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Fri, 28 Jan 2022
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The Fed has triggered a stagflationary disaster that will hit hard this year

helicopter money
I don't think I can overstate the danger that the U.S. economy is in right now as we enter 2022. While most people are caught up in the ongoing drama of Covid-19, a REAL threat looms over the nation in the form of a stagflationary tidal wave. The mainstream media is attempting to place the blame on "supply chain disruptions," but this is a misrepresentation of the issue.

The two factors are indeed intertwined, but the reality is that inflation is the cause of supply chain disruptions, not the result of supply chain disruptions. If we look at the underlying stats for price rises in essential products we can get a clearer picture.

Before I get into my argument, I really want to stress that this is a precarious time and I suggest that people prepare accordingly. In just the past few months I have seen personal expenses rise at least 20% overall, and I'm sure it's the same or worse for most of you. Stocking necessities and safe-haven investments with intrinsic value like physical precious metals are a good choice for protecting whatever buying power your dollars have left...

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As the sound of war drums grows louder ...the real enemy remains hidden behind the curtain

Biden wwIII
There's good reason to believe the generation now on earth will live to see the breakout of World War III.

Things can always change but right now it appears that war between the superpowers will happen within a matter of months, likely before the November midterm elections.

Why? The video below explains why.

Comment: There is much to suggest that Russia is an enemy of the globalist puppets, but biding one's time and minimizing the damage wrought, is a strategy that requires a bit of subtlety and may not always be so obvious.


France and European allies urge Mali to let Danish troops stay, but transitional gov't insists on withdrawal

mali soldiers
© Paul Lorgerie, Reuters
File photo: Malian soldiers are pictured during a patrol with soldiers from the new Takuba force near the Niger border in Dansongo Circle, Mali August 23, 2021.
France and 14 other countries urged Mali late on Wednesday to allow Danish special forces to remain in the African country, but its transitional government insisted on an immediate withdrawal.

In response to Danish Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod saying on Tuesday that the troops were there by a "clear invitation," the Malian government said it was surprised because a decision on the Danish request in June to deploy troops was still pending.

"No accord authorizes the deployment of Danish special forces to the Takuba Task Force," the Malian government said in a statement. Norway, Portugal and Hungary are still waiting for approval and have not deployed troops, it added.

Comment: The West's presence in the region is highly problematic taking into account how it has created and even directly supported these very terrorist groups it claims to be fighting:


Horowitz: Whistleblowers share DOD medical data that blows vaccine safety debate wide open

Dose prep
© Kenny Holston/NY Times
Dose prepping at Fort Bragg as less than 50% offered the vaccine have accepted it.
Data, transparency, and surveillance. That is what has been missing from the greatest experiment on humans of all time throughout this pandemic. Now, military medical whistleblowers have come forward with what they claim is perhaps the most accurate and revealing data set on vaccine safety one could possibly find.

The pro-pharma politicians and media claim the CDC's pharmacosurveillance tool "VAERS" is not good enough to trigger investigations into the shots because anyone can supposedly submit a vaccine adverse event entry. Thus, all the concerning safety signals from VAERS are being ignored, even though that system was put in place as a consolation to the public for absolving vaccine manufacturers of liability. Well, now some military whistleblowers are coming forward to present data that, if verified, would signal extremely disturbing safety concerns about the vaccine that make the VAERS data look like child's play.

On Monday, during Sen. Ron Johnson's five-hour hearing on a "COVID-19: Second Opinion," Ohio attorney Thomas Renz, who has been representing clients suing the vaccine mandates, presented DOD medical billing data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) that paints a shockingly disturbing picture of the health of our service members in 2021.


Alaska, Texas governors sue over National Guard vaccine rule

© AP/Mark Theissen/KJN
Texas Governor Greg Abbott • Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy
Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy has joined Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in seeking to block the US Department of Defense from mandating COVID-19 vaccines for National Guard members who are under state command.

The Pentagon has required COVID-19 vaccination for all service members, including the National Guard and Reserve. Attorneys for the two governors, in an amended lawsuit dated Tuesday, say that when National Guard members are serving the state, the federal government has no command authority. The lawsuit said the mandate is an unconstitutional overstepping of bounds.

The case dealing with Alaska and Texas guard members is an amended version of the challenge filed by Texas earlier this month.

More than 220 members of the Texas Air National Guard and about 40% of Texas Army National Guard members are refusing to be vaccinated for "either religious accommodation needs or otherwise," according to the lawsuit. About 8% of Alaska Air and Army National Guard members have not received a first dose of any COVID-19 vaccine and of these members, "more than 90% have requested a medical or religious exemption, yet no such exemptions have been granted. A small number of additional Alaska National Guard members are refusing any COVID-19 vaccine."

The lawsuit names as defendants President Joe Biden, the Department of Defense and military officials.


Authoritarian madness: The slippery slope from lockdowns to concentration camps

© Pawel Sawicki/Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum Musealia
Posts and barbed wire at Auschwitz
"All the Dachaus must remain standing. The Dachaus, the Belsens, the Buchenwald, the Auschwitzes — all of them. They must remain standing because they are a monument to a moment in time when some men decided to turn the Earth into a graveyard. Into it they shoveled all of their reason, their logic, their knowledge, but worst of all, their conscience. And the moment we forget this, the moment we cease to be haunted by its remembrance, then we become the gravediggers."
— Rod Serling, Deaths-Head Revisited
In the politically charged, polarizing tug-of-war that is the debate over COVID-19, we find ourselves buffeted by fear over a viral pandemic that continues to wreak havoc with lives and the economy, threats of vaccine mandates and financial penalties for noncompliance, and discord over how to legislate the public good without sacrificing individual liberty.

The discord is getting more discordant by the day.

Just recently, for instance, the Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board suggested that government officials should mandate mass vaccinations and deploy the National Guard "to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere."

In other words, lock up the unvaccinated and use the military to determine who gets to be "free."

These tactics have been used before.

Comment: The contamination is not of the body, it is by way of the authoritarian mind.


Lavrov: West using 'rogue tools' on Russia & China

© Sputnik / Press Service of the State Duma of the Russian Federation
The US is attempting to punish Russia and China through sanctions, provocations, and media campaigns, because they are acting independently and not doing what the West dictates, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday.

Speaking to the State Duma, the country's parliament, Lavrov accused the "US-led Westerners" of seeking to secure a unilateral advantage by ignoring the interests of other nations, and sanctioning them when they don't fall in line.

"Dissenters who pursue independent policies, primarily our country and China, are punished by the West with all kinds of rogue tools like sanctions of various kinds, demonization in the media, provocations by special services, and many other ways," he said.


Leaked video reveals Joe Biden's 'hush hush' migrant invasion: 'Betraying the American people'

migrants secret flights biden new york state
© NY Post
Last summer, the Biden administration actively flew hundreds of underage migrants into New York state amid the border crisis.
Westchester County releases bodycam footage from secret DHS flight More

While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go all out to protect Ukraine's national sovereignty, at the same time they are orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America across the southern border.

Two million illegal immigrants from dozens of countries crossed over from Mexico last year, and the Biden administration is facilitating the cartels' people-smuggling operation — at taxpayer expense.

Under cover of darkness, every night the federal government is transporting illegal migrants as fast as it can away from the border on secret charter flights into unsuspecting communities around the country. Officials have lied and obstructed the few journalists who have tried to reveal the truth.

This is nothing short of a betrayal of the American people.



Transparency: Russia reveals US response to security proposals

lavrov america USA russia nato talks
© RT
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at a press conference discussing Russia's talks with US counterpart Anthony Blinken on negotiations over NATO
Moscow's top diplomat has expressed disappointment over the long-awaited outcome of recent talks

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has confirmed that Moscow has received a written response from the US to his country's requests for assurances over NATO expansion, expressing disappointment over the lack of concessions.

Speaking on Thursday, the top diplomat said, "there has been no positive response" to the Kremlin's core concerns in the document provided by the American side following weeks of talks with their counterparts.

"The main issue is our clear position on the unacceptability of further NATO expansion to the East and the deployment of highly-destructive weapons that could threaten the territory of the Russian Federation," Lavrov explained.


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Hysteria can be hard to redial - Ukrainians in panic mode as President tries to calm fears of economic collapse

Ukrainian currency
As the West continues to maintain hysteria about the upcoming "Russian invasion of Ukraine", the Ukrainian authorities are clumsily trying to reassure their citizens not to withdraw their money from banks, leading some experts to fear that the National Bank may limit withdrawals of cash and savings funds to stem the crisis.

While the Ukrainian army continues its preparations, accumulating troops, arms and ammunition near the front line in the Donbass, and several Western countries have called on their citizens to leave Ukraine, the statements of the Ukrainian authorities calling on the population not to panic seem dissonant, but can be explained by the desire to stop the economic haemorrhage triggered by all the hysteria surrounding the future "Russian invasion" of the country.

Indeed, while no military action has yet taken place, the hryvnia has plummeted, investors are fleeing the country, driving down the stock market value of major Ukrainian companies, and foreigners are selling their real estate and government bonds in hryvnia before converting the money into foreign currency, which they are rushing to send to foreign accounts.

While Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal's recent statement calling on people not to panic mentioned the economy, indicating that it is the state of the economy that justifies such calls for calm, Volodymyr Zelensky's statement telling Ukrainians not to withdraw their money from banks is more worrying than reassuring.

In a video message to his fellow citizens, the Ukrainian President called for calm, not to massively buy essential goods shops and not to withdraw their money from banks.

Comment: Ukraine has done everything in its power to stoke hysteria, panic and fear of imminent large scale war. Having thus appealed to the most basic survival instincts in people, the state now finds that it is hard to contain the spill-out from stoking such hysteria and this could have unforeseen consequences like an economic collapse or a revolt from within.

Comment: The US has been happy to help its puppets in Kiev into stoking fears of an imminent invasion by Russia although Russia has no interest in doing such. Instead Russia has amassed troops at the border in a response to the Ukrainian side which through 2021 massively increased troops and arms on the contact line with the Donbass republics. Acting like a parent to a 5 year old toddler, Russia is hoping that Ukraine will understand that it will have serious consequences if it decides to do something stupid.

See also: Watch: NewsReal: Ukraine Gambit - US Attempting to Destroy Russia