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Sat, 23 Oct 2021
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US warship intercepted by Russian Navy while trying to sail into country's territorial waters, Moscow says amid drills with China

russia navy
© U.S. Navy photo
SEA OF JAPAN (Oct. 15, 2021) A Russian Udaloy-class destroyer interacts with USS Chafee (DDG 90), while Chafee conducts routine operations in international waters in the Sea of Japan.
Russian sailors were scrambled to head off the American missile destroyer USS Chafee as it set course to violate their country's maritime borders in waters closed off for military exercises, Moscow's Ministry of Defense has said.

On Friday, defense chiefs stated that the Chafee, an Arleigh-Burke class warship operated by the US Pacific Fleet, attempted to make its way into territory in the Russian Far East, before its course was diverted by one of the country's anti-submarine ships, the Admiral Tributs.

According to the reports, the vessel had been operating in the Sea of Japan for several days before trying to cross the border near the Peter the Great Gulf.

Comment: Sputnik reports that the US, unsurprisingly, claims the allegations, that are supported with evidence, are 'false':
"The statement from the Russian Defense Ministry about the interaction between our two Navy ships is false," the US military said in a statement on Friday.

"While USS Chafee (DDG 90) was conducting routine operations in international water in the Sea of Japan on Oct. 15, 2021, a Russian Udaloy-class destroyer came within approximately 65 yards of USS Chafee (DDG 90) while the ship was preparing for flight operations. The interaction was safe and professional. Although Russia issued a Notice to Airman and Mariners (NOTAM/NOTMAR) in this area for later in the day, the NOTAM/NOTMAR was not in effect at the time of the interaction. At all times, USS Chafee conducted operations in accordance with international law and custom. The United States will continue to fly, sail, and operate where international law allows," the statement continues.

russia us navy
© U.S. Navy
Courtesy Photo Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet -
SEA OF JAPAN (Oct. 15, 2021) A Russian Udaloy-class destroyer interacts with USS Chafee (DDG 90), while Chafee conducts routine operations in international waters in the Sea of Japan.
Video footage published by Moscow filmed by crew on board the intercepting warship, the Udaloy-class large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, shows the Chafee's Seahawk helicopter powering up its engines as the warship plows ahead, the Tributs pacing it just 60 meters off its starboard side.

The US Pacific Fleet also published three photos of the incident from the Chafee, showing the frigate-sized Admiral Tributs steaming nearby and several members of its crew watching the Chafee intently.
For more examples of the US violating international norms and law on land, sea, and in the air, and from just this year, see:


Russia to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 at the latest — Putin

Putin in conference
© AP
FILE PHOTO: Russia will practically seek after carbon neutrality of its economy," the Russian leader noted
Russia will seek to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 at the latest, President Vladimir Putin said at the plenary session of the Russian Energy Week forum.

"Russia will practically seek after carbon neutrality of its economy. We set a specific orienting point here - not later than 2060," the President said.

One of the Russian regions, the Sakhalin Region, has already launched an experiment to achieve carbon neutrality. Activities are underway there to develop a hydrogen cluster, produce 'green' coal and 'green' liquefied natural gas, build wind farms and geothermal power plants.

Comment: Not that achieving carbon neutrality would have any significant impact on the climate, but, if Russia wanted to, it's likely that with its advances in technology, it could achieve it. However, If the world continues its descent into madness, it's likely that in the very near future, carbon emissions won't figure on any sane persons list of priorities, and the world could be a very different place come 2060:


Mali Massacre: Police marksmen had British backing via EU scheme despite Brexit

Mali guys
© Habibou Kouyate/AFP/Getty Images
Mali’s anti-terrorist "Forsat" unit received UK-funded training
Britain supported a €30 million European Union aid package for an armed police unit in Mali that has since killed 14 protesters, Declassified has found.

Foreign Office staff "overrode parliamentary scrutiny" to approve an aid deal that would benefit the unit in December 2017 - 18 months after the Brexit vote. Alan Duncan, who was a foreign minister at the time, had to apologise to parliament's European Scrutiny Committee - admitting the deal was "not handled in the correct manner" and that there were "regrettable errors."

Duncan's staff had agreed Britain would extend its support for an EU capacity building project known as EUCAP Sahel Mali, which trains security forces in west Africa. Britain contributed approximately 15% of its €30 million annual budget until around January 2019. According to an EU document, the project specifically "supported the creation and operationalisation" of Mali's Force Spéciale Antiterroriste (a Special Anti-Terrorist Force known as Forsat).

Comment: See also:


Biden's DOJ reverses Andrew McCabe's firing, restores full pension and benefits

© Alex Brandon/AP
Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe
The Justice Department has reversed former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's firing, charging that the Trump administration unlawfully terminated him on the eve of his retirement for political purposes.

According to the New York Times, the 53-year-old McCabe will be granted full retirement, allowing him to receive his pension and other benefits as well as $200,000 in missed pension payments. The Times noted:
"In addition, the department agreed to expunge any mention of his firing from F.B.I. personnel records. The agreement even made clear that he would receive the cuff links given to senior executives and a plaque with his mounted F.B.I. credentials and badge."
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe in 2018 for allegedly lying to investigators about releasing unauthorized information to the Wall Street Journal regarding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email servers. The firing occurred just one day prior to McCabe's retirement, a firing his lawyers argued was politically motivated due to his role in the Russian collusion investigation.

Comment: Biden is reassembling The Team.

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Ahead of talks, Putin claims IS has 2K fighters in Afghanistan

Putin in conference
© AP
FILE PHOTO: Russia will practically seek after carbon neutrality of its economy," the Russian leader noted
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said the Islamic State (IS) militant group has thousands of fighters in northern Afghanistan, as Moscow prepares to host international talks next week on the situation in the country.

"According to our intelligence, the number of (IS) members alone in northern Afghanistan is about 2,000 people," Putin said on October 15 during a video address to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) summit of ex-Soviet states.

The Russian leader claimed the alleged IS fighters planned to move between ex-Soviet Central Asian countries disguised as refugees, in order to stir up religious and ethnic discord. He did not give details. Earlier this week, Putin warned of the threat of veteran fighters from Iraq and Syria with IS links crossing into Afghanistan, while the Russian Foreign Ministry urged the Taliban rulers to deal with the threat.

Putin's special envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov, said on October 15 that next week's talks would focus on trying "to work out a common position on the changing situation in Afghanistan."

The United States, China, and Pakistan will join talks scheduled for October 19, Kabulov said, adding that the Taliban and other regional actors will join the meeting a day later.


Hunter Biden illustrates how to become a leading artist in America

hunter biden art
© The Sun
Hunter shows off his art
U.S. President Biden's son, Hunter Biden, is one of America's top artists. That means he has become able to sell his paintings to the largest number of America's richest people at the highest prices: his artistic patrons are millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires, who know that the Biden Family operation splits its money among all of its members, including the "Big Guy", U.S. President Joe Biden, who could benefit when such a buyer pays money to Hunter for a painting. They operate as a family business (or, actually, businesses), and everybody (including "the 'Big Guy'," and including "H" or Hunter, and also James Biden, Joe's brother) gets a cut in it.

This fact was reported by the Wall Street Journal, on 23 October 2020, whose sources were the corporation's CEO (Bobulinski), who owned half, and "corporate documents reviewed by the Journal." However, the American "true"/"false" news-rating firm PolitiFact dismissed that report, by alleging "there is no smoking gun" because
"Credible news organizations have found no evidence to corroborate Bobulinski's claims about a role in the proposed venture for Joe Biden. Joe Biden's financial documents show no indication of any income related to the venture."

Comment: Human Events reports that the White House itself is running interference for this latest influence-peddling scheme:
Joe Biden's son Hunter has suddenly found himself in the art world after selling at least five paintings for a whopping $75,000 each.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the prints were sold at a "pop-up" presentation in Los Angeles on October 1.

As reported on CharlieKirk.com, this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about one of the attendees at last week's opening, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

"Should we expect to see more people who seek jobs in this administration attending events like this in the future?," CBS News Radio reporter Steven Portnoy asked.

To no surprise, Psaki deflected: "Again, the gallerist has spoken to - we've spoken to the specifics of what the gallerist has agreed to and what recommendations were made. I've done that several times. I don't have additional details for it from here. I'd point you to them."

Hunter is also having an upcoming gallery show in New York. Per the New York Post, "a leading ethics expert told The Post that Biden's recent schmoozing with attendees at this debut exhibition showed that a White House attempt to prevent influence-peddling by keeping buyers anonymous won't work and should be scrapped in favor of a 'Plan B.'"

It's allegedly a process to get into the Biden show. You have to call the gallery and be vetted through a team of lawyers.

Richard Painter, President George W. Bush's chief ethics lawyer, said the Los Angeles opening, where Hunter schmoozed with 200 guests, "illustrates how this veil-of-secrecy idea is not happening."

He added there should be full transparency of the buyers' identities and Biden, along with his appointees, should sign "recusal pledges" to ensure they "can't get access to the White House."

Black Cat

Report says Biden may be pulled into FBI probe of his son Hunter

Hunter Joe Biden

New book, 'Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections', bashes Twitter and Facebook crushing Hunter Biden story. The New York Post published the story claiming it had obtained Hunter's laptop that contained salacious and damning emails, photos and texts
President Joe Biden could become embroiled in an FBI investigation of Hunter's finances, experts say, as emails reveal the father and son shared accounts and paid each other's bills.

Emails recovered by DailyMail.com from Hunter's abandoned laptop between Hunter and Eric Schwerin, his business partner at consultancy Rosemont Seneca, show Schwerin was working on Joe's taxes, discussing the father and son paying each other's household bills, and even fielding requests for a book deal for the then-vice president, as well as managing the donation of Joe's senate papers to the University of Delaware.

It is unclear why Schwerin had this intimate role in the vice president's affairs rather than government officials in the Office of the Vice President.

Comment: Never fear though, there are always workarounds for the well-connected:

'Sounds very ethical and anonymous!': Hunter Biden WILL meet potential art buyers, fueling accusations of influence-peddling


The Green Agenda, or How This Energy Crisis is Different From All Others

gas pilot
The price of energy from all sources conventional is exploding globally. Far from accidental, it is a well-orchestrated plan to collapse the industrial world economy that has already been weakened dramatically by almost two years of ridiculous covid quarantine and related measures. What we are seeing is a price explosion in key oil, coal and now especially, natural gas energy. What makes this different from the energy shocks of the 1970s is that this time, it is developing as the corporate investment world, using the fraudulent ESG [Environmental, Social, and Governance] green investment model, is dis-investing in future oil, gas and coal while OECD governments embrace horrendously inefficient, unreliable solar and wind that will insure the collapse of industrial society perhaps as early as the next months. Barring a dramatic rethinking, the EU and other industrial economies are willfully committing economic suicide.

What only a few years ago was accepted as obvious was that ensuring an abundant, reliable, efficient and affordable energy defines the economy. Without efficient energy we cannot make steel, concrete, mine raw materials or any of the things that support our modern economies. In the past months the world price of coal for power generation has doubled. The price of natural gas has risen by almost 500%. Oil is headed to $90 a barrel, highest in seven years. This is a planned consequence of what is sometimes called the Davos Great Reset or the Green Agenda zero carbon madness.

Some two decades ago Europe began a major shift to mis-named renewables or Green Energy, mainly solar and wind. Germany, the heart of EU industry, led the transformation with former chancellor Merkel's ill-conceived Energiewende, where Germany's last nuclear power plants will close in 2022 and coal plants are rapidly being phased out. This all has now collided with the reality that Green Energy is not at all able to deal with major supply shortages. The crisis was entirely predictable.

Comment: The definition of insanity: switching to 'climate sources of energy' (wind, solar and hydro) in order to 'prevent climate chaos' at a time when those very sources are most unreliable because of the erratic climate.

Is it intentional? No doubt the greenie elites will claim success no matter the outcome.


Hypocrisy at its finest: Facebook whistleblowers are feted, while Julian Assange is jailed

assange frances haugen
© (L) Julian Assange REUTERS / Peter Nicholls; (R) Frances Haugen REUTERS / Matt McClain
The very contrasting treatment of whistleblowers willing to testify against Facebook with that of the imprisoned WikiLeaks founder shows us that the Establishment's support of those 'spilling the beans' is highly selective.

All whistleblowers are equal, but some are more equal than others. Or, we could more specifically say, whistleblowers whose revelations aid ruling-class agendas are put in front of Congress and handed the mic, while those whose revelations expose ruling-class agendas are persecuted and end up in maximum-security jails.

This week we learnt that a second Facebook whistleblower, one Sophie Zhang, was willing to testify before Congress less than two weeks after we had Frances Haugen with her revelations.

Comment: See also:

Bizarro Earth

The 'final solution' is full digitization: "The QR codification of the world"

Mr. Antonio Guterres,
Imagine humanity would one day - very soon - decide to stop wearing masks. In unison. Not in the streets, not in restaurants, not in shops, not in sports events - simply nowhere. Against all orders of a good portion of the 193 UN member governments, or at least the western governments. And, indeed, against the entire UN system - against the orders of Mr. Antonio Guterres, himself. Yes, indeed. Many of the UN agencies, not all yet, have started mandating vaxxing for their staff... or else.

How come, it hasn't occurred to everyone yet, that there is something wrong? Badly wrong. Can it be that it is simply cognitive dissonance? You know that there is something horribly wrong, but your comfort zone doesn't allow you to admit it? That was the case in the Third Reich - that brought forward Hitler's tyranny. The rest is history.

The alternative to imagine would be that all those who have decided not to get vaxxed - stick to it and make it public. They defy the totally illegal and unconstitutional orders of the government, the UN system which gets their marching orders from the dark invisible cult, that threatens with death, those who don't comply.

But just imagine, nobody would listen to these absurd and anti-constitutional orders, not even the police, nor the military - both law enforcement bodies would side with the people - with the very people, whose rights they have sworn to defend.

Actually, the latter has happened more than once already around the globe, where police brutality used to be particularly strong, suddenly a group of front-line police have taken off their helmets and marched with the people - in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and elsewhere. Lately, a similar trend may be crystallizing, in Australia's State of Victoria, where people of Melbourne have been in a lockdown literally for month.