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Fri, 01 Dec 2023
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Venice to ban rice at weddings over pigeons

Throwing rice at newly-weds will soon be banned in Venice as the city steps up its fight against pigeons soiling its squares and chipping away at monuments.

The mayor of the canal city is preparing a measure to stop pigeons banqueting outside the central Palazzo Cavalli, where civil weddings are celebrated, municipal police chief Marco Agostini said on Monday.


Holocaust song title has firm squirming

Canada's biggest phone company has apologized after a punk-rock reference to the Holocaust appeared on billboard advertisements for its cellphones.

The ads for Bell Canada's Solo discount service showed a young woman decked out in flashy punk rock attire, with a button that reads "Belsen was a gas" -- the controversial title of a song by the Sex Pistols, and a reference to Nazi Germany's Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.


Cell Phones Can Watch What You Eat, So You Can Become A Robot

Talk about watching what you eat.

Dieters will soon be able to send a cell-phone camera photo of their meals to a computer that will accurately gauge what's on their plates and then send back feedback.


Hedgehog in a spin

A young hedgehog has been named Lucky after surviving a spin in a washing machine.

The female "hoglet", about eight weeks old, was washed and tumbled at a house in Bognor Regis, West Sussex. She had made her way into a pile of washing that was put into the machine.


Burglar says TV taught him his craft

A man who says he learned how to rob homes by watching a TV show was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a string of burglaries in central Kentucky.

Michael W. Hobbs, 36, of Waco, Ky., pleaded guilty to five counts of burglary. He was sentenced Thursday.

Police said Hobbs learned how to break into homes by watching the Discovery Channel TV show "It Takes a Thief." The show features two ex-convicts who show property owners how vulnerable they are to theft.


Oktoberfest for dogs

Dogs are to get their own version of the famous Munich beer festival.

Dogs that are brought to the Bunter Hund cafe in the Austrian capital Vienna will be given special beer for canines, pretzels and traditional Bavarian veal sausage just like at the real Oktoberfest.

Magic Hat

Czech speedway rider knocked out in crash wakes up speaking perfect English

When Matej Kus's teammates heard him talking after he was knocked out in a speedway accident, they were relieved he was conscious.

But they were also a little surprised.

For although the 18-year- old Czech knew only the most basic English phrases, he was conversing fluently in the language with paramedics.

Czech Matej Kus, 17, was banged on the head in a racing accident - and came to speaking perfect English.

Bizarro Earth

The €19 alibi - for when life gets a bit complicated

"Let whoever has never needed a small alibi for their little fibs cast the first stone!" The welcoming comment on the company website sets the tone. Suffocating in the family pressure-cooker and need some air? In the midst of a "passing adventure" but don't want to jeopardise your marriage? Then Alibila claims to have the answer.

The company is France's first agency for adulterers who don't want to be found out. It provides alibis for a range of other situations, but acknowledges that its clients are often men who "need a little freedom".


The abandoned monkey who has found love with a pigeon

They're an odd couple in every sense but a monkey and a pigeon have become inseparable at an animal sanctuary in China.

The 12-week-old macaque - who was abandoned by his mother - was close to death when it was rescued on Neilingding Island, in Goangdong Province.

The macaque nestles his head against his feathered friend


The world's greatest paintings on Etch-A-Sketch

The red frame and twiddly white knobs are strangely familiar.

But the astonishing images on the screen are not.

Rather than abandon his Etch-A-Sketch to childhood, Jeff Gagliardi decided the simple toy had huge potential - and turned it into an art form.

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