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Tue, 27 Sep 2022
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Changes to the Signs Page that will never be implemented. #96

Change #96

Monkey Wrench

Changes to the Signs Page that will never be implemented. #114

Change #114

Comment: Whatduhyamean "changed to"? I thought that was the theme song!


World's oldest animal turns 175

She was born when slavery was still legal in Britain, and was an adult by the time of the American Civil War. She witnessed the invention of the bicycle and Morse Code, and helped Charles Darwin to formulate his theory of evolution. Her name is Harriet, and next week she celebrates her 175th birthday, the oldest creature on Earth.

Comment: Happy Birthday, Harriet!

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George Goes to Heaven

The Signs of the Times Joke of the Day!


Death renews iceman 'curse' claim

Should working with Oetzi carry a health warning?


Sights, shivers and signs

They're coming again.

It's 4:24 a.m. on Oct. 13, and senior Mollie Segal's palms are pressed against the cold glass of her back door. Her eyes widen as she peers through the mist condensing around the spot where her nose, like her palms, is stuck to the glass. She is standing less than 15 feet away from, not just one ghost, but a whole Civil War platoon of them marching through her backyard.


Miracles & Mary: Illinois A Mecca For Sightings

Illinois is a hotspot for Marian "sightings." Alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary have soared with dozens in just the past two decades.

Magic Wand

"Hello, Central" Why Is There So Much Chaos And Rioting In Our World Today, And What More Can We Do To Assist In These "End Times"?

Then not long ago there was another terrorist threat alert in New York City regarding the subways. Again the media reported it as a false alarm. This was not true. The MI-6/Israeli Mossad/CIA connection tried to bomb the New York subway system to create a national emergency, so G.W. Bush could declare martial law and lock the U.S. down under the New World Order control. Again, the French Intelligence intercepted this terrorist action, killing four and arresting five of the attackers. Since the inception of their nation the American people have been aided by France, at times even against the evil actions of their own U. S. Government, while France and Britain have had animosity between them for centuries, which still continues to this day.

Comment: Much of the site Four Winds is channelled word salad and calls for positive thinking to avert more calamaties. Here is an example:
Go within for your source of Truth. The Indian prophecies of doom and gloom to be coming our way soon are unacceptable. We refuse to tolerate another storm to destroy a U.S. west coast city. We refuse to allow Earth Shan to toss and turn before we are ready. We shall move things along to keep pace with her. We shall not allow another terrorist war by the U.S. with Iran or Syria or Venezuela or North Korea or any country ever again. We are through with this 3D foolishness! We have moved beyond that point. It is finished! NESARA is here! [...]

Hatonn/Christ Michael said to Anne and I last evening, “All is truly in the power of thought. NESARA: It is finished! Know it, believe it, think it. You are not weeks or months away. You are not to carry your broomsticks and guns to the White House. You don’t have to march for peace and get arrested. All you have to do is THINK IT! Think, IT IS FINISHED!...and it is done. That is the power of thought from Creator Source that you have. Only believe!”
Yes, Gentle Reader, in the face of psychopathy and the hidden warfare against humanity by a race of people who appear to be human but who lack the ability to empathise, permitting them to manipulate, cheat, steal, and kill with impunity because they have no moral compunction against it, no inner voice that tells them it is wrong, we are counselled to engage in wishful thinking: "Think it!" we are told, and all will be well.

Think positive thoughts, and George Bush will stop his lying, admit he has made mistakes, and will withdraw American troops from Iraq. The board of Haliburton will donate the profits they have made from their pillage of occupied Iraq to the Iraqi people and will allow them to rebuild their country themselves. Think positive thoughts, and Ariel Sharon will begin inviting Palestinian children into his home to play with his grandchildren while tearing down the apratheid wall and opening the borders of Israel to all, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Think positive thoughts, and global warming will cease, the trembling Earth will become quiet, arid land rendered destitute by our chemicals and pollution will bloom and blossom with food for all, and the avian flu will mutate into a love bug that infects all of humanity with a boundless respect for each other and all life on Earth.

If none of this happens, it will only be because you didn't believe.

You don't buy it? Well, neither do we, but it appears there are lots of people who do. The work of disinformation agents has borne its fruit. Our situation is so desparate, and our feelings of helplessness so great, that we seek solace in magical thinking. "If only I can Will this to be so!"

Will, however, is not something that arises from a moment of intense wishing. Will is forged by making choices that are difficult and following them through, aligning the dissenting voices with the Real 'I'. One must act to build Will, not navel gaze.

But those stories about French intelligence taking on Mossad would make a great movie.



The Signs of the Times Joke of the Day!

Comment: A QFS member comments:
Just wanted to share a joke that just popped up in my email. I've watched these things change over the years from "Nationalist" to "Patriotic" to "Ant-French" to "Anti-Arab" to now "Anti-Bush". A tiny gauge, but a sign of the times.