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Sat, 30 Sep 2023
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Here's why Russia will eventually ally with the US and EU

Moscow's eventual victory in Ukraine will lead to profound changes in the global order, but not in the ways most commentators currently predict.

Vladislav Surkov
© Sputnik
Former Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov, 2016.
Vladislav Surkov is a 1st class Active State Councillor of the Russian Federation and former Russian presidential aide.

When the explorer Vasco da Gama set out to find a water route to India in 1497, King Manuel of Portugal ordered him to gain an audience with the powerful overseas rulers, Prester John and the Raja of Calicut.

The mission was only half completed. The raja was contacted, but not the Prester. This was particularly unfortunate because John was supposedly the king of a powerful Christian empire flourishing "somewhere beyond the Nile," and Portugal expected him to support it as a co-religionist in its struggle with non-believers for control of spice and gold routes.

The alliance with the Prester's kingdom was an essential element of the Portuguese expansion plan.

In the end, the scheme had to be adjusted. To their credit, the Portuguese managed more or less alone. But their 'punctuated' empire in the Indian Ocean, for all its success, was still not as strong, extensive, or durable as it could have been had they been able to draw on the resources of a major ally.

It would be rash to blame Vasco da Gama for this failure. He did not make an alliance with John. But not because he was negligent or unwise, which he certainly was not. It was because that kingdom never existed anywhere. Sadly.

King Manuel was let down by his scholarship - he based his plans on strictly scientific data and the most reliable sources. Of the time, of course.

The certainty that, whether in Africa or Asia, there was a fraternal superpower of the king-priest gave the Crusaders of the twelfth century strength. They "knew" that he could march into Palestine on their side. The Pope then sent a delegation to John. But it never returned. Later, the Prester was "clearly" described by Marco Polo. His land was "known" to the Arabs, the Byzantines, the Persians, the Mongols .... and to the Old Russian tradition under the name of the Kingdom of Ivan the Priest.


US Sen. Dianne Feinstein dies at 90

dianne feinstein
U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA)
US Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the trailblazing California Democrat who broke gender barriers throughout her five decades in politics, died Thursday night at her Washington, DC home following a number of health scares. She was 90.

James Sauls, Feinstein's chief of staff, confirmed her death in a mid-morning statement, saying: "Her passing is a great loss for so many, from those who loved and cared for her to the people of California that she dedicated her life to serving ... There are few women who can be called senator, chairman, mayor, wife, mom and grandmother. Senator Feinstein was a force of nature who made an incredible impact on our country and her home state. She left a legacy that is undeniable and extraordinary."

The California Democrat was the oldest member of the Senate and had announced plans to retire at the end of her term.

Her death was first reported by ABC7 Insider. NBC News also reported her death, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

Comment: Feinstein was very much an Democrat Establishment girl. Trump, Kavanaugh, Assange, gun control, what have you, she diligently toed the party line. She should have retired long ago An insightful story into Feinstein's character by Scott Ritter:
I met Senator Diane Feinstein once, in the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. She had just recently been assigned to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (in 2001), and it was in that capacity that she had a senior staffer from the committee ask me to come to Washington DC to brief her on Iraqi WMD and the allegations being made by the Bush administration that Iraq continued to possess them.

We met in a secure conference room in the Capital building — me, the Senator, and a half dozen staffers and aides. It was a polite, professional affair, with the Senator asking questions and taking notes. Eventually she confronted me — "Your position is causing us some difficulty. You are making the US look bad in the eyes of the world." I replied that my analysis and the underlying facts were rock solid, something she agreed with. I said that while I knew she couldn't reveal sensitive intelligence, if she could look me in the eye and say she has seen unequivocal proof that Iraq retained WMD, I'd shut up and go away. She looked at her retinue, and then me. "I have seen no such intelligence," she replied. She thanked me for the briefing, and said it provided her with "food for thought."

On October 11, 2002, Senator Feinstein voted in favor of the resolution authorizing war with Iraq. Later, she said she had been misled by the Bush administration and bad intelligence. I will forever know Senator Feinstein as someone who had been empowered by the truth, and lacked the moral courage to act on it. The blood of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis stains her soul. I hope when she stands in judgment before her maker, she is punished accordingly.



© Access/Screenshot/Shutterstock.com/KJN
Someone's watching... Hunter Biden • Joe Biden
"The statement that "Joe Biden wasn't involved in Hunter Biden's business," is absurd in its face. Joe Biden was Hunter Biden's business." — Margot Cleveland
Understand: no amount of political blustering will bring this gaslit nation into daylight when there is no more money and no more credit and no feasible way to feed the blob that ate our government. The equation is simple. Our country can't handle normal interest rates; and the value of the dollar can't withstand more ultra-low interest rates. Someone, please, ask Congress to stop screwing that pooch over there!

Oh, and that "can" we've been kicking down the road turns out to be a rusty old 50-gallon drum. Somebody has stuffed America into it and is fixing to drop us overboard beyond the continental shelf off the Jersey Shore. Can that be stopped, too?

So, here at week's end we see these two rather momentous issues juxtaposed: the battle over how to finance that blob-infested monster in DC; and the battle to expose the crimes of a real-life Manchurian Candidate president. Neither battle is going all that well for the minority of citizens who want to live in a pro-reality society. If we follow the fiscal trend, all the tax revenue we can grudge up will barely cover the annual interest on our $30+trillion debt. If we can't boot out the brain-dead cat's paw in the White House, then say goodbye to the rule of law and liberty with it.


House GOP to present evidence against Biden in first impeachment hearing

© Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
US President Joe Biden
House Republicans on Thursday morning are set to hold their first impeachment inquiry public hearing, where they will present all evidence uncovered to date as part of their investigation into the Biden family's business dealings while examining "the value" of the inquiry.

The House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., will "examine the value of an impeachment inquiry and present evidence House Republicans have uncovered to date regarding President Joe Biden's knowledge of and role in his family's domestic and international business practices," according to the panel. The hearing is to begin at 10 a.m.

Bruce Dubinsky, a forensic accountant with decades of experience in financial investigations and consulting - and who the committee says has testified in more than 80 trials, including trials that involved financial fraud - will testify, along with former Assistant Attorney General Eileen O'Connor, who served in the Department of Justice Tax Division.

Law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley, who testified in the Clinton and Trump impeachments, will also testify.


The threat of a forgotten American 'map' unearthed by the Taliban

© Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/Getty Images
Afghan surveillance state
Lost and Found: Another troubling consequence of the hasty U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan appears to have emerged.

The Taliban has reportedly obtained a years-old security plan created by the U.S. that could help launch a sweeping new surveillance system in Afghanistan, raising concerns among experts that the system could be used for nefarious purposes.

The plan, which is based on a map the United States apparently created before withdrawing from Afghanistan in 2021, was originally intended for the previous government. Now, the Taliban regime is considering using it as a basis for a project meant to root out terrorist threats, Ministry of Interior spokesman Abdul Mateen Qani told Reuters.
"At the present we are working on a Kabul security map, which is [being completed] by security experts and [is taking] lots of time. We already have two maps, one which was made by U.S.A for the previous government and second by Turkey."
The United States has claimed it is not working with the Taliban on the surveillance program, which will take at least four years to roll out, according to Qani. It's not clear how the Taliban obtained the alleged surveillance maps from either the United States or Turkey.

Comment: Biden's priorities and actions have never considered detrimental consequences. As such, he is one for the US.


Federal prosecutor blocked agents from including Joe Biden in investigation into Hunter Biden

© Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Bloomberg/Getty Images
US President Joe Biden
Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf blocked federal agents from including then Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in their investigation into whether his son, Hunter Biden, violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

The revelation was contained in a new, lengthy report from the House Ways and Means Committee's investigation of the government's handling of the investigations into the Biden family.

Wolf, in an email to FBI and other U.S. officials, said:
"As a priority, someone needs to redraft attachment B. I am not sure what this is cut and pasted from but other than the attribution, location and identity stuff at the end, none if it is appropriate and within the scope of this warrant. Please focus on FARA evidence only. There should be nothing about Political Figure 1 in here."
The Committee released a separate court filing that identified Biden as "Political Figure 1."


Washington using 'traitor' Armenian PM to strike at Moscow - analyst

© AP/Tigran Mehrabyan
USAID Administrator Samantha Power • Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan
Nikol Pashinyan enjoys American support because he is willing to harm his own people to serve US interests...

The US has poured money into Armenia for a decade, knowing that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan would do Washington's bidding by relinquishing Nagorno-Karabakh and aligning himself with the West, geopolitical analyst Kevork Almassian told RT on Tuesday.

US Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power touched down in Yerevan on Monday with promises of "support for Armenia's sovereignty." The visit came less than a week after the ethnic Armenian leadership in the disputed province of Nagorno-Karabakh agreed to lay down arms and allow the territory to be subsumed into Azerbaijan, an outcome that Pashinyan endorses against the wishes of the Armenian population.

"This delegation from the United States prepared and paved the ground for Pashinyan to come to power," Almassian told RT, referring to the massive outlay of funds that USAID, the US State Department, and the Pentagon have funneled into Armenia in recent years, particularly to pro-Pashinyan and pro-Western media projects.

Comment: See also:

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German ambassador applauded Ukrainian Waffen SS Nazi - Berlin

German ambassador to Canada
© Patrick Doyle / The Canadian Press via AP
The German ambassador Sabine Sparwasser, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau honor Waffen-SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka, September 22, 2023
The foreign ministry has claimed that its diplomat was not aware that Yaroslav Hunka fought with a notorious WWII Ukrainian-based battalion

Germany's Foreign Office has shrugged off the participation of its ambassador to Canada in last week's embarrassing standing ovations for a Ukrainian veteran of the Waffen SS, saying she was unaware that he was a Nazi when she joined with Ottawa lawmakers in applauding him.

Foreign Office spokesman Sebastian Fischer acknowledged the gaffe for the first time on Wednesday, when asked at a press briefing about Ambassador Sabine Sparwasser's honoring of World War II Nazi collaborator Yaroslav Hunka.

Members of the Canadian parliament stood and gave long ovations for the 98-year-old Hunka when he was introduced during a visit by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Friday. Zelensky and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau were among the enthusiastic participants in the cheers.

Comment: Claiming that she was unaware is disingenuous. He was presented as having fought against the Russians during WW2, which happened to be who Nazi Germany was also fighting. If she didn't know who the person was, then why giving a standing applause and twice? Perhaps she is of the same diplomatic caliber as the '360 degree' German Foreign minister, Baerbock.

Comment: Canadian Pm Justin Trudeau apologized after 5 days had passed and even apologized to Zelensky which is kind of strange given that Ukraine celebrates the SS division Galicia:

More about the Canadian Nazigate:

Bad Guys

Polish minister calls for extradition of Ukrainian Nazi honored in Canada

Polish minister of education Przemyslaw Czarnek
© Attila Husejnow/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Przemyslaw Czarnek wants a probe into Yaroslav Hunka's possible war crimes

Polish Minister of Education Przemyslaw Czarnek has signaled that he intends to seek the extradition of a Ukrainian Nazi SS veteran who was cheered in the Canadian Parliament last week.

Czarnek was reacting to the controversy surrounding Yaroslav Hunka, a 98-year-old Ukrainian-Canadian who fought for the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, also known as the 1st Galician Division, formed by Nazi Germany from mostly Western Ukrainians, that took part in atrocities against Russian, Polish, and Jewish civilians during WWII.

Hunka received a standing ovation during the ceremony in the House of Commons after being introduced by now-former House Speaker Anthony Rota as "a hero... who fought for Ukrainian independence against the Russians." Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky also attended the ceremony.

Comment: Poland appears to suddenly remember that the Ukrainian nazies under WW2 were not so friendly towards Poles. Something they have willfully forgotten or ignored as they have for long supported nazism in Ukraine. It likely has something to do with the upcoming election in Poland in October.

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Globalists likely have another shock event planned

2024 will make 2023 look like a walk in the park but we can make it through the storm if we hold onto our humanity and faith in God

The convergence of multiple red-alert warnings is staring us in the face, all pointing to a major "event" of some type in the upcoming weeks or months.

Whatever it is, this new catastrophe will hasten the collapse of the old world system, a collapse of economies and political structures that is already underway, paving the way for the Great Reset or, as some call it, the New World Order. I call it the beast system.

Predicting the timing of such an event is impossible but I do believe we are looking at a major shock event happening roughly within the next three to nine months, a year at most.