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Mon, 27 Sep 2021
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Julian Assange in the Honey Trap: Now Truth is on Trial

Anyone who doubts the unmitigated evil of the US government and its international enablers has only to look at the disgraceful persecution of Julian Assange to see Washington's brazen malevolence in full flower. As the WikiLeaks web site continues to release daily examples of US incompetence, bullying, venality, and corruption, the response from the Imperial City has been a coordinated campaign of lies, smears, and what can only be described as utter filth.

This outpouring of satanic bile has been disgorged onto the front pages of the world's newspapers in retaliation for the "crime" of revealing the everyday machinations and cynical maneuverings of the US government as it rampages, loots, and murders its way across the face of the earth. In doing so, Assange and WikiLeaks have violated the first principle of the new world order, which is that they (the governments of the world) have every right to know what we're saying in the privacy of our own homes: in our emails, our phone conversations, and anywhere else we (falsely) believe we're free from prying eyes and ears. However, we have no right to know what they are doing, in our name - with our tax dollars - and to believe otherwise is "treason."

Comment: SOTT.net is collecting these articles because they are important for keeping track of what may be going on behind the scenes as well as in the court of public opinion. SOTT's official view can be found here. SOTT supports Julian Assange and Wikileaks fully, and hopes to see his legal troubles come to an end and the future of global leaking of evil secrets assured.


UK: Surprise! Surprise! David Kelly's Fingerprints Not On 'Overdose' Pill Packs


Tony Blair sanctioned the murder of David Kelly to prevent him from exposing UK government lies about the Iraq invasion.
Fresh doubts have been raised over how Dr David Kelly died after police admitted no fingerprints were found on the packs of pills he supposedly overdosed on.

The public inquiry into Dr Kelly's death found the weapons expert killed himself by slashing his wrist with a pruning knife and taking 'an excess amount of co-proxamol tablets'.

Three blister packs of the painkiller, each able to hold ten pills, were retrieved from Dr Kelly's coat pocket when his body was found in woods near his home.

Only one tablet remained, leading his post mortem examination report to state he may have taken up to 29 pills.

Co-proxamol ingestion is listed as a cause of death on his death certificate.

But Thames Valley Police has now revealed that when it tested two of the blister packs for fingerprints there were 'none recovered'.

The development is doubly significant because police have already said the knife which Dr Kelly is said to have used to cut his wrist did not have fingerprints on - nor did an open bottle of water found beside his body.

Comment: How long are we expected to endure this farce? It is obvious that Kelly was murdered and the order to kill him came from the Blair government and MI5/6


Wikleaks and Imperial Mobilization - The CIA's "Mighty Wurlitzer"

© Unknown
Julian Assange

In order to comprehend the ostensibly bizarre Wikileaks phenomena that is continually in the news these days, it is essential to first comprehend the concept of the 'Mighty Wurlitzer'.

It used to be the honorific of Frank Wisner, the first chief of political warfare for the Central Intelligence Agency, used to describe the C.I.A.'s plethora of front organizations and news media stooges that he was capable of playing (like a great organ with many keyboards) for synthesizing any propaganda tune that was needed for the day. More details may be gleaned in the disclosures of Operation Mockingbird.

The fact that such an omnipresent Message-Machine is not ancient history but very much current affairs, is underscored by this NYT headline Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand, Sunday, April 20, 2008.

Therefore, today, I use the term 'Mighty Wurlitzer' as a metaphor to pluralistically refer to the same message-machine, i.e., the intelligence apparatus for manufacturing consent and controlling dissent, and its concomitant conscious manipulation of peoples' thoughts, feelings, actions and in-actions, in order to serve the primacy interests of the ruling-elite. The latter are, invariably, also the de facto owners of the complete messaging-system now even more globally ubiquitous than when Frank Wisner played the world for a fool.

Comment: For more on this topic see:

Wiki-Leaks and Plausible Lies - Where Have All The Critical Thinkers Gone?


Nigeria to charge Dick Cheney in $180 million bribery case, issue Interpol arrest warrant

© na

The energy services company Dick Cheney ran prior to becoming Vice President of the United States was atop the tongue of liberals each time it was awarded a contract in Iraq.

Now the company's name, Halliburton, is being spoken somewhere else: Nigeria.

According to a story filed late Wednesday, Cheney will be indicted in a Nigerian bribery case as part of an investigation into an alleged $180 million bribery scandal.


Wiki-Leaks Serves Israeli Agenda Of Demonizing Iran


Wikileaks…guerra mediante engaño
I obviously missed the momentous occasion when the mainstream media turned anti-war. But who can now deny that it is so when we see Wiki-leaks and the mainstream media joining forces to expose the ugly truth of the US invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and more recently, what the US state department thinks of world leaders? I mean, that is what is happening, right?


What is happening is that Wiki-leaks is being promoted by the media in order to sell the same old lies, except that now the lies are coming sugar-coated, with a 'whistle-blower' gloss to better enable digestion. The lies themselves don't frustrate me so much anymore, and I can understand why the general public are fooled, but I have to admit to being disappointed at how effortlessly the Wiki-leaks poison is being swallowed by so many supposedly alternative news sites. Sites like Counterpunch, Global Research, Citizens for a Legitimate Government and Information Clearing House, to name but a few, are all disseminating the Wiki-leaks story without so much as a hint of critical thought it seems.

Top Secret

SOTT Exclusive: Who precisely is attacking the world?

© AP

The stuck pigs are squealing. To shift the onus from the US State Department, Hillary Clinton paints Wikileaks' release of the "diplomatic cables" as an "attack on the international community". To reveal truth is equivalent, in the eyes of the US government, to an attack on the world.

It is Wikileaks' fault that all those US diplomats wrote a quarter of a million undiplomatic messages about America's allies, a.k.a., puppet states. It is also Wikileaks' fault that a member of the US government could no longer stomach the cynical ways in which the US government manipulates foreign governments to serve, not their own people, but American interests, and delivered the incriminating evidence to Wikileaks.

The US government actually thinks that it was Wikileaks' patriotic duty to return the evidence and to identify the leaker. After all, we mustn't let the rest of the world find out what we are up to. They might stop believing our lies.

The influential German magazine, Der Spiegel, writes: "It is nothing short of a political meltdown for US foreign policy."

This might be more a hope than a reality. The "Soviet threat" during the second half of the 20th century enabled US governments to create institutions that subordinated the interests of other countries to those of the US government. After decades of following US leadership, European "leaders" know no other way to act. Finding out that the boss badmouths and deceives them is unlikely to light a spirit of independence. At least not until America's economic collapse becomes more noticeable.

Alarm Clock

Real-time Spin! Guardian changes "WikiLeaks claims are 'psychological warfare'" article on the fly

Editors Note: Take a look at this article posted on SOTT and compare with the one below. The text was changed on The Guardian's website while it was being collected. Notice the subtle changes without even the courtesy of labeling them an "update". So much for mainstream journalism!

Iranian President Spells it Out: WikiLeaks claims are 'psychological warfare' says Ahmadinejad

Iranian president claims that the leaks are part of a campaign of psychological warfare against his country

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
© Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA
Iranian TV highlighted evidence from state department cables that US diplomats are apparently engaged in espionage.
Iran today hit back at the latest batch of Wikileaks revelations, with its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, claiming that the leaks were part of a psychological warfare campaign against his country.

Iranian media also commented that the United States does not trust its "agents" inside the Islamic republic and alleged US links to the mass protests that followed last year's disputed election.

Press TV, the English-language Iranian TV channel, highlighted evidence from state department cables that US diplomats are apparently engaged in espionage - a charge that will have special resonance in a country where the empty US embassy is still routinely referred to as "the nest of spies".

Official media in Tehran are also expected to highlight the efforts the US is devoting to containing Iran and especially its nuclear programme.

Comment: We hope our little exercise in comparative journalism has been enlightening. How often are stories changed that we are not lucky enough to catch? If you, dear reader notice other egregious examples of spin, please send them in to the link at the bottom of the page. Liars can not bear the light.

Star of David

Mossad Criminals Murder Iranian Scientist and Wound Another In Bomb Attacks

© AP Photo
An Iranian nuclear scientist was killed and another injured in Tehran today. The physicists were targeted by cowardly Mossad agents riding motorcycles
An Iranian nuclear scientist has been killed and another injured in separate attacks in Tehran today.

The scientists were targeted in two different locations by men riding motorcycles who attached bombs to their car windows as they drove to work.

One device killed Dr Majid Shahriari, a member of the nuclear engineering faculty at the Tehran University, and wounded his wife.

The second blast seriously wounded nuclear physicist Dr Fereidoun Abbasi. His wife was also injured.

Iran's nuclear chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, said Dr Shahriari was involved in a major project at the country's chief nuclear agency, though he did not give specifics.

State television swiftly blamed Israel for the attacks.

Comment: Big brave Mossad agents murdering innocent men and injuring women. If the Mossad can gain entry to Iran and carry out such murderous attacks, imagine the freedom they have to move around a friendly country like the USA.


Iran accuses CIA, Mossad of nuke scientist killing

© AFP/Fars News Agency –
Police are seen standing close to a vehicle allegedly belonging to nuclear scientist Fereydoon Abbasi …

Tehran - Twin blasts in Iran's capital killed a top nuclear scientist and wounded another Monday, with Tehran swiftly blaming the CIA and Mossad for the attacks apparently carried out by men on motorcycles.

Slain scientist Majid Shahriari and Fereydoon Abbasi Davani, who survived the attack, were senior figures in Iran's nuclear programme, which the West suspects of having military aims. Tehran denies the charge.

The attacks came after diplomatic cables that whistleblower website WikiLeaks released on Sunday revealed Saudi Arabia's king "repeatedly" urged Washington to take military action against Tehran's nuclear programme.


Paul Craig Roberts: Fabricating Terror

© Unknown
Why does the FBI orchestrate fake terror plots?

The latest one snared Osman Mohamud, a Somali-American teenager in Portland, Oregon. The Associated Press report by William Mall and Nedra Pickler (11-27-10) is headlined in Yahoo News: "Somali-born teen plotted car-bombing in Oregon."

This is a misleading headline as the report makes it clear that it was a plot orchestrated by federal agents. Two sentences into the news report we have this: "The bomb was an elaborate fake supplied by the [FBI] agents and the public was never in danger, authorities said."

The teenager was supplied with a fake bomb and a fake detonator.

Three sentences later the reporters contradict the quoted authorities with a quote from Arthur Balizan, special agent in charge of the FBI in Oregon: "The threat was very real."

The reporters then contradict Balizan: "White House spokesman Nick Shapiro said Saturday that president Barack Obama was aware of the FBI operation before Friday's arrest. Shapiro said Obama was assured that the FBI was in full control of the operation and that the public was not in danger."

Then Shapiro contradicts himself by declaring: "The events of the past 24 hours underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism here and abroad."

The story arrives at its Kafka highpoint when President Obama thanks the FBI for its diligence in saving us from the fake plot the FBI had fabricated.