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Tue, 07 Dec 2021
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'Don't undermine Russia' - Finnish President advises West

© Sputnik / Ramil Sitdikov
Finnish President Sauli Niinisto.
Despite worsening relations between Moscow and the West, Russia's interests cannot be ignored, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has said, explaining how his nation has built relations with its much larger neighbor.

"With the Russians, the most important thing is not to undermine relations and not to ignore them," the Finnish leader explained in an interview published by The Sunday Times over the weekend.

He gave the example of the former mayor of the Finnish city of Turku, who, he said, met with Vladimir Putin several times in the early 1990s (before Putin became President of Russia). According to Niinistö, Putin was so charmed by the respect shown to him by the mayor, he continues to invite him on trips to Moscow.

Comment: Those running the West are incapable of cooperating with Russia because to do so would ultimately mean acknowledging the arrival of an equal, or greater, world power, and the pathocratic establishment would rather set the world alight than to accept the loss of their hegemony:


German Chancellor Merkel finally steps down after 16 years: Gives farewell address at strange torch-lit military ceremony

merkel torches military

Actual photo of the military band at Merkel's departure ceremony
Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Germans to stand up to hatred, at a military ceremony Thursday bidding her farewell after 16 years in office.

Merkel was honored with a traditional military musical performance and march in front of almost all the country's political elite — save for the far-right Alternative for Germany, who weren't invited.

Comment: They're not 'far-right', and they're the largest opposition party in Germany.

No plebs were allowed, by the way, 'because Corona'...

"Our democracy also lives from the fact that wherever hatred and violence are seen as a legitimate means of pursuing one's interests, our tolerance as democrats has to find its limit," said in a speech ahead of the ceremony.

Comment: And boy did she find it, introducing segregation between the 'vaxxed' and 'unvaxxed', and pushing mandatory mass vaccination, as her last acts in power.

The event, which was held at the Defense Ministry rather than in a more public setting due to pandemic constraints, involved a parade and a brass band playing three songs of Merkel's choice.

The first piece was "You Forgot the Color Film" released in 1974 by East German-born punk singer Nina Hagen. In it, the singer recounts a young woman's lament that her boyfriend failed to take color pictures of their beach holiday.

Comment: Yeah, new measures like fencing in public spaces to segregate people on the basis of arbitrary 'vaccine status', and cooking up ever more tyrannical ways to force EVERYONE to take an experimental gene 'therapy'...


Putin comments on mandatory Covid vaccinations

© Sputnik/Mikhail Metzel
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian officials should try to convince people to sign up for vaccinations before they talk about forcing them to roll up their sleeves, President Vladimir Putin has said, as the country grapples with more Covid-19 deaths.

Speaking on Sunday at a virtual meeting with Francesco Rocca, the head of the Red Cross, Putin declared that immunizing the public is "the most important task" politicians now face during the pandemic. Commenting on the approach to get jabs in the arms across the world's largest country:
"We are trying to follow a path of persuasion rather than of compulsion. We are trying to combat biased views and prejudices against vaccination. It is important to persuade people so that they understand that inoculation is necessary."
According to the Russian leader, this method has seen positive results, especially recently.

Putin's comments come shortly after lawmakers from the ruling United Russia party received instructions on how to combat the most popular anti-vaxxer misconceptions, including myths that the pandemic is being used to control people.

Comment: Vaccination with a heart...is still a vaccination.


In wake of Austria's drastic lockdown of unvaccinated people, EU chief calls for throwing out Nuremberg Code

von der Leyen
© screenshot
EU Chief Ursula von der Leyen
Ursula Van Der Leyen, the head of the EU commission, told the press on Wednesday that she is in favour of scrapping the long-standing Nuremburg Code and forcing people to get vaccinated against COVID.

"Hey, it's just the Nuremberg code. Only what we learned from the Nazi atrocities, not least those that were medical," sarcastically notes esteemed professor, lecturer and podcaster Dr. Jordan Peterson:

Comment: Programming is not only complete, it is revving into high gear. The elimination of this rights-protective document is essential to the plan.


IRS data proves Trump tax cuts benefited middle, working-class Americans most

Trump effect
© Conservative Refocus/US Hot Air/KJN
President Biden and congressional Democrats' Build Back Better (BBB) Act is now in the hands of the Senate. That legislative body's 50-50 partisan split will undoubtedly make the bill's passage difficult.

In order for BBB to become law, Democratic Senate leadership will need to convince moderates such as Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) that the legislation's $2.4 trillion price tag can be offset by expanding the IRS and its enforcement efforts while imposing substantial tax reform measures.

Congressional Democrats have argued that one of the best ways to pay for the legislation is to raise taxes on wealthy households, which, according to many on the left, have benefited disproportionately and unfairly from the 2017 tax reform law passed by Republicans and signed by former President Trump. The latest data, however, proves that this claim is pure mythology.

Income data published by the IRS clearly show that on average all income brackets benefited substantially from the Republicans' tax reform law, with the biggest beneficiaries being working and middle-income filers, not the top 1 percent, as so many Democrats have argued.


Biden administration says COVID vaccine requirements for domestic flights not 'off the table'

© Quartz/KJN
Bidens EO for Omicron
President Joe Biden unveiled a new set of executive actions to address the Omicron variant Thursday, though how serious the threat of the variant will be remains unclear.

Biden gave an address from the White House Thursday where he urged a nationwide effort to up vaccinations and booster shots for Americans. The administration said it will extend the mask requirement for domestic flights to March 18 while increasing restrictions on inbound international travelers, requiring they receive a negative COVID test within 24 hours of departure.

Senior administration officials said pharmacies will send millions of texts and emails as well as make phone calls telling Americans to get the booster. They also said the AARP is working with the administration to urge seniors to get vaccinated and that Medicare will send a notice to 63 million seniors encouraging them to receive the booster shot.

According to the administration officials, Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
"will start paying healthcare providers to talk to families about the importance of getting their kids vaccinated."

Comment: If Biden has no idea what he is doing, someone does. It's called tyranny.

Eye 2

UK: Commons speaker goes to police over claims of cocaine use at Westminster

woke cocaine
Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has said he will call in police over "deeply concerning" allegations of drug use in the Palace of Westminster.

In a warning to anyone bringing cocaine or other illegal substances into parliament, the speaker said he was treating the matter as a priority and wanted to see "full and effective enforcement of the law" with serious sanctions for those flouting the rules.

Sir Lindsay's move comes after The Sunday Times reported that an investigation found evidence of cocaine in 11 out of 12 locations tested in the building.

One senior MP said it was time to consider bringing in sniffer dogs to detect illicit substances.

Comment: Cocaine elite: Traces of party drug found throughout British Houses of Parliament


Clueless: AOC blasted for 'tone deaf' comment denying wave of smash-and-grab robberies

ocasio cortez stalin

Ocasio-Cortez and Stalin
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's claim that the smash-and-grab crime wave is a hoax drew howls from fellow lawmakers on Capitol Hill, as retailers and police detailed the huge impact of organized theft.

So far, the criticism of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has come exclusively from Republicans and retailers.

Rep. Jim Banks, Indiana Republican, called the New York Democrats' remarks "tone-deaf and offensive" to the family of the Oakland security guard who was fatally shot in San Francisco last week. He was protecting a TV news crew covering a smash-and-grab theft in the area.

Comment: For someone who's supposed to be the epitome of media savvy, AOC is remarkably out of touch:


Russia's 'plan to invade Ukraine' exists only in the US and NATO imagination

Crimea truck military
© Sputnik / Konstantin Mihalchevskiy
FILE PHOTO. Crimea, Russia.
Ukraine has accused Russia of preparing to invade, triggering an international crisis that will bring Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin together via a phone call in an effort to avoid a NATO-Russia conflict.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with his US counterpart, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, in Stockholm, Sweden, during a summit of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, to discuss the growing crisis surrounding Ukraine. The two diplomats would be reporting the results of their discussions back to their respective leaders, with Blinken noting in a press conference on Thursday that US President Biden and Russian President Putin "may have the opportunity to speak directly in the near future."

Until that time, Blinken noted, the onus was on Russia to defuse the situation regarding Ukraine. "It's now on Russia to de-escalate the current tensions," Blinken declared, "by reversing the recent troop buildup, returning forces to normal peacetime positions, and refraining from further intimidation and attempts to destabilize Ukraine."

Comment: And Ukraine's downplaying of the situation may be because it realises that, whilst it was happy to be a US tool in exchange for cash, weapons and propaganda, it's now being eyed up as a sacrificial lamb all in the name of escalating Western coordinated belligerence against Russia:


China's Evergrande shares hit record low as it edges closer to default, central bank lowers reserve requirement again in attempt to bolster growth

© Aly Song/Reuters
A statement from China Evergrande over the weekend said there was 'no guarantee' that the group could meet its obligations.
Shares in the struggling Chinese property developer Evergrande hit a record low on Monday after strong indications that it is on the verge of a potentially disastrous default and could be forced into a full-blown restructuring.

The company has lurched from one crisis to another in recent months as it faced a series of repayments on debts - three times waiting until the last possible moment to stump up the cash needed to stay afloat.

However, a statement from the company over the weekend said there was "no guarantee" that the group could meet its obligations and added that creditors had demanded immediate repayment of a total of $260m (£196m).

Comment: For analysis on what China might do to manage the crisis - if that's even possible - check out Chris Kanthan's article China's real estate crisis explained.