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Sat, 26 Nov 2022
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Bolsonaro contests Brazil election loss, wants votes voided

Valdemar Costa Neto
© AP Photo/Eraldo Peres
Valdemar Costa Neto, the leader of President Jair Bolsonaro's Liberal Party, speaks during a press conference regarding an investigation carried out by the party pointing out inconsistencies in voting machines used in the general elections, in Brasilia, Brazil, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. Bolsonaro is contesting his defeat in the October election and calling on the electoral authority to annul votes cast on most of the nation's electronic voting machines, citing a software bug that other experts have said didn't affect results.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is contesting his defeat in the October election and calling on the electoral authority to annul votes cast on more than half of electronic voting machines used.

More than three weeks after losing a reelection bid, President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday blamed a software bug and demanded the electoral authority annul votes cast on most of Brazil's nation's electronic voting machines, though independent experts say the bug doesn't affect the reliability of results.

Such an action would leave Bolsonaro with 51% of the remaining valid votes — and a reelection victory, Marcelo de Bessa, the lawyer who filed the 33-page request on behalf of the president and his Liberal Party, told reporters.

The electoral authority has already declared victory for Bolsonaro's nemesis, leftist former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and even many of the president's allies have accepted the results. Protesters in cities across the country have steadfastly refused to do the same, particularly with Bolsonaro declining to concede.

Comment: And the people are pissed:
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Leaked messages show Trudeau ministers discussed sending tanks against trucker convoy protesters

Trudea tank
Text messages between Two of Justin Trudeau's ministers, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino and Justice Minister David Lametti reveal that there were conversations as to whether tanks should be brought in to face protestors during February's Freedom Convoy protest.

The revelation came during the Emergencies Act inquiry. The short conversation between the two ministers took place on Wednesday, February 2. The Emergencies Act would not be invoked until February 14.

Comment: Throughout the "pandemic", ordinary working-class Canadians were treated with utter disdain and made into second-class citizens by their government, so it is not surprising that ministers considered sending in military tanks to use against their own population. One wonders how far Canadian elites would have taken this, were they not being watched closely by the entire world during the trucker convoys.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to regulate speech on Twitter

Dame Cressida Dick and London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Dame Cressida Dick and London Mayor Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London who has presided over some of the worst increases in knife crime, has called for Twitter to be regulated and for speech to be policed.

Khan, who regularly ignores his constituents to post hot takes on social media, issued a warning to Twitter's new owner Elon Musk on Sunday hours after former President Donald Trump had his account restored on the platform.

Labeling Trump a "dangerous far-right politician who has a history of inciting violence," the mayor stated that the former president should not be allowed to use any form of social media and called for a broader, sweeping set of regulations to police online speech.

"The return of Donald Trump to Twitter shows why we desperately need new regulation of social media and online speech," wrote Khan in his massive missive, ignoring the fact that Trump maintains a strong online platform on Truth Social and whose speeches continue to be featured by the mainstream media.

Comment: The slide into open totalitarianism has been so smooth that they don't even need to hide it. All you need to do is talk about "saving lives", "protecting our democracy," and other meaningless nonsense. For some reason, there are still people who believe their leaders can't possibly be evil totalitarians, thus giving said leaders the freedom to be openly totalitarian without all the fuss of any significant public outcry. Khan is the desperate one. Desperate to maintain a public monopoly on information and "truth." He's a sorry little jackboot totalitarian.


Russia is not 'state sponsor of terrorism' says US ambassador, contradicting EU parliament resolution

Beth Van Schaack

The country does not fit America's criteria for such a designation, according to Washington's envoy for global criminal justice
The US cannot designate Russia as a "state sponsor of terrorism" since it simply does not fit the relevant criteria, the US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice Beth Van Schaack told a briefing on Tuesday, while commenting on a similar initiative by European lawmakers.

The EU parliament adopted a resolution calling Russia a "state sponsor of terrorism" on Wednesday.

"The designation of a state sponsor of terror in terms of the way US law defines it is not a good match for Russia here," Van Schaack told journalists. Washington is currently "exploring other potential designations" that would allow it to potentially impose further sanctions on Moscow, the ambassador added.

Comment: The US (and the West more generally) seems to be a glutton for punishment when it comes to sanctions.

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Electric War

Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind.
But to what purpose
Disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose-leaves
I do not know.

T.S. Eliot, Burnt Norton
Electric War
© REUTERS/Stringer
Spare a thought to the Polish farmer snapping pics of a missile wreckage - later indicated to belong to a Ukrainian S-300. So a Polish farmer, his footfalls echoing in our collective memory, may have saved the world from WWIII - unleashed via a tawdry plot concocted by Anglo-American "intelligence".

Such tawdriness was compounded by a ridiculous cover-up: the Ukrainians were firing on Russian missiles from a direction that they could not possibly be coming from. That is: Poland. And then the U.S. Secretary of Defense, weapons peddler Lloyd "Raytheon" Austin, sentenced Russia was to blame anyway, because his Kiev vassals were shooting at Russian missiles that should not have been in the air (and they were not).

Call it the Pentagon elevating bald lying into a rather shabby art.

The Anglo-American purpose of this racket was to generate a "world crisis" against Russia. It's been exposed - this time. That does not mean the usual suspects won't try it again. Soon.

The main reason is panic. Collective West intel sees how Moscow is finally mobilizing their army - ready to hit the ground next month - while knocking out Ukraine's electricity infrastructure as a form of Chinese torture.

Those February days of sending only 100,000 troops - and having the DPR and LPR militias plus Wagner commandos and Kadyrov's Chechens do most of the heavy lifting - are long gone. Overall, Russians and Russophones were facing hordes of Ukrainian military - perhaps as many as 1 million. The "miracle" of it all is that Russians did quite well.

Every military analyst knows the basic rule: an invasion force should number three times the defending force. The Russian Army at the start of the SMO was at a small fraction of that rule. The Russian Armed Forces arguably have a standing army of 1.3 million troops. Surely they could have spared a few tens of thousands more than the initial 100,000. But they did not. It was a political decision.

But now SMO is over: this is CTO (Counter-Terrorist Operation) territory. A sequence of terrorist attacks - targeting the Nord Streams, the Crimea Bridge, the Black Sea Fleet - finally demonstrated the inevitability of going beyond a mere "military operation".

And that brings us to Electric War.


Zelensky trapped by Moscow and Washington

© President of Ukraine official Website
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky
The evolution of the balance of power on the Ukrainian battlefield and the tragic episode of the G20 in Bali mark a reversal of the situation. If the West still believes that it will soon defeat Moscow, the United States has already begun secret negotiations with Russia. They are preparing to let go of Ukraine and to put the blame solely on Volodymyr Zelensky. As in Afghanistan, the awakening will be brutal.

I was talking to an open-minded leader of the European Parliament in Brussels ten days ago, and I listened to him tell me that the Ukrainian conflict was certainly complex, but that the most obvious thing was that Russia had invaded that country. I replied by observing that international law obliged Germany, France and Russia to implement resolution 2202, which Moscow alone had done. I continued by reminding him of the responsibility to protect the populations in case of failure of their own government. He cut me off and asked me: "If my government complains about the fate of its citizens in Russia and attacks that country, will you find that normal? Yes," I said, "if you have a Security Council resolution. Do you have one?" Disconcerted, he changed the subject. Three times I asked him if we could talk about the Ukrainian "integral nationalists". Three times he refused. We parted courteously.

Cardboard Box

U.S. Army's weapons contract reviews accelerate to replace Ukraine aid

© Sergei Supinsky/Reuters
Linda Thomas Greenfield examines explosive ammo and weapons in Kyiv
The U.S. Army is accelerating its weapons acquisition process to speed through a backlog of contracts needed to replenish U.S. stocks of weapons depleted by arms shipments to Ukraine, a U.S. official said on Monday.

Doug Bush, the chief weapons buyer for the Army, told reporters the accelerated contracting effort hinges on running processes simultaneously that used to be run in succession and is based on lessons learned from the coronavirus pandemic.

Ukraine has relied heavily on the Unites States for weapons, with Washington sending about $17.9 billion worth of arms since Moscow launched its invasion of the country on February 24.

According to recent Pentagon contracting data, $2.6 billion worth of contracts have been awarded to replace weapons rushed to Ukraine since Washington began using a special Presidential Drawdown Authority, (PDA) which allows quick weapons transfers without congressional approval in response to an emergency.

Comment: US taxpayer monies continue to fund a sinkhole war without approval nor permission from the people. Now Biden is bypassing Congress as well.
The disbursement of $4.5 billion in economic aid for Ukraine approved by Congress in September will begin in the coming weeks, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on November 22.

The funds will help the government of Ukraine by strengthening economic stability and supporting essential public services, including salaries for hospital workers, civil servants, and teachers, as well as social assistance for the elderly and vulnerable, Yellen said in a statement.

The disbursements will bring total U.S. direct budget support to Ukraine to $13 billion, all in grants, she said.


Ukraine quietly abolishes corruption oversight rule

© Efrem Lukatsky/AP
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky
President Vladimir Zelensky has harmed Ukraine's hopes of joining the EU by signing an amendment that reduced financial oversight of politicians, anti-corruption activists in Kiev said on Monday.

The measure "practically kills" efforts to combat money-laundering, the head of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre (AntAC) claimed. The body is funded by the US government and EU member states and elites in Kiev have long been hostile to its work, despite their dependence on Western funding and support.

Ukraine had previously mandated lifetime financial monitoring of "politically exposed persons," including government officials and lawmakers - until Zelensky signed an amendment last week limiting it to just three years. Officially, the law is supposed to "protect Ukraine's financial system from Russia and Belarus," but the AntAC says it will harm the country's interests instead.

AntAC head Vitaly Shabunin said on social media:
"With this law, politicians destroyed the system of financial monitoring of their loved ones, which means they actually blocked negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU. It practically kills the system of preventing money-laundering by Ukrainian politicians."

Comment: A page out of Biden's ledger? 'No trace' is self serve...especially when it comes to US money.


Huge fire engulfs residence of Algerian Ambassador to Russia in Moscow

algerian ambassador fire moscow
A fire has broken out in residence of Algerian Ambassador to Russia, according to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, APA's correspondent in Moscow reports.

According to information, a fire has broken out in residence of the Algerian Ambassador in Street Spiridonovka 13 in center of Moscow.

Comment: Considering developments on the international stage, as well the gas pipeline explosion in St. Petersburg, it's not unreasonable to be suspicious about this fire:


Gazprom to cut gas supplies to Moldova because Ukraine is stealing it

Russian gas pipeline
© REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov
FILE PHOTO: Gas pipelines are pictured at the Atamanskaya compressor station, facility of Gazprom's Power Of Siberia project outside the far eastern town of Svobodny, in Amur region, Russia
If the transit imbalance through Ukraine for Moldovan consumers persists, on November 28, Gazprom will begin cutting gas supplies.

Russian gas sent to Moldova through Ukraine does not fully reach Chisinau, Gazprom said.
"Gazprom" fixes the settling in Ukraine of Russian gas intended for supply to Moldovan consumers under a contract with the company "Moldovagaz", - the message says in the company's Telegram channel.

Comment: This is unlikely to go down well with many citizens of Moldova who are already protesting against the pro-European authorities about the soaring cost of living - which, incidentally, is precisely because of the US and Europe's decision to wage war against Russia.