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Sat, 23 Jun 2018
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The Uranium-gate informant cometh

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

When you consider all the shadowy creatures scuttling around the backstage interstices of the Deep State, it's a little wondrous that someone like this hasn't stepped into the light before. Apparently now, a person whose name will soon be plastered across the pixel-verse, has been given clearance by the Justice Department to come forth and sing to the various house and senate committees about a fishy deal involving Russia and the Clinton dynasty.

The broad outlines of Uranium-Gate are already loaded like a platter of nachos grandes with piquant tidbits of suspicious detail. The informant worked for a DC Swamp lobbying firm that was hired by Tenex, a subsidiary of the Russian government-owned company Rosatom, to grease the skids for a deal to buy a Canadian company, Uranium One, which had substantial mining operations in the USA. According to The Hill website, the deal put about 20 percent of US uranium into the hands of the Russian company.

Comment: This too is a nothing-burger, although it's understandable why US conservatives have hung their hat on it: their democratic opposition, with the backing of the Deep State establishment, have used 'ties with Russia' as a vehicle with which to bash Trump and keep him in line, thus keeping the US Empire on course (towards its total destruction, but they don't know that).

Putin explained - in plain, simple, non-hysterical language - what this uranium deal is actually about in his recent speech at Valdai 2017 (where leaders from around the world in the fields of politics, media and business met to discuss future global governance without the US, which has apparently lost its mind).

The US and Russia made arrangements in the early 90s to 'civilize' their nuclear warheads by selling it to each other for use in nuclear power plants. This way, the process could be openly monitored. The only Clinton connection to this overarching deal is that Slick Willy happened to be president at the time. There's no scandal here. It's being 'scandalized' now because all things Russia are 'bad'.

The vast majority of political news coming out of the US these days is - to again borrow a phrase from Putin - paranoid political schizophrenia.


Syrian General: US won't be able to set up Kurdish region in Syria

Syrian Arab Army SAA
© Mikhail Alaeddin
The war against terrorists is coming to a victorious end in Syria, and the Kurdish issue is gaining momentum. The Syrian Army has recaptured vast territories near Deir ez-Zor, bordering Raqqa Governorate, where the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces are operating. Syrian Brigadier General Turki al Hasan has commented on the latest developments.

Brigadier General Turki al Hasan offered his opinion on the situation around Syria's largest oil field, al-Omar, which has been recently taken by the SDF.

"The US wanted to take this oil field under its control to be able to supply oil products to all the groups they support and weaken the Syrian government. The oil field is now controlled by the predominantly Kurdish SDF because Daesh have left the area on the order of the US.The SDF have quietly captured the deposit," the Syrian military official opined.

Bad Guys

Mosiychuk Assassination Attempt: Ukraine's Rehearsal for Nazi Maidan

Mosiychuk Biletsky

Mosiychuk (left) and Biletsky (right)
On October 25th, the Ukrainian Radical Party's Verkhovna Rada deputy Igor Mosiychuk was wounded in an explosion in Kiev. Two other people were killed in the incident, including a security officer, and another three were wounded.

The leader of Ukraine's Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, believes that this assassination attempt was connected to the professional activities and political position of his party comrade. In other words, Lyashko hinted that the government could be involved in the attack on this parliamentarian who is known for his hostility towards President Poroshenko and his close ties to the Nazis that are currently protesting in front of parliament.

Mosiychuk, let us remind the reader, was deputy commander of the Azov Battalion and one of the leaders of both the Patriot of Ukraine organization and the Social National Assembly, all of which are openly Nazi organizations.

Comment: Further reading: A Dynamic Analysis of Ukraine Politics: The Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis

Eye 1

Senate demands Twitter hand over all WikiLeaks direct messages

twitter insignia
© Dado Ruvic / Reuters
The top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary committee has asked Twitter for documents that include the direct-messaging history of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange, days after the probe into "Russian meddling" in the 2016 elections fractured along party lines.

"We made the decision to go and carry it out ourselves," Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) told Mother Jones Tuesday, referring to the committee's Democrats pursuing the Russia probe. She added that the Republicans "can go ahead and do whatever it is they wanted to do."

Feinstein wrote to the Twitter CEO asking for documents related to "all ads and organic content posted by Russia-connected users and targeted to any part of the United States, regardless of whether the individual or entity violated any Twitter policy."

Star of David

UN official slammed for suggesting that Israel be sanctioned for breaking international law

Michael Lynk
© Alhadath24/Facebook
Michael Lynk, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories
Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian territories Michael Lynk has been slammed by Israeli ambassador to the UN after he urged for economic and travel sanctions to be enforced on the occupying state to force it to withdraw from the West Bank, according to the Times of Israel.

During a press briefing at the UN Human Rights Council yesterday, Lynk cited a report he released on the situation of the Palestinians earlier this week, calling for the international community to increase pressure on Israel

"Israel is very dependent upon trade with the outside world," he said in response to a question on whether sanctions could affect Israel.
If there was an understanding that all of a sudden Israelis wanting to travel abroad needed to have visas, if all of a sudden there was an understanding that Israel wasn't going to get preferential trading agreements with the EU. If all of a sudden, the many and multitude forms of military or economic cooperation or academic cooperation with Israel were now going to come to an end ... I think you'd begin to see a sea-change in the attitude of ordinary Israelis and in the attitude of the Israeli government.
His statements were subsequently denounced by Israeli envoy Danny Danon who claimed that Lynk was advocating for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

Better Earth

Communist Party of China's 19th National Congress: President Xi Jinping speech heralds new global era

As the 19th National Congress of the Com
Xi Jinping 19th Party Congress
© Ng Han Guan/AP
Chinese President Xi Jinping, center, presides over the opening ceremony of the 19th Party Congress. Beijing, Oct. 18.
munist Party of China draws to a close, analysts are parsing through President Xi Jinping's 30,000-plus-word report - delivered in a three-and-a-half-hour address without breaks - to decipher the direction of the most populous nation in the world. It is a laborious effort, especially considering the report's extensive official jargon and policy details.

But there is a much easier way. Read The Economist's coverage of the congress, which is considerably shorter in length, and bet on the opposite being true. Let me explain.

In October 1992, while the party was holding its 14th Party Congress, The Economist editorialized that the party had "stepped backwards" and called the socialist market economy (which the congress espoused) an "oxymoron." Five years later in 1997, during the 15th Party Congress, it characterized the gathering as where "hollow promise[s]" were made and broken, from privatization to unemployment goals. Dashing raised expectations was a "recipe for civil strife," opined the magazine.

Comment: Here is the speech by Xi:


B***s***!: British Airforce drops 3,400 bombs on Iraq and Syria - but says it has 'no evidence' of civilian casualties

Royal Air Force Typhoon jets
© Paul Hackett / Reuters
Royal Air Force Typhoon jets
Over 3,400 British bombs have been dropped on Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) targets in Syria and Iraq, new analysis reveals. The government has been forced to defend claims there is "no evidence" of UK airstrikes killing or maiming civilians.

The UK launched an air campaign against IS in Iraq in 2014 and Syria in December 2015. Analysis by the 'i' newspaper shows that up to September this year UK forces have dropped at least 3,482 bombs and missiles on the two countries. That includes 2,089 Paveway IV smart bombs and 486 of the more accurate Brimstone missiles dropped by Typhoon and Tornado jets.

The government describes the Brimstone as the most accurate weapon available that can be fired by aircraft. A conservative estimate prices them at £100,000 each. The heavier Paveway IV bombs are estimated to cost £30,000 each and Hellfire, the Reaper drone fleet weapon, costs £71,300 each.

Comment: If the Airwars Report is correct, then the number of civilian deaths caused by coalition airstrikes is comparable to the number of Americans who died on 911.

Comment: This is the same Sir Michael Fallon who claimed that the UK was single-handedly responsible for defeating ISIS in Syria. He's a regular "reality creator"!

Some other choice psychopathic statements from the UK's Defense Secretary:

Bizarro Earth

"Collusion" claims are backfiring on Clinton, but Russia is still more evil than ever

clinton banshee

Rare species of banshee spotted in DC.
For months America and the rest of the world have been bombarded with hysterical claims from sore-loser Democrats, GOP Never-Trumpers, and their media shills that Donald Trump only won the 2016 election thanks to the hidden hand of that Mephistopheles of contemporary geopolitics, Vladimir Putin. Never mind that no evidence of any collusion between the Russians and anyone on the Trump team has been found, despite millions of dollars spent by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and several Congressional committees.

With the growing sense that there's no collusion to be found, the narrative lately had shifted towards a new story: maybe what the Russians were really doing was planting discord among Americans to exacerbate our social problems and destroy our faith in our democratic institutions. So, for a measly few hundred thousand dollars' worth of social media ads (many of them appearing after the election) on Facebook, Twitter, etc., Russian interests (we are never told who, exactly) aimed to "sow chaos and create divisions among Americans" - evidently in general, without any link to Trump or even particularly to help him. Among the favorite topics for socially divisive ads were left-leaning memes about Black Lives Matter and the environmental hazards of fracking, as well "a range of right-wing causes associated with Donald Trump's campaign," such as gun rights and illegal immigration. (Regarding the latter, let's not forget that, while remaining an unreconstructed KGB commie, Putin is also a tiki-torch wielding Grand Dragon of the global Alt-Right white nationalist movement. He's another Stalin and "literally Hitler" at the same time.) If not for dastardly Russian meddling, we would have no social problems at all, and everybody would be holding hands singing Kumabaya.

Comment: The only value to these recent "Clinton Russiagate" reports (aside from pure schadenfreude) is that they reveal standard operating procedure in DC. No one should be shocked. The only shocking thing is how relatively clean Trump and his campaign were. But that's not important; the only thing that matters is making sure everyone knows that Russia is the root of all problems, everywhere, at any time, past, present and future. Capiche?


Putin orders Duma to submit bill allowing for visa-free travel during 2018 World Cup

© Sputnik / AFP
President Vladimir Putin has ordered the government of the Russian Federation to submit a bill regarding visa-free entry for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia to the State Duma by December 18.

Putin's instructions were published on the Kremlin website on Wednesday, along with a host of other demands aimed to ensure the country's preparation for the upcoming World Cup, which will be held in Russia for the first time.

As well as the visa-free bill, Putin ruled to introduce measures regulating the sale of alcohol to foreign visitors and work out steps to prevent illegal ticket sales at next summer's football showpiece.

A bill to grant foreign football fans visa-free entry to Russia for the duration of the tournament will be reviewed in December.


Lebanese professor: It would be illogical for Syrian gov't to use chemical weapons on Khan Shaykhun

syria child hospital
The Syrian government didn't have a motive to direct a chemical attack on Khan Shaykhun at the time. It was already making major advances in various parts of the country, says Jamal Wakeem, a professor at the Lebanese University in Beirut.

A leaked report by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed the use of sarin gas in a deadly incident on 4 April in the Idlib province of Syria where 80 people were killed. The report places the blame for the attack on Syrian President Bashar Assad's forces.

The report was conducted by the Joint Investigation Mission (JIM) which says it "is confident that the Syrian Arab Republic is responsible for the release of sarin at Khan Shaykhun," AP and AFP reported.

After the incident, the US launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea at the Syrian government's Shayrat airbase. The strike was ordered by US President Donald Trump as a retaliatory response to the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack.

The UN chemical weapons' watchdog pointedly accuses the Syrian government of the deadly chemical incident in Khan Sheikhoun on April 4, 2017. A leaked quote from the report says the "panel is confident that the Syrian Arab Republic is responsible for" the gas attack.