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France, Greece and Germany Election Results Send Austerity Shockwaves Through Europe

The stunning victory of the French Socialists and wipe-out of mainstream parties in Greece sent shock waves on Sunday night crashing throughout the continent of Europe.

© EPASupporters of Socialist Francois Hollande celebrate in Paris

François Hollande's election threw down the gauntlet to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who has railroaded the eurozone into agreeing a new "fiskalpakt" treaty enshrining Germany's austerity doctrine.

The economic doctrine of austerity, to cut the burden of state spending to free up the economy, has ruled supreme with the support all of Europe's leaders, the European Union and financial markets.

But political leaders were on Sunday night conceding the consensus had been shattered beyond repair.

With Europe's economies plunging further into recession and as unemployment in the eurozone breaks record levels, voters demands for a new approach had finally become to great to ignore.

The popular backlash to EU imposed austerity to the centrist New Democracy and Socialist parties in Greece threatens the existence of the euro itself.


Gaddafi Contribution to Sarkozy Campaign Confirmed by Libya's Ex-PM

© File photoLibya’s former Prime Minister Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmudi is currently in detention in Tunisia.
Fresh evidence further proves allegations about ties between Libya's slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi and incumbent French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Press TV reports.

A lawyer for Libya's former Prime Minister Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmudi confirmed on Thursday that Gaddafi contributed over 50 million euros to Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign.

Mahmudi is now reportedly in detention in Tunisia.

Earlier, the leftist French journal Mediapart published documentary evidence about the controversial funding source.

The report said of an agreement signed after an October 6, 2006 meeting attended by Gaddafi's spy chief Abdullah Senussi, the head his African investment fund Bashir Saleh, close Sarkozy associate Brice Hortefeux and arms dealer Ziad Takieddine.

It claimed the 2006 document -- allegedly signed by Gaddafi's former intelligence chief and later foreign minister Moussa Koussa -- were obtained "from the archives of the secret service" through former senior Libyan officials currently in hiding.


Debt Crisis Launches European Leaders From Office

© genevalunch.com
MADRID: French President Nicolas Sarkozy is widely expected to be kicked out of office in elections Sunday. If he goes, he'll be in good company: Just about every European country that has been hit by the debt crisis, and held elections since it began, have thrown out their leaders.

Here's a look at countries where political cadavers litter the landscape.

Comment: Nicolas Sarkozy is the latest European head of state to be booted from office: 'Socialist' Francois Hollande wins French presidency


European Missile Shield Would Provide Limited Defense - Program is Facing Cost Overruns and Technology Problems, says National Academy of Sciences

© wired.com
The National Academy of Sciences is casting more doubt on whether the Obama administration's European-based missile defense shield can protect the United States and recommends scrapping key parts of the system.

The academy's assessment could complicate White House efforts to persuade Congress to fund the still-developing program. Though the academy says the plans would protect Europe effectively, some lawmakers already are asking why the U.S., at a time of tight budgets, should spend billions of dollars on a system that provides limited homeland defense.


The War On Mankind And The Conspiracy To Create A Global Ecological Civilization

Mankind Is Being Terminated.
"We have become a plague upon [ourselves and upon] the Earth...Until such a time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along." - David M. Graber, Los Angeles Times, 22 October 1989.
"Contemporary history has been plagued by attempts to cure humanity of its schisms. The Third Reich, the Soviet Union and the Cultural Revolution in China were all ideological projects devoted to abolishing contradiction from the human subject and thus reconstituting him as the harmonious posthuman. Whether or not these projects were faithful to Nietzsche's original vision remains a matter of debate, but clearly they drew upon his tropes of human disease and posthuman salvation." - Hadas Elber, "Visions of Humanity between the Posthuman and the Non-Human."
"The conspiracy theory/theorist soubriquet is reflexively feared by professional journalists and academics alike who believe (with some justification) their reputations will be undermined by such thought crimes against the state. Thus, like an instrument that would easily be at home in the most extreme totalitarian regimes, intellectual workers self-discipline themselves as the "conspiracy theory" mechanism determines the trajectory and parameters of public discourse, dissent, and recollection.

Intellectual cowardice is reinforced by a set of circumstances whereby even if alternative accounts questioning the official line are exhaustively researched and documented with credible information and sources, mobilization of the "conspiracy theory" label by state censors and their journalistic accomplices will render the counter-arguments suspect. And, in an on-the-go culture where citizens are heavily reliant for information on headlines and sound-bites versus deliberate analysis, such lines of reasoning are destined for the memory hole." - Prof. James F. Tracy, "State Propaganda, Historical Revisionism, and Perpetuation of the 9/11 Myth."
Nuclear Bomb
© Global Research
Freedom, truth, human reason, democracy, free market capitalism, the rule of law, national sovereignty, and the world's diverse civilizations are all under attack. But the real target is mankind. Mankind is under attack.

Oligarchical globalist eugenicists and fascists, who are in league with the totalitarian leaders of radical Environmentalism, Islamic fundamentalism, and Zionism, are hell-bent on annihilating the majority of the human race through wars, disease, economic collapse, and other means. They are also creating an authoritarian global government based on a new religion, in which man is valueless and the Earth is regarded as sacred and holy.

The sick proponents of human depopulation and global genocide are surprisingly very vocal and upfront about their views and goals. Robert J. Smith, adjunct environmental scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, explained their perverse mindset and radical worldview in a speech he gave in 2005 at the Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights called, "The Pleistocene Park Project - Removing Civilization from North America." He said:
"Then, almost all of these radical environmental groups support zero population growth and actually even negative population growth. Most of them believe that humans are exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet. First we must stabilize and then reduce human population growth. It is six billion now. Probably, you would find the leaders of most of the environmental groups agreeing that the human population of the planet should be reduced to about two billion or even one billion, and some of the hard-core think that we shouldn't have more than about a few hundred million humans on the planet if the planet is going to operate as it should ecologically or whatever. Many very prominent ones are talking about the necessity of having the government eventually come up with licenses to breed, and have written about it in journals that normal people never look at. They talk about two or one child maximum families in the United States."


US Selling Combat Drones to Undisclosed Countries

© Agence France-Presse/JungYeon-JeA man walks past a US Air Force Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle hanger during a preview day of the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition at a military air base in Seongnam, south of Seoul, on October 17, 2011.
The unmanned aerial vehicle industry is expected to bring in billions for domestic drone makers over the next few years. Where are the robotic aircraft manufacturers sending their stealth spy plans though? They aren't saying.

The American Independent reports that Texas' Vanguard Defense Industries, a US Defense Department contractor that outfits the Pentagon with unmanned aerial drones, has inked agreements with several overseas governments. According to the Independent, Vanguard is expected to see most of their profits in the next year occur from selling airships to foreign nations. Just exactly who is on the receiving end - and to the tune of how many crafts - remains a mystery.

"I thought it was going to be a brutal process," Vanguard CEO Michael Buscher explains to The Independent in discussing how his company went about gaining US State Department approval. He says that he imagined the procedure to outfit foreign nations with the controversial aircraft would be difficult, but was surprised to see how easy it was to have Uncle Sam authorize his company to deal the drones overseas.

"It was well orchestrated and extremely thorough. But when you follow their guidelines and provide copious details, the process is not as burdensome as I would have thought," says Buscher.


Ron Paul Pleads with Supporters to Fight CISPA and Internet Censorship

© Agence France-Presse/T.J. KirkpatrickRepublican Presidential hopeful U.S. Rep. Ron Paul
Presidential hopeful Ron Paul made a splash with supporters in California on Friday, and the impetus in a rowdy round of applause was something of serious concern with voters this election year: the Internet.

Addressing an audience at the University of California, San Diego late last week, Texas Congressman Ron Paul warmed up the crowd by starting off his speech attacking the ongoing attempts by the federal government to censor the Internet. Weeks earlier Congressman Paul publically renounced the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, but by the enthusiasm in which the lawmaker once again attacked the legislation, it seems clear that it is still a very pressing issue with the politician.

Congressman Paul began an address attended by an estimated 2,000 people on Friday by discussing the importance of the US Constitution's First Amendment. "Without the First Amendment it is very difficult for us to get our message out," said Paul, "but I want to make sure that the first amendment is protected on the Internet as well."

The congressman's call to stop online censorship was met with a rousing round of applause.

"Every once in a while there will be a court case and there will be some controversial language involved and the courts are supposed to decide, is it constitutional to say these controversial things? Well let me tell you, the First Amendment wasn't written so that you can talk about the weather," said Rep. Paul. "It was written so that you can talk about controversial things and even challenge our own government."

Mr. Potato

Putin Inaugurated to Third Term as Russia's President

© RIA Novosti
Moscow - Vladimir Putin was inaugurated Monday to his third term as Russia's president, extending the former KGB officer's 12-year grip on power that most observers considered uninterrupted despite the past four years he served as prime minister.

In the course of a solemn and elaborate ceremony in the Kremlin Grand Palace, the 59-year-old leader was sworn into office under the 1993 version of the Russian Constitution, which was amended by outgoing President Dmitry Medvedev to increase the term of presidency in Russia to six years.

Putin then quickly submitted Medvedev's name to the parliament as his candidate to be prime minister, a move that had been expected.

In the presence of about 3,000 Russian officials and dignitaries and a few foreign guests -- no leaders among them -- Putin gave an oath "to safeguard the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to protect the sovereignty and independence, the safety and integrity of the state, to loyally serve the people."

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Flashback The 14 Most Corrupt Members of U.S. Congress in 2011

maxine waters
Between Chris Lee's Craigslist escapades and Anthony Weiner's sexting, Congress has seen some high-profile ethical lapses this year.

While Lee and Weiner's transgressions cost them their seats, some of their colleagues have had better luck weathering scandals - including bribery scandals, tax fraud, letting an aide who once stabbed his girlfriend handle "women's issues."

Their offenses are detailed in the seventh annual list of the most corrupt members of Congress, released by the government watchdog Citizen's For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)

Star of David

Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh Endorses Apartheid, Ethnic Cleansing for Palestinians

Shocking to imagine that a Republican congressman is calling for Palestinians to have second-class citizenship in a land far away from ours, but here's Joe Walsh, whose district swings Democratic and includes a lot of Chicago's northwestern suburbs, doing that in the Washington Times:
Joe Walsh
© Flickr/ Gage SkidmoreRep. Joe Walsh (R-IL).
The only viable solution for the Middle East is a one-state solution: one contiguous Israeli state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. There will not and cannot be lasting peace in the Middle East until then...

The two-state solution can never work when one of the domains, the Palestinian state, does not even acknowledge the other state's (Israel's) right to exist and has as its entire purpose in life wiping Israel off the face of the earth. Never will peace come when one side possesses such hate and routinely expresses that hate through violence and blood. It is time to let go of the two-state-solution insanity and adopt the only solution that will bring true peace to the Middle East: a single Israeli state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

This solution is the best for everyone, especially the Palestinians. They will trade their two corrupt and inept governments and societies for a stable, free and prosperous one. Those Palestinians who wish to may leave their Fatah- and Hamas-created slums and move to the original Palestinian state: Jordan.

Comment: We note that congressman Joe Walsh was named in 2011 by Citizen's For Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) as being among their list of 'The 14 Most Corrupt Members of Congress', for 'Neglecting to pay child support; inaccurately reporting his assets and liabilities in filing statements; inaccurately reporting campaign loans.' Sound like the kind of guy capable of reaching out to feel the suffering of others?