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"F**k The EU" - U.S. State department blasts Europe; revealed as alleged mastermind behind Ukraine unrest

Ms Nuland
Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European & Eurasian Affairs and wife of Robert Kagan, infamous for dismissing the European Union's concerns over Ukraine. "F*ck the EU!"
A leaked recording of a telephone conversation allegedly between US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland and the US envoy to the Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who should be in Ukraine's next government has, according to The FT, threatened to fuel east-west tensions over the troubled nation's future. In apparent frustration with the EU - which has failed to join the US in threatening sanctions against Ukraine's leaders if they violently crush the protests - the voice resembling Ms Nuland at one point exclaims "Fuck the EU". As the two US diplomats decide whether "Klitsch" or "Yats" should be 'in' or 'out', listeners will be reminded (uncomfortably) that the governments of Ukraine and Russia previously alleged that the protests are being funded and orchestrated by the US.

The authenticity of the recording has not been confirmed (though comparisons to Nuland's recent media appearances provide some confidence) - the FT reported that the US embassy in Kiev declined to comment, which is a tacit admission: if the clip was a fake, the US would immediately make it clear.

Needless to say, as the FT adds, "[this clip] could also bolster a propaganda campaign by the governments of Ukraine and Russia alleging that the protests that erupted against Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovich last November are being funded and orchestrated by the US." Its release ahead of the day the Sochi Olympics start is also somewhat disturbing.

An excerpt on the US meddling...


Citizen scientists step in to study radiation effects in Western U.S. because there's no money in it for CorpGov

© Jeffrey YoungA radioactive plume is expected to reach the West Coast sometime this year, but experts say it will be diluted by currents off Japan's east coast.
An Internet search turns up an astounding number of pages about radiation from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant meltdown that followed an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. But it's difficult to find credible information.

One reason is that government monitoring of radiation and its effects on fish stocks appears to be limited. According to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, "No U.S. government or international agency is monitoring the spread of low levels of radiation from Fukushima along the West Coast of North America and around the Hawaiian Islands."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's most recent food testing, which includes seafood, appears to be from June 2012. Its website states, "FDA has no evidence that radionuclides from the Fukushima incident are present in the U.S. food supply at levels that would pose a public health concern. This is true for both FDA-regulated food products imported from Japan and U.S. domestic food products, including seafood caught off the coast of the United States."

The non-profit Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation has been monitoring Pacific troll-caught albacore tuna off the B.C. coast. Its 2013 sampling found "no residues detected at the lowest detection limits achievable." The B.C. Centre for Disease Control website assures us we have little cause for concern about radiation from Japan in our food and environment. Websites for Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency yield scant information.


Propaganda alert: lawmakers 'disturbed and angered' after classified briefing reveals extent of Snowden defense leaks‏

snowden in moscow
© Sunshinepress/Getty ImagesEdward Snowden in Moscow.
Leading members of the House Armed Services Committee emerged from a classified briefing on the Edward Snowden leaks Wednesday afternoon "shocked" at the amount of information he reportedly leaked beyond the NSA surveillance programs.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the Armed Service panel's Intelligence, Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee and also a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the briefing on the defense consequences of Snowden's leaks was "very highly classified," and therefore details couldn't be discussed.

Thornberry did say that lawmakers "left the briefing disturbed and angered" after hearing that the leaks by the former Booz Allen Hamilton employee "went well beyond programs associated with the NSA and data collection."

Comment: Forsome interesting food for thought, check out:

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Blue Planet

Freedom of religion is under threat: Catholics sue Obama administration

© Unknown
In a speech during Thursday morning's National Prayer Breakfast, President Barack Obama acknowledged, "It's also clear that around the world, freedom of religion is under threat."

"No society can truly succeed unless it guarantees the rights of all its people, including religious minorities," he added later.

The Obama administration has been harshly criticized by the Catholic church and civil liberties organizations concerned that Obamacare mandates that organizations provide their employees free access to contraceptives through their health care plans, even if their religious faith calls contraception a sin.

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OpEdNews.com interview with Ian Hughes: A world damaged by psychopaths and narcissists (partial transcript)


This is part one of a transcript of my September 12, 2013 Interview with Ian-Hughes

In his forthcoming book Imperfect Design: How Our Psychology Threatens Our World, Ian Hughes brings together his experience in science, psychology and political science to demonstrate that a small proportion of people with dangerous personality disorders are responsible for most of the violence and greed that scars our world. His blog disorderedworld.com has just been shortlisted in the "Top 10 Political Blogs" in Ireland.

R.K.: This is the Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show, WNJC 1360 AM out of Washington Township and reaching metro Philadelphia and South New Jersey, sponsored by Opednews.com. My guest for this portion of the show is Ian Hughes. I am speaking to Ian, he's in Ireland. What part of Ireland are you in, Ian?

I.H.: I'm in Dublin at the moment Rob, I'm originally from the North though.

R.K.: Okay. Ian is the author of a book in process, Imperfect Design, and he has a website, disorderedworld.com. He's a government adviser in science and technology and I'm going to talk to Ian about pathological people. The personality disorders and psychopaths because that's what his book is about. So welcome to the show.

Comment: Ian Hughes' upcoming book is called 'Imperfect Design: How Our Psychology Threatens Our World'. Look out for it, sounds interesting!

Book excerpts can be read on Ian's blog here.


Medvedev: Threats to gay rights in Russia a foreign invention

LGBT flag
Threats to the rights of gay people in Russia are an issue that has been "invented" abroad, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said in an interview broadcast late Thursday.

"This situation has caused a commotion in other countries. I think it is an invented problem," Medvedev said in an interview with CNN, according to a transcript released by the Kremlin.

A law passed by Russia last year that forbids the promotion of non-traditional sexual relationships toward children has been widely condemned and has overshadowed the Winter Olympics, due to open in Sochi next month.

Snakes in Suits

Should David Cameron be prosecuted for recruiting Brits to fight in Al Qaeda ranks in Syria?

The British government of Prime Minister David Cameron has blood on its hands. It is acting in defiance of its own legislation.
According to the London Evening Standard, a top British prosecutor has "warned that Britons who travel to join the Syrian conflict will face prosecution and potential life sentences on their return."

Sue Hemming said it was a crime to fight in another country even if it was to topple a "loathsome" dictator such as president Bashar Assad.

The head of counter-terrorism at the Crown Prosecution Service said Britons could also face charges for attending rebel training camps.

Her comments, in an interview with the Evening Standard, come as seven British residents including two London women await trial over charges connected to the Syrian conflict.

They follow a recent surge in arrests by police and a warning by the Met's counter-terrorism chief about the growing number of young Britons either traveling to Syria or attempting to go." (Brits who fight in Syria face life in jail, London Evening Standard, February 3, 2014)

What the British prosecutor fails to address is that the British "freedom fighters" are being recruited with the full support of the British government of Prime Minister David Cameron in defiance of UK laws.


France's role in the Rwanda genocide?

© Brian Harris/The Independent/REX‘The policy was devised in secret … within the confines of the Africa Unit. At its heart was François Mitterrand.'
The trial this week of a Rwandan genocide suspect in a Paris courtroom is a well-earned victory for the French human rights groups who lobbied so hard and so long for justice. The milestone trial signals the end of France as a safe haven for génocidaries. But more than this, the trial is likely to see intense public scrutiny of one of the great scandals of the past century - the role of France in the 1994 genocide of the Tutsi of Rwanda, which for 20 years journalists and activists have tried so hard to expose.

Pascal Simbikangwa, the defendant in Paris, is said to have been a member of an inner circle of power in Rwanda that devised genocide as a planned political campaign. Developed by Hutu ideologues, it was intended to prevent a power-sharing system of government that was to include the minority Tutsi. The genocide claimed up to a million lives.


Flashback New York Times: CIA 's cover has been blown - How they manipulate the masses

The State Department recently issued a collection of previously classified documents that shed new light on the Central Intelligence Agency's role in the June 1954 coup in Guatemala that ousted the president, Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán. Mr. Arbenz had clashed with the United Fruit Company, which for many years exercised decisive influence in Guatemala, and the Eisenhower administration feared that he was leading his country toward Communism. The coup brought Col. Carlos Castillo Armas to power and set off more than three decades of civil conflict and repression in which hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans were killed.


French government backtracks on plan to 'educate' pupils as young as 4-years-old about masturbation after parents withdraw their children en masse from primary schools

© Reuters/Charles PlatiauFrench Education Minister Vincent Peillon
The French government is fighting to break a school boycott by parents convinced that their children are being taught masturbation and a non-existent "gender theory" as part of an effort to promote equality between the sexes.

Education Minister Vincent Peillon on Wednesday told head teachers to summon parents who have withdrawn their children from school to explain that rumours about the government's ABCD of Equality programme are untrue and remind them that school attendance is a legal requirement.

"A certain number of extremists have decided to lie, to frighten parents," Peillon told journalists. "What we are doing in schools is teach the values of the republic and, therefore, respect between men and women."

He also sent a message of "solidarity" to teachers, judging it "unacceptable" that their professionalism should be questioned.

Comment: Now we're in a position to understand what caused last week's mass demonstrations across France:

500,000 march in France's major cities to protest against corrupt elites