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Sat, 23 Oct 2021
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Democrats say true lockdowns have never been tried

During a rally in Nancy Pelosi's district today, several prominent Democrats called for more nationwide lockdowns to combat the new COVID variants.

"It's important to understand — true lockdowns have never been tried," said Pelosi. "The last time we tried it, we had too many exceptions and the Trump Administration managed it very poorly. If we enact new 'Democratic Lockdowns' with the right people in charge, that will be just what we need to fight the virus and it will definitely work this time."

Democrats are proposing new "Democratic Lockdowns" as a cure for every problem America faces — from COVID and climate change to systemic racism.


Taliban enjoys deep belly laugh over US military's diversity training materials

taliban diversity training us military
© The Babylon Bee
According to sources in Afghanistan, the Taliban was having a "deep belly laugh" over the diversity training materials left behind by the U.S. military previously stationed there. Taliban fighters captured books like Antiracist Baby, White Fragility, and The GayBCs and collectively cracked up over the ridiculousness of the gender ideology present in the works.

As the American military evacuated quickly with no apparent plan or direction, many top-secret materials were left behind, from battle plans and tactics to books like How to Be an Antiracist and Heather Has Two Mommies. According to sources, after a busy 24 hours conquering all of Afghanistan, the material provided a "much-needed break" and some "well-deserved laughter."

"Oh man, this is great stuff, Allah be praised," said one Taliban leader, tears in his eyes, as he read through Pink is for Boys and Jacob's New Dress. "These American fighters thought they stood a chance against us? Pathetic!"

"Look at this book -- the Americans think it is praiseworthy for a boy to dress up like a girl! No wonder they couldn't win in a war against us!"

At publishing time, the Taliban were kicking themselves after realizing they could have won the war much earlier if they had just called American soldiers by the wrong pronouns.


CNN praises Taliban warriors for wearing masks during attack

Taliban Warriors
© Babylon Bee
Kabul — Approximately twelve minutes after U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have completely taken over the entire country.

"Woah, that's a bummer," said the Biden Administration's foreign policy team. "We didn't see that one coming."

As the Taliban began its campaign of shooting and killing, as is their time-honored tradition, CNN anchors gushed with praise after noticing all the Taliban fighters were responsibly wearing masks to protect themselves and others from COVID.


Study finds most parents OK with government brainwashing their children if it means free babysitting

mother child schoolbus
A new study has found that the vast majority of parents are OK with the government indoctrinating their children if it means that they get to drop their kids off somewhere for free for seven hours a day.

According to the data, 92% of parents are "pretty cool" with schools teaching far-left ideas so long as they agree to watch their kids most of the time.

"Yeah, I know the government is going to radicalize my children into hating me and everything I stand for," said one member of the study, parent of three Hannah Grace. "But, on the other hand, I get to drop the kids off so I can day drink and watch soaps all day. It's a tough choice, but ultimately, I come down on whichever side of the issue lets me spend the least amount of time possible with my kids."

A few Christian parents have said they are concerned by the idea that the government will just fill their kids' minds with garbage and turn their own kids against them, but then they came around: "I was worried at first, but then the school added that they'd be watching the kids all day. So I was like, 'Oh, cool -- the leftist propaganda isn't so much of a concern then.' In fact, I'd love if there was 24/7 school so I never had to see my kids at all."


'Do come Again' says Taliban to withdrawing US troops

Taliban Fighters
© Waterford Whispers
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan more commonly known as the Taliban has today thanked the US military for stopping by for the last 20 years, calling on them to return sometime in the future if they ever feel the need.

"Oh, tell Russia we were asking for them too," said a spokesban, referring to a similar withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1989 following a 9-year war between the two states, "I hope you guys enjoyed your stay here and thanks for spending $822bn of your citizens money on trying to kill us, we really appreciate all the weapon presents you left behind and military vehicles".

The withdrawal comes after President Biden insisted on pulling out all US troops out of Afghanistan by 11 September this year to mark the country's biggest mistake and waste of time since Vietnam.


CNN staffers axed for being unvaccinated wished they'd have just exposed themselves on a Zoom call instead

toobin fired employee
© The Babylon Bee
Jeffrey Toobin (inset) Regretful ex-CNN employee
CNN has fired three employees for not being vaccinated, and now the laid-off workers are wishing they had just exposed themselves on camera instead so they could have kept their jobs.

The three laid-off employees drank away their sorrows at a local bar, expressing their regrets for not getting vaccinated when they could have just Toobined themselves on a Zoom call with coworkers and kept their jobs.

"Man, if I'd only have pulled a Toobin on camera, I would have been fine!" lamented one of the laid-off journalists over a few beers. "I should have just, you know, watched my favorite comedian, Buddy Wackit. Or my favorite Little Rascal, Spanky, or my favorite baseball team, the Yankees. It all seems so clear in hindsight."

"Oh well. Maybe we'll get a job at NBC News and we can lock women in our offices like Matt Lauer instead of refusing the jab."

At publishing time, they'd also realized they could have just covered for their governor brother during a sex scandal as well.

Comment: The New Yorker reportedly suspends Jeffrey Toobin for exposing himself during a Zoom call with coworkers


War on COVID to wrap up as quickly as the War on Terror says government

War on COVID
© Babylon Bee
WASHINGTON, D.C. — White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced Monday that the Biden administration is committing to wage a war on COVID that will be as fast, efficient, and effective as the war on terror.

"Today, the Biden administration is pleased to declare an all-out war against COVID," Psaki said. "If the war on terror has taught us anything, it's that if we set aside our political differences and spend a few dozen trillion dollars, there's no end to what we can achieve in just 20 short years."

The plan is entitled "Two Decades To Stop The Spread," and the crux of the program revolves around three initiatives:


Man disguises self as illegal immigrant so Democrats won't care that he's unvaccinated

immigrant illegal migrant disguise vaccination
© The Babylon Bee
According to sources, Democrats in Washington really want people to get vaccinated. When it comes to undocumented immigrants, however, Democrats don't really seem to care as much. This led local man Damien Cooper to pose as an illegal immigrant so politicians won't bother him about getting vaccinated all the time.

"Hola," said Cooper to reporters when asked about the situation. "Donde esta la biblioteca?"

The reporters quickly surmised from Cooper's fluent Spanish that he was a Mexican immigrant and it would be racist to question him further.

Cooper's employer has also backed off after initially telling him he would lose his job if he didn't get vaccinated. They have also switched to paying him under that table so he can collect his wages tax-free, without fear of being deported.

Democrats who were polled on the issue of unvaccinated immigrants coming across the border revealed that 46% of them don't actually think COVID is something to worry about. The other 54% of them don't really care about the health of Mexican immigrants.

"Hey — as long as it gets me out of being vaccinated, I'll just keep dressing like this!" said Cooper. "Er, um, I mean... donde esta la biblioteca?"


CDC experts on 'Delta variant': Do all the things that didn't work the first time!

tony fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci
To defeat the massive, scary, definitely world-ending wave of COVID being driven by the delta variant of the deadly, frightening disease you should remain afraid of for the rest of your life, experts are recommending we try all the things that didn't work the first time.

From wearing masks and social distancing to locking everyone down and destroying the economy, experts are all suggesting that we just try the same things we did last time that didn't work at all.

"We are going to lock down, wear masks, and social distance, all of which didn't work, but hey. It's worth trying again," said Dr. Anthony Fauci in a television interview this morning. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's what they taught us in science school. Look at my lab coat. It's white. Do you like it? It has pockets."

The television anchor then assured Dr. Fauci that his pockets were very nice.

"Thanks. I also have the heartbeat thingy. I like to breathe on it to warm it up. Makes me look official and doctory and whatnot."

At publishing time, experts had clarified that while we're going to be doing the same things that didn't work over and over again, we're going to be doing them harder this time.

Mr. Potato

27 covid-skeptic memes to get you through the day - part 8

27 memes
Welcome to a special Bumper Edition of Monday Morning MemesTM. Living through the birth of a new human paradigm is thirsty work for the soul. The 'New Normal' continues to emerge, like the slow unfurling of a particularly obnoxious corpse plant.

Yes, we in England were granted our 'freedom day', but mask-wearing has lingered like an all-pervading silent fart. We now apparently need proof of vaccination to enter nightclubs and football stadiums and Macron has introduced fascism across the English Channel (although the French people have found a thing or two to say about that).

It can all feel relentless but never let the bastards grind you down! It's always darkest before the dawn! People around the world really are rising up like never before. We mustn't forget these things. Keep on at it, fellow heretics!

We need a special big dose of meme-based mirth today. Wry smiles-despite being the most energy-efficient of smiles-still need propping up from time to time!