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Thu, 22 Aug 2019
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African pastors finally find Jesus and take him to church

© Syńbâd/twitter
Christians have been awaiting the return of Christ for two millennia, and now he has allegedly landed in Kenya.

A man claiming to be Jesus, the Son of God, is currently touring South Africa, according to photos and videos shared by locals across social media.

One user recounted that a Kenyan pastor found "Jesus" walking on the streets of Kenya and invited him to a church.


"Is it possible for a country to die of embarrassment?" Brits cringe at tabloid's sunny Bojo front page

Bojo Sun Cover page, Boris Johnson

“Is it possible for a country to die of embarrassment?”
Boris Johnson has not even been British prime minister for one week and already things are getting weird. Nowhere is this more evident than the cover of Friday's Sun, which features BoJo as the actual sun.

Famous for his slew of gaffes over the years, many expected his prime ministership to be replete with memeworthy moments, but the Sun has taken things too far for even the most cynical online trolls judging by reaction on Twitter.

"Is it possible for a country to die of embarrassment?" wrote one sickened user. "You'll never guess what the sun baby in the teletubbies looks like now," another person quipped as many others took the opportunity to have a pop at the Sun's graphics department.

Comment: Galloway: You'd have to be mad to think Boris Johnson is the answer to Britain's problems

Pumpkin 2

Give homelessness a go to avoid high rents urges government

Homeless Person
© Cherwell
WITH the mass exodus of culchies from the netherworld known as 'not Dublin' to Dublin fully underway, the Government has come out to advise college students coming to the capital to not rule out homelessness as a viable option going forward.

Trialed and tested on over 10,000 low earning citizens since 2011, Fine Gael detailed all the benefits of opting out of the 'rental rat race', in favour of 'cosy sleeping blankets' and 'rainproof tents'.

"Students wishing to live in actual accommodation in Dublin will need wealthy parents," Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy warned culchies, "the price of free education is at an all time high, so if you're not rich, or a lottery winner, please consider homelessness for the few months of the academic year you're up in the big smoke - see how ye get on".


Breakthrough Science! Researchers Find That Nicking Ships May Have Consequences

stena impero
A new study from the University of the Blindingly Obvious has found that if one country nicks another country's ship, the country whose ship has been nicked may be likely to respond by nicking a ship belonging to the country that nicked theirs. According to the authors of the report, the reason for this may be down to something called "the way the world works," or what is often known as tit-for-tat.
"We began by giving toy ships to children of nursery school age," said a spokeswoman for the research team, "but with one child being instructed to take a ship belonging to another child, while leaving their own unguarded. What we then observed was fascinating. The child who had had his or her toy ship stolen would then wait for an opportunity to take one from the child who had taken from them. We were gobsmacked. We really didn't think the world worked like that. But apparently it does."
In further experiments, researchers wanted to find out what happened when Child A — the one who took the first ship — protested against Child B taking theirs. Again, the results took the researchers by surprise:
"We fully expected that when Child A raised a hue and cry about having their ship snatched, Child B's conscience would smite them, and they would return the ship that did not belong to them, but letting Child A keep theirs. Yet to our amazement, no matter how much Child A spoke indignantly about the illegality of Child B's actions, Child B continued to maintain that they would only return the ship if theirs was returned to them at the same time."


'Clever pooch': Mongrel unties & kidnaps pedigree dog left outside shop

© Instagram / natasha_nvrs
A brazen kidnapping attempt was captured on video in southern Russia, where a stray dog untied and tried to draw away a pedigree pit-bull who was waiting for his master outside a grocery store.

The motivation of the fluffy perpetrator from the city of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea is still unclear, but the street-wise mutt acted with great determination and dexterity.


Moon Landing, 50th Anniversary of the Biggest Lie Ever Told?

GTFOH Show with Comedian Matt Billon takes an in-depth look into the Moon Landing. Watch and laugh at just how ridiculous the thought of man going to the moon in the 60's.actually is. Could man travel 240.000 miles away in 1969 ?



New study confirms all your opinions, world views, beliefs, are correct

Correct Opinions and Beliefs
© Babylon Bee
U.S. — A fascinating new study released today from a very reliable source confirmed that all your opinions are correct, there are no flaws in your worldview, beliefs, or hot takes, and that everything you say is more or less absolutely correct.

The study researched everything you believe and found that it is true, all of it. From your opinions on religion to your takes on politics, the extremely reputable study found that you are 100% correct both in your high-level assertions and in all the supporting details of your claims.


Lobstergate scandal! Israeli embassy caught in laughable kosher cover-up

Israel Brazil Yossi Shelley Bolsonaro
© Twitter / @IsraelinBrazil
Israel’s envoy to Brazil Yossi Shelley chowing down on a decidedly non-kosher lobster.
Israel's envoy to Brazil Yossi Shelley has found himself in hot water after his embassy shared an image of him eating lobster with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro despite the Torah prohibiting jews from eating shellfish.

The embassy tried to conceal the fact that he was chowing down on non-kosher food with a bizarrely archaic and lackluster attempt at obscuring the offending crustaceans from view. The two shared lunch before attending the Brazil-Peru final of the Copa America soccer tournament at the Maracana stadium.


Lunatic stage: The first Democratic debate, summarized and translated

Democratic debate June 2019

Lester Holt:
Hello and welcome to the Democratic Party presidential debates, where tonight ten people will pretend to be much further to the left than they actually are so that normal human beings will like them.

Savannah Guthrie: Our first question is for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Senator Warren, you have many plans for America. Many, many plans. Is this correct?

Elizabeth Warren: Yes that is correct. I have many plans to make things better, and Americans must come together and work together as Americans to make America America.

Savannah Guthrie: Thank you. Congressman O'Rourke, how do you feel about taxing the wealthy?

Beto O'Rourke: Me gustaría informar a todos que puedo hablar español.

Savannah Guthrie: Uhh... Okay?

Cory Booker: Hey I can speak Spanish too!

Savannah Guthrie: Yes, yes you both can speak Spanish. This next question is for Senator Warren. Senator, you have many plans for America. Do you think rich people should be allowed to feast on the flesh of poor people?

Elizabeth Warren: No. We should stop allowing rich people to eat poor people because there are laws against this and my plan is to enforce those laws.

Comment: As Tucker Carlson commented, 'Democrats have officially gone insane':


California town accidentally misspells stop sign

stop sign misspelled
No, this was not a prank by teenagers with nothing better to do. The mistake was made by a paid contractor.

But without government, who would misspell the road signs?

Images of a California stop sign painted on the pavement at a four-way intersection in the town of Lemon Grove have gone viral.

Why? Because the "word" 'STPO' was painted in tall white lettering across the asphalt. As you might expect, it was actually supposed to read 'STOP'. Yes, that very same word you learned how to spell in the first grade.

Directly to the right of the typo-mere feet from where a grown adult misspelled the basic 4-letter-word-stands a bright red octagon sign with the word STOP spelled correctly on it.