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Fri, 30 Sep 2022
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In 'Dear Dad' letter in 1939, JFK called for 'independent' Jerusalem


Early signed portrait of John F. Kennedy
As a young man, Jack Kennedy was largely sympathetic to the Arabs in Palestine but called for dividing the land between Palestinians and Jews and keeping Jerusalem independent.

This is the thrust of a "Dear Dad" letter about the Palestine problem written by Kennedy at 22 to his father Joseph, who was then the ambassador to Britain. It was 1939, and Kennedy's father had sent the Harvard undergrad to the Middle East to tell him what was going on. (Thanks to As'ad Abu Khalil for picking it up. I wonder when Chris Matthews will get to it.)

I think the letter is brilliant. The thoughts are incredibly cogent, for a 22-year-old, and reflect a desire to be the honest broker. Kennedy is mostly on the Arab side in this letter. He reflects their long history in the land and the arrogance of the Zionist immigrants, their desire to dominate. He largely describes the Jewish immigrants in colonial terms (cultural superiority, desire for economic domination), but also recognizes that they are "refugees" from the Nazis.

Kennedy saw that the heart of the conflict was two claims to land, and thought the only way to resolve them was partition. But citing Jewish desire to dominate the land he made it clear that Jerusalem should be independent.

Bad Guys

The Coming Age of Austerity: Capitalism's two-step survival plan

The coast is clear, the media tells us; economic disaster has been averted. The Euro Zone is finally stable and the U.S. economy is recovering. Whew!

Why, then, are government policies internationally still pursuing extremist measures? In the U.S., a third round of excess money printing - called Quantitative Easing - began recently in which banks are directly profiting by unloading their toxic mortgages on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet (another backdoor bailout paid by taxpayers).

After the U.S. presidential election, both Democrats and Republicans are committed to different versions of historic cuts to social services, education, Medicare, unemployment benefits, and very likely Social Security. This bi-partisan plan is often referred to as a "grand bargain," the details of which both parties are still haggling over.

In Europe things are no better. After the Euro Zone central bank promised investors its full backing to bailout all Euro Zone members - by printing money - the world economy sighed a heavy relief. But still the Euro Zone - along with the U.S. - is pursuing a two-pronged solution for an extreme economic crisis: austerity measures and the less-discussed "structural reforms."


'Saudi weapons' diverted to Syrian rebel base in Aleppo

BBC News has uncovered evidence that appears to suggest that weapons intended for the Saudi military have been diverted to Syrian rebels.

Three crates from an arms manufacturer - addressed to Saudi Arabia - have been seen in a base being used by rebel fighters in the city of Aleppo.

How the small crates reached Aleppo is unknown, and the BBC was not allowed to film their contents.

Saudi Arabia has refused to comment on the matter.

Turkey is calling for "international action" on Syria after a sixth consecutive day of cross-border shelling.

Turkey returned fire across the border on Monday after a Syrian shell fell on its territory.

Turkey would continue to do everything necessary to protect its borders, President Abdullah Gul said on Monday, adding that the "worst-case scenarios" were now taking place in Syria.

No-one was hurt in the latest incident, near the town of Altinozu, in Hatay province, the Turkish semi-official Anatolia news agency reported.

Comment: For more information on Saudi Arabia and US interference in Syria, read:
US prepares multi-front proxy war against Syria
Syria Condemns Turkey, S. Arabia, Qatar for Exercising West's Policy in Region
Saudis will pay salaries of rebel Syria army


Secret GOP-Dem debate contract to shut-out third parties

While I post a lot of videos, it is not often I say you have to 100% make sure to take the time to watch them. This is one of those times. At first, I was intimidated by the 23 minute run time considering all of the news material I try to get through every day, but I was completely blown away by the information presented by George Farah, the author of "No Debate."

While pretty much everyone reading this already understands that the elections are a joke run by the Two Party Dictatorship, this video explains exactly how the debates are rigged to ensure no Third Party candidate can ever participate and to ensure that neither of the cronies on stage ever gets hit by a difficult question. How is this achieved? A "secret debate contract." Yep, just another conspiracy FACT.

If you are pressed for time go to minute two and let it run for five minutes. I promise you will not turn it off.

Cow Skull

Genetically modified foods, depopulation, and California Proposition 37

In earlier times it was easier to control a million people than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people then to control a million people. - Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Carter/Obama Advisor).

GMO Rats
© Unknown
Research and studies demonstrate that Genetically Modified (GM) foods potentially serve two purposes, neither of which is to feed the starving masses or increase crop yield on a long-term basis. Instead, the purposes of GM foods appear to be those of a bad science-fiction nightmare:
  1. Reduce the human population by poisoning the food supply, causing increases in cancer, inflammation, disease, organ failure and premature death. At the same time, using food to covertly render the population infertile.
  2. Give a handful of elites and the companies they control complete control over the world's food supply.
As Henry Kissinger said, "If you control the oil you control the country; if you control the food, you control the population." Joseph Stalin agreed and is infamous for starving millions of people to death and submission.

With their accomplices at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and within governments, a few corporate giants and their major investors are responsible for much of the damage, destruction, and injuries caused by GM foods.

Monsanto and Dow Chemical manufacture GM seeds and toxic herbicides such as Roundup (Glyphosate). These two corporations also produced Agent Orange herbicide. Vietnam estimates 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of Agent Orange. The Red Cross of Viet Nam estimates that up to 1 million people are disabled or have health problems due to Agent Orange.

Bad Guys

The bad news about good hybrids

© EricPetersAuto
I'm more than a little bit concerned the latest generation of plug-in hybrids (and all-electric cars) might actually work out. Because if they do, you can bet your bippie the government won't let them get away with it.


Internet commerce provides an ominous parallel. People were free to conduct business without tithing to the state. So-called e-commerce blossomed - the two obvious examples being Amazon and eBay. This could not be tolerated, of course - and the state is on the verge of passing new legislation that will force online retailers to collect taxes (see here) and even force users to file 1099s (in the case of eBay; see here) just like any "storefront" business, but without even the greasy pretext used to shakedown the "storefront" business - i.e., the fact that a physical business can be said to use the "resources" of the state/municipality and thus must compelled to "contribute" its "fair share" to the state/municipality.

Now, they just want the fucking money.

Or else.

And more than just the money, actually. They want to know what you bought - and sold - and to whom.

They want control. Absolute, total control. Of everything.

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TSA now offering cancer screening - Cancer patient asked to lift bandages at airport

Great news. The TSA is expanding their services. I think it is on page 2,132 of the Obamacare law. They now test for:
Cancer Screening_1
© The Burning Platform
Prostate cancer.
Cancer Screening_2
© The Burning Platform
Breast cancer.
Cancer Screening_3
© The Burning Platform
Even Anus Cancer!
A leukemia patient making what she calls an "end-of-life" trip to Hawaii says she was embarrassed by security agents at the Seattle airport who refused her request for a private pat-down and made her lift her shirt and pull back her bandages.


Turkey's double duplicity on Syria

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan
With the blessing of the US and its other North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) partners, as well as its own national legislature if not the entire Turkish population, some of whom have been holding mass rallies in opposition to Ankara's war policy vis-a-vis Syria, the Turkish government has resorted to a double hypocrisy.

On the one hand, it has exploited the mortar attack on a Turkish border town, which may have well originated from the well-armed opposition groups trying to weaken Damascus by instigating Turkish-Syrian skirmishes, without even a pause to inquire whether the Syrian army had anything to do with that attack. Even The Wall Street Journal admitted: "While Turkey blamed Wednesday's attack on the Syrian regime, it remained unclear whether it was a deliberate attack or an errant bombing. Most analysts in Turkey concluded that President [Bashar al-] Assad had little to gain from targeting Turkish civilians."

Instead of a measured, level-headed response, the government of Recip Erdogan has rushed lawmakers into giving him carte blanche for Turkish incursions inside Syria, most likely as part and parcel of a concerted effort to secure a "safe haven" for Syrian rebels along the border, where the (French-led) efforts to set up a Syrian provisional government would gain a foothold on Syrian territory.

Bizarro Earth

The Lost War: How thousands of U.S. deaths, amputations and brain traumas from IEDs in Afghanistan are quietly ignored

Shawn Williams
© DoD photo
U.S. Army Pfc. Shawn Williams is evacuated after being injured by a roadside bomb in Kandahar Province on Jun. 17, 2011.
Although the surge of "insider attacks" on U.S.-NATO forces has dominated coverage of the war in Afghanistan in 2012, an even more important story has been quietly unfolding: the U.S. loss of the pivotal war of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to the Taliban.

Some news outlets have published stories this year suggesting that the U.S. military was making "progress" against the Taliban IED war, but those stories failed to provide the broader context for seasonal trends or had a narrow focus on U.S. fatalities. The bigger reality is that the U.S. troop surge could not reverse the very steep increase in IED attacks and attendant casualties that the Taliban began in 2009 and which continued through 2011.

Over the 2009-11 period, the U.S. military suffered a total of 14,627 casualties, according to the Pentagon's Defense Casualty Analysis System and iCasualties, a non-governmental organisation tracking Iraq and Afghanistan war casualties from published sources.

Of that total, 8,680, or 59 percent, were from IED explosions, based on data provided by the Pentagon's Joint IED Defeat Organisation (JIEDDO). And the proportion of all U.S. casualties caused by IEDs continued to increase from 56 percent in 2009 to 63 percent in 2011.


Thought Crime: Academics fight for freedom as critical thinkers eliminated from Israeli universities

Ben Gurion University Israel
© Jillian Kestler-D’Amours/IPS.
Academic freedom stands threatened at the Ben Gurion University in Israel.
As the political science department at a major Israeli university has been threatened with closure in the 2013 school year, professors and students say the move reflects the politicisation of Israeli academia, and threatens basic freedoms.

"These are very dark days for academic freedom in Israel and freedom of speech generally," Tamar Zandberg, a PhD student at the politics and government department of Ben Gurion University told IPS. The university is located in Be'er Sheva in Israel's Negev desert.

"Even if the department ends up not being closed, I think that a lot of damage has already been done. I feel that the government is threatening us, just to deliver a message saying, 'Beware. Don't be critical. Be careful of what you say, with your research, (and) with your political opinions.' Since when is it a crime to be a scholar or an academic and to be left-wing?" Zandberg said.