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Tue, 30 Nov 2021
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Psychopathic Morals And The Fantasmagorical War On Terror

There's been a trial ongoing in the UK since late 2005 concerning a leaked memo that detailed Bush and Blair's plan to bomb al-Jazeerah offices in Qatar. Civil servant David Keogh and MP's researcher Leo O'Connor are accused of breaching the official secrets act, a concept that one would think has no place in any bone fide democracy.


Obama Blames the Victim

Palestinians suffer because of their leadership, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said.

In the first debate Thursday night of the Democratic candidates for president, Obama was asked whether he stood by his remark earlier this year that nobody suffers more than the Palestinians.

Comment: No, Mr. Obama. The Palestinians have suffered because the Israelis have made them suffer. It is that simple.

Black Cat

Psychopath goes uncharged: Berlusconi Cleared In Corruption Case

A court in Milan ruled to uphold an earlier acquittal, with the presiding judge saying: "The crime does not exist and he did not commit the crime."

Italy's richest man, he was first acquitted in 2004.

A law introduced by his government meant he could not be retried, but it was ruled unconstitutional, giving prosecutors a green light to appeal.

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SOTT Podcast: Richard Sauder: Underwater and Underground Bases

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This planet is controlled and locked down and has been for centuries if not millennia, and the question is, why, why must planet earth be locked down, dumbenRichard is the author of several books that minutely detail US government research and development of electronic equipment which can be used for mind control, as well as the disconcerting topic of Underground and Underwater Bases and Tunnels. Listen to this week's podcast for a fascinating interview that covers all this and more.

Running Time: 01:21:51

Download: MP3

Take 2

Crusaders Message in PBS's "Crossroads" Series: Some Muslims Are Not Bad

I attended an extremely disturbing event Thursday night. It was hosted by WETA, the PBS station in Washington DC, and was part of the national launch of an 11-part PBS series, "America at a Crossroads," to begin airing April 15. It featured clips from the series followed by a panel discussion with some of those involved in the films, moderated by Robert MacNeil. The panel discussion represented a "wide" spectrum of opinions: all the way from, at one end, suggesting that all Muslims are terrorists to, at the other end, suggesting that some Muslims are not terrorists.

Comment: ...


Propaganda Alert! British police to issue arrest warrants for Litvinenko three: report

British detectives are set to issue arrest warrants for three Russians they suspect killed former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, The Mail on Sunday newspaper said.

Police have told sources close to Litvinenko's widow Marina that they intend to charge the trio with murder and poisoning, the weekly said on its front page.

Comment: An indepth analysis of the Litvinenko affairs can be found Here, Here and Here


Psychopath alert! Brown shows his hand to stifle challenge from left

Gordon Brown's campaign team for the Labour leadership yesterday released astonishing figures showing the chancellor already has the support of 217 MPs with only 35 refusing to nominate him. A further 93 are undecided.

The overwhelmingly positive response from MPs suggests Mr Brown is on the verge of obliterating any opposition.

Life Preserver

Syria: A Lot of Uninvited Guests - 1.5M Iraqi refugees

The massive influx of Iraqi refugees into Syria has brought rising prices and overcrowding, but most Syrians seem to have accepted more than a million of the refugees happily enough.

Evil Rays

Russia warns Israel against Syria war

Russian National Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov, during a visit to Israel, has warned Israel to be wary of conflict with Syria.


Peace Pressure and 'Passover'

By now, anyone with two neurons still firing, has understood that "terrorist attacks" have long term benefits for the Israeli, British and American governments. It's not just the fact of a "terror attack" however that can be and is used to scare the public into accepting ever more authoritarianism from their leaders, but also the memory of "terror attacks".