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Trump's return would be the EU's worst nightmare

The Old World is extremely vulnerable to an American leader who could depart from the liberal Atlantic consensus

If I wanted to ape the mood of erstwhile Soviet political essays, I'd write something like this: "The loud echo of gunshots in Pennsylvania resounded across the Atlantic..." You can argue about the appropriateness of using a stylebook long consigned to history, but it's the truth of the matter.

Across the European Union, they're in shock at what is happening in the United States. In the past two weeks alone, first the uproar over President Joe Biden's embarrassment in the debate, and now the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, which has disrupted the entire election campaign and given the Republican a head start.

To be fair, it should be noted that Trump has not yet won the race - the most acute phase of the struggle has yet to come, and it is impossible to predict what might happen. It's worth remembering the lessons of 2020. In the spring, almost no one doubted the extravagant president would win a second term, but the pandemic messed up everything and cost him the White House. We must assume that Trump and his strategists have not forgotten this experience, and won't relax. But objectively, the conditions are now favorable.

Comment: Trump did not lose the 2020 as the author suggest and the result had nothing to do with the pandemic. It was stolen due to massive election fraud. This around, they will be aware to that factor, but other things might well happen.

Comment: The EU elites have shown themselves to be slavishly following the war camp in the US as if they had been castrated. If that is the case, which force effected that as it clearly isn't a force which doesn't have the EU's interests at heart nor humanity's?

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Neil Oliver: '...evil is walking among us!'

Neil Oliver
Neil Oliver
'...they're sowing seeds of chaos, destruction and confusion....'


Biden says 'medical condition' could prompt him to drop out 'if doctors came to me'

President Joe Biden
© APPresident Biden said in a new interview that he would consider dropping out if he was diagnosed with a “medical condition” by doctors.
President Biden said in a new interview that he would consider dropping out if he was diagnosed with a "medical condition" by doctors — giving the clearest indication yet that he may be faltering in his vow to seek a second term.

The 81-year-old president made the remark in a BET interview taped Tuesday when asked what it would take to prompt him to reconsider his candidacy.
"If I had some medical condition that emerged, if somebody, if doctors came to me and said, you got this problem and that problem," Biden said in an excerpt released Wednesday.

Comment: One doesn't need a medical degree to see that he is unfit to be the president of the USA. His health problems are evident every time he appears and speaks in public.

Comment: See also:


Biden insults Bronze Star veteran in bona fide 'suckers' scandal

biden checks watch
© Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Biden apparently checking his watch as he and Jill Biden attend the dignified transfer of the remains of a fallen service member at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Aug. 29, 2021.
President Joe Biden loves to pretend that his political rival former President Donald Trump hates U.S. troops. A transcript of a recent strategy call between Biden and several Democrats — including one Bronze Star congressman — however, suggests it's the 81-year-old who has shown true contempt for veterans.

The exchange published in Puck documents Biden lashing out against members of the New Democrat Coalition after they questioned his disastrous debate performance and chances of a 2024 reelection. Rep. Jason Crow, a former Army Ranger who received a Bronze Star Medal for his role in the 82nd Airborne Division, received the bulk of Biden's wrath after he "asked about the importance of national security to voters."

The president then launched into a screed detailing why he believes Crow is "dead wrong on national security."


Trump's Churchillian moment: How the near miss assassination hit the mark with press and pundits

© Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images/Unknown/KJNFormer US President and Candidate Donald Trump • Winston Churchill • Signature Hand Gestures
Winston Churchill once famously said that "nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result."

For Donald Trump, the failed assassination attempt in Pennsylvania could prove politically exhilarating. After rising with a fist pump and a call to fight on, Trump seems to have gone from being a movement to a mythological figure with his supporters. All he needs now is a big blue ox named Babe to return to the campaign trail.

This assassination attempt should also concentrate the minds of everyone on the escalating rhetoric in this campaign, particularly the media in maintaining inflammatory narratives. Yet, the hateful and unhinged language has continued unabated from academics declaring that the assassination attempt was staged to those who complain that the only problem was that Thomas Matthew Crooks missed.

For years, Democrats have repeated analogies of Trump to Hitler and his followers to brownshirted neo-Nazis. Indeed, defeating Trump has been compared to stopping Hitler in 1933. The narrative began as soon as Trump was elected when the press and pundits uniformly and falsely claimed that Trump had praised neo-Nazis and Klansmen in 2017 as "fine people" in Charlottesville. Watching Trump's statement at the time, it was clear to most of us that Trump condemned the neo-Nazis and that the statement about "fine people on both sides" was in reference to the debate over the removal of historic statues.

It took six years for Snopes to finally have the courage to do a fact check and declare the common attack to be false.

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EU's rebuke of Orban's peace mission speaks for itself - Kremlin

© Michael Kappeler / picture alliance via Getty Images
The EU's criticism of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban over his Ukraine peace initiative is an indication that Brussels' pro-war policies will not change, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday.

The Hungarian leader wants the EU leadership and fellow member states to adjust their policies from arming Kiev to seeking a negotiated resolution with Moscow. Orban traveled to Ukraine, Russia, China, and the US, before detailing his proposal in a letter sent to Brussels this week. Senior EU and national officials, including Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, have blasted Orban for engaging with Moscow. Brussels has reportedly rejected his proposal outright.

Peskov was asked during a daily press call whether Moscow received the text of Orban's plan or the EU's response to it. He said neither document was shared with the Russian government, but conclusions can be made based on the public condemnation of Orban.

Comment: Pro-Russian or pro-peace and stability?


Lavrov: Hezbollah, Lebanese govt. avoid full-scale war with Israel, but some within regime seek conflict

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says Lebanon's Hezbollah resistance movement and the Lebanese government do not want a "full-blown war" with Israel but "some" within the regime are seeking it.

Speaking at a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Wednesday, the top Russian diplomat said "there's a suspicion that some circles in Israel are trying to achieve just that."

Lavrov, citing some American and European analysts, stressed that "escalation, as the practical developments show, is something which Israel is interested in."

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Scoop: Netanyahu works behind the scenes to win Trump back
It seems Donald Trump is not far from the assessment that Sergei Lavrov gives, but he come from another angle:


Russia and Ukraine swap 95 POWs in latest exchange

russia ukraine prisoner exchange
© Agence France-PresseA Ukrainian prisoner of war posing following a prisoner exchange at an undisclosed location in Ukraine.
Russia and Ukraine have released a total of 190 captured soldiers in the latest prisoner exchange between the two sides, officials in Moscow and Kyiv announced on July 17.

Thousands of prisoners of war (POWs) have been freed in more than 50 individual exchanges throughout the war - an area where the two sides have been able to strike rare agreements since Russia invaded in February 2022.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russia's Defence Ministry each said on July 17 that 95 of their soldiers had been freed.

"We continue to bring our people home. Another 95 defenders have been released from Russian captivity," Mr Zelensky said in a post on the Telegram messaging app.

Comment: Views from each side:


There's another culprit in the Trump murder attempt

© Gene J. Puskar/APRepublican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump is helped off the stage at a campaign event
Butler, Pennsylvania. • Saturday, July 13, 2024
With corporate media constantly demonizing the Orange Man, something like the Butler shooting was bound to happen.

Americans from across the political spectrum were treated to yet more evidence that Donald Trump is an invincible force that cannot be easily reckoned with. But this perception will do little to mitigate the media hostility that poisons the US political scene.

Everyone knew it was just a matter of time. Trump, who was addressing a crowd of supporters in Butler, Pennsylvania, was grazed by an assassin's bullet during a campaign speech (how the would-be killer managed to get so close to the Republican frontrunner amid an army of Secret Service agents is a question for another day). What must concern Americans now is what exactly triggered this latest display of political violence.

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Donald Trump is going to win - America isn't

© Joe Raedle/Getty ImagesRepublican presidential candidate, former US President Donald Trump • Vice Presidential candidate, US Sen. J.D. Vance
Republican National Convention • Fiserv Forum • July 15, 2024 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The assassination attempt against the 45th president and his selection of JD Vance as his running mate has ensured him of victory in November.

On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump was the victim of an assassination attempt. The Republican nominee had his ear grazed and was quickly rushed by the Secret Service, though many are still criticizing the event's apparent lack of safety.

Immediately, the candidate and others were cashing in on the spectacle with T-shirts and other paraphernalia - suggesting that, as always, it will be Trump that walks away victorious.

It is no exaggeration to say that this spectacle has cemented another Trump term. Many experts and Republican officials believe that Donald Trump has narcissistic personality disorder. Part of the narcissist playbook includes playing the victim. When victimhood is usurped by the narcissist, it's a wash for the opposition. In this case, Trump has a legitimate claim to that title, and he will ride it into the sunset. The shooter, in this case, essentially handed the former president the greatest gift he ever could have.

Comment: Trump's gift is the 'promise' of hope. Becoming reality is a whole different matter.