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Wed, 18 Oct 2017
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Evil does, in fact, die: Family writes scathing obituary of deceased relative

If you can hate someone's dead guts, these people know all about it.

When 75-year-old Galveston, Texas resident Leslie Ray Charping recently passed away, his family wanted the world to know just what kind of bastard he was in life and how much they utterly loathed him.

In fact, 75 years the family said, "was 29 years longer than expected and much longer than [Charping] deserved".

In Charping's obituary, first published on the Carnes Funeral Home website (but has since been removed after it hit the media), his family claimed Charping's death "proves that evil does in fact die".

UPI reports:

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Mel Brooks notes 'Trump has not reached Hitlerian proportions...yet'

© World News
Trump the musical?
The Producers creator Mel Brooks has said he does not think Donald Trump is worthy of his own musical because he does not think he is dangerous. Brooks, who was awarded the prestigious Fellowship at the Baftas, wrote and directed the satirical comedy about producers staging a musical about Hitler.

Speaking backstage after he collected his gong from the Duke of Cambridge, he contemplated if he would ever pen anything about the president. He said: "He just simply hasn't reached Hitlerian proportions yet, he might get there. I'm not afraid of him, I don't think he's dangerous. I think he's mostly an entertainer, a guy who wants audiences to love him. What I'm afraid of is all the guys around him, all the people who whisper in his ears, like the people who whispered in George W Bush's ears and we got the Iraq War.

"I just hope Trump stays the egomaniac he is, listens to no-one and then we will all be safe. But if he believes these guys we are all in trouble."

Comment: You can just see it: Trump's hand-movement finger puppets...the hair..."You're fired!"...AND, the promise of making America satirically great again.


That fascist dictator Donald Trump locked reporters in windowless torture dungeon!

© Pinterest
Oh Horrors! Call Amnesty International!
It's time for all people all over the world to turn off their computers, grab the nearest pitchfork, and take to the streets: Donald Trump won't let us watch him play golf with Japan's prime minister.

And if that terrifying fact doesn't immediately fill you with dread, try this on for size: He also imprisoned members of the press in a damp, rancid basement, without sunlight or food or water or toilet breaks (that last part we're just assuming).

How can a democracy survive if its citizenry is kept in the dark like this? We are "told" that Trump and Abe played golf. But where is the proof?

Imagine how much better the world would be today if the press got this upset about, say, secret drone wars, or invasions based on fabrications and lies, or the aggressive prosecution of whistle-blowers. You know, real issues concerning transparency and public awareness that would help create a better tomorrow.

Don't worry, brave American press people: The ACLU and Amnesty International are on their way. And despite your thirst, do not attempt to drink your own urine — it will badly dehydrate you.

Comment: If you are just going to make up the news anyway, why watch it happen? Trump's quirky...get over it!


Satire: Low-fat diet harms part of brain responsible for hearing criticism of low-fat diet

A new report from the University of Calgary answers a question that has troubled doctors and nutrition researchers for years: "Why are people who lived through the low-fat diet craze of the 1990s immune to new dietary information?"

The report focuses on the effect of low-fat eating on the thalamus, the part of the brain responsible for updating and correcting dietary misinformation.


Did a spaceship fly past Colorado ski resort?

"We know from our own research that aliens really love snow," according to Winter Park Ski Area public relations director Steve Hurlbert.

A webcam purportedly revealed a black dot over Winter Park, Colorado, that some reports suggest is a spacecraft used by aliens who reside in a secret base in the area. The UFO has only been spotted once, Hurlbert said.

"The website says there is an alien base in the Winter Park area and Winter Park has been known for years as being a great destination for second home owners," implying that there is a lot of overpriced and untenanted property in which extraterrestrial beings can hang out. "So it wouldn't surprise us" if aliens were using the mountain range as a base on Earth, Hurlbert told a local TV station, News 9.


Secret Service adds emotional protection division (EPD) to safeguard Trump's psyche

At the first sign of a dangerous question, agents from the Secret Service’s new Emotional Protection Division swiftly remove President Trump from the potentially ego-threatening situation.
In an effort to respond to the vast and ever-changing dangers faced by the nation's commander-in-chief, Secret Service administrators announced Wednesday the creation of an Emotional Protection Division to safeguard President Donald Trump's psyche.

The new unit's three dozen agents, who have undergone rigorous training to prepare for their challenging role, will be charged with defending the 45th president's psychological well-being around the clock, investigating foreign and domestic threats to his self-esteem and quickly intercepting any spoken or written criticisms before they can harm his pride.

"After conducting a full review of the operational procedures available to us, it became clear that adding this new division was the only way to meet President Trump's emotional security needs," said Secret Service director Joseph Clancy, noting that the president's detail is specially trained in assessing risks and minimizing any opportunity for him to feel insecure or belittled. "His psyche could be put in grave danger from unfavorable poll numbers or suddenly come under attack from a White House press corps heavily armed with uncomfortable questions."


Mysterious 'space capsule' baffles Arizona onlookers

© cherokeelion / Instagram
Road users in Arizona were left baffled after a mysterious 'space capsule' appeared alongside a busy interstate highway, with many worried commuters contacting authorities to investigate the peculiar sight.

With thoughts of a potential alien invasion gone wrong, concerned motorists contacted authorities in the city of Casa Grande to investigate the mysterious capsule, which had a parachute attached and 'United States and Capt. J. Millard' and an American flag printed on its side.

It proved however, that the capsule wasn't so puzzling after all, with the Arizona Department of Public Safety's investigation discovering it was in fact an art installation.

"It appears an artist got creative near Casa Grande and turned a cement truck drum into a space capsule! Caused a stir on #I10 this morning," Arizona police tweeted on Monday.


Conclusive proof that Russia and Iran want war!

© Russian Presidential Press and Information Office
The following graphics prove that Russia and Iran want war:

© Small People Against Big Government
Small People Against Big Government

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Thanks Soros! Fifth columnists ban Moscow residents from keeping bears at home

Once a common sight in Moscow. Now illegal, thanks to George Soros
Russia bends the knee. A sad day for everyone. Especially for Russians who share their 2-bedroom apartment with a bear. Which is basically half of Moscow.

It's finally happened. Russia's many enemies — foreign and domestic — have successfully conspired to destroy one of Russia's most ancient and holy writs: The right to keep and bear bears. At home. In Moscow. Where your home probably consists of a 2-bedroom apartment. And one of those bedrooms is the kitchen.

Yes, the so-called "Chairman of the Commission on Environmental Policy" in Moscow has decreed that domesticated bears are no longer welcome in Russia's capital. Why not just surrender to NATO and give George Soros the keys to the Kremlin?


Geriatric Senator can't wrap his mind around Trump's idea that America is not exceptional

Mitch. A a near-sighted neocon turtle on quaaludes.
Do you remember the good ol' days, not so long ago, when the U.S. President understood that America was an infallible beacon of light that rained Skittles on all freedom-loving nations?

Decrepit, war-mongering Senator Mitch McConnell remembers, at least when he doesn't forget to take his meds.

Mitch feels a tingly sensation crawl up his hairy, pale inner thigh every time he thinks of those wonderful, carefree years!

Obama understood that holding the United States to the same standards as everyone else was wrong and bad for Lockheed Martin's stockholders. What happened?

Trump happened. And now those glory years are gone. Gone forever. President Trump says the United States isn't 100% innocent and amazing in every way? Those meddling kids, and their reasonable pragmatism.