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Tue, 27 Sep 2016
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American becomes Japan's first full-time foreign ninja

© Facebook/Hattori Hanzo and the Ninjas
Pictured is the Hattori Hanzo and the Ninjas, a ninja troupe that entertains for tourism purposes.
A region of Japan looking to use "ninja" warriors to boost tourism has made an American man the first foreigner to draw a salary for joining the ranks of the stealth assassins.

Aichi Prefecture in central Japan had been seeking 6 full-time ninjas - the covert martial arts masters and agents of sabotage who prowled the shadows in feudal times - and in a job posting last month said candidates of any nationality were welcome. (READ: Japan region seeks full-time 'ninjas' for tourism)

Of the 235 applicants eager to don the black costume of the deadly denizens of the night, an astonishing 85 percent were foreigners, and 29-year-old Chris O'Neill impressed so much during auditions that officials created an extra spot just for him.

The Tokyo-based American "will be Japan's first salaried, full-time ninja paid by a local municipality," Satoshi Adachi of the Aichi's tourism unit told AFP after O'Neill dazzled the panel with an array of acrobatic back flips.


The US 'Shame of Thrones' presidential election

It appears George R.R. Martin's best-selling book series has a lot of similarities to the 'ice' and 'fire' of the current election campaign. Two powerful families (the establishment vs Bernie and Trump) of liars and honest men (and women) playing a deadly game for control of the 'kingdom'...

© [email protected]_mastropavlos

Cowboy Hat

Man on horseback pursues thief in mall parking structure, recovers woman's purse

Northridge Fashion Center
A woman shopping in Northridge was surprised when a man ran past her and swiped her handbag. But she was in for more of a surprise when a man on horseback, no less, saw what happened and chased the thief. A man on a steed doing a great deed. Like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The incident took place Friday evening at the busy Fashion Center Mall.

KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner reported from the scene where the hero on horseback came to a shopper's aid.Even 24 hours later, customers had trouble believing the Hollywood-ized story.

"Did this really happen?," said shopper Natalie Rivera.

According to the LAPD, yes.


Terror War on You: Coming soon to theaters everywhere

YouTube satirist Deek Jackson makes a hilarious and oh so true parody about the war on terror. The war on terror is really a terror war on you, and it always has been.


Scientists slowly reintroducing rare group of normal, well-adjusted humans into society

A member of the endangered subtype of human, who possesses the unusual abilities to calmly reflect on situations and view the world from others’ perspectives, is reintroduced into the population.
In an ambitious attempt to revive a population long considered to be on the brink of extinction, scientists announced Friday they have slowly begun to reintroduce normal, well-adjusted human beings back into society.

According to officials at Cornell University, where for the past 18 years conservation researchers have operated an enclosed sanctuary for humans who are levelheaded and make it a habit to think before they speak, the endangered group is being cautiously reintegrated into select locations nationwide in hopes that they can reestablish permanent communities and one day thrive again.

"We've worked for years to stabilize our society's dwindling population of sane, generally reasonable people, and within the safe confines of our refuge we've finally seen their numbers start to bounce back a little," said Josh Adelson, head of the Cornell research team, which moved the remaining members of the group into a protected habitat in 1998 to keep them from dying off completely. "Now, we can very gradually begin to release this rare breed of rational humans back into the general public. With luck, they can survive and prosper."


Loyal fish holds vigil by trapped friend's side until help arrives

While exploring the waters of Thailand's Chaloklum Bay, a snorkeler happened upon a bittersweet scene of friendship between two little pufferfish.

One of the prickly animals had somehow gotten trapped in a fishing net on the ocean floor. But rather than swim away leaving his companion behind, the other fish stayed by his side.

It's unclear how long the fish had been stuck there with his friend holding vigil, though he stood little chance of surviving for long in those binds. Fortunately the snorkeler, a volunteer from the marine conservation group Core Sea, had found them in time.

With no other tool handy, the man used a shard of broken glass to carefully cut the pufferfish free. All the while, even in light of the potential threat the snorkeler posed, his companion remained.

Soon enough, what once must have felt like a hopeless predicament came to a happy conclusion for the trapped fish and his friend. After the last bit of tangled netting was removed from the pufferfish's body, the pair swam away into the vastness of the sea, together.

People 2

Anatomists and biologists reveal the top 10 design flaws of the human body

© Len Small
The Greeks were obsessed with the mathematically perfect body. But unfortunately for anyone chasing that ideal, we were designed not by Pygmalion, the mythical sculptor who carved a flawless woman, but by MacGyver. Evolution constructed our bodies with the biological equivalent of duct tape and lumber scraps. And the only way to refine the form (short of an asteroid strike or nuclear detonation to wipe clean the slate) is to jerry-rig the current model. "Evolution doesn't produce perfection," explains Alan Mann, a physical anthropologist at Princeton University. "It produces function."

With that in mind, I surveyed anatomists and biologists to compile a punch list for the human body, just as you'd do before buying a house. Get out your checkbook. This one's a fixer-upper.

Alarm Clock

Geophysical survey images show Pádraig Pearse turning in his grave

Pearse turning in his grave
A geophysical survey has produced images that show Irish revolutionary leader Pádraig Pearse is turning in his grave as celebrations of Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising get underway.

Archeologists are not sure about the exact meaning of the phenomenon, but some suggest it could be a result of the massive hypocrisy of Ireland's political leaders who, long ago, sold off Ireland's independence and sovereignty to the international banking and corporate "elite".


Cat builds an igloo after blizzard

© Youtube
When a blizzard hits the Denver area, this cat builds an igloo! Or tries to help dig the family out of snow weather conditions. Either way, this is a very impressive tunnel.

Black Cat 2

Cat burglar has a strong penchant for socks and men's underwear

© Facebook
The tonkinese burglar has very specific taste.
A 6-year-old cat burglar with a taste for men's underwear is terrorising the streets of Hamilton.Like many cats, Brigit the tonkinese is a nocturnal hunter - but her prey is specifically socks and boxer briefs. The cat, who lives on George St in Hamilton East, has brought home 11 pairs of underpants and more than 50 socks in the last two months.

And those are just the ones her owner Sarah Nathan has kept.

"It's all men's. It's really, really weird. She's got really specific taste."

Nathan suspects they all belong to the same unlucky neighbour. She said Brigit has been collecting menswear for about two of the six months they've lived at the current property. At their previous home she was thieveing as well - but was less specific.

"In our last house she'd bring home a bit of everything - she'd bring home men's undies, women's undies, togs, she even brought home a hockey shin pad and a jumper.

"She was much less discerning - now she's decided menswear is the thing - and it's a very specific kind of underpants that she likes," Nathan said.

"She stopped when we moved to George St, but she's obviously got herself acclimatised, because now she's rampant again.