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Mon, 21 Jan 2019
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Soldier awarded medal for bravery after being hit by pebble

Soldier Receiving Medal
© Waterford Whispers News
Just days after being struck down by a pebble launched from a terrorist 12-year-old Palestinian's catapult, inspirational IDF soldier and Israeli man, Adam Damkani, was awarded the medal for bravery.

Injured in a series of clashes at the Israeli border, which is somehow situated in the heart of Palestine, the fallen 23-year-old soldier was rushed to hospital in the hopes of not needing a stitch, where a team of medical experts helped dress his injuries with a band aid.

"When we saw the scratch on his head we just had to act immediately," Israeli red cross member Jacob Alterman recalled, "he was visibly upset and was crying profusely, asking for his family members.

"We were all a little taken aback at the level of his injury. He even flinched when we tried to clean the abrasion with a cotton bud. Hopefully it won't leave a scar".


From alcohol to detergent: 'Novichok' brand now a rapidly-growing trademark for Russian products

Novichok brand
© Ruptly
Many Russian companies are now registering products under the 'Novichok' trademark - the chemical the UK says poisoned ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. From sunflower oil to detergents, 'Novichok' is the new black.

The Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) has confirmed that it received several applications for the Novichok name. "The applications concern alcohol and non-alcoholic products, pharmaceutical products," the service told RIA Novosti.

The hype around 'Novichok' first appeared on Russian Twitter and Instagram accounts, where users uploaded photos of sunflower oil under the name - with a KGB logo on the bottle. The mayor of Shikhany - a closed town in the Saratov region - has said his administration plans to copyright a 'Novichok' brand of household detergents. The town is famous for being the location of the Shikhansky chemical testing ground of the Soviet Army.


Priceless: Conservative filmmaker hires unsuspecting actors to read the real facts on feminism

Facts on feminism film
Conservative filmmaker and personality Austen Fletcher recently hired a group of actors to cold read a script from a teleprompter; they were told that they were being filmed for a short video on feminism... only the script contained the *actual* statistics and explanations behind many far left talking points.

Among the debunked myths is the notion that "Women earn 77 cents to a man's dollar" - this is a bunk statistic that third-wave feminists become LIVID over when confronted on it (it's almost as if they *want* to earn less). The truth of the matter is that all average earnings are the same between men and women but, among other things, men tend to enter into more lucrative careers, work significantly longer hours, chose more financially-minded majors in college, etc.

When contacted by The Gateway Pundit about his idea and motivation behind the video, Fletcher said "It's really hard to change people's minds, especially when they've reaffirmed their views over years and years. This project was meant to wake people up and shed some light on issues that purposely go overlooked."

Comment: See also: Five Feminist Lies We Take For Granted

Life Preserver

Corndogging: Artificial wave becomes self aware - attacks patrons

wave pool
© Ellis
FLYover Surf, the newly opened artificial-wave park in Wichita, Kan., had to close its doors after the computer program used to control the size and shape of the wave suffered an "existential malfunction," according to staff.

"My son Timmy and I were in the pool surfing the left, just waiting for one of those ruler-edge-perfect tubes we'd seen on FLYover's Instagram, and then it happened," says visiting Gulf Coast surfer Ron Jenkinson. " A 20-footer came out of nowhere and broke right on top of us. It washed Timmy and me all the way out of the pool and clear past the hot-dog stand -- nearly killed us!"

According to FLYover engineers and scientists, they had been facing extreme pressure from investors to make larger and hollower waves in order to be competitive with other emerging artificial-wave technologies.


Newest model Tesla to run on burning money

New Model Tesla
© Twitter
Tesla is to 'cut out the middleman' by launching a car powered by stuffing money into the tank and setting light to it.

In an investor presentation yesterday, head honcho Elon Musk said he intended to reduce his company's cash burn rate by literally burning cash - which will be 'considerably cheaper' than the current plan of losing three-quarters of a billion dollars every three months.

"Our current business plan involves getting people to give us money and then losing it," he told supporters in a rock-star style presentation.

"What we propose to do instead is to get people to give us money and then set light to it, using the energy from that combustion to propel motor cars forward - or backwards if you prefer," he added with a confident chuckle.

Light Saber

Arizona DOT captures 'mysterious light' on traffic cam over Phoenix

ADOT message
© 12News
Arizona is no stranger to experiences with unidentified flying objects.

From "The Phoenix Lights" to the "Fire in the Sky," the Grand Canyon State has its fair share of famous encounters.

But could we be adding another one to the list?

The Arizona Department of Transportation posted this photo of a light over Phoenix early Tuesday morning.
According to the post, ADOT employees watched the light in the picture "dive and swoop over Phoenix" west of the I-17 near Durango.

The light movement occurred for several minutes, the post read.


Pelican attack sparks graduation ceremony chaos

Pelican crash graduation
© Grant Dillon / Reuters
People react as a pelican flies over a graduation ceremony audience at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, U.S., in this April 28, 2018.
A pair of pelicans stole the show at Pepperdine University's graduation on Friday when they crashed the ceremony. Footage shows the birds swooping down on to the graduation attendees as people scream and laugh.

Their dramatic descent, however, brought graduation proceedings to a halt as the large birds menaced the crowd. One of the pair landed right in the crowd and appeared to jump from seat to seat while flapping its huge wings. Guests tried to help the pelican lift-off again, but it merely landed just meters away on the red carpet stage instead.

One proactive security guard attempts to draw the whole incident to a close and send the birds packing, but the pesky pelican is having none of it - biting the man he attempts to pick it up. The snapping bird stands its ground as the graduation continues close by.

Comment: Looks like this isn't the only case of pelicans turning up where they're not supposed to be.



Canadian posties come through: Grandaughter's letter, no stamp or postal code, makes it cross-country from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island

canada grandchild letter
© John Robertson/CBC
'It really touched my heart,' says Joe Lawless of the letter from his granddaughter.
The letter made it to Joe and Nancy Lawless from their granddaughter Octavia, who lives in B.C.

Joe Lawless says it was a surprise when a blue envelope arrived with the mail in his and his wife Nancy's mailbox in Summerside, P.E.I.

There was no stamp or postal code. There was just the street address, province, and part of the city name. And it was addressed "To Nana and Papa from Octavia."

Octavia is their nine-year-old granddaughter who lives in Maple Ridge, B.C.

"It really touched my heart," Lawless said of the unexpected letter.

Penis Pump

Big in Japan: Giant wooden phallus carried down mountain for fertility fest

Penis fest
© Ruptly
A penis festival is clearly no hard-sell in Japan as crowds gathered at the Osawa hot springs in Hanamaki Sunday to celebrate the annual Konsei Fertility festival.

The main attraction - an enormous wooden penis - was carried through the streets before being bathed in the hot springs. The wooden deity, referred to as the 'Konsei-sama,' is meant to bless reverents with fertility and safe births.

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60 Minutes Australia 'exposes' Jordan Peterson as misogynistic bad person

Professor Jordan B. Peterson
The day before 60 Minutes Australia aired their episode on the mythical "wage gap", featuring Jordan Peterson, they released a sneak peek. Truly, it should win an award. It may go down in history as one of the pre-eminent examples of mendacious editing in history. Or perhaps NBC's treatment will get that distinction. If it were any more over-the-top, it might resemble this.