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SOTT EXCLUSIVE - The Bigger Picture: Pro-ISIS demonstrators in the Netherlands

Around the world, people have organized and participated in pro-Gaza demonstrations, protesting against Israel's genocidal attacks on Palestinian civilians. The death toll in Gaza stands at over 1500, including hundreds of children. The total dead and injured number at least 10,000 after 4 weeks of Israeli bombardment. Despite all the dead children, women and innocent families, Netanyahu and his buddies continue the attacks, enraging many people around the world who finally decided to get up and speak out against the slaughter. Obviously, Bibi the psychopath wasn't too happy about these protests. Israeli officials demanded that the European Union impose "strict regulations on the format and content" of antiwar demonstrations going forward.

Whether Bibi and certain Israelis like it or not, in the Netherlands several pro-Gaza demonstrations have been organized, which have been quite successful so far, with more than 10,000 pro-Gaza protesters taking to the streets of Rotterdam. In recent days however, following the example of French, German and Italian authorities who opted to 'contain' or ban such protests due to violence or 'anti-semitic' words, Dutch authorities decided to 'contain' upcoming protests on the basis that 40 - 50 people were seen waving ISIS flags and chanting 'death to Jews' during a pro-Gaza protest in the Hague.

What's up with that?
© TwitterThe protests in the Hague, district Schilderswijk, mark the first time the black flags of ISIS have been flown in Europe

Gold Coins

Gadhafi's gold-money plan would have devastated the dollar

© www.theguardian.comMuammar Gadhafi
It remains unclear exactly why or how the Gadhafi regime went from "a model" and an "important ally" to the next target for regime change in a period of just a few years. But after claims of "genocide" as the justification for NATO intervention were disputed by experts, several other theories have been floated.

Oil, of course, has been mentioned frequently - Libya is Africa's largest oil producer. But one possible reason in particular for Gadhafi's fall from grace has gained significant traction among analysts and segments of the non-Western media: central banking and the global monetary system.

According to more than a few observers, Gadhafi's plan to quit selling Libyan oil in U.S. dollars - demanding payment instead in gold-backed "dinars" (a single African currency made from gold) - was the real cause. The regime, sitting on massive amounts of gold, estimated at close to 150 tons, was also pushing other African and Middle Eastern governments to follow suit.

And it literally had the potential to bring down the dollar and the world monetary system by extension, according to analysts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a "threat" to the financial security of the world. The "Insiders" were apparently panicking over Gadhafi's plan.

Gadhafi's end
© www.china.org.cnLibya's Muammar Gadhafi, a violent ending for a brilliant leader and the hope of Africa.
"Any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today, who are responsible for controlling the world's central banks," noted financial analyst Anthony Wile, editor of the free market-oriented Daily Bell, in an interview with RT. "So yes, that would certainly be something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forward [for] removing him from power."

Comment: Obama had frozen $30B that belonged to the Libyan Central Bank, earmarked by Libya for three key projects that would launch the African Federation: African Investment Bank, African Monetary Fund and the Abuja-based African Central Bank in Nigeria. These institutions were to supplant the International Monetary Fund and would cause the demise of Western economic control in Africa. Besides his Gold Plan, Gadhafi was veering towards a United States of Africa, independent of the PTB in Europe and America. He had to go.


Russell Brand: Deconstructing the Fox News propaganda machine

© Unknown

Actor and activist Russell Brand is at it again and this time he has set his sights on conservative radio host and Fox News pundit Sean Hannity.

Brand, who has recently started calling out Fox News for their blatant use of incendiary intimidation tactics, has once again taken up linguistic arms on his YouTube show The Trews.


44% of Gaza: Israeli buffer zone tightens Gaza chokehold

A buffer zone surrounding Gaza has been continuously bombed, with a high rate of civilian casualties.
Three kilometre buffer zone inside Gaza represents 44 percent of the strip's territory [Emad Nassar/Al Jazeera]
Gaza City - Israel declared a three kilometre buffer zone inside Gaza's borders last week, an area that represents 44 percent of Gaza's territory. Anyone within the zone has been warned by the Israeli military to leave or risk being bombed.

This buffer zone has only exacerbated Gaza's siege. To the east, Palestinians in Gaza are fenced in by Israeli artillery tanks, mortars, cannon shells and snipers. On Gaza's western side, Israeli warships form a blockade and allow only a three-mile fishing zone. To the north resides more military checkpoints and soldiers. To the south, the Egyptian military has closed off the Rafah border.

The buffer zone has tightened the Israeli chokehold around Gaza's small strip of land.


Russia accuses US of faking MH17 satellite images and creating a 'wall of propaganda'

It was ten days ago when on the heels of Russia's 30-minute detailed presentation of what it believes happened to MH-17, the US government released a satellite trajectory map of what it says was the flight's path and the site from which the missile was shot as well as various other satellite images "proving" the missile that took down the Boeing 777 was fired by the pro-Russian separatists. Yesterday the Russian defense ministry finally responded to the US release stating that the "satellite images Kiev published as 'proof' it didn't deploy anti-aircraft batteries around the MH17 crash site carry altered time-stamps and are from days after the MH17 tragedy." In other words, the evidence the US has present to form public opinion was in the form of "altered images carrying wrong time-stamps."
MH17 satelite
© mil.ruThe satellite image on the left was provided by the Russian Defense Ministry on 14 July, 2014. On the right is the image that Kiev claims were taken by its satellites on July 16, 2014.

Star of David

Flashback Mossad op! IDF admits Gaza rockets not fired by Hamas

© Associated PressIsraeli police officers remove the shell of a "Grad rocket" (homemade devices that contain no explosives) allegedly fired by "unknown militants" from the Gaza Strip and landed in the southern city of Ashkelon, 30 Jul 2010
There was a recent 'rocket'' attack that was launched from the prison camp known as the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory. The funny thing was that the so called ''rocket'' carried no explosives(!), and landed (as usual) in an occupied area away from any population centers! It seems that the more and more we see these ''rocket'' attacks, the more we realize that something is not right in that they never seem to actually hit any targets!

Now comes some interesting revelations courtesy of the website: www.sott.net, where an IDF official is quoted as stating that the recent 'rocket''attack was not fired by Hamas, and does not justify the new Israeli airstrikes against Gaza! Here is that article for my own readers to view:

IDF official says Hamas did not fire rocket that "justified" Israeli air strikes across Gaza
Israeli police officers remove the shell of a "Grad rocket" (homemade devices that contain no explosives) allegedly fired by "unknown militants" from the Gaza Strip and landed in the southern city of Ashkelon, 30 Jul 2010A military official told Ynet he did not believe Hamas had fired the Grad rocket that exploded in Ashkelon Friday morning, though it remains unclear who was responsible.

"Hamas still wants to maintain the status quo in the Strip," he said. "It continues to grow stronger, but is deterred by the IDF and doesn't want to face a conflict."
NTS Notes: Ok.... If Hamas did not fire the rockets.... Then I can tell you exactly who did it and why!

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Israeli truce to 'improve' killing op

Gaza City
© Press TVA Palestinian man stands on rubble at the site of an Israeli airstrike, Gaza City, August 1, 2014.
The Israeli regime is cynically using "humanitarian ceasefires" as a way of luring Palestinian civilians into further killing zones with the diabolical aim of "improving" its genocidal operation, which has been dubbed with the Orwellian name "Protective Edge."

On Friday morning, the Tel Aviv administration of Benjamin Netanyahu had declared a 72-hour truce. But the so-called cessation of Israeli violence was no reprieve for the death-trapped Palestinian population. Far from it.

In the next hours more than 40 Palestinians were slaughtered when Israeli tanks and soldiers started firing on the Rafah Crossing on the Gaza border with Egypt.

In another location, near Khan Younis in southern Gaza, a whole village was flattened by Israeli tanks, also on Friday. The number of dead is not yet known but media reports described the "stench of death everywhere."

In other words, a day of supposed "peace" was just another day of killing, wounding and destruction by Israeli forces.

The term "humanitarian ceasefire" is yet another Orwellian misnomer that means the opposite in reality. As noted in an earlier column, the Israeli forces are using these periods for reloading and refueling their killing machine - with fresh supplies from American government arms depots in the region.

This is the third time that the Israeli regime has declared a truce since it began pounding the Gaza Strip on July 8. Why bother calling these meaningless ceasefires?


Flashback Israel created Hamas to split Palestine

Saruman? Founder of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin.
Israel's False Flag Operations Know No Bounds

One thing that truly made me ill while perusing the photos of the world-wide anti-Israel protests in the last few days is the repeated use of Hamas flags/posters, as if Hamas is somehow fighting for the freedom of the Palestinians. Give me a god damn break...

For those unaware, Fatah and the Palestinian Authority were the government of Palestine until the Israelis invaded, only leaving in 2005, when Hamas had been secured in power. And hey presto! they are still the ruling party in Palestine!

Not only that, but all the Hamas fighters have (wisely) holed up and hidden themselves in anticipation of the Israeli massacre. Gee, how very convenient for them that the Israelis are content with killing 1.3 million civilians (the population of Gaza)...

The Israeli Mossad (their CIA) created Hamas in 1987, with the frontmen Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi, because, as Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, says: "Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)."

Well ain't that something? So, the Mossad starts Hamas, with the original "intention" of being a charitable organization to the Palestinian people. And charity they did. Slowly, of course, it turned into a political and military organization, which was the true original intention. It challenged Fatah and the PLO as it does to this day. Divide and conquer: the oldest military tactic in the book...


Ukrainian journalist openly calls for genocide on US and Dutch-financed Hromadske TV

Preamble: Hromadske TV is now officially the Ukrainian version of Rwandan RTLM. Just like RTLM called for the extermination of the Tutsi, calling them Inyenzi, or cockroaches, so now Hromadske TV is legitimizing the genocide of the population of Novorossiya. From Inyenzi to Colorados, we have come full circle. Hromadske TV, this mouthpiece of Ukrainian genocide, is financed directly by US and Dutch embassies. The blood of the population of Novorossiya is on all our hands - we have allowed this to happen. Please circulate this as widely as you can and stand witness to this Holocaust.

Note: For French-language translation of this post, please see below a comment by Emser Pukatwité

Bogdan Boutkevitch: "You need to kill 1.5 million people in Donbass"

Note: English-language Subtitles by Valentina Lisitsa and Marcel Sardo

Hromadske TV is Financed Directly by US and Dutch Embassies
  1. Link to the Hromadske TV Annual Financial Report, 2013 - the US and Dutch embassies and George Soros implicated.
  2. Link to the Hromadske TV Annual Financial Report, 2014 - again, clear evidence of US financing of this genocidal TV Station.


Some leaders have a heart! Venezuela to send aid to Gaza, welcome refugees, as regional leaders condemn assault

Venezuela's foreign minister says an initiative to send relief aid to Gaza is a "testament of solidarity" with Gazans being "massacred" by Israel.

Venezuela's foreign ministry opened its doors to donations of humanitarian aid for Gaza on Thursday.

Contributions from the public will be accepted at the foreign ministry's headquarters in Caracas, Foreign Minister Elías Jaua stated Thursday morning.

"Until Sunday, we will have the doors open to make contributions, especially medicine, non-perishable foods, blankets [and] sleeping mats," Jaua stated. Donations will be airlifted to Gaza next week, according to the foreign minister.