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Bill Gates stuns the world with 'Cardigan 2007'

The computer world was thrilled and amazed this week when Bill Gates finally unveiled the long-awaited 'Cardigan 2007'. It was the Microsoft C.O.O.'s first new knitwear in over eight years and is being heralded as the most advanced cardigan the softwear giant has ever developed.

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Diet guru's experiences convince her of afterlife

UNITED KINGDOM. Like many before her, the controversial British nutritionist Gillian McKeith was sceptical about the paranormal - until she experienced it for herself. Now McKeith, whose television series shows her turning overweight people, including celebrities, into thinner, healthier individuals, says she is a firm believer in the afterlife.


Teen Girls Arrested, Accused Of Simulating Crime

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- It wasn't a real kidnapping and shooting. But police in Scottsdale, Ariz., said what they were doing is a crime.

Three 15-year-old high school students were charged with disorderly conduct in connection with simulating a shooting and a kidnapping. A neighbor saw what was happening and called 911.

It turns out the girls were working on a video project for a criminology class.


Death by Sea Serpent 2?

In response to my "Sea Serpent Snatching?" blog, cryptozoologist Matt Bille, author of 2006's Shadows of Existence, sent along a comment. He mentioned that there has been only one known case of the possible killing of humans by a Sea Serpent. I asked Matt to expand on this, and submit a guest blog on the account. He agreed and you will find his welcome overview of the incident below.


Death by Sea Serpent?

Recently in response to my blog about the San Francisco Bay Sea Serpent, one comment maker wrote in to mention this news item:

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Audio files: Salem Paranormal Investigates Ghostly Activity at State Fairgrounds

Oregon's capitol city is home base for a new paranormal research operation, and the group is already conducting investigations of potentially haunted locations in the Salem area.

Chris Califf, President of Salem Paranormal, says their team investigated areas of the Oregon State Fairgrounds on Saturday, January 13th, "SPI toured several of the facilities on the grounds where reports of murders and accidental deaths had occurred." The group was accompanied by State Fair representative Wayne Peterson.

Califf says that during their investigation, SPI was informed of an accidental hanging that occurred in a stall located at the horse barn.

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First hair wash for 26 years

An 80-year-old Chinese man has washed his hair for the first time in 26 years.

Shampoo had little effect on Luo Shiyuan's matted 6ft long hair and 5ft beard so the whole family pitched in with washing powder, reports Chongqing Morning Papers.

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'Toe'-totally embarrassing moment for World Bank President

Paul Wolfowitz had a "toe"-totally embarrassing moment during his visit to a Mosque.

During an official visit to Turkey, Paul Wolfowitz, who heads the World Bank, revealed two giant holes in his socks on Sunday while on an appearance at an Ottoman-era mosque.

Wolfowitz was obeying local customs when he removed his shoes in the mosque in the city of Edirne in western Turkey.

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Blair to make Iraq war 'carbon neutral'

Tony Blair has announced that the Government reaffirming its commitment to green issues by making the Iraq conflict the first ever 'carbon neutral war'.

British soldiers will be set green targets to ensure that carbon emissions caused by missile attacks are off-set by tree planting and recycling initiatives. Helicopter gunships firing depleted uranium will be 'partly' offset by army laundries using a washing-line instead of the tumble dryer.


Man Tries To Rob Store Dressed As Ninja

Enter the Ninja

Richfield, Minn. police are looking for a man who attempted to rob a Lunds grocery store in Richfield Saturday evening dressed as a ninja.

According to authorities, the suspect entered the store at about 10:30 p.m. dressed in skin-tight black clothing and armed with a samurai-style sword.

The suspect stood in line before he demanded the cashier turn over the money in the register, reportedly waving his sword in the air.