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Sun, 29 Jan 2023
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Special Report: Medical profession implements WHO digital diagnosis code for the unvaxxed

Doctors will be 'incentivized' by the government to start asking more questions about your vax status

A set of international codes are used by the medical industry for billing purposes under Medicare-Medicaid and the private insurance companies, but it's not just about billing.

These codes are part of the International Classification of Disease (ICD) system set forth by the United Nations World Health Organization and they're about to get far more invasive.

This system was originally created after World War II for the purpose of tracking the diagnosis of major diseases within a population. But over the years, there have been 11 major revisions, and with each revision the data being collected on each individual has become more precise and all-inclusive.

More than 1.6 million clinical situations can now be coded, according to the WHO website.

And it's also become more coercive, to the point where it's become impossible for doctors to get reimbursed by insurance companies if they don't upload all the requested data points.

Comment: Davos supports increasing compliance via digital tracking:
It was Klaus Schwab that called covid a "rare but narrow window of opportunity" to implement the "Great Reset" of the current economic and political order. The past few years have shown that the Davos crowd still clings to the fading pandemic panic as the "good old days" when they could have had anything they wanted, including total centralization.

Their hopes and dreams now turn to a future pandemic, perhaps one with a far higher death rate that creates more exploitable public fear.

The group concludes that global institutions in the future need to put constant pressure on governments and, ostensibly, constant pressure on national populations in order to get the results they desire.

A very interesting comment is made by Tony Blair, who calls for national digital infrastructure for tracking vaccinations. Blair suggests that to keep various national governments on board with the agenda, they would have to be convinced pandemic issues are "continuing issues."

Albert Bourla addresses the possibility and challenges of producing vaccines in an even faster time frame to respond to new viral events. His conclusion? That regulators need to continue to keep doors open for Big Pharma in terms of expediency even when there is not a pandemic in play.

The reasons for public resistance are not important to them, only the ways in which they can gain greater compliance during the next viral event.
Welcome to the global petri dish. Full compliance is mandatory - resistance is futile.

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"People underestimate how much resistance to imperial edicts out of DC there is, they underestimate how many people are waiting for the fall, but they also misunderstand that this resistance is taking a muscular but passive form." — Deep South SR on Twitter
Of course, the "Joe Biden" classified document scandal is less about the documents per se than it is about the Biden family business, which was accepting large sums of money from shady foreign interests for unspecified services rendered. "Joe Biden," the brand, is owned, perhaps to the degree that he can be called "a sell-out." Selling out your country is kind of serious.

For instance, our country is right now deeply involved in a war between a Biden family client, Ukraine, and its angry relative, Russia. The USA has pumped more than $100-billion into Ukraine just this past year. That's quite a return-on-investment for the million or so Hunter Biden grifted out of the Burisma gas company. It is alleged that Ukraine has operated as a gigantic international money laundry, especially since our State Department and Intel Community overthrew Ukraine's government in 2014 and put in a series of errand boys.


Tucker: Is Washington Pulling a Watergate on Biden?

© Fox News
Tucker Carlson
Are the forces that took down Nixon and hamstrung Trump turning on Joe Biden? Tucker draws some amazing parallels between the Nixon era and the last few years in American politics.

"Unelected lifers in the Federal agencies make the biggest decisions in American government and crush anyone who tries to rein them in."

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Ankara slams US 'colonial governor' for election meddling

© Evan Vucci
John Bolton
President Erdogan's spokesman reacted strongly to John Bolton's op-ed on the upcoming Turkish vote...

Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin has denounced former US national security adviser John Bolton as a would-be "colonial governor" whose attempts to interfere in Turkish democracy are doomed to fail. Bolton had proposed threatening Turkey with expulsion from NATO in a piece published by the Wall Street Journal.

Kalin tweeted:
"Bolton, who previously admitted that he supported coups, called on NATO to intervene in the elections in Türkiye. It is a futile effort to try to take the democratic will of the Turkish nation under tutelage. Gone are the days when you played colonial governor."
The Turkish-language tweet also linked to Bolton's op-ed in the WSJ, published on Tuesday, in which the hawkish Republican advised NATO to "put Ankara's membership on the chopping block" as a way to influence the Turkish elections.

Comment: Neocon warmonger John Bolton: One of the most despicable and sour creeps to ever invade politics.


German general tells US generals to lose the Ukraine war as soon as possible to prevent losing the empire in Europe

Wolf's Lair plot
The German generals are trying it again. That's the Wolf's Lair plot of July 20, 1944.

To save themselves, they are begging their counterparts in Washington, DC, to find a way to lose the war in the Ukraine as quickly as possible without losing the US empire in Germany. This means overruling or replacing, not only Vladimir Zelensky's regime in Kiev but also the Green Party ministers in power in Berlin, Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock, and maybe Chancellor Olaf Scholz to boot.

The Wehrmacht plotter this time is a retired brigadier general named Erich Vad (lead image, right). As German military officers go, he's unusual. He was trained by a German-born Israeli infantry general turned academic. Vad then reached general's rank, according to a senior German politician, but "never led a battalion, never led a brigade, and was never deployed in active operations"; he is a "desk general".


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially ends Pelosi's proxy voting policy in Congress

US house rules book
© Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., holds a House Rules and Manual book during a news conference outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on May 27, 2020.
McCarthy says members of Congress need to show up to work if they want their vote to be counted

House Republicans have officially ended the practice of proxy voting, which was established during the COVID-19 pandemic to permit lawmakers to vote without being present in-person.

"No more proxy voting," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., announced Thursday. "Effective immediately, Members of Congress have to show up to work if they want their vote to count."

Proxy voting was established by former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in May 2020 to allow Congress to operate under COVID-19 pandemic protocols. Instead of showing up for votes, a member of Congress could submit a letter to have a colleague announce their position on bills and amendments and even cast votes in their name.


Moscow: The US govt is covertly sponsoring ISIS

Members of the Islamic State
© AFP / Noorullah Shirzada
Members of the Islamic State (IS) group stand alongside their weapons, following their surrender to Afghanistan's government.
Washington wants to take revenge on the Taliban for its defeat, the Russian Foreign Ministry says.

The US has been reaching out to armed groups that oppose the Taliban and secretly giving money to Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), Zamir Kabulov, Russia's presidential envoy for Afghanistan, has said.

When asked if the US is in contact with the Afghan opposition in an interview with Russia 24 TV on Friday, Kabulov said, "Yes, there is such data."

The Americans have been acting this way "because they really want to avenge their shameful military-political defeat in Afghanistan, and in retaliation they do everything so that peace isn't established in this troubled land," he claimed.

"But worst of all is that, in addition to contacts with the armed opposition in Afghanistan, the Anglo-Saxons are covertly sponsoring Islamic State, who are aimed at undermining not only the stability of our Central Asian partners... but also the security of Russia," Kabulov added.

Comment: See also:


Ukrainian secret police shot the man who 'saved' Kiev, Zelensky aide reveals

Denis Kireev
Ukrainian banker Denis Kireev, executed in March 2022 by the SBU
The extrajudicial execution of Denis Kireev in March 2022 was due to a lack of coordination between security services, a top aide to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said on Thursday. Mikhail Podoliak was responding to a Wall Street Journal feature describing the 45-year-old banker as an asset of Ukrainian military intelligence, who supposedly helped save Kiev from Russian attack.

Kireev was killed on March 2 last year. His body was dumped on a Kiev sidewalk "with a bullet hole in the back of the skull," according to the WSJ. Ukrainian media reported at the time that the country's security service, the SBU, had "clear" evidence Kireev had committed high treason. The military intelligence, however, said he "died protecting Ukraine."

Comment: See also: Arestovych resigns from the post of advisor to Ukraine's presidential office


Why Russia maintains friendly relations with Turkey, one of NATO's key members

Putin Erdogan
© Sputnik / Vyacheslav Prokofyev
FILE PHOTO: Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before a meeting in the Black Sea resort of Sochi, Russia.
Five years ago, Türkiye's Operation Olive Branch started off with massive airstrikes, columns of armored vehicles, tanks with infantry support, and special forces clearing up Syrian territories. The Turkish military entered a region where Russian troops had been stationed just a day earlier. The incident severely strained relations between Moscow and Ankara.

Despite this, Russia and Türkiye didn't break off ties. Amidst conflicts in Syria, the Caucasus, and Ukraine, both sides resorted to compromise and continued holding a constructive, mutually beneficial dialogue. In this article, Russian turkologists explore how Moscow's former enemy and one of NATO's oldest member states became one of Russia's most stable partners.

Syrian conflicts

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Top EU official admits dialogue with Ukraine becoming 'more difficult' as EU votes to adopt 10th round of sanctions

President of the European Council Charles Michel
FILE PHOTO: President of the European Council Charles Michel. European Council President Charles Michel concedes there's a divide between Kiev and Brussels on sanctions.
Negotiations regarding further sanctions on Russia with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky are becoming increasingly complicated with each new round, European Council President Charles Michel said during a trip to Kiev on Thursday. The statement came after Zelensky urged the EU to impose even tighter restrictions on Moscow.

"Each debate on sanctions is much more difficult than the previous one," Michel told reporters, as quoted by Bloomberg. "We have good debates with President Zelensky, and I will brief my colleagues on what are the Ukrainian proposals and we will consult. I'm confident we will be able to strengthen the pressure on the Kremlin."