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Sun, 03 Dec 2023
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The MI6 - Al-Shabaab Connection


Al-Shabaab foreign forces are recruited and trained by MI5 agents.
British security analysts fear that the militant Islamic Somali group Al-Shabaab, which has admitted to carrying out acts of terrorism, may attack the London Olympic Games. The military and its secret services count on the media to "set the agenda" (Chatham House)1 and to "shape perceptions" (Ministry of Defence).2 It is not surprising, then, that the government's terrorism claims are repeated uncritically by the media, which specialise in "white propaganda" (an official term for establishment messages).3

In reality, Al-Shabaab was infiltrated by old MI6 assets long ago, and its foreign forces are recruited and trained by MI5 agents (see below). If there is an attack on the Olympic Games carried out by Al-Shabaab, it will almost certainly be a false-flag designed to propel a war-weary public into supporting yet more bloodshed in the Pentagon's quest for Full Spectrum Dominance.4 With one million Somalis dependent on Red Cross food aid (and not by accident), a British-led invasion could lead to mass starvation.

Shell and BP have long-standing oil contracts in Somalia, which the country's socialist Islamic Courts Union jeopardised by permitting Chinese and Russian prospecting.5 A Chatham House study sponsored by BP recommended that because "Voters will not actively call for a more effective foreign policy," the unelected Tory-Liberal government "should define its international mission as managing risks on behalf of British citizens."6


Britain, don't attack Somalia! How intelligence agencies are "looking hard for links" with terrorists

"Shame makes the world go around"

- Morrissey
© Axis of Logic
Afghanistan. Iraq. Pakistan. Libya ... Who will be next in the Anglo-American quest for Full Spectrum Dominance? Jonathan Evans, the head of Britain's intelligence agency MI5, alleged that "Somalia has become the next destination after Pakistan for terrorist training due to the presence of al-Shabaab, an extremist group with links to al-Qa'ida."1 "This region could become the next big conflict for the [Ministry of Defence]," officials were quoted as saying in November 2011.2

The fact that the British press can make statements such as "Until now, the Shebab [sic] ... has thrived through the very fact that the rest of the world has left Somalia to its own devices", should reduce readers to an aching belly-laugh. The fact that such statements can appear without utter ridicule is an example of how well indoctrinated most Britons are. Since special forces began funding, arming, and training the Ethiopian-based Transitional Federal Government (TFG) back in 2004, Britain has been the cause of much of Somalia's grief, which dates back to the days of Empire.3

Somalia is in such a precarious humanitarian situation, thanks largely to UK foreign policies initiated under the New Labour Government, that any military action will exacerbate the suffering of millions of people, and may well lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths. A month after the plan of attack was announced in the British press, the Red Cross reported that it "has distributed beans, rice and oil to over 917,000 people in southern and central Somalia," meaning that at least one million people are dependent on food aid delivered by NGOs. Any bombing could drive out the NGOs.4 This fact, vastly more important than any alleged terror threat, was not reported.

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Forbes calls Goldman CEO holier than Mother Teresa

Lloyd Blankfein
© Rachit Goswami/The India Today Group/Getty Images
Lloyd Blankfein, CEO, Goldman Sachs.
I got a lot of letters from folks this week about an online column for Forbes written by a self-proclaimed Ayn Rand devotee named Harry Binswanger (if that's a nom de plume, it's not bad, although I might have gone for "Harry Kingbanger" or "Harry Wandwanker").

The piece had the entertainingly provocative title, "Give Back? Yes, It's Time for the 99% to Give Back to the 1%" and contained a number of innovatively slavish proposals to aid the beleaguered and misunderstood rich, including a not-kidding-at-all plan to exempt anyone who makes over a million dollars from income taxes.

This article is so ridiculous that normally it would be beneath commentary, but there's a passage in there I just couldn't let go:
Imagine the effect on our culture, particularly on the young, if the kind of fame and adulation bathing Lady Gaga attached to the more notable achievements of say, Warren Buffett. Or if the moral praise showered on Mother Teresa went to someone like Lloyd Blankfein, who, in guiding Goldman Sachs toward billions in profits, has done infinitely more for mankind.

(Since profit is the market value of the product minus the market value of factors used, profit represents the value created.)

Instead, we live in a culture where Goldman Sachs is smeared as "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity. . ."
What a world we live in, where Mother Teresa wins more moral praise than Lloyd Blankfein! Who can bear living in a society where such a thing is possible? Quel horreur!

It reads like an Onion piece, just hilarious stuff. I mean, Jesus, even Lloyd Blankfein himself didn't go so far as to take the "God's work" thing 100% seriously, and here's this jackass saying, without irony, that the Goldman CEO literally out-God-slaps Mother Teresa.


Secret SAS mission to Somalia uncovers British 'terror cells'


'It's the jihad, innit?' British 'islamist' Richard Dart, uncovered in 2012 as another pretend Muslim terrorist
Terrorist sleeper cells said to be planning attacks in the UK have been unmasked after the bodies of Britons killed in US bombing raids in Somalia were identified by a top-secret SAS mission.

The four British men were among an estimated 400 people killed in a series of American air raids on Al Qaeda training camps in the war-torn East African state in January.

In March, British and US special-forces troops were secretly sent back into the region to take DNA samples from the exhumed remains of more than 50 of those killed during the attacks.

The joint SAS and Delta Force teams spent a number of days in the former Al Qaeda strongholds of Hayo and the island of Lamu, trying to identify foreign terrorists. They were armed with profiles of wanted terrorists they believed had been hiding and training in the area.

The wanted list included people who were tracked from America, the UK and other European countries - notably France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

Comment: What they probably meant was 'SAS mission to Somalia covers for British terror cells'...

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Hezbollah-linked operative convicted by Thai court claims Mossad set him up

© JewishNewsOne/ Youtube
A Thai court today convicted a Lebanese national allegedly linked to Hezbollah for possessing bomb-making materials. The conviction comes a month after a different Thai court sentenced two Iranians to lengthy jail sentences for their roles in the attempted February 2012 attack on Israeli diplomats.

The convict blames Israel for setting him up:
Atris Hussein was arrested Jan 12, 2012, at Bangkok's main airport after a tip-off from Israeli police who claimed he was going to stage a terrorist attack in Thailand. After being questioned, the 49-year-old led police to a warehouse that contained more than 2,800 kilograms (6,200 pounds) of liquid ammonium nitrate and 8,800 pounds (4,000 kilograms) of urea fertilizer, both of which can be used to make explosives... Hussein has claimed innocence in the case and denies any links to pro-Iranian Hezbollah militants. He has said he was probably framed by Israel's Mossad spy agency.
Iran and Hezbollah have been linked to terror plots staged in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Thailand, Georgia, India, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Singapore, and Turkey.

Che Guevara

Kenya: Ten reasons why Kikuyu ruling class mafia fears Raila Odinga's presidency

Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto had no possibility of rigging the 2013 Election

1. Since President Mwai Kibaki took power in a democratic election in 2002, and after stealing Raila's Presidency in 2007, the Mount Kenya Kikuyu mafia cartel has presided over a litany of corruption scandals, some of which have been well documented. The Helicopter scandal, the Anglo Leasing scandal, the Tritton scandal, the Chatter Bank scandal, the Computer error scandal and a host of others are too fresh in the minds of Kenyans. The Kikuyu mafia fears that once Raila takes over, these scandals will be re-opened because although detailed investigations were done and Reports submitted, no one was ever brought to book.

2. The military Generals have been the most notorious in looting the Kenyan economy through the so called military contracts. In the name of "security concerns", these contracts, worth billions of Kenyan shillings, have been closed to public scrutiny. The Generals have literally become billionaires through these contracts and the fear is that if Raila takes over power, it will mean an end to stealing of Tax payer's money through secretive contracts which Kibaki has been tolerating. Raila must therefore be kept at bay even if it means rigging elections repeatedly and using the crudest methods available in the book.


At least 30 dead in Kenya massacre at Israeli-owned Nairobi mall

© REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic
People scramble for safety as armed police hunt gunmen who went on a shooting spree at Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, September 21, 2013.
Gunmen stormed a shopping mall in the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Saturday, killing at least 30 people including children and sending scores fleeing in panic, in an attack claimed by the Somali Islamist group al Shabaab.

Shooting continued hours after the initial assault as troops surrounded the Westgate mall and police and soldiers combed the building, hunting the attackers shop by shop. A police officer inside the building said the gunmen were barricaded inside a Nakumatt supermarket, one of Kenya's biggest chains.

"We got three bodies from this shop," said volunteer Vipool Shah, 64, standing a dozen meters from the supermarket entrance and pointing to a children's shoe shop where blood lay in pools.

Shah turned to a nearby hamburger bar where piped music still played and food lay abandoned. "And a couple of bodies here."

Al Shabaab, which is battling Kenyan and other African peacekeepers in Somalia, had repeatedly threatened attacks on Kenyan soil if Nairobi does not pull its troops out of the Horn of Africa country.


Al-Shabaab's Twitter account, run by Brit and American, shut down again


Yes, this is satirical, but it's in keeping with the absurdity of clandestine 'rebel islamists' claiming responsibility for terrorist attacks via Twitter
The flagship Twitter account of Al-Shabab, Somalia's Al-Qaeda-linked terror group, was closed Friday for the second time this year, less than 24 hours after a US-based terrorism expert reported violations of Twitter's terms of service.

The closure comes only days after Al-Shabab claimed a failed assassination attempt against Somalia's president and tweeted that the next time the president wouldn't be so lucky.

Al-Shabab uses Twitter mainly to make claims of enemy kills and to spread its view of events in Somalia and East Africa. A United Nations report on Somalia released last month said UN experts believe the person running the English-language account is a British member of Al-Shabab.

Twitter in January suspended Al-Shabab's previous account two days after the group used the platform to announce a death threat against Kenyan hostages. Twitter's terms of service says it does not allow specific threats of violence against others in its posts.


Al-Shabaab, Somali al-Qaeda wing, claims responsibility via Twitter for assault on Westgate Mall, Nairobi

© Reuters
Attackers threw grenades and opened fire at the Westgate mall, which has Israeli ownership; Israeli Foreign Ministry says three Israeli citizens escaped unharmed.

Somalia's Al-Qaida-linked rebels said there would be no negotiations with the gunmen who killed at least 30 people in a Nairobi shopping mall on Saturday and were now involved in a standoff with Kenyan security forces.

"The Kenyan govt (government) is pleading with our Mujahideen inside the mall for negotiations. There will be no negotiations whatsoever at iWestgate," the al Shabaab militant group said on its official Twitter handle, referring to the mall where the attack happened.

The attackers remained inside and firing subsided as military surrounded the mall hours after the attack. People continued to trickle out from hiding places within the Westgate mall, which is frequented by expatriates and rich Kenyans in Nairobi's affluent Westlands neighborhood.

The Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera said the Somali Islamist militant group Al-Shabbab had told the channel that it had carried out the attack.

Somali's rebel group al-Shabab vowed in late 2011 to carry out a large-scale attack in Nairobi in retaliation for Kenya's sending of troops into Somalia to fight the Islamic insurgents.

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Google wants to be your doctor; And its director of engineering wants you to have a brain chip

The Real Evolution
© Google Plus
Google is launching a health care company called Calico. In partnership with Arthur Levinson, former chief executive of Genentech - the first genetic engineering company founded in 1976 - Google will strive to "significantly expand the human life span."

Are we headed to a Rollerball like future in which corporations have replaced countries and their governments? According to Parag and Ayesha Khanna we are indeed headed in that direction. In the Hybrid Age, mega coporations will provide advanced technology to their constituents and thus gain loyalty. As we stray away from broken governments to provide security and prosperity, these entities will fill the gap.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt - who expects to be swallowing nanobots in the not too distant future - envisions life in this technological age as a streamlined and convenient existence.

Up until now, radical life extension has been a subject discussed by niche groups, think tanks and tech executives far out of reach for the general public.

The U.K. Ministry of Defense published a 2006 report titled The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036.The report outlined possible scenarios surrounding life extension. The report states, "The divide between those that could afford to 'buy longevity' and those that could not, could aggravate perceived global inequality. Dictatorial or despotic rulers could potentially also 'buy longevity', prolonging their regimes and international security risks."

Calico, working with Genentech, will likely utilize genetic engineering and synthetic DNA in its quest to extend human life. The Supreme Court's ruling earlier this year ruled against the patenting of natural human genes. However, there was a vital part of the ruling that allows for the patenting of synthetically engineered DNA.