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Fri, 09 Dec 2022
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Unrest in China's Urumqi province kills five

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Chinese security forces stand in position as they try to disperse a protest by the Han Chinese at the center of Urumqi in China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region on September 4, 2009.
At least five people have lost their lives during massive protests against syringe attacks in China's restive western city of Urumqi this week.

"Five people have been confirmed dead and 14 others injured and hospitalized following Thursday's protests," Zhang Hong, vice-mayor of Urumqi, was quoted as saying by the state-run Xinhua news agency on Friday.

It was unclear how the deaths happened, but thousands of Han Chinese have been protesting over an unexplained spate of stabbings with syringes. Many of the protesters blame ethnic Uyghurs for the stabbings.

By Thursday, local hospitals had dealt with 531 victims of hypodermic syringe stabbings, 106 of whom showed obvious signs of needle attacks.

Meanwhile, Chinese officials say the attacks were premeditated and organized to create terror.


Organ Donation and Theft in Contemporary Jewish Folklore

Larry David
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Donation according to Larry David
In his highly acclaimed TV satire 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', LA screen writer and comedian Larry David engages courageously with subjects to do with American Jewish identity. In his fifth season (2005) David tackles the subject of organ donation.1 Performing an American eccentric and egotistical Jew, David is confronted with a serious dilemma. His best friend Richard Lewis (another Jewish comedian) happens to suffer an acute kidney failure. His survival is dependent on an urgent kidney donation and as one may expect Larry David is the perfect donor. David, who comes across as the ultimate selfish persona in American popular culture is obviously reluctant to donate his Kidney. He procrastinates, finds excuses and plays games. He even tries to make friends with a wealthy Orthodox Jew who is in a position to 'sort things out' as far as kidneys are concerned. He does it all just to avoid donating his own kidney to his best and closest friend.

As the plot develops, David has hired a Private Detective to discover who his real parents are, David learns from this private detective that he is actually an adopted child. Once meeting with his genetic parents David also finds out that he is not exactly a Jew. He is actually a proper Christian of Scottish descent. David is very excited about his new ethnic identity and faith. Instantly, without giving it too much of a thought, he becomes an empathetic person. His egotistic attitude disappears without leaving any traces. He suddenly cares about others. He evolves into a sympathetic boring compassionate ordinary human being. It doesn't take more than a few scenes before we see David attending Sunday service with his new 'parents' in their local Church. It is there where he learns from the priest that 'to give' is actually 'to receive'.


"The most harmful place for Jews is in Israel"

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A group of Jews have gathered in downtown New York City to protest against Israel's alleged attempts to oppress Torah followers. They accuse the government of brutally attacking anti-Zionists living in Israel.

Crammed behind barricades in Manhattan, hundreds demonstrated across the street from the Israeli embassy.

"The most harmful place for Jews is in Israel," the protesters claim.

The uniformed group accuses officials in Israel and Jerusalem of oppressing Torah Jews, and for recently unleashing brutal attacks on the anti-Zionists living there.

Isaac Grunfileld from the Jews against Zionism movement explained their cause.
"Religious Jews are suffering and are brutalized by the police department because they are fighting for their religion."


UN Security Council reserves Iran nuclear rights: Russian official

The Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Nesterenko says world powers have acknowledged Iran's right to use nuclear technology.

The five permanent members of the UN Security Council -- the US, Britain, France, Russia and China -- plus Germany (P5+1) in their latest meeting called for a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear issue, IRNA quoted Nesterenko as saying at a news conference in Moscow on Thursday.

The Russian official noted that the major powers, who met on Wednesday in Frankfurt, have expressed readiness to resume nuclear talks with Iran.

Nesterenko's remarks come as Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili has declared that Tehran will present its new nuclear package to the P5+1 next week.


New book claims Mossad was ready to rub out Swedish leftist

The Mossad offered Swedish intelligence to assassinate a renowned left-wing journalist in the 1970s, says a book just published in Sweden. The proposed target doubts this is true.

The author, Gunnar Ekberg, was a secret agent of the Swedish military intelligence agency (IB), who had infiltrated leftist circles in Sweden at the time. The role of the IB was to monitor communist activity in Sweden and to identify "subversive elements." The Mossad and the IB cooperated at the time, with the Israeli agency receiving information on Palestinian organizations in Sweden. The existence of the IB was highly classified, and not even all Swedish cabinet ministers were aware of its operation.

In his memoir, titled They'll Die Anyway, Ekberg describes a meeting with the IB chief, Birger Elmer, after left-wing activist and journalist Jan Guillou revealed the existence of the Swedish military intelligence agency.

Comment: There is certainly a track record of Swedish politicians that express solidarity with Palestinians being killed. Bernadotte Folke, UN mediator in Jerusalem was shot dead by the Stern Gang in 1948, Olof Palme, prime minister of Sweden, was shot dead in 1986 and Anna Lindh, touted as a future prime minister, who was gutted in broad daylight with a knife while shopping in 2003.


Ireland: Government booklet about Lisbon treaty biased

© Dara Mac Donaill
Former Danish MEP Jens Peter Bonde, and former Irish MEP Patricia McKenna
Former MEP Patricia McKenna has claimed that a booklet on the Lisbon Treaty produced by the Referendum Commission is "not impartial". She was speaking in Dublin yesterday at the launch of the People's Movement campaign against the treaty, which was also attended by artist Robert Ballagh and former Danish MEP Jens Peter Bonde.

"I think the most worrying and damaging aspect of this campaign to date is this booklet, which has been distributed to every home courtesy of the taxpayer," she said.

"This booklet is not balanced; it is not impartial, it is clearly designed in such a way as to reassure people that the Lisbon Treaty is fine and you can vote for it. While it doesn't directly say 'Vote Yes' [but] it may as well do so."

Black Cat

The Return of the Body Snatchers

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In the Turkish blockbuster action movie Valley of the Wolves, an American Jewish doctor in Abu Ghraib prison gently removes a kidney out of a live and suffering Arab prisoner and places it into a special vessel with the label "To Tel Aviv", thus reinforcing the Israeli-American bond of eternal friendship. Real life imitates cinema, as we learn from the dreadful story of Palestinian youths being hunted for their inner organs by that most moral army in the world, Israel's, as published by a leading Swedish newspaper [read its English translation here].

Donald Boström, a Swedish photographer who worked in the West Bank in 1992, was tipped off by UN officials to follow the bloody trail of Israeli soldiers who had kidnapped young Palestinians and returned their dead bodies five days later "with a slit from the abdomen up to the chin." The families in the West Bank and in Gaza felt that they knew exactly what had happened: "Our sons were used as involuntary organ donors; they disappeared for a number of days only to be returned in the dark of night, dead and autopsied. Why did they keep their bodies for five days before letting us bury them? What happened to their bodies in the meantime? Why are they performing autopsies, against our will, when the cause of death is obvious? Why were their bodies returned at night time? Why was this done with a military escort? Why was the area closed off during the funeral? Why was the power supply interrupted?"


Bodysnatchers Story Puts Israeli Government in Frenzied Denial Mode

© Mr. Fish
The investigative report written by Swedish journalist Donald Boström and published in Sweden's largest newspaper Aftonbladet about Israeli occupation forces killing Palestinians with the objective of stealing their organs has raised a political and media storm in Israel, disclosing up a horrible crime perpetrated for years under the full gaze of the 'free' world. These criminal acts began in 1992 when Palestinians started to witness a sharp rise in the number of young Palestinians disappearing and of bodies of Palestinians killed by occupation forces being returned with organs such as hearts, kidneys, livers and eyes missing.

"I was in the area at the time, working on a book", Boström writes. "On several occasions I was approached by UN staff concerned about the developments. The persons contacting me said that organ theft definitely occurred but that they were prevented from doing anything about it.... I travelled around interviewing a great number of Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza - meeting parents who told of how their sons had been deprived of organs before being killed. One example that I encountered on this eerie trip was the young stone-thrower Bilal Ahmed Ghanam".


Murdering Palestinians for their organs: "All facts on the ground prove Swedish report correct"

Former Palestinian detainee, researcher Abdul-Nasser Farwana, stated that all facts on the ground, since decades, prove that the Israeli occupation executed Palestinian detainees after they surrendered and refused to hand their bodies to their families. Hundreds of bodies were transferred to the families days, months or even years after the fact, and when the bodies were sent back, they were missing vital internal organs.

Farwana added that the Swedish report, written by Donald Boström and published by Aftonbladet Swedish paper, regarding illegal trafficking of body parts of Palestinians is directly connected to the execution of Palestinians after they surrendered to the army, and is connected with the arrest of 40 well-known figures, including Rabbis in New Jersey for money laundering and corruption, in a scheme that involved sales of Israeli kidneys in the US and other corruption rackets.

Farwana added that one of the illegal acts carried out by Israel is having secret detention facilities in which dozens of detainees were imprisoned and never heard of anymore. This is in addition to the "Numbers Graveyard" in which "unknown" Palestinian and Arab fighters are buried.

Black Cat

How Israel wages war in plain sight

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It's now well known that Israelis and pro-Israelis "fixed" the intelligence that induced the U.S. invasion of Iraq. What's not yet widely known is how. If peace-seeking nations hope never again to see deceit operate on such a scale, those deceived must learn this lesson before these same operatives induce a war with Iran.

To "wage war by way of deception" (the motto of the Israeli intelligence service) requires the capacity to operate in plain sight yet without detection. To detect this duplicity in real time requires a grasp of how Israeli strategists rely on three key categories of operatives: agents, assets and sayanim (Hebrew for helpers or volunteers).

Agents are fully conscious of the intended goal of an operation. Intent is what distinguishes premeditated murder from involuntary manslaughter. Culpability is gauged by the state of mind. Agents operate with what the law calls extreme malice and an "evil mind." Thus the severity of the sanctions for premeditated capital crimes.