Exxon's results far exceeded the then record $45.2bn net profit it reported in 2008, when oil hit $142 a barrel, 30% above last year's average price. Deep cost cuts during the pandemic helped supercharge last year's earnings.

Comment: 2008 the year of the global financial crash..

Comment: Meanwhile citizens of the West suffer worsening fuel poverty, are threatened with blackouts in the depths of winter, and their leadership proclaim all the supposed benefits of green energy: Britain to PAY homes to cut energy usage in bid to prevent blackouts amidst record cold weather

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'We live in dangerous times': Austria, Hungary agree on not sending weapons to Ukraine

Klaudia Tanner and her Hungarian counterpart Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky
© EPA-EFE/Tibor Illyes
According to Tanner, the greatest danger is that the war could spread to Europe, which would not only be a matter of conventional war but also of an interplay with hybrid warfare and an increase in migration in general.
Austria and Hungary agree on not sending weapons to Ukraine, Austrian Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner and her Hungarian counterpart Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said at a meeting in Budapest on Monday, stressing their close cooperation.

Austria and Hungary's position regarding the war in Ukraine is clear, as both countries are not sending weapons to the conflict area to prevent a further escalation, Tanner and Szalay-Bobrovniczky stated during a joint press conference.

They would be on the side of peace, with Austria being militarily neutral, Szalay-Bobrovniczky stressed, while providing humanitarian aid to war refugees. Close cooperation would be the most important as "we live in a time of danger," he said.

Comment: Hungary is proving to be one of the few EU countries with any sense left these days: 'The swamp must be drained': Hungary wants European Parliament dissolved - Orban


The West has one giant financial STD and everybody is infected

wall street
Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said last summer that the Fed rate increases would tank the economy. Everywhere you look you see the economy falling apart. House prices and sales are down. Banks are clocking record losses, vehicle prices are falling and unemployment is rising. The economy has not completely crashed, but it will. Holter explains,
"There are over $2,000 trillion worth of derivatives outstanding on a global economy . . . that has maybe a little more than $500 trillion in asset values. So, you have this dog walking around with a gigantic tail that will shake the dog. When derivatives go, it's a 48-hour event. Who do you think holds all these derivatives? You've got the big banks, all the big brokers, all the big insurance companies and they are all going to go down. It's like one giant financial STD, and everybody is in bed together and everybody is infected."

Stock Up

IMF upgrades Russian economic forecast to positive growth

dollars rubles exchange rate currency
© Yuri Kadobnov/Getty
A pedestrian walks past a board at a currency exchange office in Moscow on January 16, 2023 showing the ruble and U.S. dollar exchange rates
The fund expects 0.3% growth in 2023, having previously predicted a contraction

The International Monetary Fund has revised upwards its estimate of Russian economic development, projecting GDP to grow by 0.3% this year, and 2.1% in 2024.

According to the fund's World Economic Outlook update published on Monday, Russia's GDP fell by 2.2% last year. In its October forecast, the IMF reported that the decline was expected to be 3.4%. For this year, the fund previously predicted a drop of 2.3%, and for 2024, a 2.1% decline.

Comment: Meanwhile, back in the heart of Nato-stan:
The British economy will perform worst among the major industrialized nations, the International Monetary Fund has predicted. The UK will be the only G7 member to face a recession in 2023, falling behind the Russian economy, the IMF said in its World Economic Outlook update, published on Tuesday.

In its latest report, the IMF again sharply downgraded its forecast for the UK, predicting the economy will contract by 0.6% against the 0.3% growth expected last October. That places the expected performance even lower than sanctions-hit Russia, which is projected to expand by 0.3% after contracting 2.2% in 2022. A UK recession this year would be the first, excluding the pandemic, since the financial crisis in 2009.

Among the other G7 nations, the IMF's 2023 GDP predictions show growth of 1.4% in the US, 0.1% in Germany, 0.7% in France, 0.6% in Italy, 1.8% in Japan and 1.5% in Canada.

The IMF stated that while the prospects for other G7 members had improved or remained unchanged since October, the forecast for the UK looks gloomier due to surging interest rates and rising taxes. This, along with the government's spending restraint will exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis.

"Tighter fiscal and monetary policies and financial conditions and still-high energy retail prices weighing on household budgets" have eroded the country's GDP, the IMF said.

Raging inflation, running above 10% and more than five times the Bank of England's 2% target, has undermined household spending power, squeezing demand and dragging down the economy, the report concluded.


Trials and Tribulations of the Collective West

Flag Hybrid
© REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
One may be excused to imagine all sorts of amusement games unrolling at the HQ of the Russian General Staff as The Empire and NATO go literally bonkers. What crazy stunt will they come up with next - short of WWIII?

Here is a delightful put down of NATO's dementia praecox. Everything so far has failed, from "crippling sanctions" to all sorts of wunderwaffen, while the whole Global South marvels at the exploits of Wagner PMC - now configured as the planet's top urban fighting machine.

CIA mouthpiece Washington Post duly released how Washington, once again, had the Liver Sausage Chancellor Scholz for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea was floated by Secretary of State Tony Blinken: let's announce we will deliver M1 Abrams to Ukraine in a hazy, unspecified future, thus providing cover for Scholz to release the Leopards now.

Don't you just love German sovereignty in action?

Every military analyst with an IQ over room temperature knows all those Leopards will be duly incinerated - or better yet, captured, and dissected by Russian military specialists.

So what happens next is yet another vector of the - very successful so far - U.S.-unleashed German de-industrualization racket: the Americans will invade the German industrial military complex with their "much improved" Abrams - which may perhaps arrive in 2024, when only a rump Ukraine may still exist, or never arrive at all. So no need for the Abrams to prove themselves in actual combat - as in being captured and/or incinerated.

Rumors in Washington advance that the U.S. "strategy" in Ukraine - extensively detailed by endless think tank reports - had to be adapted. It's not about "defeating Russia" anymore, but providing Kiev with the means to "scare" Russia. The Russian General Staff must be trembling in their boots.

Meanwhile, in real life, nearly every possible scenario gamed in Washington and Brussels finishes with NATO like a giant, armoured version of Wile E. Coyote plunging to the depths of the Grand Canyon. And that happens even if the much ballyhooded "Big Arrow" Russian offensive starts in a few days or weeks, or never starts at all.

Arguably the Russian General Staff has concluded a long time ago there's no point in reducing Ukraine to rubble in a matter of hours - something they could easily accomplish. Thus the fabled mincing machine approach - offering no excuses for NATO to "escalate" (which they continue to do anyway, as Jens "War is Peace" Stoltenberg is so fond of parroting).

The trick is that NATO's escalation overdrive, as it happens, is somewhat controlled by the Russian General Staff, which is always calculating which optimal maneuvers will consume NATO's military hardware faster. Call it a Russian version of the popular axiom "frog in a boiling pot doesn't realize it's being cooked until it croaks."

Black Magic

Death wish: Lithuanian president urges NATO to cross more 'Russian red lines'

Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda
© Gints Ivuskans / AFP
Lithuanian president Gitanas Nauseda during a summit in Riga
Kiev should get Western fighter jets and longer-range missiles, Lithuania's Gitanas Nauseda has declared

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda has called on NATO to escalate its brinkmanship in Ukraine by supplying Western-made fighter jets and long-range missiles to Kiev. Moscow suggested that Nauseda had failed to consider the potential consequences.

"I have seen many red lines... that were not drawn by us, democratic states," the Lithuanian leader said in an interview with LRT television on Tuesday. "The terrorist state of Russia is trying to draw them, using fear and threats."

Nauseda praised previous instances when NATO crossed "Russian red lines", such as by greenlighting the supply of Western-made main battle tanks to Ukraine. The lines "exist only in our heads" and can be ignored, the Lithuanian president suggested.

Comment: The EU leadership is living in some sort of alternate reality. The problem is that alternate reality is impacting the real world in deadly ways


'At war with Russia', Europe peers down the abyss

© Peter Zelei/Getty Images
Edging towards Nuclear Abyss there are over a hundred times more nuclear weapons in existence today than are needed to destroy human civilization.
Russia is unlikely to take the bait: It has the real strategic advantage in all areas of engagement with the Ukrainian forces.

There is too much 'noise' in the system, and it is obscuring the view.

Davos has always been 'weird'. But this year, the kookier aspects were so obvious. The WEF is dying on the vine. The 'vision' seems ever more fantastical, and the hubris - inherent in the 'behavioural conditioning' to make people make the 'right choices' - stands naked. The schism between life, as experienced in the round, and the WEF's bleak prescription, has never been more stark. The gap will only widen as sharply falling living standards focus the great majority on immediacy and family survival.

One may dismiss this happening as a curiosity. But that would be wrong. The Davos vessel may have struck a large credibility iceberg, but it has not yet sunk.

Rather, the fact of Davos sinking into creepy idiosyncrasy is significant - highly significant.

Comment: Crooke's distillation of the current global debacle is really quite good.