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Mon, 10 May 2021
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SOTT Podcast: Counter-Intelligence and the 9/11 Movement - Part 2

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Jeff Rense is a popular "alternative" news web site, so popular, in fact, that he is classified by none other than the US government as a disinfo site. Not bad advertizing! In Part 2 we recount our experiences with the people at Rense, including their posting of defamatory pieces on Laura Knight-Jadczyk, that led us to the conclusion that Rense is effectively a government mouthpiece for those searching for alternative news, a diversion that avoids asking the real questions. We also consider the sad case of John Kaminski, a passionate and eloquent voice in post-9/11 America against the fascist takeover of the US, who was carefully manipulated, isolated, and marginalized by handlers close to him. We analyze John's case and see what lessons can be learned.

Running Time: 00:50:46

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SOTT Podcast: Counter-Intelligence and the 9/11 Movement - Part 1

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In the information war, governments wage a ferocious battle for the hearts and minds of the public at home. In this new age of a permanent "war on terror" with the public as the real target, alternative websites have been put into place as part of a concerted psychological warfare operation. In Part One, we discuss our experiences with counter-intelligence prior to the events of 9/11, an experience that was invaluable once the open attacks on our rights and liberties began, under cover of a legitimate response to those who "hate our freedoms".

Running Time: 00:41:33

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Abovetopsecret.com, Project Serpo Psy-ops, and the Pentagon's Flying Fish.

For the last few years, our website, Signs of the Times has sought, in all honesty, to present the daily news as truthfully as possible. Signs of the Times is one of the very few news and information portals on the web that remains uncorrupted in any way and is staffed by a small group of people who are dedicated to one thing - bringing the Truth to the general public. We are able to do this because we rely solely on support from our readers and our own hard work: book sales. You may not necessarily agree with our take on events but I would hope that you agree that alternative media is now essential to the preservation of our basic freedoms.

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The Zarqawi Show - A Pantomime For Children Of All Ages

Bush has the gall to "hail" the killing of Zarqawi while simultaneously asserting that nothing will change in Iraq. We are repeatedly told that Zarqawi was the "mastermind of sectarian attacks in Iraq", but now that he is dead, absolutely nothing will change, the attacks will continue.

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al-Zarqawi is America's Boogeyman in Iraq to Justify Imperial Resource Grab


Abu-Musab-bin-taking-kickbacks-from-the-CIA-Zarqawi, in a desert somewhere...with a gun.
I really never knew that one's lower jaw could drop to the level of the midriff, but here I sit, dribbling on my toes, a living testimony to the capacity of the marvellous machine that is the human body to adapt to new data. Of course, it would be remiss of me not to thank the members of the Bush government for providing me with this experience and who have also provided me with a new appreciation for, and understanding of, the words 'lie' and 'blatant'.


On the origins of targeted assassination

On December 27, 1947, about a month after the decision by the UN General Assembly to establish two countries, one Jewish and one Arab, and before the bloody clashes between the two nations turned into a war - Israel's War of Independence - the Haganah (the pre-state army) issued an order for what was called Operation Zarzir (Starling). In this order one can see the first comprehensive, operational plan for what would several decades later be called "targeted assassinations."

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SOTT Podcast: From the Pentagon Strike to the Da Vinci Code and Sex Part 2

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Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code has struck a nerve with many people who have sensed that something is wrong with the history of Chrisianity as taught by the Catholic and Protestant Churches. In Part 2, we look at where Dan Brown went wrong. However, the true secret of esoteric Christianity is far more profound and important than anything Dan Brown has imagined. We tell you what it is.

Running Time: 00:44:51

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US plan to hit China led Mao to change course: book

BEIJING - A secret U.S. plan to attack Chinese nuclear weapons sites more than four decades ago prompted Mao Zedong to temporarily abandon efforts to improve living standards, Xinhua news agency reported on Tuesday.

Mao moved many factories to mountainous areas in China's remote southwest region to keep them from being hit by U.S. air raids, it said, citing a new book from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a government-funded think tank.

The focus of China's 1966-1970 five-year plan shifted from "improving people's livelihood to preparing an all-out war against the 'imperialists,' particularly the United States," according to the authors of "The Research Report on China's 10 Five-Year Plans."

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EU court scraps passenger data transfers to US

LUXEMBOURG - The European Union's top court scrapped a controversial EU decision approving the transfer of personal data about European air passengers to US authorities.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the decision to approve the data transfers, taken in May 2005 by EU governments and the European Commission, was "founded on an inappropriate legal basis".


Is The Capitol Building Next, Or Do The Tunnels Go Deeper?

In light of the 'insider' fingerprints left all over the 9/11 attacks, a few recent stories made us sit up and take notice. On Monday, the U.S. Capitol building (seat of the great American Democracy inaction) experienced a 'power out' that caused an evacuation for about an hour. Strangely enough, a spokeswoman for Potomac Electric Power Co., said the electricity shut off automatically after there was "a momentary drop in voltage due to customer operations up the lines" away from the Capitol.