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Tue, 26 Oct 2021
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Israel demands answers after Biden quietly removed sanctions on Iranian missile companies

Iranian missiles
© Unknown
Iranian missiles
Pro-Israeli lobbying and advocacy groups are seeking answers from the Biden administration over why it removed two Iranian firms believed linked to Iran's ballistic missile program from the US sanctions blacklist earlier this month.

The US Treasury Department had quietly and without explanation dropped sanctions on Mammut Industrial Group, and its subsidiary Mammut Diesel Company. Both had been targeted by the prior Trump administration's "maximum pressure" campaign.

In September 2020 under the guidance of the Trump White House, the US Treasury had identified the Iranian companies as "key producers and suppliers of military-grade, dual-use goods for Iran's missile programs," and further described as "Iran's primary developer of liquid propelled missiles."

These and other companies have hired law firms in the US to fight to be removed from the blacklist, with the two in question being successful in this case.

Bad Guys

A desperate Biden Administration turns to terrorism

Wally Adeyemo
© The Hill/KJN
Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo
For Americans watching the shocking re-Nazification of Germany - where once again the ability to even buy food depends on a person's physiological/medical status - it may be tempting to downplay the re-emergence of a nasty German political virus and scoff that, "it can't happen here!" But it is happening here.

The Biden Administration is sinking under the weight of its feeble figurehead, who is clearly living in a world of his own creation rather than living on planet reality. As Biden's approval ratings plummet to near-historic depths, the people who run his administration - some say it's really led by demon Susan Rice - are not backing off their hyper-authoritarian approach to...well, everything.

In fact they're doubling down.

Nurse shortage? Tough - get your shot. Billions of containers waiting to be unloaded and trucked to fill empty shelves? Tough - get your shot. Murder alley Chicago facing 50 percent less cops because those who don't want the vax are being fired? Tough - get your shot. No one to fly the plane? Tough - get your shot. No teachers? Tough - get your shot!

Into this explosion of malevolent incompetence staggers US Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Department Wally Adeyemo - second-highest ranker in the entire Department. The Nigerian-born Adeyemo, who previously served as director of African American outreach for the inspiring John Kerry 2004 presidential campaign and as a senior advisor to corrupt "woke" multi-gazillionaire Larry Fink, should be given credit for at least being honest about the intentions of his bosses in the Biden Administration.

Sometimes they tell the truth by accident.

Comment: Taking the lipstick off the pig, so's to speak! In an increasingly polarized America, the battle is for the 'in between'.

Eye 1

Wikipedia formally censors The Grayzone as regime-change advocates monopolize editing

Wikipedia censorship propaganda blacklist
© The Grayzone
Wikipedia censors independent news websites like The Grayzone by blacklisting them as "deprecated", following a smear campaign by politically motivated elite editors
On Wikipedia, a small group of regime-change advocates and right-wing Venezuelan opposition supporters have blacklisted independent media outlets like The Grayzone on explicitly political grounds, violating the encyclopedia's guidelines.

Internet encyclopedia giant Wikipedia is censoring independent news websites by adding them to an official blacklist of taboo "deprecated" media outlets.

The Grayzone is among the news websites targeted by the censorship campaign. Others include leftist and anti-imperialist outlets like MintPress News and the Latin American news broadcaster Telesur, along with several prominent right-wing political sites, including the Daily Caller.

The campaign to blacklist The Grayzone was initiated by Wikipedia editors who identify as Venezuelans and openly support the country's right-wing, US-backed opposition. These users obsessively monitor Venezuela-related articles, aggressively pushing a regime-change line and working to excise any piece of information or opinion that interferes with their agenda.

Bad Guys

Auckland, NZ, to remain in lockdown even as fully vaccinated hit 70%

new zealand masks
© Fiona Goodall/Getty Images
Auckland, the city at the centre of New Zealand's Covid outbreak, will remain in level 3 lockdown for another two weeks, despite rising vaccination levels. The decision from prime minister Jacinda Ardern comes as experts remain concerned that an early move out of lockdown could be disastrous, and risk overwhelming the health system.

Auckland is closing in on 90% of its population having had one shot; 89% of the region's population has now had at least one dose, and 70% are fully vaccinated.

Across the country, 82% of the eligible population (those aged 12 and over) have had at least one vaccination, or 70% of the total population; 64% of the eligible population, or 55% of the full population are fully inoculated with both shots.

Ardern has not yet announced a specific point in vaccination levels where restrictions will be loosened, but has previously ruled out dropping public health measures before the country reaches 90%. She said on Monday afternoon that restrictions would be needed for a while longer to avoid a spike in cases.

Comment: Even at 100% they would find a reason for restrictions.

"If we get this right, if we keep case numbers low while we vaccinate people then it makes it easier for us to keep control of Covid, while we ease restrictions in the future, and that is everyone's goal," she said. "The question for cabinet today has been how do we avoid a spike in case numbers, and hospitalisations, and protect vulnerable communities as much as possible in the coming weeks, while we keep lifting vaccination numbers."

Comment: Nowhere mentioned: early treatment. And it never will be. Because despite the cult of safety-ism, it's not really about health.

Star of David

Ehud Barak's relationship with Jeffrey Epstein detailed in new book

ehud barak and epstein
© Reuters / Corinna Kern
Jeffery Epstein (L) Ehud Barak (R)
According to a new book by journalist Michael Wolff, former Israeli prime minister Barak said he and Epstein have "nothing to worry about. The secrets are safe."

Former prime minister Ehud Barak was a "frequent guest, almost a fixture" at convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's mansion in New York before Epstein's death in 2019, according to a new book by journalist Michael Wolff.

Too Famous: The Rich, The Powerful, The Wishful, The Damned, The Notorious - Twenty Years of Columns, Essays and Reporting, to be released on Tuesday, features Barak's relationship with Epstein in great detail.

According to Wolff, Barak worked hard to rehabilitate Epstein's image following a Miami Herald story in 2017 that broke the allegation of rape, molestation and sex trafficking of underage girls that turned into an arrest in July 2019.

Comment: Epstein and Israel were practically joined at the hip, as was Ghislaine, despite all her protests.


Canada threatens to fire federal employees if they say the phrase 'Let's Go Brandon!' in any correspondence

trudeau biden
© Pete Marovich-Pool/Getty Images
Last Thursday, an agency of the Government of Canada responsible for providing and consolidating information technology services across federal government departments informed federal government employees that they would be fired "without recourse or labor union participation" if they used any form of the popular meme "Let's Go Brandon" in any of their correspondence.

Shared Services wrote, "This is a formal notification that all government correspondence must be professional in nature and approved by department heads. When applicable all correspondence must be vetted by the PMO for framing and message prior to public disclosure or internal distribution."

"The uses of colloquialisms or sayings with intended double meaning or offense are strictly prohibited in all means of correspondence and/or communication," the memo continued. "Specifically, the use of the wording 'Let's Go Brandon' and any variation thereof under any circumstance is banned by the Canadian Public Service."

Comment: The Canadian Government has just ensured that this meme is not going to die anytime soon. Perhaps predictably, the hashtag #LetsGoJustin has been springing up across Twitter.

See also: NASCAR fans chant 'F*ck Joe Biden', NBC reporter pretends it's 'Let's go Brandon'

Bad Guys

Revealed: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia's communists

indonesia communist party jakarta
© AP
Members of the youth wing of the Indonesia Communist party (PKI) are guarded by soldiers as they are taken by open truck to prison in Jakarta, in October 1965.
A propaganda campaign orchestrated by Britain played a crucial part in one of the most brutal massacres of the postwar 20th century, shocking new evidence reveals.

British officials secretly deployed black propaganda in the 1960s to urge prominent Indonesians to "cut out" the "communist cancer".

It is estimated that at least 500,000 people - some estimates go to three million - linked to the Indonesia Communist party (PKI) were eliminated between 1965 and 1966.

Comment: The UK in collaboration with other Western nations has a long history of skullduggery that has destabilized nations and enabled them to exert power and control. See also:


British MP stabbing suspect was KNOWN to counter-terrorism program, MP reported threat days before but no action was taken

© REUTERS/Henry Nicholls
Floral tributes are seen outside the Houses of Parliament after British MP David Amess was stabbed to death during a meeting with constituents.
The suspect in Friday's fatal stabbing of British Member of Parliament Sir David Amess was identified Saturday as 25-year-old Ali Harbi Ali.

Police told the BBC Ali, a British national believed to be of Somali descent, was being held under the UK's Terrorism Act, after he was initially arrested at the scene on murder charges. Under British law, that allows them to keep him in custody until Friday before official charges must be filed.

Amess, 69, was killed Friday while holding a regular weekly meeting with constituents at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, about 40 miles east of London. The Conservative MP, first elected in 1983, was stabbed multiple times.

Comment: This is just the latest incident where a potential terrorist is known to the security services, sometimes under constant surveillance, yet, somehow, they manage to 'slip' under the radar and go on to commit heinous crimes. Below are just a few examples of how this is a repeating problem: And check out SOTT radio's:


Net Zero and Zero Covid absolutists share the same hubristic delusions

When it comes to both coronavirus and climate change, the purist route is doomed to failure
handmaid tale zero carbon
Zero Covid is dead. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said as much last week, finally accepting that the delta variant has made it impossible for one country to eradicate a disease which has become endemic elsewhere.

For the moment, New Zealand persists with its miserable cycle of lockdowns, but, with cases rising anyway, Jacinda Ardern must surely soon bow to the inevitable.

We are destined, though, to go through the same cycle with Zero Covid's cousin, Net Zero carbon emissions. Both have similar ideological underpinnings: a belief that by mandating something to happen, the means to achieve it will magically come into existence. Both involve a refusal to balance huge, open-ended costs against other considerations, and both are driven by a desire to control the population via puritanical strictures.

Some have already demanded that similar measures be applied to Net Zero as were applied to the messianic pursuit of Zero Covid: "stay local" orders, flight bans, smartphone apps to track our behaviour.


Biden calls for the prosecution of anyone refusing subpoenas in the January 6th riot investigation

© Andrew Russell/Tribune-Review
US President Joe Biden
We recently discussed the troubling declaration of guilt made by President Joe Biden at the start of the investigation into border agents allegedly whipping or "strapping" undocumented Haitians trying to enter the country. The statement shattered the integrity of the investigation as well as the reputation of the federal agents. Now, President Biden has called for the Select Committee looking into the Jan. 6th riot to hold those who refuse subpoenas in contempt and for his Department of Justice to prosecute them.

During the Trump Administration, many of us criticized the President for commenting on pending investigations and crossing the line on seeking to influence the Justice Department. A chorus of legal experts declared such public comments to be an attack on the rule of law and the integrity of the Justice Department. Those voices have been largely silent on Biden's own comments.

Any contempt prosecution would be handled by the Justice Department. I have long been critical of its handling of such cases. However, Biden's call ignores the fact that most of the Democratic leadership in the House supported the Obama Administration in refusing to even submit contempt cases to grand juries. That was the case with Eric Holder who was in flagrant contempt of House subpoenas in the "Fast and Furious" investigation. If the Democrats seek the prosecution of these Trump officials, they will have to step over a mountain of hypocrisy on such cases.

Comment: Biden is a reaction machine - the change agent Dems are counting on.