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Trump assassination attempt - America Teeters on the Abyss

Trump assassination attempt
A remarkable photo captured by my former White House Press Corps colleague Doug Mills. Zoom in right above President Trump's shoulder and you'll see a bullet flying in the air to the right of President Trump's head following an attempted assassination.
Well, the nightmare scenario we've predicted for a long time is slowly unraveling.

Trump was just shot at his rally in Butler, PA by a rooftop sniper, who is claimed to be an Antifa terrorist, though I haven't seen full corroboration of that yet.

The second victim now announced as deceased was a woman somewhere in the stands behind Trump. An off-duty surgeon confirmed a victim in the stands was hit in the head and had 'brain matter' scattered, which points to a high powered caliber.


Comment: It is not as if the Democrats have not come out and openly called for Trump to be taken down.


Law group says a trove of Biden docs details how DHS planned to crack down on conservative voices

DHS seal
America First Legal (AFL) made public a trove of documents that reveal a coordinated effort within the Biden administration to crack down on the free speech of its political opponents, according to the conservative law group.

AFL obtained the documents through legal action taken against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) over its now-defunct Homeland Intelligence Experts Group. The group coordinated with an advisory body led by former intelligence officials John Brennan and James Clapper on ways to combat "domestic terrorism," which includes cracking down on political dissent, according to AFL.
"The American people need to read these records and our exposé of the Biden Administration's efforts to further weaponize the government to achieve their objectives. This 'committee,' stacked with the Administration's allies, was formed in violation of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and we were proud to have stopped its activities. Now, it is up to Congress to stop the Biden Administration from further using these same actors to advance their radical agenda at the DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis,"
America First Legal Executive Director Gene Hamilton said in a statement.

Comment: America First Legal's thread on the shady DHS subgroup:


The political realists meet: Hungary's Orban ditched NATO summit for a visit with Donald Trump

orban hungary trump mar a lago
© Orban Viktor/XViktor Orbán and Donald Trump meet at Mar-a-Lago, July 10, 2024
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has long admired Donald Trump

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban departed the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to meet with former President Trump in Florida, a source familiar with the meeting told Fox News Digital.

The New York Times first broke the story, citing a Trump campaign official and a person close to the former president. The report did not indicate what the pair would discuss at this impromptu meeting, but Orban has crisscrossed the globe over the past week after assuming the role as president of the European Union.

Orban arrived in the U.S. this week to attend the multi-day NATO summit, which celebrates the 75th anniversary of the organization's founding and occurs at a time when members remain concerned about Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine and what the future holds for the broader European Union.

Comment: Orban seems so confident of Trump's alignment with his goals and support for his actions, he posted what amounted to a campaign ad for him:

Trump, Orban, Putin: Why are all the 'dictators' hellbent on peace?

Bizarro Earth

The DNC horse-trading begins: Kamala Harris' star rises while Gavin Newsom's fades

kamala harris
Kamala Harris is currently the presumed successor if Joe drops out. This could change.
Vice President Kamala Harris nodded awkwardly along as the crowd at a campaign event in Las Vegas Tuesday greeted her with an exuberant chant of "Four more years! Four more years!"

In normal times, such a refrain from a room full of supporters while a vice president stumps for a second term would simply come with the territory. Yet, with Joe Biden's presidency hanging in the balance since his woeful June 27 debate performance, the words took on curious new meaning: Four more years for whom?

Hours before, more than 2,000 miles away back in Washington, divided House Democrats were conducting a rancorous meeting about Biden's future. Though Biden's critics inside the party have been unable to convince the president to step aside, one development did come into focus: If Biden relinquishes his hold on the presidency, or decides not to stand for reelection, the baton should be handed to Kamala Harris.

Comment: Should Harris emerge as the Dem candidate, she'd better buckle up for the torrent of video clips and sound bites that will come from the Trump campaign showing her unsuitability for high office, not to mention her general ineptness. The internet is littered with examples for the meme lords to draw upon.


The need for a new political vocabulary

© Dee/PixabayIllustrated Man
The July 4 landslide defeat of the neoliberal pro-war British Conservatives by the neoliberal pro-war Labour Party poses the question of just what the media mean when they describe the elections and political alignments throughout Europe in terms of center-right and center-left traditional parties challenged by nationalist neo-fascists.

Political differences between Europe's centrist parties are marginal, all supporting neoliberal cutbacks in social spending in favor of rearmament, fiscal stringency and the deindustrialization that support of U.S.-NATO policy entails. The word "centrist" means not advocating any change in the economy's neoliberalism. Hyphenated-centrist parties are committed to maintaining the pro-U.S. post-2022 status quo.

That means letting U.S. leaders control European politics via NATO and the European Commission, Europe's counterpart to America's Deep State. This passivity is putting its economies onto a war footing, with inflation, trade dependence on the United States and European deficits resulting from U.S.-sponsored trade and financial sanctions against Russia and China. This new status quo has shifted European trade and investment away from the Eurasia to the United States.


Biden will 'never recover' and must drop out - aides to NBC

© Saul Loeb/AFRussian President Vladimir Putin • US President Joe Biden
One of these knows who the other is.
The US president is reportedly facing a mutiny within the campaign.

US President Joe Biden has no way to recover from the debate disaster and needs to drop out of the race, multiple campaign aides have told NBC News. The 81-year-old Democrat has been under increasing public pressure from the media, senior party members, donors, and celebrity sympathizers to step down after a catastrophic performance in the June 27 debate with Republican challenger Donald Trump.

"No one is denying that the debate was a setback," campaign chair Jen O'Malley Dillon and campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez said in a memo to staff, leaked to NBC on Thursday. "But Joe Biden and this campaign have made it through setbacks before."

Others were more blunt."He needs to drop out," one Biden campaign official told NBC, speaking on condition of anonymity. "He will never recover from this."

"No one involved in the effort thinks he has a path," said a second campaign aide.

Another campaign worker described Biden's chances of winning the November election as "zero."

Comment: With the world at stake and the times more complicated than ever, here's what Biden said:
US President Joe Biden has said he has no reason to talk with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, including about the Ukraine conflict. However, he also said he would not refuse to engage with any world leader.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Biden was asked whether he would still be able to "deal" with Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping in a few years. "I'm ready to deal with them now," he replied, noting that he maintains contact with Xi.

However, when it comes to the Russian leader, Biden said:
"I have no good reason to talk to Putin at the moment. There's not much that he is prepared to do in terms of accommodating any change in his behavior."
Referring to the hostilities between Moscow and Kiev:
"I'm not ready to talk to Putin unless Putin is ready to change his behavior."
However, Biden then said he was open to engagement with "any leader who wants to talk," including Putin. He recalled that the last time the pair had a direct conversation, they were discussing an arms control agreement relating to nuclear weapons in space. "That didn't go very far," he added.

The last phone call between Biden and Putin took place in late December 2021, several weeks before the start of Russia's campaign in Ukraine, which resulted in bilateral relations plummeting to their lowest point since the Cold War.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said last month that Russia was ready to hold talks with the US but only if such dialogue is "comprehensive" and includes not only arms control issues but also the Ukraine conflict.
"It is impossible to take out any individual segments from the general complex of accumulated problems. Both sides need to engage to address mounting problems in the global security architecture."
On Thursday, Putin's name was again mentioned by Biden during a joint event in Washington when he confused Ukraine's Vladimir Zelensky for the Russian leader, exacerbating concerns about his mental state, which have been mounting since his disastrous debate performance against GOP rival Donald Trump last month.
Perhaps Biden's shun does Putin a favor, given he remembers who Putin is.

See also:

Bizarro Earth

'World on edge of abyss' - leading political scientist

© Vladimir Astapkovich/SputnikPresident of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Aleksandr Dynkin
The loss of global influence during the Ukraine conflict may push the West to take "reckless" steps, leading political scientist Aleksandr Dynkin has warned.

The last time the world came so close to catastrophe was 60 years ago during the Cuban missile crisis, Dynkin, who is the director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences, told a roundtable in Moscow on Thursday.

Titled 'War and Peace in XXI century', the event was held as part of preparations for the upcoming Leo Tolstoy International Peace Prize award ceremony.

For hundreds of years the global world order was set in Europe, and more recently in the US, Dynkin stated. However, following the conflict in Ukraine, the international architecture will for the first time be shaped with the participation of Russia, China, and India, he argued, adding that the 'political East' will be an equal partner of the 'political West'.

Comment: There never were, nor ever will be 'winners'.


Mandatory conscription and subway stations as bunkers: Germany outlines wartime plans

German soldier
© Sean Gallup/Getty ImagesA German armed forces solider during the "National Guardian" military exercise • Bundeswehr's tank training grounds • April 18, 2024
For the first time since the Cold War, Germany has updated its plans should conflict erupt in Europe, with ministers citing the threat posed by Russia.

The 67-page document, known as the Framework Directive for Overall Defense and released this week, envisions the complete transformation of daily life for German citizens in the event of war.

It is a further sign of how Germany, which has had a staunchly anti-militaristic stance since World War II, has been forced to adapt its security and military policy in the wake of Moscow's war on Ukraine.

Under wartime conditions, mandatory conscription into the army would be reinstated and skilled laborers aged over 18 could be made to work certain jobs including in bakeries and post offices - as well as being prevented from quitting their jobs. Doctors, psychologists, nurses and vets may also be repurposed in military and civil service roles.

Rationing would also be brought in. In the event of dwindling food supplies, the government would stockpile food to provide citizens with "one hot meal a day" for an undisclosed period of time, according to the document. Federal reserves would include foods like rice, pulses and condensed milk. Other key resources such as petrol and oil could also be rationed with coupons if they become scarce.

Comment: Puppet strings: Instead of mutual exploration for agreement and repair, another door closes based on 'what if'.

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U.S. pressure against China and Indonesia: The details behind the dismantling of the Brazilian defense industry

© public domaine
The intention to sabotage the defense industrial triangle between Brazil, China and Indonesia would be behind the release of credit for Australia to buy Avibras.

One of the most controversial issues in Brazil today is the possible sale of Avibras (a Brazilian military industry company). The main candidates for acquiring the company are the Australian DefendTex and the Chinese Norinco. Faced with the almost inevitability of the sale of at least half of the company's shares by the Brazilian State, Brasília is left to decide between benefiting an intra-BRICS strategic partner or a pro-Western power that serves as a pivot for American plans against Beijing.

The controversy has been ongoing for months and reached a high point after DefendTex failed to obtain a loan from the Australian government to purchase the Brazilian company. From then on, negotiations between Brazil and China for a supposed sale to Norinco began to advance, generating discussions among sectors of Brazilian society about the possible "risks" of selling Avibras to the Chinese.

Pro-Western lobbyists in Brazil managed to convince the Brazilian government's top brass that selling a defense company to China would generate "diplomatic discomfort" with the U.S. Even though China is Brazil's largest trading partner, responsible for practically single-handedly balancing the Brazilian economy with its massive purchases of commodities, the country continues to be seen as a "controversial" nation due to its geopolitical status of opposition to the U.S. - a power that is seen by some Brazilian public figures as Brazil's "main ally".

Bad Guys

Best of the Web: NATO war summit prepares direct entry into Ukraine war

Biden NATO
© AP Photo/Evan VucciPresident Joe Biden speaks during the opening session of the NATO Summit, Wednesday, July 10, 2024, in Washington.
At its summit this week in Washington, the NATO military alliance announced the creation of an office inside Ukraine and the establishment of a NATO command in Germany, led by a three-star general, to oversee the war against Russia.

These actions signify the shift to a new phase in the war, in which the NATO military alliance will openly take charge of arming, funding and directing the Ukrainian military, as a prelude to the deployment of NATO forces in the conflict.

The actions announced at the summit are provocative. The NATO alliance is declaring that it is stationing civilian officers in an active war zone. What will happen if these officers come under fire? Will NATO then invoke Article 5 of the NATO treaty to declare war against Russia?

Comment: Russia is well aware that this has already happened, albeit covertly. And it has, where possible, neutralised the threat.