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Tue, 25 Oct 2016
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British MPs touted 'Kosovo success' as reason for Syria bombing - Revealing their true goals and intentions

© Marko Djurica / Reuters
A man lights candles in front of a destroyed military headquaters as Serbia marks the 16th anniversary of the NATO bombing campaign in Belgrade
Kosovo is often cited by liberal interventionists as NATO's success story and now a reason for attacking Syria. However, the ongoing lawlessness in the country shows nothing could be further from the truth.

In 1999, NATO bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days, culminating in the withdrawal of Yugoslav troops from the Serbian province of Kosovo. Tens of thousands were killed or maimed by the airstrikes, and Kosovo was carved out as a NATO statelet under the control of UNMIK (the United Nations Mission in Kosovo) in alliance with its local quislings the Kosovo Liberation Army (the KLA).

Last month's parliamentary debate on British airstrikes in Syria witnessed several MPs citing the operation as a great success. Labour MP Ivan Lewis was "proud of the difficult choices that we made" in Kosovo and elsewhere, which he claimed "saved hundreds of thousands of lives".

Comment: So NATO makes alliances with and establishes local radical groups, goes in and bombs the country, ongoing lawlessness and chaos ensues, and they trumpet this to the public as a success. It's almost as if they repeat the same process over and over and nobody ever notices.

Kosovo was particularly held up by those supporting British military action in Syria as an example of how airstrikes alone, without support from ground forces, can be victorious. Mocking those who argued that "coalition action which rests almost wholly on bombing...will have little effect", Margaret Beckett responded "well, tell that to the Kosovans, and do not forget that if there had not been any bombing in Kosovo perhaps 1 million Albanian Muslim refugees would be seeking refuge in Europe."

Comment: There you have it. The people destroying Syria today are no more "Muslims" than they were Kosovan "independence fighters" decades ago. They are the same type of people - psychopaths, who will fight for any ideology if it allows them to hurt people and get away with it, and other pathologically disturbed types who are easily controlled by inhuman ideologies. They are helped, controlled and directed by the bigger, smarter evil folks in order to carry out the Mafia's agenda.


Is Assad really 'starving' his own supporters?

Images of malnourished children from the town of Madraya have emerged on the internet. The photos are so shocking that I refuse to share them as they are a testament to the evil that lies within humans. It is inconceivable that such suffering can be brought onto innocent children who had no choice or say in the war.

What has emerged however is the myth that 'Assad and his army' are besieging the town, and that he is the one bringing this suffering upon his own people. This is the very people that he claims he is fighting to protect from jihadist forces.

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) ran with the line that Madaya has been 'under siege for seven months by Syrian government forces and Hezbollah militias.' It makes a passing mention that Ahrar ash-Sham are holed up in the town of 40,000 people, but fails to mention that Ahrar ash-Sham are a key ally to Al-Qaeda's franchise in Syria, Jabhat Al-Nusra and shares its radical ideology.

Even if Ahrar ash-Sham are holed up in the city, how does this even remotely justify the food shortages and the blockade the government is imposing on Madaya? Nothing can justify such a blockade.

However, what if I was to suggest that Madaya is not under a food blockade from 'the regime', but that the food shortage is caused by the Ahrar ash-Sham militants attempting to force the hands of the Syrian government to ease the campaign on the besieged terrorist group?

This very real prospect has not been considered by usual propagandist from the ABC, BBC, The Guardian and the usual ilk who cannot go on and do simple investigative work as it might threaten their simplistic paradigm on understanding the multifaceted and complex Syrian War.

Comment: Quite right. Mainstream news would consider this as 'mental gymnastics' to justify Assad's regime. Funny thing is, people are quite capable of understanding cunning tactics and shell games used by the 'bad guys' when watching a movie, but when it comes to real life they somehow take the most simple explanation as truth, never going deeper than surface appearances.

Comment: Unfortunately the 'Masters of the Universe' have been using the exact same tactics for centuries, and they still work because public opinion is so easily manipulated. All that we can hope for is that Syria and its allies are able to hold off this relentless, inhuman assault.


BBC denies undermining Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn by arranging Stephen Doughty resignation live on air

© Peter Nicholls / Reuters
The BBC has been forced to defend itself against claims it made a deliberate political intervention to discredit Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn by arranging for Shadow Minister Stephen Doughty to resign live on air.

Doughty resigned on the BBC's flagship Daily Politics show just before Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs) on Wednesday, in the wake of a cabinet reshuffle by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The controversy centers around a blog post, since deleted, in which it was claimed BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg "sealed the deal" to get Doughty to resign on air.

The post, written by BBC producer Andrew Alexander, is alleged to have said: "Just before 9am we learned from Laura Kuenssberg, who comes on the program every Wednesday ahead of PMQs, that she was speaking to one junior shadow minister who was considering resigning.

"I wonder, mused our presenter Andrew Neil, if they would consider doing it live on the show?"

The proposition was then put to Kuenssberg, who though it a "great idea."

Comment: The BBC has never been "balanced and impartial" in it's reporting, whether pro-Israel bias or anti-Corbyn bias, it serves as a propaganda tool for the British Establishment and Washington. See also:


How to avoid The Hague: Most borrowed book from UN's Dag Hammarskjold library is about war crime immunity

© Wikipedia
United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library
The UN Library has created a media storm by publishing information about its most borrowed book of 2015. Titled 'Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes,' the publication advises world leaders on how to literally get away with murder.

The Dag Hammarskjold Library, named after the former secretary general of the organization who died in 1961, tried to create a little bit of publicity for itself, by posting a tweet of the most borrowed book of 2015. However, the results proved to be both surprising and embarrassing for the library.

Top of the checkout list proved to be a doctoral thesis from the University of Lucerne by Ramona Pedretti, who wrote about whether heads of states can be charged with war crimes in foreign courts.

Her thesis concludes that leaders in power cannot be prosecuted while they are serving as the head of government, so the likes of Robert Mugabe or Bashar Assad would not be able to be prosecuted under US jurisdiction at present. However, once they step down, they can be charged by foreign courts.

Comment: It's like googling "how to get away with murder".

Bad Guys

Up to no good? U.S. Arms Control Asst. Secretary on a visit to Kiev

© Sputnik/ Vitaliy Belousov
US Assistant Secretary of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance Frank Rose will visit Kiev to hold discussions with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Space Agency, and the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, the State Department said in a press release.

During the January 18-20 visit to Ukraine, Rose will also participate in a ceremony marking the update of the bilateral Nuclear Risk Reduction Center (NRRC) communications link at the Ministry of Defense, the release stated on Friday.

Comment: This US official is going to visit a country whose collapse the U.S. is responsible for, whose government (guilty of waging an ethnic cleansing) the U.S. brought to power, and which the U.S. has been using to destabilize a nuclear-armed Russia. And what are they planning on talking about? Well they're allegedly going to chat about a communications system which was designed, among other things, to serve to keep the US and Russia from nuking one another into oblivion. If NATO'd stop blatantly attacking Russian interests there wouldn't be such a need for the thing!

Also see:

2 + 2 = 4

Surprised? Pentagon's numbers for their illusory 'fight against ISIS' don't add up

© Unknown
While the US has touted its bombing campaign against terrorists in Syria, a closer look at the numbers reveals that for every militant killed, another is recruited.

Since the US began military operations in Syria, the Pentagon's strategy has been to kill every individual associated with the Daesh terrorist group, also known as IS/the Islamic State.

"If you're part of ISIL, we will kill you. That's our rule," Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told reporters earlier this week.

Comment: That is what the US expects everyone to believe. The real number one rule is to act like psychopaths and then lie about it.

Comment: No surprise here - the U.S. doesn't want to take out the psychopathic head choppers they've spent billions arming and training.

World Order: New Russian documentary on US hegemony - Includes recent interviews with Vladimir Putin (EN SUBS)


Mush for brains: US hellfire missile "accidentally" sent to Cuba

© Flickr/LH Wong
Hellfire missiles (on the left)
Washington is having to work to retrieve a dummy US Hellfire missile used for NATO training in Spain after it was reportedly sent to Cuba by mistake. America fears that Cubans may steal the advanced technology.

The mishap occurred in 2014, as the missile was mistakenly shipped from Europe to Cuba, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Although the device can't do any damage, as it doesn't contain any explosives, there are fears the Cuban government could share the technology with foreign powers, such as North Korea or China. A US official with knowledge of the situation, who wanted to remain anonymous, confirmed the mishap to AP.

Comment: How does a hellfire missile "accidentally" become shipped to Cuba?

Cow Skull

Bye bye! Turkish-owned hotel in Moscow ceases operations over sanctions

© Press TV
Swissotel Krasnye Kholmy
A Turkish-owned hotel in Russia has reportedly ceased operation as a result of sanctions imposed by Moscow against Ankara after it shot down a Russian fighter jet in Syrian skies last November.

The Swissotel Krasnye Kholmy, located near the Paveletskaya metro station in the capital Moscow, stopped taking reservations on December 30, 2015. "Right now we are trying to find out from the authorities how the economic sanctions [could] influence our business," said Eva-Maria Panzer, spokeswoman for the Swissotel Hotels & Resorts.

Moscow introduced a package of sanctions against Ankara in late November 2015, after a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian aircraft near Syria's border with Turkey, killing one of the two pilots on board. Ankara claimed the Russian bomber had violated the Turkish airspace, but Moscow denied the allegation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned relations between the two countries could suffer "serious consequences" and described the Turkish move as a "stab in the back."Russia's anti-Ankara measures also include a ban on charter flights to Turkey, which started on December 1, 2015, and the suspension of visa-free travel for Turkish nationals from January 1.In addition, Moscow imposed a ban on hiring Turkish nationals and halted the import of many Turkish products.

The sanctions include a list of prohibited activities for Turkish companies in Russia, which involve the tourism sector. On Thursday, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek said the Russian-imposed sanctions on his nation could cost, as a base case scenario, about $3.1 billion.

Comment: Black Friday: Russian sanctions against Turkey and Ukraine officially take effect on the first day of 2016


OPWC report: U.S.-backed rebels used chemical weapons, not Bashar al-Assad

© Al Masdar News
The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has confirmed the traces of the sarin gas used in Syria are not linked with the Syrian government's former stockpile of chemical weapons. The report corroborates the Syrian government's assertions that the faction responsible for the chemical attack, as well as 11 other instances of chemical weapons use, was the Syrian opposition.

The report also substantiates last month's claims from Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi, cousin of Muammar Gaddafi, who said that the chemical weapons used in the incident had been stolen from Libya and later smuggled into Syria via Turkey by militants.

The announcement follows an investigation carried out by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) at the request of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government. "In one instance, analysis of some blood samples indicates that individuals were at some point exposed to sarin or a sarin-like substance" said Ahmet Uzumcu, the head of the OPCW. He later added that the sarin gas examined bore different characteristics to the one formerly owned by the Syrian government.

When the devastating sarin gas incident left some 1400 civilians dead in East Ghouta in 2013, the United States, European Union and Arab League were quick to accuse Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian military of utilizing its chemical weapons to combat Islamist rebels in the Syrian capital.

Subsequently, the Syrian government agreed with Russia and the US administration to have its stockpile safely demolished in Norway. Less than a month ago, it was announced that the entirety of the chemical stockpile had been safely disposed of. Prior to the 2013 attack, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the Syrian Army had seized chemical gas equipment from a militant field hospital in the western port city of Latakia. It cited a field commander stating that the nature of the equipment suggested militants had been planning to carry out chemical or biological attacks and blame the government.

Comment: Syrian rebels used Sarin nerve gas, NOT Assad's regime: U.N. official


No evidence for Great British claim that 'migrant hordes swarm to us for our generous welfare'

Dave's been telling porky-pies again. Not to worry Dave, Authoritarian Followers everywhere still hang on to your every word
Prime Minister David Cameron appears to have no evidence to support his claim that Britain's benefit system attracts EU migrants to the UK, according to a Tory minister's statement.

Former Labour leader Lord Kinnock requested the government release the "factual evidence" it has to prove EU migrants move to Britain to claim benefits.

In his response, Welfare Minister Lord Freud failed to provide any evidence.

Instead the junior minister, who is great grandson of Sigmund Freud, referred to 2013 data by the Department for Work and Pensions, which states "between 37 percent and 45 percent" of recent EU migrants lived in households that claimed benefits.