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Fri, 21 Jan 2022
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Israeli Media: Mossad Assassinated Hamas leader Al-Mabhouh

© MaanImages
Bethlehem - A four-person squad of Israeli Shin Bet and Mossad operatives arrived in Dubai on European passports to assassinate Muhammad Al-Mabhouh, an alleged liaison between Iran and Hamas, Israeli media reported on Saturday.

According to the Israeli news-site Inyan Merkazi, the assassination squad interrogated Al-Mabhouh in his hotel room before killing him.

The squad returned with "precious information" attained following Al-Mabhouh's interrogation, which was focused on arms deals between Hamas and Iran, as well as how arms are smuggled into the West Bank, the news-site reported.


China threatens U.S. sanctions over Taiwan arms

China threatened to impose sanctions on U.S. arms firms and cut cooperation with Washington unless it cancels a $6.4 billion arms sale to Taiwan, in an unprecedented move signaling Beijing's growing global power.

China on Saturday bitterly denounced the Obama administration's announcement a day earlier that it planned to sell the package of weapons to Taiwan, a self-ruled island that Beijing views as an illegitimate breakaway province.

The dispute deepens the rifts between Beijing and Washington, also at odds over trade, currency, Tibet and the Internet.

Beijing said it would sanction U.S. companies that sold arms to Taiwan, a break with past practice. China's commercial reprisals have in the past been informal.

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"I have no regrets," says defiant Psychopath Blair

Tony Blair speaks at the Chilcot inquiry
© Reuters
Tony Blair speaks at the Chilcot inquiry
A defiant Tony Blair today mounted a vigorous defence of the invasion of Iraq, insisting he had no regrets over removing Saddam Hussein and would do the same again.

In his long-awaited appearance before the Iraq Inquiry, the former prime minister denied he had taken the country to war on the basis of a "lie" over Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

He suggested the world could now be faced with the threat of a nuclear-armed Iraq if he and President George Bush had not taken action to confront the Iraqi dictator.

Asked at the end of six hours of testimony by inquiry chairman, Sir John Chilcot, whether he had any regrets, he said: "Responsibility but not a regret for removing Saddam Hussein.


Cass Sunstein: Agent of COINTELPRO

Cass Sunstein
© unknown
The new face of COINTELPRO.
The Obama administration is merely one more in a line of bought and paid for actors in the theater of the absurd that is politics today. If readers still have any illusions about this fact, a look at Cass Sunstein, Obama's appointee to the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs should help shatter them.

First of all, to put some of his more absurd ideas in perspective, Sunstein advocates a "libertarian paternalism" type of government. As Paul Hsieh writes:
The basic premise of libertarian paternalism is that the government should use its power to "nudge" people into acting in their best interest, while leaving them the choice to "opt out." If the government decides that saving money is good, it would automatically divert a percentage of your paycheck into a savings account in your name unless you explicitly declined. Supporters claim that this preserves freedom because government is only changing the default, while leaving individuals the final choice. It is merely a gentle "nudge," not a hard push.


Cover-up claims as David Kelly post mortem set to stay under wraps for 70 years

Medical records which would shed light on the death of government scientist David Kelly will be kept secret for 70 years, it emerged yesterday.

Comment: Interesting that they can do this legally. In a democracy shouldn't information be free?

It reminds me of the Kennedy assasination where the files of the House Select Committee on Assassinations are locked away until the year 2029.

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Obama's State Of The Union Address - A Live Analysis


'The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force'
Obama's State of the Union speech is occurring as I write this, and against my better judgment I actually turned it on. It's about 20 minutes into the incongruous jocularity of the President and the Chamber - and he just said that he will encourage legislation to reverse the ruling of the Supreme Court that Corporations are 'persons' and can donate to election funding. He says this is wrong - this will allow society's most powerful to influence elections, as well as foreign interests - he won't have it.

The Supreme justices sit there on camera like stunned corpses as a bipartisan standing ovation explodes in the Chamber. He's addressed ear mark spending, lobbying limits and transparency, changing political discourse, the super-majority dictated by the Republican minority leadership (60% majority needed to do anything), and further tax cuts for education and child credits. He states that voting no on everything is hindering progress (what an astonishingly brilliant observation!).

Comment: Three pertinent quotes to consider, all by one Adolf Hitler:
"How fortunate for leaders that men do not think"

"The broad mass of a nation will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one."

"The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force"

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US counter-insurgency in action: Blackwater helicopters airlifting 'Taliban terrorists' around Afghanistan and Pakistan

© Unknown
Kabul - While the Pakistan government continues to deny that the infamous private army of the Unites States, known as Blackwater or Xe Services, is operating in Pakistan, Islamabad would defiantly provide no answer if questioned in any case. How is it always possible that deeply injured, half dead commanders of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan etc, manage to be evacuated safely to US-run military facilities in Afghanistan after being hit hard back in the tribal belts of Pakistan and then start resurfacing in the country where thousands of US led NATO/ISAF troops are apparently engaged in "Hot Pursuit" of the same militant elements? At least two such cases have recently surfaced, revealed by the findings of the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail's findings reveal that at least 2 most wanted militants being persuaded by the Pakistan Defence Forces in the tribal belt that connects the nuke-powered Pakistan with the war ravaged Afghanistan, after being badly hit by the Pakistani troops, managed to get evacuated to Afghanistan in a very safe and composed manner.

Comment: British army is airlifting Taliban around Afghanistan

War by design: Helicopter rumors refuse to die


Oscar-Winning U.S. Filmmaker Oliver Stone Says Adolf Hitler Was "Enabled by Western Bankers"

Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and a monster but rose to power thanks to big business leaders and other supporters who appreciated his vow to destroy communism and control workers, Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone said Monday.

Stone, who is working on a 10-part documentary on the 20th century titled The Secret History of the United States, said the German dictator was "enabled by Western bankers" and managed to "seduce" Germany's military industrial complex.

"Hitler is a monster. There is no question. I have no empathy for Hitler at all. He was a crazy psychopath," Stone told reporters in the Thai capital. "But like Frankenstein was a monster, there was a Dr. Frankenstein. He is product of his era."


Disaster Capitalism Comes To Capitol Hill

Many civil liberties groups in the US are up in arms over Thursday's Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United V Federal Election Commission, that gives corporations free reign to spend as much money as they can afford (which is a lot) to influence American political election outcomes. This is the same gaggle of Supreme Court Justices (more or less) that gave us, literally, the glorious reign of George Dubya Bush. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann dedicated one of his 'special messages' to the ruling which he said made all US politicians 'prostitutes' to big corporations.

Eh....so what's new?


David Kelly Post Mortem to be Kept Secret for 70 years

Dr David Kelly
© The Daily Mail
Whistle-blower: Dr Kelly died after casting doubt on Government claims about Saddam's weapons
Vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years.

In a draconian - and highly unusual - order, Lord Hutton, the peer who chaired the controversial inquiry into the Dr Kelly scandal, has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence.

The move, which will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly's death, comes just days before Tony Blair appears before the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

It is also bound to revive claims of an establishment cover-up and fresh questions about the verdict that Dr Kelly killed himself.