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Thu, 02 Feb 2023
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Burglars steal $7m from rich and famous in Los Angeles

· Professional gang carries out 50 break-ins
· Criminals leave behind no DNA or fingerprints

The rich and famous of Los Angeles protect their mansions with high walls, security cameras and sophisticated alarms. But it has failed to stop a small team of burglars who have hit about 50 homes over the past year and got away with an estimated $7m (£3.4m) in cash, rare books and jewellery.

Bizarro Earth

UK: Baby born with teeth

Teething troubles started early for a Worthing mum when midwives made a dental discovery on her newborn baby.

Beautiful Megan Andrews was born at 7.23pm on June 29, a healthy baby girl.

But doctors soon discovered she came with extras - at least seven teeth.

Mum Claire Slimming, 20 - she was born with 12 teeth - said she was "a little bit shocked" by the news.

"I was pretty much out of it at first," said Claire.

"They told me a bit later on. It can't be helped.


Happy royal birthday darling! Here's your sheep.

Britain's Prince Charles surprised his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, with an unusual gift on her 60th birthday - two sheep, the Daily Mail has reported.

Camilla is delighted with the rare breed ram and ewe, which cost the heir to the throne around £300 ($701) each, according to the paper, which headlined its story "Happy birthday to ewe!''

"The royal family have so much already that they don't actually give wildly extravagant presents,'' said an unnamed friend of Camilla, quoted by the paper.

"Their gifts tend to be more thoughtful - although some may view them as a little bit crazy.


Dog chews and eats nearly $750; most recovered

Debbie Hulleman's pet dog Pepper likes to chew things. She's gnawed on lipstick canisters, shampoo bottles, ball point pens, toothpaste and now the list includes nearly 750 dollars in cash gobbled right down.

She says that last incident has been the worst. It required collecting shredded bits of money from the floor and also from the dog's vomit and droppings ... not a pleasant task.

Hulleman says it happened when she and her husband ewnt on a four-day vacation in June and had her mother in Oakdale, Minnesota, take care of the family's dogs, Zach and Pepper.


Hysteria Alert!: Beaver Sparks Armed Police Response

'Freeze. You're surrounded!'

Armed police surrounded a car in the German city of Wuppertal after sightings of a masked criminal - but instead of confronting a crook they found a large stuffed toy.


Woman Dodges Big Surprise in 'Bee-Hind'

BANGOR, Pa. - A woman was dragging a lounge chair into the shade of a tree when a sudden buzzing told her it was already occupied _ by thousands of bees. "They were swarming like crazy and I ran into the house," Sheila Sabatine said.


Boy gets £44,000 in eBay parcel

Police are trying to trace the owner of 65,400 euros (£44,000) mistakenly sent to a 16-year-old boy who bought a Playstation Two for £95 on eBay.


Mystery solved! UFO is stray woodchipper part

Officials were perplexed after metal object crashed through roof in N.J.

Bizarro Earth

Vermont town bans public nudity after brash displays

A Vermont town that is gaining national attention for brash displays of nudity -- from teens in the buff to naked elderly people -- awoke on Wednesday to an emergency ban on nakedness in most public places.

Officials in Brattleboro voted 3 to 2 on Tuesday night for a temporary 30-day ordinance prohibiting people from going about in the nude.

Public nudity made headlines last summer when the weather grew hot and a couple of dozen teens took to holding hula hoop contests, riding bikes and parading past stores wearing only their birthday suits. The disrobing has resumed this summer.

Magic Wand

Teen Claims Spiders Alerted Her to Fire

HEMLOCK, Mich. - A woman who hates spiders is crediting them with helping save her from a house fire. Danielle Vigue, 18, says she awoke early Tuesday to find spiders in her room, and started killing them. When more showed up, she says she went across the hall and got into bed with her 15-year-old sister, Lauren.