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Wed, 28 Sep 2016
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Duke the Great Pyrenees becomes mayor of Minnesota town again

© Associated Press
Duke becomes mayor again.
A Great Pyrenees called Duke has been re-elected as mayor of the northwestern Minnesota town of Cormorant, for a third consecutive term.

Duke became a mayor of Cormorant, population 1,000, two years ago. He defeated Richard Sherbrook, the owner of a local store, through write-in votes. Duke was 7 at the time and can now boast of being the first mayor in the US to have taken office at such a young age.

The dog won his third election in a row, held Saturday during the 6th Annual Cormorant Daze Festival. Duke attended the event wearing a patriotic star-spangled bandanna around his neck and a small black top hat.


Copycat parrot imitates and intimidates kittens

Don't you dare ruffle my feathers!
The parrot mimics the cat's meow, and has no more fear of the feline.

Look how it intimidates those kitties.

They know who is boss!

Black Cat 2

Istanbul to dedicate monument to famous and beloved cat

© Twitter/Onedio
More than 12,000 people in Istanbul signed a petition to erect a monument of the world famous cat Tombili, which died two weeks ago.

On August 1, the Internet mega star, a cat named Tombili, died from a disease.


Jonathan Pie: "Cutting mental health care? That's mental!"

© YouTube/Jonathan Pie (screen capture)
Jonathan Pie gets annoyed at the media's obsession with terrorism whilst ignoring other massive issues...including the nation's mental health!


Brain dead police shoot department store mannequin 67 times after mistaking it for gunman

While responding to a call about a suspicious person in the vicinity of Viewmont Mall early Sunday morning, Scranton police opened fire on a discarded department store mannequin which they initially believed was a man armed with a handgun.

The mishap began shortly after 12:15 a.m. on Sunday morning when police received a call about a possible homeless man lurking in the alley behind the Macy's department store on Viewmont Drive. Officers arrived on the scene to find what they believed was a muscular African-American man standing idly behind a dumpster. "The individual in question was dressed in a tan hoodie-style sweatshirt and appeared to be naked from the waist down," Major Howard Colvin told the Scranton Times.


Is Sweden about to be invaded by Russia?

© Russia Insider
Sweden has gone completely off the liberal deep end.
Why does Swedish media hype the threat of Russian invasion and beat the war drums for inclusion into NATO? Is it perhaps because they resent the successful traditional model that Russia presents to the world? Or is it perhaps because Swedish society is crumbling and about to go into free-fall?

This is a popular Swedish blogger, En Arg Blatte Talar, who goes by the name of Angry Foreigner. See what he has to say about the current situation in Sweden and realize that the rest of the West is only a few years behind.

Sweden is a poster child for liberal insanity and what happens when the cancer of Cultural Marxism reaches terminal mass.

But don't take my word for it... enjoy!


Goosed! Avian takes revenge on annoying drone

© Heinz-Peter Bader / Reuters
Geese are patrolling the skies for drones.
Top Gun's Lt Nick "Goose" Bradshaw has been reincarnated into an actual bird and he's still taking down the enemy. In the case of newly-released video, a drone met its match while flying over the Netherlands.

Michiel Rote was recording with his DJI Phantom above Castle Teylingen in Sassenheim, but 'Goose' didn't appreciate the invasion of privacy.

It flew straight for the drone sending it back down to the ground, before joining up with the other geese and presumably honking a smug remark.

Rote claims his equipment was unharmed and, from what he could tell, the goose was fine too.

"I lost a piece of my prop... the goose was just fine!" he said.

The Dutch sky is a dangerous place for drones with hawks and eagles employed by Dutch police to take down anything flying that poses a security risk - and they are more than pleased to help.


Trump would only use nuclear weapons in a sarcastic way

© Getty
New York - Clarifying his position on a key national-security issue, Donald Trump said on Friday that as President he would be willing to use nuclear weapons, "but only in a sarcastic way."

"People who are worried about me having the nuclear-launch codes should stop worrying, O.K.?" Trump told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "If I ever used nuclear weapons, it would be really obvious that I was just being sarcastic."

Pressed by Blitzer to explain the difference between a sarcastic and non-sarcastic nuclear attack, Trump responded, "You'd use the weapons and everything, but then you'd say, 'Just kidding.' "

Trump did not specify which nations he would target for a sarcastic nuclear attack. "I can't say right now," he said. "But there are a lot of countries that need to lighten up."

Eye 2

At the Olympics, everyone's looking, especially at the men favoring skintight breeches

© Harry How/Getty Images
Pita Taufatofua, the taekwondo champion from Tonga who caused an internet frenzy during the Olympics opening ceremony. Mr. Taufatofua then appeared on “Today,” from Copacabana Beach.
Call them the "Magic Mike" Olympics.

The Games have always meant different things to different people, whether they are fans of popular sports, passionate adherents of niche activities like air rifle shooting or the hammer throw, or those who enjoy tracking any athletic endeavor at the championship level.

Another cohort following the Olympics, though, does so without much knowledge or even interest in the rules and arcana. They are the armchair voyeurs, excited by the sight of bodies at the peak of perfection. That those bodies are often clad in uniforms leaving little to the imagination is part of the appeal.

Arrow Down

Satan endorses Hillary Clinton

© Waterford Whispers News
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has once again stepped a little closer to securing one of the most sought after political positions in the world today after being publicly endorsed by Satan, a first in US interdimensional relations history.

Speaking at a rally held in New York this afternoon, Satan said he would fully support the Clinton campaign, and stated that he will do everything in his power to help the 68-year-old secure her place as the first female president in America's short, but eventful history.

"I love America and everything it stands for," Satan opened his speech, "I love the way you guys just take what you want, when you want it, without fear of reprisals. Furthermore, I adore your country's corrupt behaviour and continuing propensity for violence, and your cunning ability to cover it up as some form of retribution for attacks on your soil, which you geniusly orchestrate yourselves," adding, "You guys are putting even me to shame here, and I could not think of anyone else more perfect than Hillary to guide you through the next 4 to 8 years, because, let's face it, it's going to be hell".

Following a roar from spectators, the devil incarnate went on to slam Donald Trump as an "amateur", claiming he's too soft and stupid to run for the American primary.

"What fool lets everybody know what he's thinking like that?" Satan pointed out, "At least Hillary keeps all her real emotions and ideals locked away from public knowledge. You can't have an openly racist president in this day and age, you've got to be cleverer than that. You've got to be Hillary smart".

Taking Mrs. Clinton by the hand, Satan raised her hand high into the air, as spectators stood up to clap.

"Vote Hillary number one! Vote Hillary number one! Vote Hillary number one!" they all cheered in unison, before Satan disappeared in a flash of fire.