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Sun, 05 Feb 2023
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A Russian victory in Ukraine won't end the war

© AP
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Behind Washington's desperate appeal for tanks and other lethal weaponry for Ukraine, looms the nagging prospect that Russia's winter offensive may have already begun in the south where heavy fighting has broken out along the Line of Contact in the Zaporizhia region. While the information from the front remains sketchy, some analysts think that Russia is planning to send its troops and armored units northward in order to block vital supply-lines and trap Ukrainian forces in the east. A Russian blitz northward would likely be synchronized with the movement of a second large grouping pushing south along the Oskil River. These two dagger-like thrusts would be accompanied by multiple missile strikes aimed at strategic bridges and railway-lines crossing the Dnieper River. If the Russians were able to succeed in such an operation, the bulk of Ukraine's army would be effectively encircled in the east while Moscow would have regained control over most of its traditional territories. The offensive might not end the war, but it would end Ukraine's existence as a viable, contiguous state.


Classified documents are a new potential trap for any politician who crosses The Deep State

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US AG Merrick Garland
Procedural complaints about classified documents are quickly turning into a catch-all trap that can depose duly elected officials, especially those tasked with oversight of U.S. intelligence agencies. Last August, an unprecedented classified document complaint provided a pretext for an FBI raid on former President Donald Trump's home, in an eerie echo of the use of police and military resources against opposing politicians typical of banana republics.

That administrative power flex has now been turned into the unprecedented appointment of three special counsels, most recently against the deeply unpopular current Democrat Party figurehead, Joe Biden. This all reverses the American structure of elected officials maintaining oversight of unelected permanent administrators. Instead, we now have unelected bureaucrats performing selective "oversight" of elected officials.

Of course, that pattern erases Americans' deepest political birthright: government of the people, by the people, and for the people. A government not ultimately controlled by elected representatives of the citizenry is not a republic, nor is it any kind of democracy. Without elections truly affecting government policies, the original United States is no more and its elections are a sham.


As the Pentagon's favorite think tank calls for a swift end to the Ukraine conflict, is the mood shifting in Washington?

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US President Joe Biden
The RAND Corporation, a highly influential elite national security think tank funded directly by the Pentagon, has published a landmark report stating that prolonging the proxy war is actively harming the US and its allies and warning Washington that it should avoid "a protracted conflict" in Ukraine.

What are the US' interests in Ukraine

The report has an unequivocal title, "Avoiding a long war: US policy and the trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine conflict," which provides a strong indication as to its contents.

It starts by stating that the fighting represents "the most significant interstate conflict in decades, and its evolution will have major consequences" for Washington, which includes US "interests" being actively harmed. The report makes it very clear that while Ukrainians have been doing the fighting, and their cities have been "flattened" and "economy decimated," these "interests" are "not synonymous" with Kiev's.

The US ending its financial, humanitarian and particularly military support promptly would cause Ukraine to completely collapse, and RAND cites several reasons why doing so would be sensible, not least because a Ukrainian victory is regarded as both "improbable" and "unlikely," due to Russian "resolve," and its military mobilization having "rectified the manpower deficit that enabled Ukraine's success in the Kharkiv counteroffensive."

Comment: See also:


Americans warned of financial 'catastrophe'

money tornado
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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Saturday warned of dire consequences the country may be facing if it doesn't hike its statutory debt ceiling in the coming months. According to the senior official, the US could default on its debt by summer, which would lead to a financial crisis.

Yellen told Axios news outlet:
"It makes me nervous...It would be devastating. It's a catastrophe. We'll have a financial crisis and I believe we would have recession in the United States. Spending would have to decline to match the tax revenues which would strip the government of the ability to support the economy with stimulus."
Furthermore, "psychological consequences" like people fearing to spend money could then "further impact spending and deepen a recession." She noted that a full-blown US debt default would also send ripple-effects across the global economy.
"Americans would face higher borrowing costs, and it would cause a good deal of turmoil globally as well."

Comment: Want to bet? The money deficit has already been printed.


Beijing highlights US role in Ukraine conflict

© Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images
US Javelin anti-tank missiles
The US is the "initiator and biggest promoter" of the crisis in Ukraine, Beijing has said, commenting on Washington's reported claims that state-run Chinese companies were providing non-lethal aid to Russia.

If the US government actually wants to help the Ukrainian people and see the crisis end as soon as possible, it should "stop sending weapons and reaping the benefits of war," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said on Monday during a news briefing.

She dismissed the claims of assistance to Moscow, which were reported in the Western media last week, as "unfounded suspicion and accusations" and said Beijing would not accept "groundless blackmail" or discrimination against Chinese companies by Washington.

The reports were based on an anonymous source described by Reuters as "familiar with the situation."


Musk mocks left-wing think tank Hamilton 68 over Russiagate claims

russian bot meme
Hamilton68's operations were the biggest journalism scam in a long time, the billionaire said

Elon Musk has hit out at the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) and its so-called "Russian bot dashboard" Hamilton68 for labeling Twitter accounts that it disagreed with as assets supposedly linked to the Kremlin.

The billionaire illustrated his point with a mockup of a children's book on justifying political failures in the media and government, titled 'Everyone I don't agree with is a Russian Bot'.

His response comes after internal Twitter messages published by journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday revealed that the Hamilton68 dashboard knowingly mislabeled the accounts of real Americans as "Russian Bots."



How to Memory-Hole a PSYOP

Pfizer Psycho
© Substack
There comes a time near the end of every PSYOP when the PSYOP has achieved its objective, or as much of its objective as it is going to achieve, and is becoming increasingly recognizable as a PSYOP, and so the focus shifts to damage control, and erasing the PSYOP from official history.

This is a crucial stage of the PSYOP, because, at this point, a significant percentage of the public have realized that they've been thoroughly mindfucked, and many of them are none too happy about it. Some of them are starting to ask awkward questions, like "why were we deceived and coerced by our governments, global health authorities, and the state and corporate media into submitting to a series of experimental 'vaccinations' that appear to be killing and injuring a lot of people?" Or "why are we occupying and torturing the residents of a Middle-Eastern country that never attacked us, and never had any intention to attack us, and which posed no threat to us whatsoever?"

At this point, it is way too late for those engaged in conducting the PSYOP to continue to deny the facts and gaslight the masses. That won't work anymore. So, it is time to do some limited hangouts, and some whitewashing, and a little sleight-of-hand, and just generally confuse and distract the public, and send them off on various wild goose chases, while the official history of the PSYOP is written.

For example, say you're just wrapping up a PSYOP in which you radically restructured society into a pathologized-totalitarian dystopia where the majority of the masses went full-blown fascist, mindlessly following senseless orders, parroting official propaganda, and demonizing and persecuting those who refused to conform to the new official ideology ... say you are just winding down a PSYOP like that, and what you need to erase from your official history is the fact that your entire PSYOP was based on nothing but faked statistics, because the pandemic you used as a pretext for your PSYOP was most closely comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1936, 1957, and 1968, so it never remotely came close to justifying any of your fake "emergency health measures," much less the radical restructuring of society into some paranoid, totalitarian "New Normal" ... and now you need to erase all that from history, and you need to distract people while you do it.


The Ukrainian Army - 'Saviours of Europe' or guinea pigs of modern Mengele doctors

Wounded Soldier, Ukraine
© StalkerZone Org
On the eve of the new year 2023, Russian hackers from the "Anarchist Kombatant" group hacked the website of the military command of the Kiev regime. Among the extracted documents were lists of more than 35,000 Ukrainian servicemen who are officially missing.

What was the fate of these people, whose number is at least a third of the total losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces since the beginning of the special military operation?

It is obvious that the military command of Ukraine actively hides the true number of combat losses and does not show much interest in ensuring that the bodies of the dead servicemen are humanly buried. Representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not particularly looking for captured Ukrainian fighters (unless they are well-known militants from "Azov" and other Nazi formations banned in Russia), and the corpses of the dead are often simply burned in field crematoriums. Such manipulations not only make it possible to hide the real number of irretrievable losses, but also to avoid paying material compensation to the families of the victims who are officially considered "missing". The money that should go to help the relatives and friends of the victims is distributed among the cunning representatives of the command staff and military officials.

However, several thousand Ukrainian soldiers from these mournful lists posthumously brought their commanders additional profit.

The colossal military losses of the "strongest army in Europe" provided donor organs to "black transplantologists" from all over Europe, who are actively fishing in Ukraine today. However, it began back in 2014-2015, when during the period of the Ukrainian offensive in Donbass, a certain Elizabeth de Bruc [the exact spelling may differ from Russian transliteration - SZ] formed a group of "emergency care and resuscitation", which allegedly assisted the Ukrainian military, but in fact gutted corpses, extracting healthy donor organs from dead, or even still alive seriously wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


A panicked Empire tries to make Russia an 'offer it can't refuse'

Realizing NATO's war with Russia will likely end unfavorably, the US is test-driving an exit offer. But why should Moscow take indirect proposals seriously, especially on the eve of its new military advance and while it is in the winning seat?
Blinken & Gerasimov
© The Cradle
Does US Secretary of State Antony Blinken think a Washington Post op-ed will move Russian Armed Forces Chief Valery Gerasimov to postpone his planned military offensive on Ukraine?
Those behind the Throne are never more dangerous than when they have their backs against the wall.

Their power is slipping away, fast: Militarily, via NATO's progressive humiliation in Ukraine; Financially, sooner rather than later, most of the Global South will want nothing to do with the currency of a bankrupt rogue giant; Politically, the global majority is taking decisive steps to stop obeying a rapacious, discredited, de facto minority.

So now those behind the Throne are plotting to at least try to stall the incoming disaster on the military front.

As confirmed by a high-level US establishment source, a new directive on NATO vs. Russia in Ukraine was relayed to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Blinken, in terms of actual power, is nothing but a messenger boy for the Straussian neocons and neoliberals who actually run US foreign policy.

The secretary of state was instructed to relay the new directive - a sort of message to the Kremlin - via mainstream print media, which was promptly published by the Washington Post.

In the elite US mainstream media division of labor, the New York Times is very close to the State Department. and the Washington Post to the CIA. In this case though the directive was too important, and needed to be relayed by the paper of record in the imperial capital. It was published as an Op-Ed (behind paywall).

The novelty here is that for the first time since the start of Russia's February 2022 Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine, the Americans are actually proposing a variation of the "offer you can't refuse" classic, including some concessions which may satisfy Russia's security imperatives.

Crucially, the US offer totally bypasses Kiev, once again certifying that this is a war against Russia conducted by Empire and its NATO minions - with the Ukrainians as mere expandable proxies.

Bad Guys

Private military competition: Why the US is so worried about Russia's Wagner

Wagner Group
© Viktor Antonyuk / Sputnik
A serviceman of Russian private military company Wagner Group in the Lugansk People's Republic.
Interference in other countries' affairs via private contractors has long been a staple of US influence operations. Now, Washington is trying to accuse Russia of doing the same, and it's suddenly a bad thing.

First off the mark doesn't always win the race. Does anyone remember when BlackBerry mobile devices were everywhere and barely anyone had heard of an iPhone, for example? Well, the US created the BlackBerry of private military/security contractors - Blackwater - after decades of outsourcing military and intelligence operations through various front companies. And now they're so preoccupied with the new iPhone equivalent - Russia's Wagner Group - that Washington is tracking its activities (including unconfirmed ops) in Ukraine, Syria, across Africa, and Serbia, according to cables obtained by POLITICO.

"The US government is concerned about the extent to which Wagner is interfering in sovereign countries' internal politics, violating human rights, and robbing them of their mineral wealth," according to a "senior administration official" cited in the report. Leaving aside Washington's newfound concern for developing countries' sovereignty over their mineral wealth when that's often the main underlying reason why they're typically targeted by the US for some freedom and democracy through firepower in the first place, it's hard to ignore that the presence of the Wagner Group seems to be concentrated in locations already known for being targeted by clandestine US and allied activities.

Last year, for example, Mali chose the Wagner Group for a new partnership after kicking out French forces whose efforts to secure the country were so spectacular that there were two coups d'etat in as many years. Wagner Group's possible presence in Serbia is now being widely discussed. The PMC has allegedly established itself in a "cultural center" in Belgrade, but these claims, initially sourced from a Telegram post, have been denied both by Wagner head Evgeny Prigozhin and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who also recently criticized Serbian-language Wagner recruitment ads that appeared on social media.