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Wed, 23 Jan 2019
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Liberals who called Trump mentally unfit now being treated for 'Trump Anxiety Disorder'

© Free Republic
Are you a T.A.D. victim?
In 2003, the late and celebrated writer Charles Krauthammer coined the term "Bush Derangement Syndrome," which he described as: "The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency - nay - the very existence of George W. Bush."

Prior to becoming one of the most respected political analysts of his time, Charles Krauthammer was Dr. Krauthammer, a psychiatrist, who treated people for various forms of mental illness. In this regard, he was a uniquely qualified observer of American politics.

Krauthammer was not a Trump supporter, but the behavior of the left after the 2016 election gave him an obvious reason to offer his diagnosis of a new disorder called "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

How else could you describe the mental state of people who organized groups to scream at the sky on the one year anniversary of Trump's 2016 victory?

Comment: Trump Derangement Syndrome has metastasized into Trump Anxiety Disorder - a progressive, invasive offshoot now gone viral. For most patients, reality pills, even in large doses, are not potent enough to arrest the syndrome and restore affected mental delusions and emotional faculties.


Heavy metal forever! Pair of elderly Germans ditch nursing home for 'world's largest' heavy metal music fest

Wacken Open Air festival
© Morris Mac Matzen / Reuters / File
Wacken Open Air festival
A pair of old German men had been so willing to swap the routine of their nursing home for "world's largest" heavy metal event, the Wacken Open Air festival, that they had to be evacuated from there with the help of police.

Two old gentlemen have disappeared on Friday night from a nursing home in Dithmarschen community in northern Germany, Deutsche Welle reported. A search operation started when the staff sounded the alarm and called the police.

These days, almost anything could happen to a missing elderly man, but this story had quite a happy end. The aging metalheads were found at Wacken Open Air, considered to be the world's biggest heavy metal festival which takes place every year in Germany.


Millennials outraged after Alabama baseball team advertises 'Millennial Night' featuring avocados, participation ribbons and napping stations

millennial night baseball
© Fox News
The Montgomery Biscuits are hosting 'Millennial Night' this weekend, but their advertising on social media set off an eruption of mixed feedback from the very group they're trying to attract.

If I say lover of naps, "selfies" and participation ribbons, you would say . . . Millennials?

According to one Alabama minor league baseball team, those are the pillars of life for people born between the 1980s and early 2000s, along with avocados, craft beer and safe spaces.

In an effort to bring younger fans to the ballpark, the Montgomery Biscuits are hosting "Millennial Night" this weekend, but their advertising on social media set off an eruption of mixed feedback from the very group they're trying to attract.

The Tampa Bay Rays' Double-A affiliate, currently with a record of 15-11, tweeted last week: "Want free things without doing much work? Well you're in luck! Riverwalk Stadium will be millennial friendly on Saturday, July 21, with a participation ribbon giveaway just for showing up, napping and selfie stations, along with lots of avocados."


No Joke! Virginia Congressional candidate Leslie Cockburn accuses opponent of being into 'Bigfoot erotica'

Leslie Cockburn
© Thomas McKinless/CQ-Roll Call Group
Leslie Cockburn
Here's a political attack you don't hear every day - or ever: A Virginia congressional candidate says her opponent is unfit for office because he is a "devotee of Bigfoot erotica."

Democrat Leslie Cockburn said on Twitter that Republican opponent Denver Riggleman fetishizes the mythical ape-like giant, sparking viral online interest in what's surely the most out-there line of attack in this election cycle.

"This is not what we need on Capitol Hill," Cockburn said in a tweet Sunday. Her posts included pictures from Riggleman's Instagram account showing nude drawings of Bigfoot with his - assuming that the made-up creature is male - genitalia covered with a black rectangle.

Comment: 'Bigfoot eroticism'?? You heard it here on Sott.net first! But on a serious note, it really is a testament to how far gone (or low) or silly many 'Democrats' appear to be going these days to demonize the opposition.


Florida man on a quest for beer chases store customers with a live alligator

alligator man
© Bobby Stratton / Facebook
Picking up some beer in Florida seemed like a boring task for one Jacksonville convenience store customer, who decided to spice up his shopping trip by chasing away other shoppers with a live gator.

After entering the store from the parking lot with a pet alligator, Facebook user Robby Stratton who posted a video of himself asks "ya'll aint out of beer are ya?"

Noticing one of the customers to his left, the crock handler runs in his direction, shouting "Is he taking the last bit of beer? You aren't taking the last bit of beer, are you?"


Monkey steals bike in China, dog gives persuit

The dog yapped and barked but could not force the monkey to get off the bike

The dog yapped and barked but could not force the monkey to get off the bike
A bicycling monkey and a dog steal the scene and win fans as they chase each other across a busy car park packed with shoppers and lorries in this incredible video.

Like a live animal movie chase scene, the determined little black dog plays the chaser yapping at the heels of the bicycling getaway monkey in Taigu, Shaanxi.

But the hero monkey cannot quite escape his pursuer no matter what riding tricks he has mastered.


New extremist political movement espouses reckless engagement in civil discourse

civil discourse political discussion

Civil discussion a danger to 'unhinged outrage.'
A small but rapidly growing subset of Americans have been gathering in hordes to engage in dangerous acts of polite discourse. These impassioned radicals are embracing extreme positions of affability and toxic cordiality, abandoning the long-held progressive ideals of extreme partisanship and treating anyone who is not committed to your tribe like an insect to be crushed.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says that it is currently tracking more than 2,300 extremist civility groups in the country, citing an alarmingly high rate of instances of open interactions at unprecedented levels of respectfulness.

"It's like they're trying to set the clock back," said extremism advocate Duncan Whitehead. "We thought the troubling days of people like G.K. Chesterton and George Bernard Shaw - two men with wildly opposing viewpoints yet a disturbing amount of respect for each other - were far behind us."

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UK woman finds 'Stranger Things' worm on her front porch

alien costume
© Reuters
A UK woman has sent the internet wild with footage of what appears to be an alien-like worm rat invading her home. Filmed in Portsmouth, the bizarre creature has been compared to a monster from hit sci-fi show 'Stranger Things'.

In the Netflix drama, residents of a fictional US town are spooked by a number of bizarre anomalies, including the discovery of gruesome alien life teeming below ground and under their homes. Rebecca Deen has now recounted her own 'alien' experience in the UK, which occurred in a porch at her house in Portsmouth.

According to Deen, the brown and limbless animal with a long spindly tail was spotted sliding near a skirting board on the floor of her home.

"Found this slithering in my porch... any ideas... feel like I'm in an episode of Stranger Things," Deen said in a Facebook post, which has since been viewed more than 28,000 times.


Oregon woman returns home to find cougar napping on her sofa

lion napping oregon home
An Ashland woman says she came home to a strange and shocking sight several weeks ago: a cougar, taking a nap inside her home.

Lauren Taylor wrote on Facebook that the large cat likely got inside though on open back door after drinking from a pond in her backyard.

"This is wild," her post reads. "When I made noise, she woke up and looked startled so I consciously raised my frequency, gazed lovingly into her eyes, and communicated using feline-speak eye blinking to calm her. It was amazing to realize that this worked."

Taylor says her home has huge plants and stairs built around real tree branches, so the animal likely didn't' even realize it was walking indoors until it was all the way inside. The mountain lion eventually left Taylor's home after she says it calmed down and napped behind the sofa for more than six hours.


'I thought it was judgement free zone': Man with pot paraphernalia arrested for naked workout at local gym

planet fitness man
A 34-year-old Haverhill man who was arrested after allegedly stripping down and exercising naked at a Planet Fitness gym had "marijuana paraphernalia," police said.

Police said Eric Stagno walked into the public gym off Route 125 in Plaistow and removed all his clothes before walking back and forth a couple of times.

Police Capt. Brett Morgan said Stagno was found with some marijuana paraphernalia, but police could not say for certain that he was under the influence of the drug.