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Architects of Polish Russophobia: How twin brothers defined their country's anti-Russia policy

Jaroslaw and Lech Kaczynski
Jaroslaw and Lech Kaczynski
Why Jaroslaw and Lech Kaczynski dedicated their political careers in Poland to antagonizing Moscow.

It's unlikely that the parents of twin brothers, born shortly after the establishment of the communist regime in Poland, could have foreseen their sons playing such a role in the post-World War Two history of their country.

The brothers became domestic movie stars when they were just 13 years old, but decided to connect their lives not with art, but with politics. By the mid-2000s, they already headed Poland, utilizing anti-communist and anti-Russian rhetoric first tested back in the 1970s.

A few years after coming to power, one of the brothers tragically died in a plane crash near Smolensk, on Russia's western edge. The other, seemingly driven by a desire for vengeance for his twin, entrenched himself even deeper in Poland's deep state. To this day, he wields significant political influence, infusing it with strong anti-Russian sentiments.

These brothers are none other than Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the former president and prime minister of Poland, born 75 years ago in June 1949 into a family of active members of the Polish resistance. As the founders and leaders of the Law and Justice party, the Kaczynski brothers, politicians and conservative romantics, became intrinsically linked with modern Poland.

Comment: See also:

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Ukrainian opposition leader writes letter to Trump saying Kiev had motive to kill him

© Serhii Nuzhnenko/ReutersVictor Medvedchuk exiled Ukrainian opposition leader
Ukrainian opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk has sent a letter to US presidential nominee Donald Trump, where he pointed to a potential Ukrainian link in the recent attempt on his life.

Medvedchuk, the former leader of the Opposition Platform For Life party, which is banned in Ukraine, who now leads the Other Ukraine movement, suggested that Trump's repeated calls for peace in Ukraine made him a target. "This peace means the loss of power for the Zelensky's Nazi regime and its American sponsors from the Biden administration," the letter, made available to TASS, says.

"This is why, esteemed Mr. Trump, you have become an enemy for Ukrainian neo-Nazi Zelensky. And this scoundrel will stop at nothing to keep you from winning the presidential race," Medvedchuk said in his letter. "I think that a Ukrainian link may appear in the assassination attempt case."

Comment: While Ukraine's lunatic Bodanov may not be behind this particular attempt, Medvedchuk is still on point. There are many factions in the U.S. and abroad who would not welcome the return of Trump.


GOP had Secret Service under investigation before Trump assassination attempt

trump assassination secret service cover
© AP Photo / Evan VucciRepublican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump is surrounded by U.S. Secret Service agents at a campaign rally, Saturday, July 13, 2024, in Butler, Pa.
The Secret Service had already been under investigation by House Oversight Committee Republicans for several months when a bullet came within inches of killing former President Trump, killed a bystander, and injured at least two others at a rally in Pennsylvania Saturday afternoon.

Even though Trump and his family members credited the special agents and a counter sniper assigned to his protective detail with saving his life and possibly many others, recriminations against the Secret Service started almost immediately after the assassination attempt.

Americans could see for themselves how the agents and officers traveling with Trump on Saturday acted heroically, falling on the former president after his right ear was pierced by a bullet and returning heavy caliber gunfire, killing the 20-year-old shooter, Thomas Crooks. But questions remain over how Crooks managed to perch on a nearby rooftop and come within inches of killing Trump, renewing past criticisms of the once-vaunted agency with a troubled history of security lapses, employee misconduct, and uneven discipline practices.


Orban delivers Ukraine peace proposals to EU - adviser

© Pier Marco Racca/Getty ImagesHungarian PM Viktor Orban • European Council Meeting • June 27, 2024 • Brussels, Belgium
The plan is based on the results of the Hungarian leader's recent visits to Kiev and Moscow, political adviser Balazs Orban has said.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has sent proposals to EU leaders on ways to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, newspaper Magyar Nemzet reported on Monday, citing the PM's political adviser Balazs Orban.

The proposals are said to be based on the results of the premier's controversial peace mission earlier this month, during which he visited Ukraine, Russia, and China.

Orban provided EU leaders with a detailed account of his visits, and delivered Budapest's action plan to their desks, Balazs Orban (no relation) told the newspaper.

The adviser described Budapest's proposals as being "based on a realistic assessment of the situation" and on setting "realistic goals," without elaborating further.

Comment: The EU remains 'monkey in the middle' but professes it has a say. If so, Orban has cracked open that door, should the EU come to its senses and recognize his gift to its future.

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Trump picks JD Vance for VP

© FacebookFormer US President Donald Trump • Trump's pick for Vice President JD Vance
Former President Trump has chosen Sen. JD Vance as his running mate for the 2024 election, tapping the first-term Ohio senator and America First firebrand to join the Republican ticket.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:
"After lengthy deliberation and thought, and considering the tremendous talents of many others, I have decided that the person best suited to assume the position of Vice President of the United States is Senator J.D. Vance of the Great State of Ohio.
Trump cited Vance's resume, including his service in the Marines, his degree from Yale Law School and his best-selling memoir, Hillbilly Elegy.
"J.D. has had a very successful business career in Technology and Finance, and now, during the Campaign, will be strongly focused on the people he fought so brilliantly for, the American Workers and Farmers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and far beyond.

"As Vice President, J.D. will continue to fight for our Constitution, stand with our Troops, and will do everything he can to help me MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Congratulations to Senator J.D. Vance, his wife, Usha, who also graduated from Yale Law School, and their three beautiful children. MAGA2024!"
Trump informed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) on Monday that they were not going to join him on the ticket, leaving Vance as the obvious front-runner.


Shocks to the system

The Democrats are self-immolating on the altar of their own tenuous relationship with common decency.
— Tom Luongo
"Trump is brushing off assassin's bullets like dirt off his shoulder, racking up a mile long rap sheet of the fakest & gayest felonies known to man, chased through civil court by crazy-eyed harridans deranged by how horny he makes them. Joe Biden has jello for supper at 4pm."
— Aimee Terese on "X"
Dear Hitler, "Joe Biden" wrote his personal note of condolence Saturday night. So sorry to hear that you were inconvenienced by loud noises in PA, where I grew up in the black church. Chris Wray tells me that fine people may be behind it. Will keep you in the loop. Get well soon!

Here's some more consolation: The New York Times reports this morning that the FBI is looking into the attempt on Mr. Trump's life as "possible domestic terrorism." One must ask: are they trying to shed new light on this event, or just blowing more smoke up America's ass — because that has been the FBI's specialty for at least the past eight years. We'll know if they take the definitive step of labeling the act a "hate crime."

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Bobby Kennedy slams US Secret Service

© Anna Moneymaker/Getty ImagesLaw enforcement agents stand near the stage of a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump
July 13, 2024 • Butler, Pennsylvania
Bystanders reportedly tried to alert police of a gunman before shots were fired at Donald Trump at the weekend.

Bobby Kennedy III, a member of the famous American political dynasty that has experienced the 'Kennedy curse' of assassinations, deaths, and accidents, has slammed the US Secret Service's failure to detect Donald Trump's attacker before he fired shots at the former president.

According to eyewitnesses who spoke to the media, the suspect was seen on the rooftop of a manufacturing plant shortly before he targeted Trump during a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Kennedy III wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday:
"Unsecured rooftop 150 yards away. Multiple witnesses saying they were screaming at secret service and cops for 3-4 minutes as they watched the guy with the rifle crawl to the spot and line up his shot...

"Take your secret service and shove it up your ass."
Kennedy III is the son of current presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - whose uncle, former US President John F. Kennedy, and father, a New York senator and presidential candidate, were both assassinated in the 1960s.


10 burning questions that every American should be asking about the Trump shooting

© unknownFormer US President Donald Trump and security personnel • Trump rally shooting • Butler, Pennsylvania
The people that guard our leaders are supposed to be the most highly trained security personnel in the world. So how could something like this have happened? As I mentioned in a previous article, I have been trying to put the pieces together. To me, it appears that we either just witnessed incompetence on an epic scale or something more insidious was going on out there.

The American people deserve answers, and hopefully we will get them. But I think that one thing is clear. I don't see any possible way that the head of the Secret Service, Kimberly Cheatle, can be allowed to keep her job. There is no way that this shooting would have happened the way that it did if competent people were running the show.

I have been digging into what many of the experts have been saying about this incident, and there is so much that just doesn't make sense. So I have compiled a list of 10 burning questions that every American should be asking about the Trump shooting...

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Elon Musk Pledges $45 Million Monthly To Pro-Trump Super PAC To Counter Dems In Swing States

Elon Musk
As reported by the Wall Street Journal, a source familiar with the situation has revealed Elon Musk's latest power move: a $45 million a month commitment to a new super political-action committee to support former President Donald Trump. This new super PAC will deploy large sums of money and other resources in critical swing states to counter 'get out the vote' campaigns by Democrats.

Called 'America PAC,' the group is reportedly focused on registering voters and convincing constituents to vote early and request mail-in ballots across swing states, according to the people. The group will counter get out the vote campaigns by Democrats in swing states.

Besides Musk, America PAC is supported by Palantir Technologies co-founder Joe Lonsdale, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and former US ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft and her husband, Joe, the chief executive of coal producer Alliance Resource Partners.

According to a Monday filing, America PAC received $8.75 million in contributions for the quarter ending June 30, as reported by the WSJ. Musk is rumored to begin his donations this month.

Comment: Musk has not been afraid to show his support for Trump in recent times and has reaped the wrath of the establishment.


Trump's Florida case stunningly dismissed after Judge Cannon finds appointment of special counsel Jack Smith 'violated the Constitution'

trump judge aileen cannon jack smith
© Getty(L-R) Donald Trump, Judge Aileen Cannon, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith
Former President Donald Trump's confidential documents case was tossed out by a federal judge in a stunning move in Florida on Monday — eliminating one of his biggest legal liabilities just 113 days before the Nov. 5 election.

Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed the case against Trump — a move considered especially significant because the charges were widely viewed as the most likely to score a conviction in any of the four cases against him — on the grounds that the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith to the prosecution violated the Constitution.

Former President Donald Trump, who was shot at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, just scored a legal victory. AP

"I am thrilled that a judge had the courage and wisdom to do this," Trump told Fox News in an interview moments after the ruling. "This has big, big implications, not just for this case but for other cases.

Comment: Jonathan Turley and other legal experts weigh in:
Jonathan Turley, a defense attorney and law professor at George Washington University, told Fox News Monday that "of all of the cases that could be dismissed, this would be at the top of the list. This was the greatest threat. And for now, at least, it's gone."


John Yoo, a constitutional attorney, told Fox News Digital that the question of the constitutionality of special counsel has been debated for over 20 years. "We've been thinking and talking about this, these people who specialize in the Appointments Clause. The courts have generally been deferential to the Justice Department and how they want to appoint different lawyers."

"But I think because of how aggressive Jack Smith has been, he prompted close scrutiny from the courts," said Yoo.

Ed Meese, the former Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, filed a number of amicus briefs in Jack Smith's cases against Trump arguing that Smith is "improperly appointed" and "has no more authority to represent the United States in this Court than Bryce Harper, Taylor Swift, or Jeff Bezos."

While Garland cited as statutory authority for this appointment, Meese argued that "none of those statutes, nor any other statutory or constitutional provisions, remotely authorized the appointment by the Attorney General of a private citizen to receive extraordinary criminal law enforcement power under the title of Special Counsel."

"Second, even if one overlooks the absence of statutory authority for the position, there is no statute specifically authorizing the Attorney General, rather than the President by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint such a Special Counsel," the former AG wrote.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Meese said "We are very glad that the court moved to emphasize the importance of the Constitution in making sure that the special counsel's appointment constitutional standards."

"I congratulate Judge Cannon for her courage and constitutional ability," he said.

Yoo said Cannon's decision is "a very thorough, strongly reasoned, persuasive opinion [that] goes through the history of special counsels and all the statutes that are involved."

"This decision is very well-reasoned and very well-written," said John Shu, a constitutional attorney who served in both Bush administrations. "It's not surprising because Congress intentionally allowed the independent counsel statute, which the Supreme Court found constitutional, to lapse, and they never replaced or amended it."

"And thus Congress, through it's inaction, just allowed the regulatory agency, in this case the DOJ, to go ahead and promulgate its own regulations in place of an actual enabling statute," he

Monday's decision is the latest in a string of legal victories for the former president. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court ruled that he and future presidents are granted limited immunity from prosecution for official acts in office. That decision directly impacted Smith's separate case against Trump related to the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

In a separate concurrence to the immunity decision, Justice Clarence Thomas looked to "highlight another way in which this prosecution may violate our constitutional structure" - the appointment of Jack Smith as special counsel.

"In this case, there has been much discussion about ensuring that a President 'is not above the law.' But, as the Court explains, the President's immunity from prosecution for his official acts is the law. The Constitution provides for 'an energetic executive,' because such an Executive is 'essential to... the security of liberty,'" Thomas wrote.

"Respecting the protections that the Constitution provides for the Office of the Presidency secures liberty. In that same vein, the Constitution also secures liberty by separating the powers to create and fill offices. And, there are serious questions whether the Attorney General has violated that structure by creating an office of the Special Counsel that has not been established by law," Thomas said, adding that "[t]hose questions must be answered before this prosecution can proceed."

Thomas explained that in this case, the attorney general "purported to appoint a private citizen as Special Counsel to prosecute a former President on behalf of the United States."

"But, I am not sure that any office for the Special Counsel has been 'established by Law,' as the Constitution requires. By requiring that Congress create federal offices 'by Law,' the Constitution imposes an important check against the President - he cannot create offices at his pleasure," he said.

Should the Justice Department appeal Cannon's decision, the Supreme Court could eventually be petitioned to weigh in on the matter.

"All of these cases seem to be collapsing of their own weight, and it's because of lawfare," said Jim Trusty, a former federal prosector and former lawyer for President Trump.

"This is the price of lawfare when you create different crimes and different investigative approaches, and you do it all in the name of self-righteousness that Donald Trump needs to be stopped, which is really the philosophy behind all these prosecutions."