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Fri, 28 Jan 2022
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Fear mongering for funding: Bill Gates warns of worse pandemics in future

bill gates mask evil
© Getty Images / Chris Jackson
The billionaire calls for massive government investments to prepare for potential outbreaks that could be deadlier than Covid-19.

Software magnate Bill Gates has raised the specter of future viruses that could be more lethal than Covid-19, saying rich countries should ramp up vaccine funding to brace for potentially catastrophic outbreaks.

The Microsoft co-founder made his comments while announcing a new $150 million pledge by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI). He noted that while Covid-19's Delta and Omicron variants were among the most transmissible viruses ever seen, the world could have been hit with a more virulent pathogen, killing far more people.

Comment: The way one should prepare for future pandemics comes down to individual responsibility. Get yourself healthier! Fix your diet, get yourself in good physical shape, get your immune system in a state where it can take on onslaughts, no matter how unpredictable. A healthy populace doesn't need massive vaccination programs.

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Why the corporate state doesn't target the American left

national terrorism advisory system
When Biden's executive branch sets its internal security apparatus sights on "domestic extremists" (intelligence jargon for any group or individual who deviates from the corporate state narrative), The Daily Bell was among the first independent media to sound the alarm.

However, we didn't rigorously assess why the populist Right, and not the Left, poses an existential threat to the ruling class.

The "establishment" references the conglomeration of dominant interest groups that sits atop the political food chain.

In a past era (in the Western context, before the original Industrial Revolution), the establishment was a landed aristocracy in collusion with the Church and militaries that ruled nation-states.

In the 21st century iteration of feudalism, the ruling class is a consortium of multinational offshore corporate elite.

Theoretically, regardless of who occupies power, any social group outside of the establishment is a latent threat - hence the oppressive apparatuses of state throughout history from the Red Guards of the Mao era to the Stasi of East Germany.

In a rough 99% vs. 1% breakdown, if the vast majority or the "ruled" rose up against the tiny minority of "rulers," their days perched atop the social hierarchy would be finished.


Media report: Russia quietly evacuating its embassy in Ukraine

russia embassy ukraine

The Russian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine
With tensions rising on the Russian border with Ukraine, Moscow has started to remove its diplomats and their families from its embassy in Kiev and consulate in Lvov, the New York Times has claimed, citing anonymous officials.

In a report published on Monday, the newspaper claimed that 18 people, primarily children and wives of Russian diplomats, left Ukraine on January 5. A further 30 people allegedly left in the two weeks following that, and diplomats from two other Russian consulates (Kharkov and Odessa) had reportedly been told to prepare to leave the country.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that "The Russian embassy in Kiev is working normally," but did not deny any downsizing.



Mr. Xi plays Davos Man

Strategic Culture
© Strategic Culture/REUTERS/Aly Song
A collective West "led" by unspeakable mediocrities looks at the Russia-China strategic partnership as if it was something like a double-headed Anti-Christ. Xi, for his part, seems not to be impressed.
The virtual, special address by President Xi Jinping to the World Economic Forum's 2022 Davos Agenda exhibits all the elements of a riddle inside an enigma.

At first, it certainly could be interpreted as a simultaneous message to the Empire of Chaos and global public opinion.

Much more than prescribing "effective doses against unilateralism, decoupling and ideological antagonism" - not so subtle allusions to the usual suspects - Xi most of all positioned China as the indispensable driver of Globalization 2.0.

The address was simultaneous to the announcement of China's GDP growth at 8.1% in 2021 and commodity trading reaching new highs: the center of global manufacturing is the world's biggest exporter for the 8th consecutive year.

Comment: Indeed, whilst the Pathocracy seem to have a nefarious end game in mind, the contrived coronavirus crisis shows us that they're also opportunists, and so how their schemes actually play out is subject to change. We also know that the establishment is blinded by arrogance and so it may be that the controlled demolition doesn't go quite as planned: Also check out SOTT radio's:


In Dutch Parliament, speaking truth to power

Gideon van Meijeren
© Screen grab
Gideon van Meijeren
As with other European Union countries, the Dutch government has been reveling in the power COVID bestowed on it. In response, the Netherlands has seen huge and violent protests against those draconian strictures. I'm betting that some of those protesters were among the people who voted for Gideon van Meijeren, a young man newly elected to the Dutch Parliament. This young man, during his first appearance on the floor, managed in just two minutes to completely humiliate Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Watching the video will make your day.

For a long time, the Netherlands has had some of the most restrictive COVID measures in Europe. In November, the Netherlands was one of the countries that announced that the unvaccinated were banned from most public places. The restrictions escalated when the Netherlands, a country in which 85% of the adult population was vaccinated, had an upsurge in COVID cases. These restrictions included putting a curfew on all bars, restaurants, and most stores from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. Immediately after the new year, the government also made it clear that, within a few months, vaccination certificates will be considered void without a booster.

Comment: It's time to replicate this young man's initiative and forthrightness - all over the world.


What many on the right still don't understand about 'Trump Populism'

Trump silhouette
© revolvernews
The January 6 anniversary last week drew a lot of opinions. Liberals solemnized the occasion as the new 9/11 and delivered maudlin speeches about how the circus-like crowd almost ended democracy. Conservatives, for the most part, avoided the cringe and either ignored the "celebration" or tried to challenge the prevailing narrative surrounding the day. Many attempted to explain the anger of the protestors who walked into the Capitol.

Liberals say the crowd were terrorists driven into a frenzy by "misinformation" over the FREEST and FAIREST election in human history. The crowd showed Trumpism as it truly is: a fascist and nativist movement that wants to overthrow democracy.

Revolver readers know this is ridiculous, but this is the common view among New York Times readers. The paper of record, however, did deign to offer a contrary opinion on what motivated Trump supporters that day. It was provided by former New York Post editor Sohrab Ahmari, an aspiring "post-liberal" intellectual. Ahmari argues that Trump supporters weren't motivated by hatred for democracy — they were inspired into action by economic anxiety.

While less ridiculous than liberal explanations, this argument also fails to understand the national populist moment. Trump supporters are not primarily outraged over Big Tech monopolies or the gig economy. They're upset over losing their country and becoming strangers in their own land.

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Lessons to be learned from Nicaragua's recognition of Beijing

Unveiling plaque
© Unknown
People's Republic of China Embassy in Nicaragua
China reopened its embassy in Nicaragua on New Year's Day after it was closed for over thirty years since 1990 following that country's mistaken recognition at the time of the Taiwan Province's rogue authorities. This move follows Managua's pragmatic decision last month to reverse that decision, which was undertaken after realizing that its prior policy was completely counterproductive. There are some lessons to be learned from this development, which will be explained in the present piece.

First, Nicaragua broke with Beijing in 1990 after the US succeeded in orchestrating a superficially democratic regime change in that formerly war-torn country. For background, Washington armed anti-government fighters popularly called "contras" and even broke its own laws by doing so during the infamous Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s. The US-provoked conflict, which was more of an externally waged hybrid war than the civil war that some claimed, influenced Nicaragua's electoral processes.

Recognizing Taipei was clearly a favor to that new government's US patrons, but it didn't result in any benefits for the Central American nation. It remained the hemisphere's second-poorest country behind Haiti even though it obtained access to the US marketplace through the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR). Quite clearly, after removing former President Daniel Ortega and ruining Nicaragua's relations with China, the US didn't care about Nicaragua anymore.


All plan B Covid restrictions, including mask wearing, to end in England

© Reuters
British PM Boris Johnson
PM says plan B measures will stop on 26 January and compulsory self-isolation for people with Covid on 24 March.

Boris Johnson has announced the end of all Covid measures introduced to combat the Omicron variant - including compulsory mask-wearing on public transport and in shops, guidance to work from home and vaccine certificates - from next week.

The prime minister told the Commons that the legal requirement on people with coronavirus to self-isolate would be allowed to lapse when the regulations expired on 24 March, and that date could be brought forward.

To cheers from some on the Conservative benches, Johnson also announced an immediate end to the need for pupils to wear masks at secondary schools.

While Johnson's statement will please a number of his backbenchers, it prompted concern from teaching and nursing unions, while one director of public health said the move felt motivated more by politics than evidence.

Responding for Labour, Keir Starmer said he would back the change as long as it was supported by evidence, saying Johnson must "reassure the public he is acting to protect their health, not just his job".

Comment: Truth or placation? It wouldn't be the first time Johnson rallied hope to show how much he cares - then dashed those promises to show how much he cares. Perhaps this time...
Johnson said while cases are likely to continue rising in primary schools, "our scientists believe it is likely that the Omicron wave has peaked nationally".

The Office for National Statistics latest figures show one in 20 people in England were infected with covid, a drop from one in 15 on the previous week.

Mr Johnson added: "This week the World Health Organisation said that while the global situation remains challenging, the United Kingdom can start to see 'light at the end of the tunnel'.

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'Poland is sovereign and won't antagonize China to appease US' say officials, President confirms attendance of winter Olympics

Duda poland
© Kenzo Tribouillard/Pool via REUTERS
Poland's President Andrzej Duda arrives for the NATO summit at the Alliance's headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium, June 14, 2021.
Poland's President Andrzej Duda will attend the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and meet Chinese President Xi Jinping, a top aide confirmed to Reuters on Tuesday, as a number of Western countries call for a diplomatic boycott of the Games.

A U.S. boycott to protest against China's human rights record has been joined by Australia, Britain, Canada and Japan.

Comment: There's no evidence that China is guilty of the 'human right abuses' as claimed by the West.

"Poland is a sovereign nation and decides its own politics towards China. ... Poland is an ally of the United States but Poland also has a very friendly relationship with China," Duda's foreign affairs advisor Jakub Kumoch told Reuters.

Comment: It's notable that numerous officials in Poland have made some rather bold moves to reassert their country's sovereignty despite the increasing pressure from both the EU and US to submit to the globalist agenda: Also check out SOTT radio's: NewsReal: Why You Should Question Media Reports About China 'Causing Covid' And 'Invading Taiwan'

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Washington's $800 Billion stimulus program failed terribly and mostly benefited the wealthy, MIT economist finds

paycheck protection
About 75 percent of the benefits went to the top 20 percent of earners.

The federal government has spent an astounding $42,000 per federal taxpayer on so-called "stimulus" efforts since the pandemic began. Where did all that money go? Well, as it turns out, one of the biggest stimulus programs, the Paycheck Protection Program, failed miserably.

At least, that's the finding of a new study from MIT economist David Autor and nine coauthors. They examined the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program, which gave "loans," most of which won't have to be paid back, to businesses. It was created by Republicans and Democrats in Congress alike in hopes of helping businesses preserve their employees' jobs for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.

The study tracks the money to see where it ended up and what it achieved. The results... aren't pretty.

The analysis shows that even though 93 percent of small businesses received loans from the program, only between 2-3 million jobs were preserved. The program spent an astounding $170,000-$257,000 for each job it helped preserve! That's, erm, a lot more than most of those jobs even pay.

Comment: Consistent with the above research is this:

New Harvard Data (accidentally) reveal how lockdowns crushed the working class while leaving elites unscathed