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Sat, 27 Nov 2021
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Michael Flynn ups the conspiracy ante, says COVID released by 'Global Elites'

Michael Flynn
© Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images
Former Trump advisor Michael Flynn addresses a crowd in Washington D.C, December 2020.
Michael Flynn is pushing an evidence-free conspiracy theory that claims COVID-19 was released by a mysterious group of "global elites" who may be preparing to "impose" a new virus on the world.

Flynn, best known for a short stint as former President Donald Trump's national security adviser, made the remarks during a recent interview on The Alex Jones Show. Flynn told host Alex Jones that there would be a planned surge of COVID-19 despite sleuthing by "digital warriors" having uncovered the "truth" about the virus, although no credible evidence that would prove the sinister plot has been publicly presented anywhere.

Flynn said:
"We're going to see an uptick in other aspects of the COVID. There might even be another form of a SARS that's imposed on the international system ... because their little plan with COVID didn't work because too many people in the world of what I call the digital warriors, or the citizen journalists that are out there, they are fighting for the truth.

"The truth has been exposed about all the COVID tyranny that we are facing. So, I think what we're gonna see is potentially another type of virus that's imposed on the public. And I hope that that's not the case, but I've seen some indications of that in some of the statements by some of these global elite type of people."
Beyond creating "COVID tyranny," Flynn did not indicate what was the ultimate goal of the supposed elites involved in the pandemic-creating plot. He also predicted that the country's economy would soon be plunged into an intentional "controlled depression" and that the government would "shut down" all communications, although he conceded that "these are the worst-case scenarios."

Comment: It is easy to tell which side of the political line Newsweek occupies, evidenced in its narratives and qualifiers.

Check out the 'banned' video roundtable with Michael Flynn, Joe Flynn and Patrick Byrne interviewed by Alex Jones:


Venezuela's socialists win elections in landslide - so US refuses to recognize them

© Reuters/Carlos Garcia Rawlins
Venezuela campaign rally
The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) won the November 21 mega-elections in a landslide, getting more votes in 20 of 23 states and the capital Caracas. So the US government responded by trying to discredit the vote. Venezuelan journalist Diego Sequera speaks about the elections, the historic victory of the ruling party of President Nicolás Maduro, and Washington's attempt to de-legitimize the process.

Venezuela's November 21 regional elections were monitored by the European Union.

Comment: The US would rather be consistently wrong than admit it.


Zelenskiy says coup plot uncovered, Ukraine ready for any escalation with Russia

© Reuters
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy
President Volodymyr Zelenskiy says Ukraine's intelligence service has uncovered plans to stage a coup involving people from Russia that was due to occur next week. Zelenskiy did not give full details of the plot nor did he accuse the Kremlin of direct involvement in his comments at a press conference in Kyiv on November 26.

The Kremlin swiftly denied any role in any coup plot.

At the press conference involving journalists from Ukraine and abroad, Zelenskiy also said Ukraine was ready for any escalation from Russia amid recent reports of Russian troops massing in Russia's western regions and in illegally occupied Crimea.

Media outlets including The New York Times and Bloomberg have quoted U.S. officials as warning that Russia might attack this winter, with some saying a potential invasion could be "on a scale far greater" than in 2014, when Russia seized the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea.

Comment: Russia did not seize Crimea. Crimean people voted over 90% in favor to rejoin Russia.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied the allegation of Russia being involved in the planned coup attempt. "We never do things like that," Peskov said.

Comment: If Ukraine is 'prepared' for a war with Russia 'tomorrow' it stands to reason the US has promised unlimited support. If Zelenskiy is bluffing, he is a fool and a tool. Sec. of State Blinken remains on the offensive towards Russia hoping to distance the Biden family controversies associated with Ukraine.

Another report offers different aspects of 'the coup':
A Russian-backed plot to topple the Ukrainian government within days has been exposed, the country's president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has claimed, pointing the finger at a high-profile oligarch as one of the backers of the coup.

Speaking as part of a marathon press conference in Kiev on Friday, Zelensky told journalists that officials have
"received information that a coup d'état will take place in our country on December 1-2. We have audio recordings in which representatives of Russia and Rinat Akhmetov discuss the coup."
According to Zelensky, billions of dollars are being spent by Akhmetov, the owner of Shaktar Donetsk football club and recently a leading critic of the government, as part of a regime-change bid. Zelensky, however, said that he doesn't believe the entrepreneur, who has an estimated net worth of more than $7 billion, will take part in the coup himself.

Pledging action over the purported plot, Zelensky warned:
"you can't fight against your people and the president who was elected by the citizens of Ukraine."
He went on to allege that internal threats within the country are now far more pressing than the risk of a major military conflict with Russia.

Earlier this year, Viktor Medvedchuk, the leader of the largest opposition party in the country's parliament, was detained on charges of high treason. While details of the allegations have not been made public, they are believed to relate to business interests in Crimea. Medvedchuk insists the prosecution is politically motivated and accuses Zelensky of trying to create a "dictatorship."

In September, Ukraine's national parliament voted through a sweeping new law designed to prevent "oligarchs" from influencing public life. Critics say that the designations can be applied arbitrarily to silence opposition figures, while wealthy backers of the government remain unaffected.
Meanwhile reports, making similar claims of Russian troops massing on Ukrainian borders, have proved to be untrue.

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Israel 'limits' spy tech sales

Face recognition
© Reuters/Amir Cohen
Facial recognition program script during cyber security training course
Israel's Ministry of Defense is reportedly placing new limitations on where the country's cybersecurity firms can sell their surveillance and hacking tools, sharply narrowing its list of approved nations for such deals.

Notably absent from the list are Israel's new allies under last year's Abraham Accords: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco. The Jerusalem Post said on Thursday that by slashing the list of approved nations to 37 from 102, the Ministry of Defense also excluded "behind-the-scenes ally" Saudi Arabia.

Countries that survived the purge include the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, South Korea, and dozens of European nations, according to Israel's Calcalist newspaper.

The move comes after the US Commerce Department earlier this month blacklisted Israeli firms NSO Group and Candiru for allegedly supplying spyware to governments that used the technology to abuse human rights. Washington said:
"These tools have also enabled foreign governments to conduct transnational repression, which is the practice of authoritarian governments targeting dissidents, journalists and activists outside of their sovereign borders to silence dissent. Such practices threaten the rules-based international order."

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Poland downgrades mission to Israel, says it won't send ambassador

Marek Magierowski
© Poland Embassy
Poland's Ambassador to Israel Marek Magierowski
Poland's Foreign Ministry says it will have no ambassador in Israel for the time being, bringing the mission level down to that of Israel's mission in Poland.

The traditionally sensitive bilateral relations soured in the summer after Poland adopted legislation seen as banning claims for restitution of some seized property, including that of Holocaust victims. Israel protested.

Poland at the time told its ambassador, Marek Magierowski, not to return to his Tel Aviv post after a vacation. He has since been appointed to Washington, and Warsaw now says it will not send a replacement.

"There are no plans at the moment to propose a new person for the position of ambassador" in Tel Aviv, Ministry spokesman Lukasz Jasina says.

Israel's mission to Poland is only at the charge d'affaires level, following earlier tensions. Tal Ben-Ari Yaalon, who was recalled to Israel during the summer spat, is expected to return to Warsaw.

Bad Guys

New 'super mutant insane scary worst variant ever' makes landfall in Belgium: Governments do what governments do

Belgium said Friday it has detected the first announced case in Europe of the new COVID-19 variant, in an unvaccinated person returning from abroad.

"We have a case that is now confirmed of this variant," B.1.1.529, first detected in southern Africa, Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke told a media conference.

The infected person tested positive on November 22 and had not had COVID-19 before, he added, without giving further details.

A leading Belgian virologist, Marc Van Ranst, tweeted that the person had returned from Egypt on November 11.

Vandebroucke said: "It must be repeated that this is a suspect variant — we don't know if it is a very dangerous variant."

He noted, however, that "as a precaution" Europe was stopping flights from southern Africa.

"So, total precaution but don't panic," he said, adding that Belgium's COVID-19 risk assessment group was analysing the situation.

Comment: The new variant has been named "Nu" - first spotted in Botswana. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has described the variant as "the worst one we've seen so far." The UK has banned flights from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa. The EU is pushing for air travel bans too. Denmark, Morocco, the Philippines and Spain have already imposed restrictions, as have the Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Rome, and France.

Health Secretary Javid says it "may be more transmissable" than Delta, and vaccines "may be less effective" against it. Hey, Javid, the existing vaccines' efficacy is currently around zero for existing variants. That's why boosters are being pushed worldwide.

The WHO is convening a special emergency meeting to discuss the NuFear variant, which has been found in Africa, the Middle East (Israel), and Hong Kong. Though it could take "weeks" for them to "understand the risk." That means fear porn in the meantime, unfortunately!

Russian Flag

SITREP for the Russian Federation - 25 November 2021

The State Duma of the Russian Federation on Okhotny Ryad Street in Moscow
© Natalia Seliverstova / Reuters
The State Duma of the Russian Federation on Okhotny Ryad Street in Moscow.

Lots of bogus hysteria about how Russia is about to invade Ukraine - for example. Here's my view - Russia Inc has no desire to pay for "Country 404" - the US/EU/NATO broke it, they own it. But, eventually, the provocations will get to be too much - it's a cost-benefit analysis and I'm not privy to the data - then Russia will liberate those parts of Ukraine where Russians will be welcomed as liberators and leave the rest to its fate. When/if it happens, it will be fast, decisive and surprise everybody (like every Russian military operation since 2000). There is nothing the West can do (sanctions escalation - that's a spavined horse) unless it wants to go nuclear in which case the USA will certainly be obliterated. Orlov and Saker.

From the West, nonsense and more nonsense (complete with The Misquotation). How about this from the country with one fully-staffed infantry battalion? The safety of the world hangs on the patience of Putin and Xi and the hope that not all Western generals are future VP Sales of MIC rackets.

Eye 1

Ice Age Farmer Report: WEF warns: Global warming to disrupt financial system, "Freeze" bank accounts


In its latest predictive propaganda, the World Economic Forum asks, "What if extreme weather FROZE your bank account?" It is clear that deliberate interruptions to critical infrastructure are coming, and will be blamed on climate change in order to make the case that an imagined "climate disaster" requires carbon lockdowns and the totalitarian response for which the technocrats have been salivating for generations. Prepare for these disruptions -- particularly to our food -- now!



Serbia negotiates "incredible" gas deal with Russia paying lower than market rate as energy costs elsewhere soar

Putin Vucic
Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) and his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic (left) meeting in Sochi, Russia, 25 November 2021.
After meeting Vladimir Putin in Sochi, Aleksandar Vucic said Russia had agreed to peg Serbia's current gas price for another six months, calling it a gesture of friendship towards his country.

Serbia will continue to pay $270 per 1,000 cubic metres of natural gas for the next six months, President Aleksandar Vucic said after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The two presidents met in Sochi, Russia, where the renewal of a deal about natural gas deliveries was one of their topics. Vucic said: "Putin has shown friendship towards Serbia."

Comment: Meanwhile Germany caved in to US pressure and blocked the Nord Stream II gas pipeline, leaving Europe without the cheap and reliable gas supplies it desperately needs, and its citizens are seeing their energy bills nearly triple; and winter has only just begun.


Is the Surplus Elite's class coup possible without degenerating into pathocracy?

© Sott.net
Having been convinced of the merits of the Italian realist school of political science, I harbor no illusions about populism, socialism, democracy, or other versions of fantasy by which the American fairy tale - we the sovereign people - would come to life. There will not be a regime in which somehow the people rule their country themselves. The arguments for why this is true are too involved to be rehearsed here. Only some of them are addressed in an earlier post to this substack, and in my book, The Managerial Class on Trial. Suffice it to say that the space for human freedom lies exclusively in the circulation of elites. The longer any faction of ruling class rules, the more entrenched it becomes, the more prone it is to corruption, decay, insularity, incompetence, and knee jerk-reactive lashing out in over-compensation for its own faults. The only means of replacing it, though, from an Italian realist perspective, is for it to be overthrown by what Peter Turchin describes as a surplus elite: those of the ruling class for whom there simply is not sufficient place in the ruling faction and its regime, as the spoils of ruling class privilege are squandered by the ruling faction's increasing sclerosis and enfeeblement.

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