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Arrested Astronaut's Diaper Allegedly Being Auctioned On eBay

HOUSTON -- People hoping to profit from scandal are now selling dozens of items on eBay associated with Astronaut Lisa Nowak. One of those items is a diaper.


Coin shows Cleopatra's ugly truth

The images of Antony and Cleopatra are less than flattering


Vegetarian Dog pees upside down

A Chinese woman says her pet dog has taken to peeing upside down.


Turtle eaten by golden retriever lives

BRANDON, Fla. - A palm-sized pet turtle and the golden retriever that gobbled it up survived the misadventure thanks to the quick actions of a 12-year-old girl, a veterinarian said.


'Sparks fly from Jesus artwork'

WORSHIPPERS are flocking to a statue of Jesus Christ in a Merseyside gallery claiming it possesses miraculous powers.

Visitors have descended on the Liverpool Academy of Art to kneel before the steel and bronze artwork after reports that "sparks" were shooting from its eyes.


Ricky Martin Gives Bush the Finger, Fans Cheer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Ricky Martin, who was a headliner at the 2001 inauguration ball for President George W. Bush, has a message for the American commander in chief about war.

At a recent concert, the 35-year-old singer stuck up his middle finger when he sang the president's name in his song "Asignatura Pendiente," which includes the words, "a photo with Bush." The gesture last Friday prompted cheers from thousands of fans in the San Juan stadium.


New from the U.S. Mint: The Class Warfare Series

Barbara Bush One Dollar Coin


Postcard delivered 90 years too late

When Private Walter Butler posted a card to his sweetheart from the trenches in the First World War, neither thought too much about it when it failed to arrive.

Pte Butler, who was fighting on the Western Front with the Dorset Regiment, went on to marry his girlfriend, Amy Hicks, and the pair lived long and happy lives in Chippenham, Wilts.


Man grabs shark with hands; Blames vodka

Australia - A man who caught a 4-foot shark with his bare hands off an Australian beach said on Friday he only tried the feat because he was drunk on vodka.

Phillip Kerkhof was fishing off a jetty at Louth Bay, a town on South Australia state's Eyre Peninsula 870 miles west of Sydney, when he spotted the bronze whaler shark swimming in the shallows, the Australian Broadcasting Corp. reported.

"I just snuck up behind him, and eventually I went for the big grab and I fluked it and got him," Kerkhof said.

"He was just thrashing around in the water ... starting to turn around and try to bite me and I thought 'well, it's amazing what vodka does'," Kerkhof said.


Irish are shunning Guinness

It is as Irish as shamrock and the Blarney Stone, but a pint of Guinness is falling out of favour in its home country.

The iconic drink, which has been brewed in Dublin for the last 250 years, is suffering a severe downturn in sales, the company admitted yesterday.

Diageo, the UK drinks giant that owns Guinness, said volumes of the stout fell by 10 per cent in Ireland in the last six months as increasing numbers of drinkers die off.